Britta Aragon - Detox Your Life

Britta Aragon - Detox Your Life


Life Cleanse virtual speaker series starts today!!

Recently my client & friend (I love when my clients become friends!) Britta Aragon - Detox Your Life invited me to be a part of her inspiring annual speaker series, the Detox to Destiny 7-Day Life Cleanse, about how to let go of past patterns that aren't serving you and how to be your best future self.

So I agreed to participate, and we came up with the topic Detox, Ground, Elevate: Nutrition Support for the Phases of Your Life. Honestly I had no idea that I had so much to say about this topic! We talked for almost an hour about how your diet changes throughout your life and how to know when to make diet, lifestyle, and mindset shifts.

Do you want to hear my talk? Tap the link here to claim your free ticket to the event that starts today, April 7. You'll catch my talk, and you'll gain access to 13 other guest speakers who'll help you be your best self.

Britta is a passionate Master Purpose + Vision Coach who helps people dismantle their fears and self-limiting beliefs during her annual events. If you enjoy what I teach, you’ll absolutely love Britta too.Our goal in partnering together to create this free event for you is simple: We provide you with a daily “dose of medicine” that leads you through a potent life cleanse process. Each day starting April 7, you get access to a segment and a specific, tangible process and guidance on how to integrate it into your life right away. The segments are all on-demand, which means you get to choose when you want to tune in once the series starts. I’m super confident this incredible life cleanse will support you in so many ways. Tap here to grab your ticket now and to see all the other speakers and to hear my talk! Setting Standard for Safe Self-Care! visit my blog at and my toxin free skincare line CV Skinlabs at


What’s meant for you will never, ever miss you ✌️


“What if you woke up one day at 65 or 75 and never got your memoir or novel written...

Or you never went swimming in warm pools and oceans because you thought your thighs were too jiggly and you had a big comfortable tummy....

Or you were just strung out on perfectionism or people-pleasing that you forgot to have a big, juicy creative life...

Full of imagination and radical stillness staring off into space like you were a kid?

It's going to break your heart! Don't let it happen!" ❤️
~ Anne Lammot


“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: "When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?” ~ Gabrielle Roth

Photos from Britta Aragon - Detox Your Life's post 02/21/2023

These times call for more of us to share our medicine...

but in a new way.

A way that both enriches and heals the collective while supporting our individual financial sovereignty and without sacrificing our health, energy, time or quality of life.

That’s called a win/win/win and it’s the new era of entrepreneurship.

It’s time to drop the old paradigms of wealth generation and go beyond the mind’s old rules of how abundance is created.

We’re no longer forced to choose between serving from the heart or creating great impact and wealth.

We can live in a new world, where the two go hand-in-hand…for the benefit of all.

It’s time to activate the keys for creating abundance in health, happiness and income all while empowering others to live a healthy, fulfilled conscious life.

This is the pathway to LIBERATION.🙌

If you’re hearing the call, I’d like to invite you to:

✨The 3 Keys to Liberation Masterclass✨

Join me and other incredible visionary leaders from my powerhouse community as we share a direct path to creating your life of freedom. YES!

In this experience, you will:

▶️Immerse yourself in the actual frequency of abundance (with quantum technology) to align with your dreams and open your channel to receive the wealth you desire

▶️Access a proven set of systems and resources for amplifying your impact while leveraging your time, energy and income…for real.

▶️Discover a step-by step blueprint for acceleration and expansion in business and in life.

We’re teaching the ultimate in self-actualization through business or, as we like to call it…

⭐️Living for a living⭐️

This is for anyone who feels the pull and especially coaches, healers, holistic health practitioners and conscious entrepreneurs that desire to add additional tools and revenue streams to their tool belt!

If you’ve been waiting for an answer or praying for a way…

This is it.🙏

Your liberation plan.❤️

✅Message or comment for access details!


Is your mindset needing an upgrade or intervention? Are your habits and excuses keeping you from living your best life?
Then keep reading 👇

If you are ready to:

▶ Foster an attitude that differentiates you from the rest.

▶ Build mental fortitude that allows you to keep going even when your fear & doubt wants to stop you

▶ Create new habits that are aligned to giving you the results to live the life you envision

▶ Grow your power to focus and no longer give into your excuses so you can become all that you are meant to be

Then you are ready to join me and my soul sister and Alignment Coach Malaine Leah Butler for a powerful 28-Day program designed to intervene on a mindset of doubt, lack, excuses and fear!!

Because God has big plans for you in 2023. Bigger than you can imagine. And they do not involve compromising your health, relationships, energy, and resources like you have in the past.

The key here is to know that your dream was placed inside of you and it’s time to build the Mental and Spiritual foundation so you can “HOLD” your vision and so you can finally EMBODY it day by day and live 2023 in a new way that you WILL realize this vision.

