Afterguard Sailing Academy

The affordable way to become ASA certified for sailors!

Courses for all levels of sailors. We provide American Sailing Association Certifications for sailors to be able to sail and charter anywhere in the world. A San Francisco Bay Destination Charter Company, with a Social Sailing Club, and a fun "No Yelling" place to learn and practice messing around on boats.

[09/24/19]   Women's Sailing Seminar, put on annually by Island Yacht Club in Alameda, celebrated it's 27th Birthday in style over last weekend. Fiamma Giger taught 2 days. I taught Saturday only. We both volunteered to teach helping women get a taste of sailing with a women instructor, or step up their skills with a woman guiding their efforts in mini classes for those days.

The whole event is put on by IYC members and volunteers. Trevor a volunteer member put on a great spread of goodies. Linda Newland come all the way from WA state to help out. Linda and I have been teaching at most of these 27 years of women helping women weekend event.

Go to the IYC facebook or website page for images. Good day for all. The weather was great. Join us next year.

SOCKS! I got to wear Socks on a Wed PM sail last week. Today I was comfortable in a pair of Levis. Oh my! The long strong heat wave of August is finally past. A whale was sighted last Sunday by Point Blunt. We looked it up. Based on the fin it was a Humpback. Love sailing during Sept and Oct. More marine life, mild to gentle vs survival winds. Indian Summer is a favorite time of year.

[05/13/19]   In honor of Mother's Day. Have been giving to our troops via Green Beans coffee program for a long time. If you want to support the moral of the men and women serving in the armed forces might give this a try.

Green Bean's: Your Cup of Joe has been picked up by a Service Member!

"You have no idea the level of appreciation, we as soldiers, have toward simple acts like this. From my family to yours and from the bottom of my heart. Thank you."

Good Ship Monster

The boat show has been fun this year. Many folks stopping in to say hi plus meeting many more who want to know more about Afterguard. Thank you for visiting us in Richmond's boat show venue.

[03/07/19]   The big screen is working at the new location 1285 Embarcadero. Movie Night Wednesdays is ready to go for the rest of March to mid April. Options include: Captain Ron, Wind,

Cast a Cleat Hitch

Casting a line from a deck to a cleat - can be done. Picked up this cool way to secure a boat from Drew Harper.

Surprise Celebration of the company turning 15 and me 69 Wed - Jan 16. Ani contacted instructors, captains and members to let them know of this special occasion. Result: Fun folks, great pot-luck and BBQ plus wonderful cake. A place full of Smiling faces was what I walked into when called in for a few hours.

Wednesday it was hard driving rain. None the less, folks from Rocklin, Gilroy, Mt View, St Helena plus those who live or work nearby joined in. A big thank you all to those who organized this wonderful surprise and those who came plus many who called or emailed their good wishes.

Cpt Jim Angelo as a member of the "USCG Chiefs Assoc" made me an honorary Chief with pin and all. What an honor.

Anthony Schwab was the master chef BBQ-ing in the rain under the Transfer Case awning at our new location of 1285 Embarcadero. More folks arrived after this was taken, but folks were enjoining the great food and company to take more pics.

[01/04/19]   Afterguard Sailing Academy has moved.

After 10 years in the same location we moved 2 blocks up the street. New location is 1285 Embarcadero, Oakland CA 94606. Our next door neighbors are now Starbucks and Subway. We face North 1 Brooklyn Basin Marina parking area. We moved half our boats to this marina. Half are still in Central Basin.

For now, the main sign on the building says Transfer Case. A small sign for Afterguard is over an entry door by a rollup on the far side of the face of the building. There is an another small sign over a sliding glass door on the water side of the building. The later is our main point of entry.

An awesome part of this new location is a fenced secure parking area that surrounds the face of the building. This is reserved for those are on sailing trips or in classes that include overnight. The side of the building has fantastic views of the water, sunsets and the harbor.

