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Fitness has always been a passion of mine and I have spent the better part of my life engaging in various sports and exercise styles with the intention of always practicing a healthy lifestyle. After the birth of my third child, when my body took its hardest hit, I really wanted to focus and experiment with different exercise strategies to see if I could once again get my body back. It was a long

Operating as usual


New year - Better you. There is no need to be a “new” you in 2020. How about just learning to be a better you?

Better at drinking water, moving more, eating real food, and loving yourself. How about being better at consistency and learning discipline instead of relying on motivation. Health and fitness is so much more then hopping on a treadmill in the gym or drinking a shake in the morning for breakfast.

And guess what - you deserve so much more then that!!

If you know that you're ready to make real changes this year.... If you're ready to finally give yourself some major love then I am ready to help you!! Stop being the seasonal health nut who only gives a crap about their body and food In January, June, and September.

Start making lasting changes that you actually enjoy. If you're ready, let's talk!


I'm rarely motivated...but always disciplined.

Motivation - the elusive feeling we are supposed to magically keep all day every day. Yeah right🙄

Being motivated comes in waves. When the tide is high you feel awesome, in control, and ready to tackle your daily activities. But what happens at low tide? You feel tired, blah, and gross.

Low tied = pummeled motivation vibes.

Hear me on this. You're never going to be motivated all of the time. In fact most of the time you will be unmotivated. Motivation is fleeting so if you want to get healthy, you'll need to rely on other tactics.

When motivation dissipates, discipline steps up to the plate. Discipline is the art of practicing small habits every day. It's working hard to make an activity, food, or goal part of your daily priorities. It's being RELENTLESS about sticking to the activities and foods that make you feel GOOD.

Motivation will not produce results. Establishing routine, daily habits, and regular activity creates discipline and discipline is what you need on days the world is against you.

Discipline is the small voice telling you to get up when you're tired. It's getting the job done regardless of what else is happening in your life.

Become disciplined in your goals by practicing every single day so that when low motivation strikes, you are still checking off boxes, making gains, and earning results.


From my IG account yesterday that I accidentally deleted 🙃

Dont listen to the cardio nay -sayers

Ever hear people say cardio is BAD? Dont do cardio, it will make you fat. Cardio doesnt create muscle and blah blah blah. Have you ever seen an Olympic sprinter, distance runner, or professional cyclist? I'm talking SOLID LEAN MUSCLE. Cardio has so many benefits for our endurance, heart, body, and mind. A solid program should include BOTH cardio and strength training : )

Cardio is difficult and not just for our bodies but our brains. I've never had an easy run. NEVER. Every run I'm in a state of wanting to give up and being too stubborn to stop. I get tired and my brain becomes bored. I need a kick ass play list to help me through. Raise your hand if you feel me!

I've been running on and off (Mostly on) for 25 years. 25 YEARS!!!!! I will honestly say NOTHING fulfills my soul, body, or mind better then a solid run. Not squatting. Not swimming. Not cycling. I'm not a great runner. I haven't done a lot of running races and sometimes I get FRUSTRATED with my pace but I never give up. I always fall back to the sound of my feet on pavement and the roar of blood in my ears.

I'm not pushing cardio over strength because we need both but seriously give cardio a well deserved chance. It will train your brain to be disciplined and your mind to focus. It will train your body to be strong. It will fulfill you in ways you cannot understand until you're doing it every day. Give it a try....go for a walk or do a spin class. Embrace the endurance world : )


The Bosu Ball is amazing

Step up your gym game by adding an element of instability to bring your workouts to the next level. The bosu balance trainer is one of my favorite gym toys because it makes exercises more intense. The round or flat side can be used to spice up mountain climbers, planks, squats, or lunges. Using the bosu ball forces engagement of the small muscles in our core that help us stay balanced and control our body. The bosu ball is perfect for developing body awareness. Body awareness is a critical component to helping us develop better positioning during exercise. Balance trainers = core strength = better posture = better exercise form.

Improve your strength by freshening up your routine with these three movements.
Mountain climbers, plant step outs, plank knee downs.


It's October 5th, 2019. That means there are only three months left of the year. The last three months of the decade. That's big. Think back to 2010 and reflect where you were when the decade began. I'm sure you've changed. You might have started a family, got a job, married, or bought a house. You've accomplished multiple life goals and did great things for yourself! Pats on back 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Now, take a look at your weight as compared to 2010...your lifestyle habits...your exercise routine. Are you still just as lost as you were ten years ago..possibly more lost? If you're like most people I know, you've tried multiple diets like Whole30 or Keto and you probably have a gym membership that you may or may not use. Maybe those diets and gym membership worked for you but let's be honest, they probably didnt produce lasting results. I'm sure you had the best intentions to finally lose weight but life kept slamming doors in your face.

Real talk - we all have great weight loss and exercise goals. It's easy to say them, even write them down but unless you have a specific plan that works with your life, those goals probably get pushed to the back burner A LOT. It's easy to say "Ill start on Monday" but when the day comes, you're down with a fever. How many times have you committed to walking after work but at 5pm you're just too damn tired to follow through?

