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MX suspension-repair-service now located in nine mile falls wa specializing in mx prep, and all servicing of mx bikes we sell accessories and aftermarket parts..we do installs and custom work as well!

We are also your one stop shop for pwc needs as well. I get parts and accessories the Gerry next day so don't hesitate to call us with you're watercraft needs!

Operating as usual


Installing some must have shred essentials on the sxr stock lites build 👌Looking forward to the season. Fresh out of retirement. #prowatercraftracing #shredspecialists #sxr800 #jmodindustriesmx #moto #motolife #bouys #jetski #jetskiracing #jetskilife


Call or message us today and, get your bike set up for your weight and skill level. Track, trails, or mix of both. Dont let the big industry advertising names and prices steer you away from suspension work! Suspension is the biggest gain you will ever get out of your bike! We have economic priced options for the casual or weekend riders as well!


The perfect cross training to moto is moto on water! Excited to start racing again in 21! Bikes and skis= living the dream. #jmodindustriesmx #jmodmotowear #vetmoto #sxrnation #ijsba #kawasaki #teamgreen #pnw #motolife #motocross #jetski #jetskiracing #crosstraining #mxlifestyle #mxlife #sxr800


2013 Crf 150r showa setup all done and ready to go out. Schedule today to get your suspension serviced.


Stiff or soft? People regularly ask, why their suspension continues to feel so harsh when they have turned out the compression clickers or even went to softer springs. The answer? Suspension gets firm as it travels down into its stroke. Overly soft suspension bypasses the first part of the stroke and rides in the firm part. Suspension that is too soft will feel too stiff. Try to be aware of what part of the stroke the suspension is in. A fork-travel gauge is a good and simple idea its just a o-ring that goes around the fork tube; it can be a useful tool in tuning !

However if you look like this👇 its probably time to schedule and drop off your suspension and get it set up for your specs.


New shock stickers🌠 for 2020
Dm us with any questions or to schedule service....... mention this post and get 15% off. Valid untill (2-1-20)

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Throwback to 2015. 💥🤑
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Merry Christmas to all of our friends and customers. See you all in 2020.....


Saturday night vibes. Starting the tear down @jmod's moto shop. This 17 kx450f needs some serious love for vet racer build for 🤜2020
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Well after 2 winters since moving here and sitting in the house during the winter, i decided to venture into the world of snow! 06 m7 153" to learn on. Snow suspension revalving is so simple on the fox stuff! Going to start offering snow suspension tuning soooooooooon......... who all rides??? Need some riding buds!! #pnw #snowsports #snowmobile #sledlife #suspension #foxshocks #arcticcat #arcticcatsnow #jmodindustriesmxsuspension #comingsoon‼️👇👇👇👇👇👍 #jmodindustriessnowspension #letitsnow #pnwwinter #oldbutgold


Crf250r showa sff air tac fork service, rear shock service, and changed the steering damper up a bit should help with headshake.


Another set all finished up and out the door. 👌 #showa #jmodindustries


#project03kx250 cases fixed now gotta install the new crank bearings and seals✔ #jmodindustriesmx


03 kx250 right side case repair, removed broke piece, grinded out tig welded then grinded and filed shaped and machined surface back to spec.✔ #jmodindustriesmx


Current situation; my favorite, drilling and replacing showa inner cartridge seals. Then back together with all new bushings, seals and non fade oils👌 #jmodindustriesmx #showa #suspensiondirectseals


What should have been a simple fluid and nitrogen change service, is now a very expensive repair. This is what can happen when u put 80+ hrs on your shock with no services! Piston band all but completely gone, damaged piston and valve stack and a wiped out shock body wall. How many hrs does your suspension have on it since the last service??? Call us today to get your suspension serviced and ready to go for the season-


Dialing in shocks, 👌#jmodindustriesmx


Wishing all of our customers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year's. See everyone in 2018 at the track-


15 crf250r fork seal replacement and service completed and back out the door #jmodindustriesmxsuspension #crf #honda #showa #sff #air


Last set of the night. Ktm 65sx ax set 👍 the night of wp suspension work. #jmodindustriesmxsuspension #littlerippers


Wp suspension all setup new springs valving change and topped off with quality oils and ready to go back on. Check out that preload adjuster👌#ktm85sx #wp #jmodindustriesmxsuspension

[10/31/17]   Tech tip: Forks that are too soft dive excessively under deceleration and ride on the firmest part of the fork’s damping system. This makes them feel stiff. When the rider notices how stiff his or her forks feel, they naturally turn the clickers out to soften the forks. This obviously makes the situation worse. Forks that are too soft feel stiff — when in reality, they need to be stiffer to feel softer. Now Repeat that three times. 👍👍👍


I dont ever post stuff like this but come on!! This is negligence to say the least. I was servicing a set of forks that another company had built/services until now and not to my surprise the inside bushings were bad and needed replaced. This is a common occurance, however, instead of removing and installing a new set that cost a whopping 40 bucks, the bushings were wrapped in Teflon tape!! Not to mention there was 2 different spring rates in each fork. One had a .40 and the other a .42. A bit of advice here, before you decide on a company and pay good money to have them setup or service your suspension, you should do your research and ask around about them before you decide to use them- here's a pic of the inner bushings. NOT GOOD!!!

[10/17/17]   TIPS
Learn to troubleshoot your suspension for better performance. Suspension that bottoms out too easily might need more compression from your clickers, more compression valving, a higher oil level, stiffer spring rate, or just need to be serviced. A rear shock that kicks up over bumps has a different set of problems than one that kicks to the side. When you are testing suspension ride the same lines around the track in order to determine if your changes are working. A good rider can avoid all the bumps on the track and make any suspension feel good.



Here's a couple helpful tricks, I get asked regularly about This..

Fork Height Adjustment

Measure from the top of your triple clamp to the top of your fork tube. Adjusting the fork height is really up to rider comfort. If you feel the bike is hard to turn raise your forks or lower the forks to make the bike feel more stable which is useful on a rutted track. Adjust in increments of 2mm for the desired effect. Be sure both forks are at the same height.


JMOD industries mx


When's the last time you have had your air forks serviced?? We use skf seals, wipers, inner bushings, outer bushings, and high end fluids. Call us today to get your forks in for rebuild service don't wait for them to blow leaving you stuck in the garage. #PREVENTATIVEMAINTANENCE


Nows a good time to schedule those suspension services, call or message to schedule service or setups. #JMODINDUSTRIESMXSUSPENSION


14 kx85 setup✅ #jmodindustries

[08/23/17]   Wheel Adjustment

You can actually tweak your bike's suspension by adjusting where the front and back wheel sits on the bike. Lengthening the distance between the front and rear wheels gives a smoother ride on a straight line; shorten the distance and you'll get better cornering. Adjusting your rear wheel further back gets you softer suspension.

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