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Martial Arts classes for ages 3-Adult in the Hershey, Hummelstown, Palmyra, Harrisburg, area Phone 717-612-2595 contact us at
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Martial Arts classes for ages 3 thru adult in the Hershey Hummelstown, Palmyra, Harrisburg area. Our Hershey school is located at 605 Cocoa Ave. Hershey PA. 17033 at the Hershey Recreation Center and at the Granada Ave. Gym and Fitness Center 30 East Granada Ave. Hershey PA. 17033. Our phone number is 717-612-2595. To sign up for classes call 717-533-7138. We are the proud sponsors of the Battle i

Operating as usual

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Congratulations Sensei Rita on your promotion to Black Belt! We are all very proud of you!

[08/29/21]   Tonight is Ms. Rita's Black Belt test please cheer her on!!

[08/15/21]   Remember no class tonight!

[08/06/21]   Change in schedule for Sept. We will have class on 5th but not on the 12th. However I need students and black belts for demo at West Hanover on the 12th . It will be outside, I will let you know the time. The Festival is from 4-8pm.

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Thank you to everyone involved for organizing National Night Out for Derry Township. It was great connecting with new friends and old friends. It felt like old times. Thank you to everyone from DeAngelis Martial Arts for helping. You are the heart and soul of the school. You are all awesome!

[08/03/21]   Hope to see you at National Night Out tonight! Next to Hershey Fire Co.

[07/30/21]   National Night Out 6:45-7:15pm Demo. I thought we could do a small Demo Black Belts Needed!!! We then could do an interactive part with kids punching bags in the audience. Let me know who can help. We also have a table to attend.
Thank you

[07/18/21]   National Night Out is the first Tues. of Aug. Please let us know if you can help. Not sure if we will do a demo but we will have a table at Chocolate Town Park.


Congratulations Mr. M! Great job!


Great test on Sunday! Congratulations!!

[05/30/21]   Just wanted to make sure everyone knows there is no class at Trinity tonight. Have a great holiday

[05/24/21]   The website is not working perfect on some links fyi trying to fix. Trinity, West Hanover does not have class this week. South Hanover will not have class on Memorial Day.

[04/25/21]   Almost time to go to class. I have been updating the new website and it has an added Blog option. So here we go.
As I have been going through old pictures from the old site I realize how much of my life and Bob's life along with many others has been dedicated to the martial arts. I would say it has been an amazing journey. I have met many different people and some great characters and friends along the way. The martial arts gets under your skin and through your heart and does not ever really let you go. It is not all about kata, sparring and hitting the ground dusting yourself off and continuing on; it is about heart, honor, dedication and of course friendship and comradery. It is about finishing what you start and realizing you can achieve goals and overcome hardships. It is a Way of life. See you all in class.

[04/19/21]   Ok our new site is up. Please have a look at it. It is different and I do not have the schedules up at this time will work on it. It should still be

[04/15/21]   Just informed that my old website will not be supported. Not sure if the name will be different. Well I know what I will be doing this weekend. Will update everyone.

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Congratulations to All of you. You stayed with us through Zoom classes and were awarded your belts not for staying with us but for your perseverance and hard work. Congratulations! Thank you and thank you to everyone who stuck with us!!


Due to Covid we had to come up with a way to do multiple sparring. This works for now. Congratulations Mr. M and everyone who helped with the test along with our Board of Black Belts.

Photos from DeAngelis Martial Arts's post 04/04/2021

Congratulations Mr. M on your Brown Belt Promotion!

[03/07/21]   Weapons canceled for tonight.

[03/07/21]   Kids class will be upstairs in the little room and in the basement for adults.

[03/07/21]   We will have class but we might be outside. Bathrooms will be available. We were bumped. Please wear sneakers.

[02/28/21]   Sorry class is canceled. The doors to the church are locked. We will prorate to three classes for this session. No zoom tonight.

[02/28/21]   Kids class canceled church is locked trying to get someone to open for dragons class.

[02/28/21]   WE WILL HAVE CLASS AT THE CHURCH TONIGHT!! Yippee! Lil Dragons and Tigers 4-4:30 and Dragons 4:45-6 and Weapons 6-6:30

[01/24/21]   We are still holding zoom classes for the next session as well. We will start our sessions live (if all goes well) at Trinity on Sun. Feb. 28th.

[01/17/21]   Class tonight just use the same zoom as last week.

[01/10/21]   Sunday 1/10/2021
Class tonight is on zoom. We will have zoom classes until the end of this session and then we will see when Trinity is opening up. Please use your recurring Sunday zoom info.
See you in class!!

[01/03/21]   We are having Dragons class tonight 4:45-6pm. It is a new session if you want to join in. Email me for the info on payment. Maybe we will be back in the church soon. Also we are using the recurring Sun. zoom. if you need it email me [email protected]


New Schedule for Sun. Classes.

[12/20/20]   No Sunday Class tonight. We will start new session on Jan. 3rd

[12/20/20]   We will start zoom classes again on Jan. 3rd for Trinity (if we do not open). I do not think we missed any classes. Nov. classes ran into Dec. so basically we had no classes in Dec. So we will resume on Jan. 3rd. Will try to get a hold of everyone.

[12/08/20]   Zoom classes are going well.

[12/03/20]   Trinity UCC Classes are canceled until further notice due to church closing for Covid. We will have zoom classes. If you do not get an email from me in the next day or two, please contact me. 717-612-2595 leave a msg. with a current email and your name.

[11/23/20]   Sensei Bob just got out of the hospital today. He is in good spirits.

[11/19/20]   Due to new government restrictions, all participants must wear masks even children. Thank you
Master Jan DeAngelis

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Well Wises to Sesei Bob
Thank you All
Mr. D sharing Kata Practice
Mr. D practice session! Looking great!
Mr. D Bo form 2
Mr. D Sharing his Practice session
Mr. D is looking good. He is going to be ready for class when we start up.  Are you?????
Thanks Mr. D for sharing!!!
Looking good in your gi!!  Looking good!  We can't wait to see your awesome skills in the dojo!!! Thank you and your par...
Thank you Mr. D for sharing your practice session with us.  You are definitely getting ready for your next belt!!!
Just want to thank Mr. D. and his family for sending in all the videos. I know he is practicing; are you?  Please send m...



Martial Arts classes for ages 3-Adult. Main style is Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do. Classes are Lil Dragons and Karate Tigers ages 3-7yrs. Karate Dragons 8- Adult. Prices for Lil Dragons and Karate Tigers (once a week $40 (4 wk session) or $55 for twice a week (4 wk session), Dragons class price is $45 for once a week (4 wk session) and $60 for twice a week session (4 wk session) Classes are offered Weds, Fri and Sun. Prices may change please check with our website for current prices.



40 W Pine St
Palmyra, PA

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Contact us at DeAngelis Martial Arts 717-612-2595 Sign up for Hershey Location at 717-533-7138 E-mail us at [email protected] Website: http://[email protected]

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