Pilates Institute of Scottsdale/ Gyrotonic Paradise Valley AZs

Pilates Institute of Scottsdale/ Gyrotonic Paradise Valley AZs


Mom says I have to start doing Gyrotonic because I'm stiff from eating so many cookies. She can help you too! 480-250-2025. Happy New Year and hope all your paws feel good in 2020! Paws up! Seymour Butts.
Sir Butts is wishing everyone a safe and happy December. Be safe my four legged friends.
Foam rollers and Yamuna balls for sale
The Pilates Institute of Scottsdale offering the Gyrotonic Expansion System is moving! Do you or your studio need barely used Pro Stott Fitness Circles! $25 each. Call 480-250-2025

Pilates, teaches you about breathing with movement, body mechanics, balance, co-ordination, position

Operating as usual

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2022 was a wonderful year learning! From Gyrotonic Bodhi in Boulder Co, to Gyrotonic Austin Central to Gyrotonic West Hawaii. Classes in Gyrotonic Applications for the Shoulder, Pelvis and Scoliosis and Gyrotonic for Osteoporosis and final certifications in the Jumping Stretching Board and Level 2 Program 1. Thank you to all my teachers for the wonderful opportunity to continue to educate myself on this amazing work!


The GYROTONIC® Jumping Stretching Board


We offer private and duet Gyrotonic sessions in a beautiful, boutique setting on a golf course. Try something different for your body. 480-250-2025. 10037 N. 52nd Place Paradise Valley AZ. 85253.

"There is a place where the eyes are opening up & then you are present. Otherwise, you’re not here. You’re somewhere still between dreaming, and a little bit of twilight zone." - Juliu Horvath, Founder and Creator of the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods

We put so much focus of the here and now and as Juliu describes, there is so much more to that than we may be aware of.

Timeline photos 06/28/2021

Be Kind. So simple yet so hard for some. Why?

GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit 06/19/2021

GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit

GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit The GYROTONIC® Leg Extension Unit increases functional strength and stability at all joints through full-body movement sequences. Its unique, patented cam me...

Timeline photos 05/20/2021

Timeline photos

So many times we don’t do things because we wait for the ideal. But what we fail to realize is we actually move to the ideal, we don’t wait for the ideal.

You don’t have to start big; You don’t have to be great. You just have to start.


Holy Batman of all Gyro machines.... the new Gyrotonic Expansion System Pulley Tower..... coming in 2022!


It's on it's way!!!!!!! Yippeeeee! Our brand new Gyrotonic Leg Extension Unit will be here soon! Can't wait to learn everything I can about this beautiful piece of equipment💜💜💜💜💜💜🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


GYROTONIC® Equipment: Episode 5


What's on our Christmas list? GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® sessions, of course. Gift to those you love through your favorite studio or try a new-to-you class through the Virtual Class Finder: https://www.gyrotonic.com/find-a-virtual-class/


His Royal Buttness trying to figure out which néw blanket he should rip to shreds!


My GYROTONIC student Sarah with her student Will at the Arthur Murray Holiday Ball. Beautiful to watch! Always wanted to take ballroom dancing? Sarah at Arthur Murray Arrowhead

What Is the GYROTONIC®? Method? | GYROTONIC® 11/15/2020

What Is the GYROTONIC®? Method? | GYROTONIC®

What Is the GYROTONIC®? Method? | GYROTONIC® The GYROTONIC® Method is an original and unique movement method that addresses the entire person by opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and improving strength and movement efficiency. With Gyrotonic exercises, each movement flows into the next, allow...


Woody and Jesse from Toy Story.

Mobile Uploads 10/30/2020

Mobile Uploads


Stott Rehab V2 max reformer and tower. Includes everything including mat converter extender 3 new springs all arm and leg springs. Roll down bar jump board and box/pole. I added an arc barrel and a max stott fitness circle $5500 in good shape. Call 480-250-2025 52nd street and Shea area. Scottsdale. Az.


Stott Rehab V2 max reformer and tower. Includes everything including mat converter extender 3 new springs all arm and leg springs. Roll down bar jump board and box/pole. I added an arc barrel and a max stott fitness circle $5500 in good shape. Call 480-250-2025 52nd street and Shea area. Scottsdale. Az.


Stott V2Max Rehab reformer for sale: Includes everything you need. Top of the line tall reformer with mat converter, extender, box, pole, all springs and handles, 3 brand new springs including 1/4 spring. Also includes jump board, arc barrel and max fitness circle. Tower includes roll down bar, push thru bar, all handles and extra springs. Call 480-250-2025 Location . 52nd Street and Shea Blvd in Scottsdale. Must pick up or arrange for transfer. Everything in good shape. $5500 for EVERYTHING.


