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Another great group of mamas and babies have come through the Postpartum Fitness series! Erin, Lorie, Lauren and Sarah (counter clockwise from top left) plus their littles were a pleasure to work with.

I hope these posts motivates someone out there to take the extra time and resources to find a good fit for their postpartum fitness journey. Fortunately, there are more options these days, and I was lucky enough to find @birthfit to help with mine, while also helping other postpartum folks out there!

This was the last series I’ll be doing until the holidays while I try out a more full-time job this fall. Wish me lots of luck in finding child care! 😫 Check here for info in a couple months and I hope to see some new and old faces soon! Lots of love and take care of your bodies, mamas! #postpartumfitness #postpartumfitnesswithbirthfitcoachjendeering #jendeeringstrengthtraining #strongmamashappybabies #strongmama #birthfit #crossfit #birthfitcoach #crossfitcoach @ Crossfit Oakland Uptown

The 4th and final weeks’ Postpartum Fitness story of the summer brought us Mama/Baby pair Erin and Jonah! Jonah is 6 months old and the best at doing the Superman exercise I’ve ever seen! Here is a little about them...Erin’s ‘Why’

“I have chronic back problems and so that combined with being postpartum, it made me nervous to work out again. I was looking for something where I could work with someone who had knowledge of postpartum issues and who could help me scale so I could feel confident in working out again. I felt scared to start on my own.” I bet many mamas can relate to this! It’s always a good idea to work with a trainer, but especially when in doubt!

Erin was a runner before but found motivation once she was injured. She says, “I played soccer and so I knew what it felt like to be strong. But then I didn’t really think about strength training and I started running all the time. I hurt myself mountain biking because I didn’t have a lot of muscle tone. So then I started paying more attention to it and I wanted my body to be healthy long term.” Getting injures is what led me to be a personal trainer, so I understand how injury can lead to something great!

Erin’s funny story about Jonah’s birth was this: “People kept telling me I was really big when I was pregnant and the Dr said I’d have a 9 pound baby. My mom also had big babies, but then he came out and he was only 6 pounds and 12 oz, and all I could think of saying all the time was how tiny he was! I was shocked and I couldn’t wrap my head around it.” Same here Erin! Baby’s surprise us in so many ways. Thank you for sharing and joining the Postpartum Fitness Series! #postpartumfitness #postpartumbody #thisispostpartum #momstrong #momswholift #strongmama #strongmamashappybabies #crossfit #athlete #birthfit #birthfitcoach #slowisfast

Met Lorie and her 9 week old Lagaya! They are this weeks’ feature baby&mama story. And what a great story they are! Lorie is a badass and as you. can see her little is a badass sleeper! 😝👶🏾😴

I asked Lorie her ‘Why’ for joining the Postpartum Fitness Series. She replied: “I wanted to find a space that was specifically for postpartum athletes and a friend recommended you.” (Thanks @gamechangerfit !) “It felt like I was thrown out there without guidance and I wanted a space where I could ease back into exercise safety and with knowledgeable and supportive people around.” I love that Lorie is so dedicated to her fitness journey that she sought out something created just for the postpartum community.

She clearly cares about her wellness and when I asked her what her motivation for this was, she said: “I definitely do it for the mental health aspect. Especially after being pregnant and the difficult emotions that can come up after birth. I also just like being strong for my size. Many folks don’t think i can lift as much as I can, so it feels good to show what I can do. Plus, I really like CrossFit, I like challenging myself. I was a runner so that helps me with the pain tolerance, but I used to think I could never do CrossFit, that it was too hard, but I have proved myself wrong!”

Lorie shared a little bit about Lagaya’s uniques birth story. It’s a trip!

“At 36 weeks, it was a Friday and I went to work. Later I went in for a routine Dr. appt and was thinking ‘Maybe I can still make it to the 4:30 CrossFit class’, and then I ended up staying and being induced! I had been signed up for a tour of Labor and Delivery Kaiser, I was signed up for a cloth diapering class, and I had a reminder in my calendar for my wife to pack the hospital bag. I was getting all these reminders while I was already in the hospital being induced. I never got the hospital tour and we only interviewed one Doula so we were like, ‘guess that’s our Doula!’ But it all worked out in the end.

Thanks for sharing with us Lorie! So happy you and your beautiful baby have joined us to assist you in your postpartum journey. Keep up the good work! #postpartumfitness #crossfit #birthfit #slowisfast

This weeks feature story is about Sarah and her 8 week old baby boy, Logan! Sarah was a college track athlete and former runner and Crossfitter so she knows how to work hard! Her why for joining is because...’I wanted to ease back into working out. I tend to injure myself so this way I could remind myself to take it slow. As a athlete I’m used to going 110% and now isn’t the time for that.’ I can totally relate to this, as I’m sure many mamas out there can. So happy she listened to her gut in this one and signed up the #birthfit so is fast philosophy!

