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I’m head over heels for all of the amazing local businesses in Ankeny! 😍 Join me this month in spreading the love by showing your support 🤍⁣

It is so hard to come up with only a few of my favorite businesses and I always try to spread the love 🙌🏼 Here are a few of the businesses that I have been visiting the past month to beat the winter blues:

1. Rise & Grind Ankeny
2. Flavory Bistro
3. Legacy Fitness
4. WineStyles The District at Prairie Trail

Use this comment thread to shoutout your favorite locally owned businesses! 👇🏼

Why wait until the new year to start your resolutions? Start your fitness journey today with Legacy Fitness and Rise & Grind Ankeny!
Now that the nomination process is over and we have selected our 2021 families, whats next? Take a listen to hear about: the giving trees at National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum and Legacy Fitness where you can help us buy gifts, our soon to come Amazon Wishlist, our Kindful Donation Link and the December 18th Wrapping Party.
Thank you to all who has tuned in and already helped generously to get us where we are today. The best season of the year is upon us. Lets celebrate and shine our light onto others.

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🎉winner announced sunday!
at Legacy Fitness
Had to stand (sit?) out from the crowd a little with the squat challenge….on a horse! Did ten but I can do more!
Having a hometown gym 💪🏽 is important to me for several reasons, but most importantly, the accountability and feeling welcome every time I walk in the door.🚪 Loving where you live is extremely important and having amenities like this are so fun to show off to my clients moving into town. This is one of many reasons I love my job, I get to brag on my community every day, all day!

I think this fun video we shot for The American Dream 📺 Selling Central Iowa captures that perfectly! If you haven't been to Legacy Fitness yet, this should motivate you and if you are a member, I know you will 2nd my thoughts. 🏋️‍♀️🏋🏼
It's time! Tune in this Sunday, June 13th at 9:30 am, on FOX for our first The American Dream Selling Central Iowa episode. 🏡

We are so excited to show off Prairie Trail, one of our favorite neighborhoods! Then join us for a personal tour of Legacy Fitness - your hometown gym! Also featured Drake Relays, gorgeous custom Caliber Homes Iowa, and top properties for sale/sold in the area.
I get to sub Aqua again today! Hope to see you at 9:00 a.m. 😁
I will be subbing for Sue for tomorrow’s 8:00 Aqua class - can’t wait to see a bunch of familiar faces. It’s great to be “back”!!!! 💜💜💜
Are you looking for swim lessons for your littles? Our sweet Anna is teaching at Legacy Fitness. On Saturday’s you can find her at the spa helping our team keeping the spa beautiful. Great job Anna!!! 💕
What a great way to celebrate Earth Day 2021, choosing healthy and the joy of Spring all in one event in The District tonight! Thanks to those of you who joined us for Fit. Fashion & Fun and to our fitness experts in The District, YogaSix Pure Barre and Legacy Fitness for leading the free classes in the Town Square Park.

"The earth has music for those who listen" - William Shakespeare

Legacy Fitness of Ankeny is a 32,000 square foot fitness club with an indoor track, state-of-the-art

Operating as usual


Client Testimonial: Julie and Collin

Collin and I have been seeing Jake Harre for our strength training for several years now. He has also improved are overall health. He is very personable and listens to what your personal needs are. Jake helped Collin after his heart attack and me after I broke my patella plateau.

I do believe that Collin would not be here without Jake's help over the past few years. He has been a
real positive influence for both of us and has
become a very good friend.


Let’s chat hydration 💧


Did you know we offer nutrition services AND each member receives a FREE consultation?!


Our Women’s Squat Workshop will be held in the privacy of the performance lab. Email Alexa at [email protected] today to secure your spot!


Client Testimonials: Nick Haynes

I've been working out with Jake Roode for almost a year now. Most recently he's helped me train for my first strongman competition. I was working out with Jake 3 times a week for 16 weeks straight. Jake took time and custom tailored my workouts to achieve maximum strength for the events. 16 weeks for strongman comp is a long time, he really helped me stay focused and dialed in mentally when I didn't want to lift. We even worked through a couple self inflicted injuries during those 16 weeks. Jake also helped me dial in my macros and nutrition in prep for this event. I def recommend Jake as
a personal trainer. He's a great guy.