We have a large classroom and 2 offices on the waterside. Also a galley, library/reading area, plus space to keep our small boats indoors in the warehouse area. We are sharing this space with some very cool maritime folks, led by the current owner of the 56 foot Lost Soul.

A "Medicane" - Ocean Navigator - Web Exclusives 2018

Curious about a Medi-cane? Check out Ocean Navigator's article sent in by our Captain Rory. Marine Navigation and Ocean Voyaging Resources

Med Mooring in Poros was challenged when the down switch for our Lagoon 40's windlass shorted out. We could raise but not drop the needed anchor scope. There were no less then 3 often more waiting for us to fully fail and take our spot on the floating dock. We persevered with a bit of Yankee ingenuity using a trucker's hitch under water to pull the overly long anchor bridle from a low angle so our all rope secondary anchor could bight into the soft ground. Once settled we all went out for dinner as a large group at one of the outdoor Travernas. The food was varied and good. The company amazing. People were taking pics of the food and table but I did not get any. When all get back can put together a gallery for you.


Saw an interesting video - experiment to try.

This paper airplane simply floats endlessly. You kind of have to see it to believe it.

Greece was amazing. Our 2018 destination sail included 21 folks across 4 boats. We met in Athens for a week of sailing the Greek Isles from Sept 29-Oct 6th. Many took the time to be tourist before or after the sail so not all are back as yet.

On arrival at the marina we leaned of an impending Medi-cane (Mediterranean Hurricane). It pin us down for Sat PM and Sunday. Of course 17 of the troops went off Ouzo tasting then dinner in Athens old town and had a blast. We really only experienced heavy rain. We were missed by the big winds normal to a hurricane. The storm swung around our peninsula blasting across the Cyclades. The harbor patrol would not let any boats out of the harbor and chased one escapee back in to the harbor. We waited it out.

Monday morning it started with rain but there was mass exodus from daylight on to get out to the Saronic Gulf islands. Our first stop was a swimming cove at Aigina while we waited for one boat that had to get something addressed from the rains.
They caught up and passed us as we scrambled to get the swimmers back aboard and broke up our 3 boat raft-up. Then the race was on for Poros. We sailed some, motored some and gawked a lot at the barren landscapes with rocky scrub brush studded shores.

The summer and ASA104 prep for fall charters and other adventures has been very fun for all.

Unusual weather made this last 3 day weekend ASA104 sailing course more like August than July. The sunny warm days with intense wind only in the usual locations (the Slot). We went Island hopping in SF Bay. Ayala is a fun place for an onboard BBQ and using the inflatable kayak. It is great place to spend the night afloat. Treasure Island's clipper cove was so snug and calm it is now my favorite. We tried both sailing in the central bay for the full weekend. Uday and Joel were very mellow students not into rushing off to distant destinations - more focused on learning and cooking. Fun days - thanks all.

July 14-15 Afterguard Sailing academy is holding a ASA 114 Cruising Catamaran course. if you've ever wanted that large saloon to entertain and a big hammock to lay in while out on the water the Catamaran may just be what your looking for. come learn how to handle and skipper a catamaran

July 6-8 Afterguard Sailing Academy is holding a ASA-104 Bareboat Cruising. If you're ready to up your boat size this is the course for you 30-45' sloop-rigged, auxiliary powered keelboat. Go on and treat yourself to a new boat and get that extra space to move around and entertain your guests.

June 29th - July 8th Afterguard sailing academy is holding a ASA-103 Basic Coastal Cruising. Come learn how to handle a sloop-rigged auxiliary powered (inboard or outboard engine) keelboat of approximately 25 to 35 feet length by day in moderate winds (up to 20 knots) and sea conditions. Knowledge of cruising sailboat terminology, basic boat systems, auxiliary engine operation, docking procedures, intermediate sail trim, navigation rules, basic coastal navigation, anchoring, weather interpretation, safety and seamanship.