I asked Sarah what her motivation for her fitness and wellness journey is currently and she said: ‘At this moment it’s to maintain balance. Because so much of what you do with a baby shows you exactly where your imbalances are. So I want to work on that here. And I’d really love to be able to run again like I was before my pregnancy.’

Let’s hear about little Logan! Sarah shared that the most interesting thing she’s learned since having Logan was...’You know, you have all these ideas of what your pregnancy and delivery is going to be and then the baby proves you all wrong! So many people said I would be late since I’m 6’0” tall and that I would have a huge baby. They were all wrong! He came a week early and was only 7 lbs 2 oz. I didn’t use anything from the birth plan I stressed over. They really prove you wrong and it’s a great intro to motherhood!’

I couldn’t agree more with this one! I had a very similar experience and it was tough to deal with. But it really is a great transition into Motherhood as it teaches you how to find a proper mindset for parenting even after you have a birth that may not go the way you plan. Thanks for sharing Sarah and I’m so happy you decided to join this series! #birthfit #strongmama #strongmamashappybabies #crossfit #athlete #mindset #strength #mamastrong #fitmom #motivation #findyourwhy

Babies at the gym are just the best. #bigbabyaxel #littlebabygrier #gymrats #gymratmoms #gymratbabies #strongmamashappybabies #birthfit #birthfitcoach #crossfit #crossfitcoach #futuregymrat #girlscandohardthings #doitforyourself #doitforyourkids

Meet Lauren and her baby, Brooke! They are this weeks’ feature Mama/Baby pair for our July Postpartum Fitness group! Brooke enjoyed CrossFit, weightlifting, Pilates and more before getting pregnant. As she explains, her Why for joining is, “Before my pregnancy exercise was a big part of my life and daily routine. It made me feel like myself. Then I experienced having little energy during pregnancy, and I just didn’t find time or the chance to exercise. Now that’s she’s here I’m feeling like myself again, and I just want exercise to be a big part that.” I can relate to this big time!

Motivation for Lauren looks like...”To show Brooke strength. Not just physical but mental by doing something hard or that you’re not good at, but you just keep trying.”

I asked Lauren to share something unique or funny about Brooke coming into the world and she said,
“During the blurriness of after birth with Brooke on my chest and adoring her, I started counting her fingers and toes and I counted 6 fingers! She clearly doesn’t have 6, but mom brain has already set in!”

Thanks so much for joining this series Lauren and Brooke, and for sharing something true for you. We are excited to have you!

#postpartumfitness #postpartumbody #postpartumlife #thisispostpartum #strengthtrainingformoms #birthfit #birthfitcoach #crossfit #crossfitcoach #strongmama #strongmamashappybabies #findyourwhy #motivation #doitforyourself #doitforyourkids

Jen Deering Strength Training

Jen Deering Strength Training's cover photo

Jen Deering Strength Training's cover photo

Check it out! A strength class for any and all postpartum bodies! And, if you’re a new mom, you can bring your new little! This is a baby and me class for any moms with a pre crawling baby. So if you’re on maternity leave, if you are experiencing any postpartum pelvic floor issues or possible DRA, if you had your baby 10 years ago and you want to focus on your core, or if you’re pregnant now this is the class for all of you! Next 4-week series starts TOMORROW, Tuesday, July 9 @crossfit_oakland_uptown

DM for more details or check out my FB page @jendeeringstrengthtraining #birthfit #postpartumfitness #thisispostpartum #slowisfast #babyandmefitness #postpartumstrengthtraining

This week another postpartum fitness 4-week series closed with a trio of #strongmamas and #happybabies ! Thank you to Sofia and her sweet little Reza, Emma and her big blue-eyed Grier, and Marcie with Isla, who has the best baby mohawk I’ve ever seen! I truly appreciated the way these women worked, embracing the slow is fast concept, but also the determination they each had to move their bodies as they maneuver through their own recovery of birthing a child.

If you’re interested in the next session please message me! We will start the next one up after the 4th of July holiday, on Tuesday July 9th! I would be honored to guide you through your postpartum fitness journey through the knowledge I’ve gained from the #birthfit movement. Pass this along to, or tag, any mamas you may know who might need something like this. What’s great is that pre-crawling babies are welcome to come and also join through #babywearing exercises! A real #babyandme fitness class. Looking forward to the next series!

#birthfit #postpartumfitness #crossfit #slowisfast #thisispostpartum #jendeeringstrengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #birthfitcoach #crossfitcoach @ Crossfit Oakland Uptown

Today’s mama feature is Emma and her lil guy Grier! Emma is a crossfitting mama of two boys and a total rockstar!

Emma’s ‘why’ for joining the series is ‘To learn what I should and shouldn’t be doing, from a fitness perspective, once postpartum. To learn the core exercises so I don’t injure myself. And also so I can bring my baby with me. That was huge!’

Emma says her wellness motivation is to be overall a healthy and strong mom. A ‘hot bod’ is nice too! Lol!