📣And this will take a new way of thinking, committing, executing, building mental toughness, and stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone.📣

In this month of January, Malaine and I want to invite you to set up a solid foundation with 28 Mindset & Spiritual principles that will squash your excuses and increase your mental fortitude to accomplish your goals for 2023!

To register & get more details ——->

We can’t wait for you to join us! We start Feb 1st 🎉🎉🎉🎉 LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


''I think midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear:

I’m not screwing around. It’s time. All of this pretending and performing – these coping mechanisms that you’ve developed to protect yourself from feeling inadequate and getting hurt – has to go.

Your armor is preventing you from growing into your gifts. I understand that you needed these protections when you were small. I understand that you believed your armor could help you secure all of the things you needed to feel worthy of love and belonging, but you’re still searching and you’re more lost than ever.

Time is growing short. There are unexplored adventures ahead of you. You can’t live the rest of your life worried about what other people think. You were born worthy of love and belonging. Courage and daring are coursing through you. You were made to live and love with your whole heart. It’s time to show up and be seen.''

By ❤️


✨Your Energy Is Your Currency ✨

One of the areas we leak energy is in our ⭐️chosen life rhythm ⭐️ Many of us pay a huge energetic price adhering to the rhythms of our friends, family members, our dysregulated nervous system or culture as a whole, because of a misunderstanding that a certain rhythm is “right” or more productive or will bring us success. For example, the “9-5 rhythm” or the “Monday to Friday” rhythm are both (masculine) presets from our culture that may be keeping you spinning in overwhelm. Or working with no time off. In fact, overwhelm is a strong marker of inappropriate rhythm or pace in your life!

The following practices, I highly recommend for establishing and strengthening inner energetic boundaries and your nervous system that allows you to ground so you can stay more aligned and aware of what feels good to do and what needs to come off your plate. If we aren’t grounded, we do not have access to our bodies and therefore we do not know what we need. Focus on daily practices that ground you so that from that place you can have discernment what is most authentic to for you from day to day. Then go and do that!

1. Yoga – Kundalini is recommended, though any other form of yoga or deep breathing practice are also exceptional to seal energy leaks

2. Nature – walking or spending time in or around any kind of nature will fortify and feed your energetic matrix/auric field

3. Alone time

4. Activities that feed you or bring you joy

5. Epsom salt bath – this will clear energies that are clinging to you that do not belong to you

6. Burning sage – this will clear energies in your inner and outer environment that are not serving you

7. Cord cutting – a very quick and easy way to cut cords with anything that is energetically tangled with you is to state the mantra: “I release anything that isn’t mine.” The soul knows what is yours and what is not!

8. Booster sleep – taking a day to sleep at 8pm and allowing the body to wake when it is ready is a strong energetic boundary booster

9. 3 deep breaths throughout the day, preferably with some essential oils. Deep exhales support in moving tension out of the body.


Think of what your life would look like if you trained yourself to do the things you keep avoiding doing for the sake of being comfortable?

Master discomfort and change your life. Cause the truth is, both paths are “hard” but I would rather choose the hard of being uncomfortable and contiuing to change and elevate my life than the hard of living small and not living to my full potential.

Comfort is a drug. Once you get used to it it’s addicting.

Push yourself to change up your routine, habits, rituals. Do something different. Get out of your comfort zone. DAILY!! Consistently....Until being comfortable with discomfort becomes THE habit!

It’s all about your habits. They determine everything... ✨👊✨

Close the back door and see how your life changes!

What hard are you gonna choose in 2023? The hard of staying comfortable and small or the hard or rising and elevating to your full potential?

It’s time to win! Let’s do this!! 🙏💜


Magic happens not when you are in the right place at the right time. ..rather when you are in any place with the right mind ✨⭐️🌎


Don’t be afraid to give yourself EVERYTHING you have ever wanted in life.

Playing it safe and saying “yeah next week or next year” is a habit in resisting receiving the abundance and joy of life and only creates regret later.

You are WORTH every desire in your heart. Go get it. Go travel. Start with the small stuff....And keep on going. Keep saying YES to life! Keep opening up. More and more each day.

You are far too smart to be the only thing BLOCKING your way. The time is now. Heal and reconcile what keeps you limited and set yourself free! It’s time to bask in the gifts of this life today 💜🙏

Remembering the good times in the Cairo, Egypt 🇪🇬 btw, retreat in Egypt coming in 2024!


There is no passion to be found settling for a life that is less than the one that you are capable of living. ~ Nelson Mandela &YourBestie


On Sunday June 20th, at 11:32 pm EDT marks ✨SUMMER SOLSTICE…✨

The beginning of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere (and winter for those of you down under).

In the exact minute, our dear friend, the SUN, will reach its highest point in the sky and in an instant we will be given a new beginning.

And with all that has happened over the last year, you SO deserve a RESET… and REST. To purge, get clear and anchor back into your POWER!

Like an energy boost that will raise your frequency!

That’s why I joined forces with these two amazing Spiritual teachers, healers and visionaries, Inarra Griffyn and Lauren Hill to give you a mini retreat and ceremony style reset to clear and anchor back into your power!