It's hard to make exercise and nutrition a priority but do you really want to be in the exact same position as you were 10 years ago, 6 months ago, last week in 2020? You have three months until "new beginnings" which never really seem that new. Three months until "resolutions" that never last more then two weeks. A new decade where miraculously life will settle down so you can focus on your goals. The truth, is that life will always be happening. There will never be a perfect moment, year, or day where the galaxies align and provide golden opportunities to get healthy. If you're not happy with your eating and exercise routine, dont wait until a new decade to change because I can guarantee the barriers you have now, will still be there in 2020. Why wait to tackle them in the middle of winter?? Fall is beautiful and a perfect opportunity to start working towards the goals you've had for the last couple years. You have three months to become a healthier, more fit, and productive human. What are you waiting for?

To receive more tips, motivation, and cute pictures of my kids and dog, follow me on Instagram, annie_loew_.

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It’s time! New clients are finally being accepted for my brand spanking new fitness challenge. Space is limited to five clients so if you’re interested, do not wait to sign up!

What’s new?

1. Each program is INDIVIDUAL
2. Clients will receive their individual macronutrient, Calorie, and fiber goals
3. Tracking progress with food and exercise is required and done via a new program
4. Clients will receive full access to my coaching platform... yep it’s all digital and super user friendly!
5. Daily habit checks, workouts, workout videos, recipes, food logging and accountability check ins are available via the app to ensure you are successful
6. 24/7 contact with ME through your coaching program.
7. A program designed to help you sift through what habits work for YOUR life

When does it start?

Monday October 28th

How long?

8 weeks ending right before Christmas



Why try it?

Because statistically Americans gain 10 pounds every holiday season. They lose track of their eating and exercise habits and fall into months of a junk food coma. With this program you can maintain or lose weight depending on your goals!

Stay tuned for the informational flyer next week! Contact me with questions 🙂

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I made a goal to walk pup 5 days per week through nature. Honestly, we have yet to hit 5 days but we have consistency done two or three day’s each week. Part of the reason for this goal was to improve my NEAT or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Walking pup increases my steps, helps me burn calories, and also improves my mood. Who else uses exercise as a mental health booster? 😎 it’s amazing the benefits you’ll receive wandering around in the sunshine enjoying the sounds of life beyond the indoors. I’ve named these adventures my mental health walks and I MAKE serious time allowances for them. A happy, mentally strong mama equals a happy, healthier household. 💪

Time, what an incredibly annoying part of our day. If you’re like me, you have zero time. Balancing work, kids, eating, husbanding, and sleep are overwhelming and stressful. I am busy. You are busy and guess what.... You. Will. Always. Be. Busy. Yep... always. In order to break through the “I don’t have time to walk or exercise” barrier, you have to accept your busyness. You probably will AlWAYS need to plan your workouts and make a dedicated effort to 30 minutes of exercise every day. We have to stop using our busy lives as an excuse for not giving our bodies proper exercise.

Let that s**t go.... move on from that mindset. Start making exercise part of your routine and enforce it. Check out the NEAT activities I’ve included that you can start practicing today. Have an hour lunch - walk. 30 minutes to spare at your child’s practice? - walk. Watching tv? - squats and pushups during commercials.
Who else has to schedule workouts weekly? Let me know how you fit it all in!


Some exciting news!


Fitness in the park 6pm class is canceled tonight due to gross rainy weather. Make up class is scheduled for July 1st at 6pm. Thanks!!


90% chance of storms and flash flooding for tonight. Stay tuned for the 6pm class. I’ll cancel by 4:45.

Great job early class!!


Class is still on for tonight! If I need to cancel due to weather, an announcement will be made by 4:30. Thanks!


Just a reminder there is no class today. Class will be Thursday at 6pm. Happy Monday!!

Photos from Fit With Annie's post 06/03/2019

Some of this morning’s 9:30am class!! Another class starts tonight at 6pm.


Do you have summer fitness goals?? I can help!

Fitness in the park starts tomorrow.
Class times: 9:30, 6pm
Where: South East Family Park, birch st. Palmyra
Bring: water bottle and a towel or mat

Let’s get in shape!


It’s spring time which means Fitness in the Park is back! Class will kick off on Monday May 27th at South East Park, Palmyra pa. Class is a combination of circuit training, strength, core and cardio and is suitable for all levels of fitness! Come check it out on Monday for free!


Bringing some pop color to this grey Monday. Ordered myself a Betty to match my bike. If only i could ride today........ treadmill or bike trainer it is!!


Today’s breakfast bowl features a half sweet potato, two eggs, spinach, evoo, pea sprouts, and a smidge of sauerkraut. I’m on a mission to eat more plants and also fermented foods. 😋🥗 You can easily premake this and take to work or save it for a weekend breakfast.

Did you know that fermented foods are a gut superfood? They are loaded with pre and probiotics which feed our healthy gut bacteria.

A good gut microbiome aids in digestion, cognitive function, prevents inflammation, and helps with hormone balance. It all starts in the gut!!


Loving The Plant Proof podcast station. I cannot recommend following Drew Harrisberg (Drew’s Daily Dose) enough. He is a type one diabetic who is extremely knowledgeable, super inspiring, and a leader in the health and fitness world. Check out this podcast to learn more about metabolic disease, Keto diet, and plant based diet. Love it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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