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Hey Yall, Do you have a drop in price? Im going to be in Ocean Shores for a week visit and was looking for somewhere to continue my routine?
Update on my first week with Michelle... She correctly identified what Pete and I need. She adjusted my training with what I love (more yoga-like stretches) and keeps everything really interesting. Can’t recommend her enough...and I’m 69 1/2!!!!! Check it out- in the old Ace building.
Wish you weren't so expensive.
Beach Bum Fitness had trick or treating at their new fitness center, if you’re missing a good workout you should go se our friends there 🙂
Not meant to be critical; I'm excited for this. Just wonder how it works in Phase 3? The Community Club remains closed. What guidelines to you have to go by?

This page is intended to help bring health and wellness to the public in an informative, motivational, and humorous way.

Operating as usual


Yes I’m telling you this so you can join the celebration, if it’s your thing. Yes, it might seem weird for a fitness facility to post it. You know what? I’m weird, I’m human, and sometimes you just need a donut (if it fits your lifestyle needs, that is).

So go enjoy that donut 🍩 if you want. And check out our local donut shops!


Thank you to all that have served 🇺🇸

5 Massage Techniques to Help Alleviate Allergy Symptoms - LHAA 05/19/2022

5 Massage Techniques to Help Alleviate Allergy Symptoms - LHAA

Check her out!!! She is an amazing addition

5 Massage Techniques to Help Alleviate Allergy Symptoms - LHAA Sneezing, congestion, runny noses, and watery eyes - pesky symptoms of allergies. Looking for ways to combat these? Try these 5 massage modalities.


You dont need to go to space to get a massage, because getting a massage from Leilani will let you live long and prosper


Happy Mother’s Day!! Enjoy the day😁


Beach Bum Fitness

Even those of us that are busy evading the public eye need some TLC (barefoot through the forests…amiright?)

Lucky for the BIG man himself AND you, Beach Bum has now partnered with the massage therapist to the stars, Leilani Polk!

Come in and be pampered! Better yet? Become a Beach Bum member, get your workouts in, and get a discount on those melt-away massages!!

See you soon!

Beach Bum Fitness This page is intended to help bring health and wellness to the public in an informative, motivational, and humorous way.


Beach Bum Fitness

This is Bob. Bob likes to do a happy little workout at Beach Bum. Bob also likes to vote for his favorite gym.

Be like Bob. 😉🙌🏻 🏋️‍♀️

Thank you for being YOU and for all of your awesome support 👏!!

Beach Bum Fitness This page is intended to help bring health and wellness to the public in an informative, motivational, and humorous way.


Best of Twin Harbors 2022 - Home

Hey Squatchers!!!! We wanted to reach out to let you know that this is the last week of voting, so if you love us as much as we love you, please click the link and vote for us

Best of Twin Harbors 2022 - Home




We want to give a big shout out to our very own Jeremy Martin. Happy 85th Birthday!!! You are like the Yoda of personal training


Happy Easter Everyone!


Best of Twin Harbors 2022 - Home

Thank you to EVERYONE who has already voted for us for Best of the Harbor. We didn’t even know we were nominated or in the running.
If you haven’t yet and you would like to, please go to and cast your vote.

Thank you again,

Best of Twin Harbors 2022 - Home


We guarantee you will never find this guy at Beach Bum Fitness


Beach has a new janitor. His name is Jonny .5 and we hope he’s alive, but more importantly we hope he does his job


PSA: It’s okay to think you’re awesome….just keep in mind that life will let you know when you take it too far (in my case, a new arm wrap buddy).

(Thoughts of the week summed up by Outkast and tire flipping 🤔)

Let us help support whatever mood you’re in!


Sometimes you just need to go have a place to go and know that you’re not alone, and you’re not the only person that feels the way you do.

Photos from Beach Bum Fitness's post 02/28/2022

ALRIGHT EVERYONE! If you have been thinking about checking us out or making a lifestyle change, this is the PERFECT time!!!
For the month of March you can join for just $25.
Then $40 a month after.
Come check out what everyone is talking about.

Call us at 360-940-9230

We also offer
Family Plans
Personal Training
Mental Health Coaching


Time to take that first step, and we are here to help. Come in and check us out. The gym is open to check out from 10am-3pm today or by appt if you need another time. Come on in and find out what we’re about


No matter who you are or what you’re doing, ALWAYS grab life by the “horns” and push forward like a boss!