Balance Drills with Coach Barrett Murphy

ideafit.com 08/10/2020

Researchers Recommend Exercise During the Pandemic - IDEA Health & Fitness Association

ideafit.com Studies demonstrate that people with higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness can improve immune responses and reduce low-grade chronic inflammation.

blog.arthritis.org 08/01/2020

How Your Joints Benefit From Exercise

blog.arthritis.org Physical activity helps people with arthritis reduce pain and increase range of motion. Find out how movement works in your body to help reduce joint pain.


The Art of Learning

"Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space." – Dr Jill Bolte-Taylor

this should be posted everywhere! 💕



pilatesofscottsdale.com 07/16/2020

Home - Pilates Institute of Scottsdale & Paradise Valley, AZ

Gyrotonic Expansion Method. Private only. 480-250-2025 www.pilatesofscottsdale.com. .

pilatesofscottsdale.com Pilates Institute of Scottsdale Offering the Gyrotonic® Expansion System Serving Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, & Phoenix AZ Book A Class Previous Next About the Gyrotonic® Method The fundamentals of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® method consists of a totally new exercise system, using GYROKINESIS...


Pilates Nerd



Hey there! Seymour Butts here. Are you bored of watching tv, sitting in the house, reading the news? Well, my Mom told me she can help you out if you’re in a bummer mood! Try private or duet gyrotonic or pilates sessions! Check out her website. Www.pilatesofscottsdale.com. 480-250-2025.


We keep a very clean, disinfected studio! Pilates Institute offering the Gyrotonic Expansion System. 480-250-2025

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Be brave enough

powerfulmind.co 6 Reasons Why Failure is Actually Good for You It can be difficult to get back up when it feels like life is constantly knocking us down. Blow after blow, we keep trying to trudge through our failed experiences to try and reach the moment of success. Each time we fail at a new venture, a new relatio...


Our awesome 82 1/2 year old Elaine! She just keeps getting feistier!


What? You're sick of your fitness work-out? Do you have a recurring injury that needs to be strengthened or stretched? Try the Gyrotonic Expansion System. Arthritis, back pain, or getting more difficult to move? www.pilatesofscottdale.com. We offer the Gyrotonic Expansion System. 480-250-2025. Celebrating our 21st year in business.


Tired of your normal workout? Bored beyond belief? We can get you off the couch and feel great again! All ages, all abilities and pre/post rehab programs. Try the Gyrotonic Expansion System and turn your life around! Do you have physical issues you have been dealing with that never get better? Call 480-250-2025 or go to our website at www.pilatesofscottsdale.com. Celebrating 21years in business❤️😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

Celebrating 20 years! Pilates & Gyrotonic

-Private Session Special (new students only)
Four One Hour Private Sessions for $200 ($50 each) Expires in one month

GROUP Pilates Equipment (Reformer, Stability Chair, Cadillac, Tower Arch barrel and Ladder barrel) CLASSES
-Based on 3-6 students per class. Class is 55 minutes.

20 class package $600 or $30 per class must be used within 3 months

10 class package $350 or $35 per class must be used within 2 months

5 class package $ 200 or $40 per class must be used within 5 weeks

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Our awesome 82 1/2 year old Elaine!  She just keeps getting feistier! #pilates #pilatesinstituteofscottsdale #anyage
Try something different in 2020.  The Gyrotonic Expansion System.
Always wanted to learn pilates?  Why go to a franchise and sign a contract for months?  Private, duet and group classes ...
Adnan, Tammy, Ashley and Sue working with the roll down bar during our 5 pm group class!  Way to go! #friends #pilates #...
LABOR DAY SPECIAL  20 PRIVATE PILATES OR GYROTONIC SESSIONS FOR $1100.  Offer ends September 30, 2019.  Must be used wit...
Cool dog with cool shades.
Lisa working on our new Gyrotonic  Pulley Tower. #gyrotonic #gyrotonicpulleytower #scottsdale#pilatesinstituteofscottsds...
Gyrotonic Pulley Tower Workout
Why???   Mommy, I look like a dork!
Balance is the key to health!
Tammy and Jenny doing figure 8’s on the Gyrotonic pulley tower.  Try something new!  #gyrotonic #pilatesinstituteofscott...
Jenny and Tammy on a Saturday morning working out on the Gyrotonic tower pulley machine!  Waiting patiently for our new ...




10037 N. 52nd Place
Paradise Valley, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am - 3pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 3:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 7pm
Thursday 8:30am - 3pm
Friday 8:30am - 3pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

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