July 9-13th Afterguard Sailing Academy is holding a COMBO ASA-101/103 Basic Keelboat Sailing/Basic Coastal Cruising. Challenge yourself with this basic and more advanced course to get you up to speed on smaller to the more larger vessels.

July 14, 15 ,16 Afterguard Sailing Academy will be holding a ASA-101 Basic Keelboat Sailing. if your ever sitting in traffic gazing out on the bay and think "man I'd love to be out there" now is your chance!!! Let us show you the basics that may just hook your interest and give you that second thought about buying that boat you've had your eye on. (and on the plus side traffic is a lot less on the bay than it is on the roads)

July 9th-10th Afterguard Sailing Academy is holding a ASA-117 Celestial Endorsement. Learn to basic celestial navigation theory and practice to determine latitude and longitude at sea using a sextant and Nautical Almanac.
Contact for times

July 9th-10th Afterguard Sailing Academy is holding a ASA-117 Celestial Endorsement. Learn to basic celestial navigation theory and practice to determine latitude and longitude at sea using a sextant and Nautical Almanac.
Contact for times

14 July & 15 July 2018 - we have 3 openings for a ASA-118 Docking Endorsement course. if you've ever had issues bringing it home come on down and learn how to slip into your slip with no issues.
Contact for times

[06/04/18]   Angel and Nancy II are getting TVs. Seems funny but some want to watch the game and sail this summer. The TVs are being installed this week.

[06/04/18]   The Week long Basics to Bay courses are going on the calendar. We have 3 folks who have different weeks they need their course. All would like someone to learn with. Dates are: 6/5 to 10 and 6/25-29. Another in early July is being discussed. Want to take ASA 101-103 as a week of fun and learning - call or email.

Been gathering small boats since last fall. Have 8 we are keeping so far: 3 El Toros, 1 Sabat like the El Toros, Catalina 12.5. From San Diego brought in a newish Baurer 12 which is awesome. A Hunter 17.0 was donated and we purchased a Montgomery 15.
The marina let us use a 10x20 dock to fill a slip where we can keep these small sailboats together with our support dinghies used for weekend trips on the bigger sailboats.

Held our first small boat class of summer for a fun group of 3 from UCSF. They were troopers as we worked out the kinks. One of our members came back from a Bermuda delivery and was hankering to go for a quick sail on a small boat. We got him out on the 12.5. Wasn't out long but came back very happy. Great thing to do on a hot day.

The image is from a group where you can get El Toro Kits and parts. We will be calling them.

Red Bull Adventure

Serious adventure. Perhaps not for most cruisers or racers but fun to watch

Experience the power of the wind, waves and sheer speed of the Volvo Ocean Race. This RAW 100 gives you the perspective only the sailors really know: the raw power of the Southern Ocean.

Get the story from the sailors here:

In The Know Innovation

This would be great for Army core of Engineers to have in SF Bay

This solar-powered water wheel collects up to 40,000 pounds of trash a day.

2017 has been a wonderful year of sun fun and sailing. So many great folks have been to Afterguard this year. We have met and worked with those who have given sailing a try in a 90min intro to sailing class, taken a 2 day competent crew course, advanced their skills via one or all of the ASA certification series from Basic to Celestial or endoresments like Docking. Our Heavy Weather Strategies course aboard Cpt Rory's Hans Christian 40 was amazing with so many dolphins playing by us on the long legs outside the gate. Croatia trip with 17 people in 3 boats was Awesome. Its been a fun year for (once certified) taking out boats for a great day on the Bay either as independent, group or skippered charters. Thanks to all who have been to Afterguard for all the above or our Club events, scholastic courses and any of the other many reasons to visit Afterguard. Happy New Year!

Marvin Jackson and I took our current Wednesday class from Street Academy on a field trip to the SF Bar Pilots where they were met by Carl, Ray and Andy. It was very inspiring and fun.

