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Operating as usual


Thankful Thursday...!


Hi everyone, a short story; years before I ever knew what Karate was, my uncle had a book he let me borrow and I was to young to even understand what I was looking at but I couldn't stop looking at the pictures! That book was Karate: The Art of Empty Hand Fighting written by this man pictured-Hidetaka Nishiyama. He was a student of Shotokan founder Gichin Funakoshi! I'm hoping my uncle will be gracious enough to let me have the chance to read it again. The things we take for granted in our youth...


The man who started it all...Master Mitose with President Eisenhower


Hi everyone! Been away a bit because of a broken toe. Back but not totally healed yet. Got a lot of reading done and I'm back to share when and what I can during these viral times. These two gentlemen have expanded my knowledge and curiosity of my family art of Kenpo. James Mitose- The man who brought Kenpo to the United States and Joe Lewis-The fighting legend of Kenpo! Never stop learning no matter the circumstance!


Updated pic to get everyone in! :) These little guys and gals have weekend fun while weather permits!


In the park with my little warriors!


We don't forget!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To my Sifu who's guidance has meant the world to me! He taught a man to fish...

Dojo Designs Official Merchandise Shop 03/26/2020

Dojo Designs Official Merchandise Shop

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Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 03/02/2020

Movies to see... Enter The Fat Dragon starring Donnie Yen and Nezha and Jiang Ziya (Both Anime/Animation for the kids)! And don't for get Mulan!

Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 02/25/2020

Nancy having a little Saturday fun and showing off our new gear! teespring.com/stores/3rd-power-kenpo-products

Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 02/08/2020

What do you guys think about these?


Congrats to our 17 Martial Arts Hall of Honors 2020 inductees this past weekend! You're all shining stars of our Kenpo family!

Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 01/23/2020

New items! Teespring.com/stores/3rd-power-kenpo-product


The Beauty Of China Is Back!!! I always recommend this show because of its beauty, grace, colors and acrobatics. If you have the chance go and enjoy!

Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 01/13/2020

New items added! Teespring.com/stores/3rd-power-kenpo-product

3rd Power Kenpo Products 01/02/2020

3rd Power Kenpo Products

Happy New Year!!! To all our Kenpo family, and Martial friends!! Hoping this is a great new start for everyone!
We're also taking this moment to let you know about our new store at Teespring.com/stores/3rd-power-kenpo-products. Check it out and help support us if you can! Just click the link!

3rd Power Kenpo Products Our store is a reflection of the martial arts that we love and like to wear. We hope you do too!

Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 12/17/2019

The boys in the band on their last class before Winter break letting' loose.


Saluting those who keep us free...Veterans Day!

Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 10/03/2019

Working on techniques with Curt!

Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 07/22/2019

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to 2 of my awesome students Curtis Pelle and Nancy Coleman! Both got new rank this month and enjoyed another year of life on this beautiful planet we call home!

Photos from Stormhba's post 07/18/2019

Photos from Stormhba's post

Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 06/24/2019

C.H.K.A. Promotion Ceremony Pics! 6/23/2019

Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 06/24/2019

Yesterday June 23rd I was promoted to Hachidan! Promotions are really great to see all my Kenpo brothers and sisters that I haven't seen for a while, the new and up and coming students and most of all my Sifu! The honor of being in the company of all these amazing people is very humbling and I am grateful to them all! Kenpo Forever!

Photos from 3rd POWER KENPO SELF Defense's post 05/27/2019

To all our armed forces that protect our beautiful land, ideals, and people! We never forget our POWs and our MIAs on this Memorial Day! We will never stop looking to bring you back home!


So as promised...Fighting films review #1! This movie is basically for the kids aged 10 and up, some adults may like it too. It's The Monkey King starring Donnie Yen and Chow Yun Fat. The story is basically that a war between Heaven and Hell forces a goddess to sacrifice herself to save the world. Her most powerful crystal creates Sun Wu Kong- the monkey with incredible powers! His mischief gets him into good and bad situations... The fight scenes are fast and bloodless, the special effects are fun to watch and Donnie does an amazing job as the title character! Enjoy on a rainy day!

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