UPDATE: All is back to normal 🙃 thanks for your patience!

Hey All 👋

Unfortunately, due to a building electrical issue, we will be closed until further notice to ensure everyone is safe. Hopefully we are only down for a short amount of time…..we are so sorry for the inconvenience.

Luckily it is beautiful out today….beach workouts are always fun 😉

We will let you know when everything is good to go! Thank you for your understanding!

How this 75-year-old woman became a fitness influencer — ABC News 02/15/2022

How this 75-year-old woman became a fitness influencer — ABC News

Just remember, that it’s never too late. Anyone can transform their life.
Stop existing, and start living

How this 75-year-old woman became a fitness influencer — ABC News Joan MacDonald has over 1 million followers on Instagram.


Our “backyard”. A place to run, walk, shell hunt, cartwheel, whatever you want!

Would I love for you to come to the gym so I can meet you and hear your stories? Absolutely. BUT more importantly, I want you to do what makes you feel free and fabulous because that leads to a healthy YOU.

So, go shake your groove thang at the beach, in your house, or in the store….laugh, be weird, and be free.


Ever have a day where you put on a good face, but really are not feeling it? Meet me, today. Yes, my coffee mug says a cheerful “good morning” but the back side of it has a more adult-laced message 😉. It’s okay to have those kind of days….and it’s even easier to know that you have someone you can talk to for a laugh or a listen on those days. Enter Beach Bum Fitness. Yes we have cool equipment, but we have some equipment that you may not get everywhere else: Listening ears and words of encouragement.

Let’s talk, let’s workout, let’s live our best life! Beachin’ vibes to you my friends.


Flip the script on your health! Come on over and let’s get you set up to have some fun at our not-a-typical-gym, gym!


Time to get serious about your goals, and we are here to help.

50% January or January Free when you pay for Personal Training!!!

Get in here and let us help you take the next step.


How you should walk into your goals and 2022 🙌🏻👏✌🏻😃!

And just know that we,at Beach Bum, are HAPPY to help you feel this exact way, awesome dancing included (you’re welcome😉) 😁💃🏻🕺🤣

Cheers to a happy, adventurous, magical, amazing 2022 🥂🥳!


Remember kicking some butt playing Donkey Kong, that barrel flying every which way?

Guess what? You can come to Beach Bum and play DK in real life with our slam balls!! Come down, relieve some stress, and best of all….have a blast doing it!!


At Beach Bum, we believe that health is inside and out….and we 💯 understand that not everyone likes the gym, knows what to do at a gym, has time for a gym, or wants to be at a gym when a warm blanket and comfy chair are waiting at home. So what if I told you that we have another approach to start (or add to) your journey….and it’s full of goodies?😉

You heard me right! Start off your health/de-stress journey by non-adulting! Imagine that UPS truck pulling up to deliver a bright green box with a surprise in it every month. Each opening results in something fun, something useful, and something with a hint of adult humor! To complete the fun, a story to walk you back to your childhood, to a time of just being YOU! Feeling a little relief already? Same here 👍🏻

Want to be one of the first to purchase a single box (limited # for December)? Want to be the first to get on a monthly subscription list? Or just want to know more? Message us!! First box is discounted for a limited time and is great as a Christmas gift 👏! (We can ship it!)

Hit us up to 🙌🏻

Photos from Beach Bum Fitness's post 11/28/2021

Good morning everyone. We preach the importance of stretching, and here is some amazing stretches you can do almost anywhere and their benefits.

Also if you are looking to give the gift of good health for the holidays or you want to take the next step towards being healthy, give us a call. We are here for our community.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Enjoy the day, enjoy family and friends, and enjoy ALL OF THE FOOD 🤤!


Who wants to race? Come on down and join us!


Cold and rainy weather got you down? Come warm up with a walk in Costa Rica or a run through the sands in Hawaii ☀️! That’s right, at Beach Bum you can enjoy a stroll or quick run through some exotic locations without leaving Shores🙌🏻😁! With our iFit enabled treadmills, the world is your playground! Come check them out….and maybe try some other new-to-you equipment as well!

Give us a call or message us to look 👀 around and see how we can keep you feeling your best!


Hey All!

Given the storm ⛈ going on right now and the fact that we have a giant electricity- powered magnet that secures our door, we will be manually locking the door overnight until 7:30am tomorrow….we can’t risk the power going out overnight.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding ☺️

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