⭐️Join us for: A Summer Solstice Activation ⭐️

A 90 minute Virtual Activation to RESET as we AWAKEN Your Light, CLEAR your blocks, ENERGIZE Your Body and ELEVATE your frequency!

▶️Session 1: PURGE WHAT’S READY TO GO, Led by Lauren Hill
In this session, Lauren will take you deep into yourself to tap into your divine inner wisdom. Using this connection, she will support you in letting the wisdom show you where there are dense energies that you are finally ready to purge.

▶️Session 2: CONNECT TO THE LIGHT TO RESTORE AND HEAL, Led by Britta Aragon
In this session, Britta will guide you through a transmission to open up your heart and connect with the divine light so you can guide it to heal and restore any stuck life force so you can flow again and fully reconnect.

In this session, Inarra uses her singing chalice and guided meditation to open up parts of the body that we don’t normally use; with breath, intention and with visualisation. Doing body scans you are guided to locate areas of density and resistance which Inarra dissolves with her frequency activations.

🌞When: MONDAY June 21st

🌞Time: 8am PT, 11am ET, 4pm EST for 90 minutes

🌞RSVP to be our Guest here:

🌞If you can’t make it LIVE, no worries, go ahead and register and you will receive the recording so you can set time aside to gift yourself this activation and healing in your own time



One of the most powerful things to master during this awakening is Energy & Vibrational Autonomy.

As you check in with how you are feeling today, it’s important to remember that during these times, starting your day with tools and rituals that raise your frequency and transmute your energy, done consistently, have the power to change your entire life!

This isn’t wishful thinking either—this is quantum physics.

When you master the power of frequency, you master your human reality and you become a creator/creatrix that takes quantum leaps, not just linear jumps.

I have transformed my life in such medicinal ways, and it took knowing what to focus on and where to make the changes internally and on a frequency level to see lasting changes.

The focus is Personal Alchemy which is the ART of Transformation of your own energetic vibration. It’s getting your physical self to vibrate with your higher self!

It’s vibrational level healing and it is the most important way to alchemize and harmonize your relationship to self and others.

When you focus on your own personal alchemy — all of your life works. Relationship alchemy is about changing your relationships on a vibrational level...And that must first come with yourself.

So how do you master your own vibration autonomy and be vigilant at noticing when it changes, shifts and fluctuates and what it is causing it to do so?

Mastering a formula that will always bring you back to your highest vibration:

✔️You must identify when the shift in vibration happened and get curious without attaching to it
✔️take action to process the trigger or fear ✔️move density out of your energetic body so you return back to your highest vibration

Oftentimes what keeps lowering our vibration and keeps it at that “set point” that we can’t get past from are old traumas that haven’t yet been alchemized!

These include a fractured relationship with Source, disconnection to your higher self, ancestral patterns that were passed down, subconscious beliefs that aren’t yours, fragmented energy and more.

Over the next 4 months, we have many planets in retrograde which means there is a very powerful energy on the planet that is forcing us to look at whatever we have denied or tolerated for too long. ✨
You have a choice- to let history repeat itself or to accept the invitation to rebirth your new reality and create this new earth in unity consciousness within yourself to finally free yourself!

If you are ready to take the quantum leap into love, freedom, flow and ease then our BECOMING BOUNDLESS 4-month journey is for you!

⭐️All details and to register here: ⭐️

Our new earth is waiting for us to let go and RISE! It’s time!

Big love 💜x

Cc: Leah Lund-The Brain Coach


Imagine if in human history we postponed celebration, joy, deep breathing, dancing, having fun, being ALIVE, connecting and being grateful until the external world finally “got it together”?

There wouldn’t be celebration or “living”...

There would be putting life on HOLD until something or someone outside of us finally told us it’s okay to PLAY FULL OUT AND BE FULLY ALIVE!

But why do other cultures still show up every day so alive, they celebrate and are in their happiness when they barely have money and food to put on the table?

Why do they seem to be full of love and so much joy?

We have been programmed to give our power away and to postpone our ALIVENESS until the system say it’s okay...

And guess what, they never will... cause they will continue to profit from it...

So it’s up to you! To choose it. To make it a habit. To return to your joy and aliveness NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING ON OUTSIDE OF YOU!

Life is now! Train yourself to reside in the vibration and frequency of joy and alivness now! Not when everything “falls in to place”

DECIDE and come alive with us on an EPIC and powerful 30-Day practice of just 20 minutes a day and ELEVATE your frequency, DISSOLVE fear + guilt and OPEN your channel back up so you can FLOW in your joy with renewed energy that is magnetic and contagious!

Embody, activate and birth your most authentic and empowered self...ready to re-enter your new world!

Join us now! We have a few spots left. We start IN 2 DAYS (Monday 4th)

Register + get more details here ——->

CC: Leah Lund-The Brain Coach


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