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[02/20/14]   Matches have been canceled til further notice

[08/10/13]   1 week away from the next shoot

[05/17/13]   Tomorrow morning is the next match, weathers looking good ammo is getting easier to find and you only need 60 rounds! See you there

[04/11/13]   Ok here we go almost 1 week away from the next match! Show up and let us know you saw this on facebook and save $1 off your first round! Come in out and save some money and have some fun! Like we said before we have several RAnge Safety Officers and NRA Certified Pistol instructors and our "regular shooters" and we all are more than happy to be right behind you and walk you thru the match. See you there!

[04/06/13]   2 weeks away from the next PPC shoot, mark your calendars it's getting nice out and I don't think we will have snow like last month !


Pennsylvania 2nd Amendment Supporters

The fight will never be over !!!!!! As of right now the Assault weapons BAN is DEAD

[03/21/13]   Stay tuned for a special offer for next month for new shooters that show up! Remember this is open to the public and you dont have to be a competition shooter to compete in this, this is a slow paced event and there are several matches held in a day, so feel free to sit back and watch a few rounds and maybe give it a shot yourself. (We use big targets! B-27 silhouette targets) and there are several regulars as well as members that have offered to sit out a match and be right behind you and guide you thru your first match! Keep getting the word out to your friends in the area.

[03/17/13]   Next PPC Shoot is Saturday April 20th at 9:00am come on out and watch or bring a pistol or two or three! Shoot for a trophy or shoot for fun. Please feel free to share this page with your friends we are trying to get the word out there with all the new gun owners and "old" gun owners the shelves and cabinets are empty in all the shops around so bring that stock out that you purchased new or old and see what kind of score you can get. I'd be willing to bet once you shoot the first time you will be addicted like the rest of us. And if you are new to the handgun sport please let us know, we have several NRA instructors and Range Safety Officers and other seasoned shooters that come to this event every month that would be more than happy to run thru a match right behind you to assist. You don't need a ton of equipment just a safe functioning handgun, 3 magazines, eye and ear protection and 60 rounds of ammo for a match. See you there! We also have a new email address to help out with communication with the board members : [email protected]





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