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I help those that believe personal responsibility, individual freedom, and true human compassion are essential to success. When I'm not trying to find dragons to slay, my wonderful wife and I are raising two beautiful little girls (one more "unknown" coming in May) in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western Loudoun County (West LoCo).


5 Reasons Snapchat Sucks for Business & 5 Reasons It's Great

Snapchat is great for business but you need to watch this so your Snaps don't suck!

5 Reasons Snapchat sucks for business (especially real estate) and 5 reasons it's great!


Realtor Safety - Break Things

Your beautifully manicured lawn and luxury car parked in the driveway will NEVER block me in and keep me from getting home to my family! What are you willing to break?

Realtor safety - break things! What are you willing to do? What are you willing to break? Stop being polite and worried about offending anyone and make the d...


Realtor Safety - Overcoming Fear

Wanna know what pisses me off about Realtor Safety? Watch this!

Realtor safety - overcoming fear So much noise and misinformation is out there about real estate safety. Most of it comes from inexperienced, untrained, unqu... 03/28/2016

How Millennials Are Just Like Leprechauns

Do you know how to catch one? The numbers are staggering. At nearly 82 million strong, Millennials make up nearly a quarter of the US population. As a result, one of the most popular topics of discussion is “How to Appeal to 03/25/2016

Real Estate Agent Safety Tips for Showing Property - Part 2

Part 2 Simple things to do to be safer on the job. So much safety advice today forces you to choose between income and safety.  The result is a real estate agent safety program that is ineffective, at best, 03/14/2016

Beverly Carter didn’t die because she was a “rich broker” Beverly Carter “was a rich broker.” Yeah I know that scumbag in Arkansas said he singled out Beverly Carter because she was a rich broker. But he is really oversimplifying and disregarding the real 03/11/2016

How to break out of the Fear Cycle and live your life The Fear Cycle explained The Fear Cycle is that loop we get stuck in when we don’t know what to do. Like snowflakes in an avalanche, tiny fears clumped together can be dangerous and even deadly. Get 03/09/2016

Why Existing Realtor Safety Programs Don’t Work

We continue to look to our brokers, our companies, and our associations to fix this incredibly complex problem that requires specific skills, experience, and expertise. Time for change! The Loop. Click here for the original article How many times have we heard the same thing after something awful happens to a Realtor? “The agent did everything by the book. They did everything they 03/04/2016

My Story

The struggle. The journey. The highs. The lows. The Struggle My Story. What a beautiful, brutal, and amazing trip it’s been. For more than twenty years I have been chugging along in the adult word. Recently I sat down and threw some words at my keyboard. Originally my intent was to just jot down a few words “resume style’ about my business life.… 03/04/2016

Realtor safety training has to change!

If you keep doing what you're always done, you'll keep getting what you always got....time for change. Crimes against agents have increased yet training remains the same. You know the old saying, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” That’s pretty good advice. But what do you do when it is broken? That’s 03/02/2016

Ruggedize Your Life - Not Just Your Cell Phone

My latest LinkedIn article... What does Ruggedize Your Life Mean? Let’s start with the basic dictionary definition. Ruggedize – to design, develop, and build the ability to operate reliably in harsh environments and conditions.


If you really want to learn from the tragedy of Beverly Carter, don't listen to what the bad guy said happened. You can't call him a liar on one hand because he denied everything and turn around and take his reasons for targeting Mrs Carter as truth. Bad guys lie. Learning from the truth will help you not fall victim to the same fate....

Instagram Realtor Safety 02/26/2016

I don't post everything from Instagram on Facebook. But here are a few of the more popular ones related to


The real estate industry is not equipped to handle an issue life . But you can help!


Realtor Safety - Ruggedize Your Life

Experience matters. Especially when it comes to personal security and safety.

We face a cultural divide in the real estate industry about what Realtor Safety is and what we should do in order to “stay safe.” Click here to learn more ab... 02/22/2016

Realtor Safety has got to change. Now is the time. It starts here! 02/11/2016

Realtor safety is a social problem. There is a cultural divide we are ignoring. Self proclaimed "experts" in and outside the industry send mixed messages packaged as safety advice that don't work.



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Veteran's Day 2015 - a message of love and how to give back

Salute to Veterans past and present.

============================== The Firehill Group is a new and fast moving Loudoun County, Virginia real estate team designed & created to give you what the ...


Don't confuse Passion with Commitment!

My first Vimeo video...

Ever hear anyone say they are passionate about what they do? I've even seen many people and businesses advertise their passion as one of their most important traits.…


Don't confuse Passion with Commitment!

Watch this video....or else!

This is a short video from the B-roll of another video. Ever hear anyone say they are passionate about real estate? I've even seen agents advertise their pas...


Successful Companies Start With Why

Watch this video! Organization who focus on their Why as opposed to What they do, tend to have an unbalanced amount of success. Learn more.


Quick tip #2 Integrity, Ethics, and Experts

Beware of businesses, industries, and sales people who claim to be something that they can't prove....and probably isn't true.


Quick Tip #1 - Don't let anyone tell you what you want.

Never let anyone that is selling a product or service tell you what you want....without asking you first. 02/27/2015

The Fallacy of Funnels - Inside Intercom

"The notion that a customer drops from a Google search to your page and makes their decision about sign-up based purely on the data you present on each screen in your flow is batsh*t." Brilliant and so incredibly true! The funnel is a lousy metaphor for measuring conversion. In real life, funnels let everything pass through–a 100% conversion rate if you will. A better metaphor would be a sieve, or buckets with holes in them. But my problem with funnels isn’t the metaphor. It’s… Read more


Whatever it takes.

Do you have whatever it takes? If you are stronger than me, I’ll move faster than you. If you can move faster than me, I’ll get smarter than you. If you are smarter than me, I’ll outwork you. If you can outwork me, I’ll be tougher than you. If you are tougher than me, I’ll be braver than you. If you are braver […] 01/25/2015

The Top 6 Free Business Apps I Can't Live Without

Please share your experiences in the comments below or on your favorite social media outlet. Don’t keep this a secret! 2014 was a breakout year for me. These apps are the Top 6 tools that rocked my world last year and continue to help me everyday.

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Realtor Safety - Overcoming Fear
Passion for work - why that just isn't enough.





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