A Grier moment...’A funny moment when I was having Grier, was when my OB said that during my c-section they had a hard time cutting me because of my strong ab muscles. My husband said it took two doctors to physically pull me!’ Love that Emma!
Grier is also very strong and is lifting his head and moving around in little circles during tummy time at 9 weeks old! And boy can this guy SLEEP! He is the best little sleeper I have had come through this class. We hardly see him awake ever! I say lucky Emma! And thank you both for entrusting me to help you in your postpartum journey. You guys are rocking it!

#birthfit #crossfit #slowisfast #postpartumfitness #thisispostpartum #findyourwhy #mombabyfitness #strongmamashappybabies #crossfitmama #crossfitbaby

We are halfway through our June series! If you’re a new mama or an old mama, come join! This class is for all postpartum bodies. We focus on pelvic floor strengthening/elongating and core restoration. And for new mamas with pre crawling babes, you can bring them and workout with them! Message me for details on the July series! #birthfit #slowisfast #postpartumfitness #crossfit #thisispostpartum #strongmamashappybabies #postpartumstrengthtraining #jendeeringstrengthtraining

This weeks‘ feature mama is Marcie and her 11 week old baby girl, Isla. Check out Isla working on her grip already! Love it!!!

Marcie’s why for joining the Postpartum Fitness class is, ‘To get into the right mental state to be ready to continue my fitness journey.’ She’s a crossfitting Mama! Her motivation is that she wants to be as strong as she can be. I can definitely see that in her, she works hard at just the right pace to be challenged, but not push. It’s a sweet spot for a motivated mama to find.

Marcie shared that with Isla’s birth, her first, she was able to push her out in 20 minutes! She labored for 6 hours start to finish. So impressive! Maybe it was all those squats she did beforehand 🤣 But really...maybe it was!? Either way, pretty incredible birth and we are just so happy to have this amazing mama/baby pair in our June Postpartum series. Thanks for joining Marcie and Isla! ❤️🤱🏻👶🏻💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️
#birthfit #crossfit #birthfitmama #crossfitmama #birthfitbaby #crossfitbaby #postpartumfitness #slowisfast #strongmama #happybaby #fitmom #healthybaby #strengthtrainingformoms #strengthandconditioning #findyourwhy #motivation #birthstories

DRA Self Test

If you missed Saturday’s free check with Peregrine Physical Therapy this is a great place to start on your own! Try and try again, you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll be able to monitor your progress too! DRA is becoming more and more talked about, but it’s important to be sure we are educated about it rather than scared of it!

A demonstration presented by one of our Physical Therapists. Visit for more information about our team and services. How do you ...

Killed that #infullbloom GTs kombucha! Thanks to an awesome company doing great things for humans. #gtskombucha is legit! Oh and my baby is adorable. @gtskombucha @ladygaga #bornthiswayfoundation #cutebabypics #kombuchadrinker #elderflowerissogood

Baby mama workouts start Tuesday! There is still room for more mom/baby pairs in my postpartum fitness class taking place @crossfit_oakland_uptown
Pm for details!
#birthfit #birthfitcoach #crossfit #crossfitcoach #postpartumfitness #thisispostpartum #slowisfast #strengthtrainingformoms

Pride night #atthecoliseum Lots of 🌈 and 🦄 hanging out here and rainbow fanny pack giveaways! We had to be here. #pride🌈 #pridenight #oaklandas #rainbows #unicorns #asbaseball #letsgooakland

'Self-care' is not enough to fix how much moms are burnt out

To all my mamas out there. Society is asking you to nurture in an environment that does not nurture you back.

Starts up in one week! There are still a few spots open for a mama who’s ready to regain and restore strength in her postpartum body! If this is you, hit me up! If this is someone you know, pass it along to her. This community is underserved and over deserving! Find your why and join other mamas ready to show up for themselves and their little ones. #postpartumfitness #postpartumbody #strongmama #restorethecore #birthfit #recoveryafterbirth #slowisfast #doitforyourself

Mama workout day! Look at those guns! Sofia is about 14 weeks postpartum and has been through my Birthfit focused program for postpartum mamas. She’s continued with some private trainings while we wait on the next series to start. If you’re interested in private, semi-private or class sessions contact me now!! I will have all of these available coming up in June. Whatever you’re looking for, we can make it happen. Message me for details and start your path to recovery after birth with me, Birthfit coach Jen Deering! Check out my Fb page too @ Jen Deering Strength Training. Let’s work out and regain the strength in a conscious way. #birthfit #birthfitcoach #strongmama #restorethecore #slowisfast #recoveryafterbirth #strongmamashappybabies #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #doitforyourself #morivation #findyourwhy #crossfit #crossfitcoach

MadeOn Mother’s Day Giveaway

Love this company. Give a deserving mom our most popular skin care products! What she’ll win: Raw silk noil washcloth (gentle exfoliating washcloth for the face) Avocado Facial Cleansing Soap (made with real avocado puree and raw goat milk) Simply Shea Facial Emollient (make rough, uneven skin smooth again with just...

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