Pool reservations for the following program: Lanes 2 and 3 reserved on Tuesday from 1:00PM to 2:00PM and Thursday from 5:30AM to 6:30AM, and all lanes will be reserved on Thursday from 7:15PM to 8:15PM. Thank you!


Client Testimonial: Bruce

Upon retirement in my 60s, while in good shape, I wanted to improve my level of fitness and establish a more consistent training schedule. To do this I
trained with Jake for two years. He was fantastic. Jake quickly assessed my current fitness level and areas that needed improvement. He designed a customized program for my needs and modified it as
I progressed. Jake did an excellent job adding variety to my routine and providing needed motivation for me to maintain my training long term. Working with Jake I easily reduced percent body fat while increasing
muscle mass. I would without hesitation recommend Jake to anyone serious about taking their fitness program to the next level.


Client Testimonial: Zane McAnelly

Since working out with Jake, I have gotten a lot stronger and built my confidence. With my sports, my work outs have shown a lot when I compete. Jake is really nice to be around and I look forward to going to workouts. I have a learned a lot things about my body and how to be healthy! I also like to see my friends and enjoy working out with them! Jake also let's me know what to do after a workout and checks in on my healthy habits! I like that he cares about my health and has taught me a lot more about my body and health! Jake is awesome!

Photos from Legacy Fitness's post 01/09/2023

🏊🚴🏃New Sessions offered for Triathlon Training!🏊🚴🏃

Starting the week of January 16th, Legacy Fitness will be offering Triathlon Training for both beginner or experienced triathletes!

Tuesday: 1:00PM -2:00PM, Swim Session with Coach Stacie Webster, experienced multi distance triathlete, Ironman finisher, Certified Personal Trainer, USA Certified Swim coach. (If needed, participant can shorten length of time due to work responsibilities)

Thursday: 6:15PM-7:00PM, Spin session with Coach Andy Bernholz, Multi-Ironman finisher and experienced spin coach
7:15PM to 8:15PM, Swim Session, Coach Kristjana Smith, Multi-Ironman finisher and College swimmer

Swim Session(one session each week):
$60/four weeks

Spin Session:
$20/four weeks

Training Plans are also available for IMDM 70.3 which includes strength, swim, bike and run.

Please Contact Carmen Davis with questions and to reserve your spot. [email protected] or getfitbycarmend or (515)720-6044.

Let's do this!


Client Testimonial: Emily Sundt

I hired Jake about a year and a half ago to help me with my form when lifting. I had a few lifts I wasn’t comfortable with, he showed me how to perform them properly. I’ve continued on and he has helped me through a few injuries and ways to continue lifting to help rehab them. Jake really takes the time to understand your needs and goals and helps you
get there. If you are on the fence about personal training I highly suggest you give it a try.


Client Testimonial: Tim Anderson

So stuff happens... The last two years I've definitely had an issue with food and some sort of coping mechanism in addition to leaving a physical job my weight has piled on. Heaviest I've ever been. It is what it is. I finally decided I had had enough. Time to get my health back. With help from Jake Harre, I'm definitely headed in the right direction. This is 10 weeks of progress and me complaining to Jake about the scale. I was shocked at how the process went. The scale is a liar. It's time to enjoy vacation and see what the next 10 weeks brings.


Dolly is here waiting for you and your friends to get this year started off right!

Photos from Legacy Fitness's post 12/31/2022

Would you like to learn how to swim, or swim faster and more efficient? Legacy Fitness can help you achieve your swim goals! We offer both youth and adult, beginner and advanced swimming sessions. Take the plunge into the new year and let's do this! 🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊


Congrats to Doris Lehman, the winner of a FREE month of coaching with Coach Alexa Bell!


Who’s ready for our next challenge?! 🏆

A coach will be available for pre-scans downstairs on January 9th between 5:30-7am and 4:30-6pm


So cold even the abominable snowman came inside! 🥶

Photos from Legacy Fitness's post 12/23/2022

Rare abominable snowman sighting in Spin class this morning! ❄️⛄️


Regular Hours Friday!


Client Testimonial: Jim Morris

I’ve had Jake Harre as my coach for a little over two years now. In that time, I have learned a lot about my sport and general wellness. I had been working out on my own for a little over three years and was skeptical about hiring a coach. After hearing about Jake from a couple of friends, I thought I’d give it a shot. What I learned quickly was that having someone to keep me on track through the good and the bad was invaluable. When things go well, I have someone to share that progress with. When things don’t go so well, I have someone to bounce ideas off as to why. Jake knows how to motivate and make my workouts challenging yet fun. If you are considering hiring a coach or a trainer, I would recommend Jake Harre without hesitation.


