Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain


Is Scottsdale your next stop on the map? There is plenty to do nearby including Old Town Scottsdale Desert Botanical Garden and Camelback Mountain! Many golf courses, dining and entertainment options nearby as well!

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Always nice to hike Camelback, I did it afternoon today 🥳🥳🥳

By the way I lost 25 lbs hiking Camelback & Squaw Peak back and forth 5 years ago and up until now is my go to for cardio 💪💪💪

Today 11/21/2020

Did anyone see see a clear pouch with a tan an blue zipper carrying a DL and other personal items? Around the rail area, a hiker dropped it coming down. Please contact @Chandlermilliron or DM me.

Thank you
Explore the countless trails surrounding Phoenix, and come back home to a relaxing oasis at Centra Midtown Phoenix! We're just 20 minutes from major iconic hiking spots like Camelback Mountain, Pima Canyon Trail Head, and Piestewa Peak!

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Passion + commitment = success
I placed this stone made by Jeff Lax and Anne Marie Bisone Lax on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix in honor of their run in the London Marathon to end MS. Run Strong to End MS! You can read their story here:
Tom Page
We are raffling off this beautiful donated print to raise money for our charity that provides for single parents undergoing cancer treatment. Click on camelback tab to purchase tickets❤️
If we park there but don't get down until after sunset, do you get a ticket if you're parked in the echo canyon parking lot?
My husband lost his two-tone wedding band while hiking Camelback Mountain a couple weeks ago. If anyone finds it, please contact me. Thank you 🙏
Camelback, here we come!

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Camelback Mountain is one of the most popular hiking and rock climbing destinations in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Do you love Camelback Mountain as much as we do? Share your pictures and experience hiking Arizona's favorite destination! Sheer red sandstone cliffs and its telltale hump draw thousands of hikers to Camelback Mountain each year.

Hiking to the top is not for beginning hikers -- the two summit trails are strenuous climbs over sometimes-tricky trails. Some easier trails allow close-up exploration around Camelback's base. Camelback is one of the busiest area's in the city's trail system and parking is very limited. If you're hiking with friends, plan on meeting elsewhere and carpooling to the trailhead.


Waterfalls on Camelback Mountain

Not everyday you see waterfalls on Camelback Mountain.

Timeline photos 12/08/2015

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season! Enjoy the view!

Timeline photos 10/31/2015

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the kids of St. Jude!


"Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It's a journey of discovery. There are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair."

Words to think about on your journey to the top.


Hiking Camelback is medicine for the soul.

All are welcome!

Timeline photos 08/14/2015

NOW: The view looking east down Stanford Drive from 40th Street shows the camel’s head directly ahead (it looks a lot more ragged up close than from a distance) and the Praying Monk formation on the upper-left side. The monk, legend has it, is praying because his camel has died.

Timeline photos 08/14/2015

THEN: In 1879, the federal government declared the area around Camelback Mountain an Indian reservation. Less than a year later, after protests by Phoenix residents, it reverted to local control. Soon after, construction of the Arizona Canal began south of the mountain. By the 1960s, most of the land was in private hands and homes were being built onto the mountainside. A land exchange in 1968 prevented further development on the slopes. (Courtesy of the Arizona Historical Society)

New Echo Canyon Trailhead 01/24/2014

It's good to have this beauty open to the public again.

Photos highlighting some of the improvements that were made to the Echo Canyon Trailhead. Arizona's most popular trail just got better!


It feels nice to be back. I've missed my friend the Echo Trail. What does everyone think of the new improvements?


Rumor on the street is Echo Canyon will be open on January 15th!!!

Photos from Camelback Mountain's post 12/30/2013

Updated Construction photos. Echo Canyon will be open soon enough!!


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good hike!


Not sure if you got a chance to hike Camelback this morning, but it was a beautiful day to do so!

Q&A With PHX Parks & Rec Lead Staff Member Chris Ewell on Camelback Mountain Improvements 07/31/2013

Q&A With PHX Parks & Rec Lead Staff Member Chris Ewell on Camelback Mountain Improvements

A great Q&A with more info about the new Echo Canyon Trailhead.

Q&A With PHX Parks & Rec Lead Staff Member Chris Ewell on Camelback Mountain Improvements As you may have heard, the Echo Canyon Trailhead on Camelback Mountain, and the Summit Trail that leads from there to the top of Camelback, are closed this summer for trailhead improvements. We s...

Timeline photos 07/31/2013

Some info for those who are curious as to what improvements are being made to the Echo Canyon Trailhead. Very exciting things!

The improvement project, viewable in this trailhead design illustration, will:

-Improve pedestrian safety through the addition of walkways throughout the parking area, providing a safety buffer for hikers approaching the area on foot, who in the old design had to approach on the roadway.

-Improve vehicle and pedestrian safety at the park entrance through the addition of a roundabout at the park entrance. The roundabout will control vehicle speeds at the park entrance, making it safer for hikers crossing over to the trailhead and for vehicles entering the lot.

-Renovate, rebuild and reroute the summit trail to improve footing, eliminate erosion-prone areas and increase long-term sustainability for the mountain.

-Increase the size of the parking area to 132 spaces from the 68 previously.

-Improve traffic flow and reduce traffic through the creation of separate entrances for the trailhead and the neighboring residential area.

-Add a permanent restroom.

Echo Canyon Trail 07/31/2013

Panoramic view looking toward the south. On the far right you can see Piestewa Peak. In the center, you can see Sky Harbor Airport off in the distance. In between those is the Downtown Phoenix Skyline. On the left is Old Town Scottsdale, and at the far left edge of the photo is Talking Stick Resort.

Echo Canyon Trail 07/31/2013

Echo Canyon Trail

Camelback Sunsets 07/31/2013

Camelback Sunsets

Praying Monk 07/31/2013

The Praying Monk is a red sandstone rock formation which is used for rock climbing. Located on the northern slope, the formation resembles the silhouette of a man kneeling in prayer. It rises approximately 100 feet (30 m) and the eastern face has several permanent anchor bolts for attaching a belay rope.

Wildlife on Camelback 07/31/2013

Some of the creatures you might encounter on your hike.

Camelback Mountain 07/31/2013

Camelback Mountain

Cholla Trail 07/31/2013

A view from the top, looking down the Cholla Trail on Camelback Mountain.


Happy 4th of July!! Our thoughts go out to all those past, present, and future who have made this day possible, and will continue to protect our liberty for years to come.


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Aerial View 06/26/2013

Camelback Aerial Views


With each day that passes, we are one more day closer to the re-opening of the Echo Canyon Trailhead. A glorious day it shall be.


What makes Camelback so special for you? It is the most recognizable landmark in the entire valley. A must see tourist attraction. But what makes it special for you?


Summer is around the corner. Get your hikes in before it gets too hot!


Did anyone find the Easter eggs hidden along the trail? Keep your eyes open.


Hopefully people are still enjoying the Cholla Trail while the Echo Canyon parking lot is closed.


Our journey to the top is full of surprises, which await us around every turn.


Late night adventures on the trail...lights of the city brighten the night sky. Glowing even as most are fast asleep.


What inspires you each time you start out on the trail to the top?



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