[12/24/17]   Happy Holidays to all. Afterguard will be closed the 24-29th. Available by phone or on-line only.
Merry Christmas - Ho Ho Ho

Sailing Yacht TV

Family of 5 sailing around the world for 9 years

Afterguard Catana 431

Tour San Francisco Bay aboard a fun fast and lovely Catana 431 sailing Catamaran with Afterguard Sailing Academy. Boat is based at Treasure Island with her s...

[01/28/17]   It's a beautiful weekend for sailing. Out on our Cat Angel yesterday, taking her back to Treasure Island. Karma is on her way up to TI today. Both are chartered privately tomorrow from TI. Three boats sailing out of Oakland today too. So nice to see folks enjoying the sun and moderate winds.

$10.00 Off at Afterguard Sailing Academy

Its Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Afterguard. Can apply coupon to Gift Certificates, a Charter, Course or Boat Rental. Click here for a free $10.00 coupon at Afterguard Sailing Academy!

ONE BAR Playa Blanca Lanzarote SAILORS BAR

Imponentes estos barcos de las islas Frisas Holandesas. Muy Bonito !

CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell

Unique traffic stops in Kansas City, Missouri bring drivers to tears. Watch last night's "On the Road" with Steve Hartman. #CBSEveningNews #OnTheRoad

This has been a stellar sailing season. Indian Summer has been warm with light to moderate winds. Folks first from Japan and then Dubai have enjoyed their time learning on SF Bay Sept/Oct. Both wanted straight through multi-certification combination courses. Next combination is 104/114 happening 20-25 October.

First predicted rains approach this weekend. Said they change the predictions every 4 hr. Already moved back to rain only at night.

As we close the Wed Sunset sails, getting ready for the first 2 Wed as Night Sailing - start in November. See the pretty lights and try to identify the boat traffic. If you want to spend a weekend on a boat - good idea.

Bare Boat Chartering and Coastal Nav courses for November are being scheduled as we speak. A Catana 43 is joining us starting to sail with Afterguard on the Bay in Dec 2016.

If you haven't yet received your ASA Log book Please email: [email protected]
Schedule a time to pick it up and get it signed or get it shipped to you via USPS.

[08/08/16]   Sail the stresses of the week away on 'Give Yourself a Bow' day this Wednesday!.. Helps to get you through the rest of the week with energy and a smile. Meet at 5:45 to get boat assignments, boats ready and grab a life jacket from the office. Sometimes we take out one boat or a fleet with 20 folks +. Only $35!

Awesome first sail after being certified with the awesome, newly certified first mate, Jacob. We're ready for the Olympic sailing team as the walk-on favorite ⛵️ -Buck Wilksen

Click here to support Help BayArea Youth Sailing Program by Maliq Naphtali Nathaniel

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Thanks to everyone who could help were now starting to outreach to more sailors with your help with the funding we got $925 of $105k. Someone dropped in and couldn't give money but he donated a newly used Mac book Pro to help with enrollments. Were still in need of support to the 2016 Fall School Semester is near and the school needs more students enrolled to continue this program. With your help we can get more student involved and more equipment for the kids to use. Anything helps from $5 to $10, $20, $50, $100, $1000. Make this program possible for this new generation of youth, soon to be the next generation of adults. Support the Afterguard youth sailing programs! 2016 has been a ruff year for Afterguard Sailing Academy. Mary SwiftSwan, co-owner of this business, lost her husband and partner Steve Swan this spring to cancer. His condition went from an unknown to nova in 27 days ending his life April 17th. Th...

Click here to support Help BayArea Youth Sailing Program by Maliq Naphtali Nathaniel

Thanks for everyone that could help but we need more support and help spread the word thanks! Support the Afterguard youth sailing programs! 2016 has been a ruff year for Afterguard Sailing Academy. Mary SwiftSwan, co-owner of this business, lost her husband and partner Steve Swan this spring to cancer. His condition went from an unknown to nova in 27 days ending his life April 17th. Th...

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Cast a Cleat Hitch




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