Good evening!

I’m sure everyone saw the email, but in case you haven’t — we will be CLOSED tomorrow, Thursday 12.22.22 due to the incoming storm.

We will be sending another update by 5pm tomorrow for plans for Friday.

Thank you all and stay safe!


Client Testimonial: Seth Lamb

I've been working with Jake Harre for 3.5+ years now. I started with in person training but was able to transition to online training. Jake helped build my strength and flexibility. Jake introduced me to the sport of Strongman. His weekly workouts were focused on my needs. Over the past 3.5 years I have experienced many PRs and strength gain.

Jake is always available to give advice on the workouts or issues I'm experiencing. Through Jake I have been able to compete in multiple local strongman competitions. He understands my goals and is great at keeping me motivated and focused on my goals.


Simple Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress
Many of us may feel overwhelmed as we near the end of the year. The American Heart Association has 5 tips for a healthy holiday season:


Did you know that carving a little bit of time out for yourself each day is a great way to reduce stress? Consider attending any of the great exercise classes at Legacy Fitness, or, make an appointment with one of our excellent personal trainers or our registered dietitian, Susie Roberts. Contact 515-289-9110.


Client Testimonial: Mary Lamka

This grandma has had the pleasure of working with Christy Waterman as my person trainer twice weekly for the last 18 months. Christy has both the background knowledge and experience needed to successfully design and implement my 30-minute workouts. She is able to instantly modify new routines to eliminate discomfort and prevent injury. I have always felt more energized after each training session. Kayaking for the first time was always on my bucket list; Christy enabled this 69 year-old to enjoy a full day of kayaking in August in Alaska! Thank you, Christy!


Client Testimonial: Mari Gannon

My husband and I have been a member of this health club for many years. We have had successes and failures throughout this time in our training exercises including, completing the Marine Corps Marathon in October of 2004, together. But the sad part of it is, we were never able to develop a sustainable plan to improve our health. We have never invested any financial resources in our health, but are willing to spend money on all kinds of life style activities. We all know too well... without our health, we have nothing!!!! I told my husband it was time for me to seek some help.

I have been working with Christy for the last two years. My goals were to get in shape, with the main focus, improving on my overall strength. In our initial discussion, Christy stated that she had a exercise program that included strength training, daily walking exercises, along with proper diet, and eating habits that would achieve the results that I desired. Also through this prescribed training, various stretch goals of mine, was to work on my overall complete body health. It is now September 27, 2022, and I have achieved the goals that I set out to do and I made my stretch goal and have a program with Christy to continue to improve and maintain the strength goals that I have achieved.

Through the positive attitude and reinforcement, of the daily workouts and discussions with Christy, I have developed a dedication to continuing on my own, to improve on my healthy life style that I so desire. None of this would have been possible without Christy’s guidance. She continues to challenge me, with a great sense of humor, but is always concerned that I am improving my overall health in the proper way. We discuss food, proper eating habits, and the challenges of not having a well balanced diet might present. Christy always offers suggestions, and listens to any comments I have, or ideas that I have been successful with. I have enjoyed my training experience with Christy. She is a great mentor, and someone that is easy to be accountable to. I would not have been as successful if I had not had her guidance and pushing me along the way of a
healthier life style. I would highly recommend Christy to anyone. She is not just a trainer, Christy has become my friend!


Don’t miss out on the chance to win one FREE month of personal training! Enter to win at the front desk. The winner will be drawn on December 19th.


Meet Our Staff: Abbi Brown

Abbi is a swim lesson instructor who began swimming competitively at 5 years old. She has swam for several teams, including the Ankeny Aquahawks, DSMY Marlins, and Ankeny Girls High School Swim Team. Abbi has been teaching lessons for the past three years and is passionate about helping kids learn how to be safe in the water while also having fun. She ensures that kids are improving their water skills through increasing endurance, improving technique, and building confidence. She
loves working with kids of all ages to help them accomplish their goals, as well as building connections and relationships with all kids!


Happy Holidays!
As 2022 winds down, we at Legacy Fitness want to help you celebrate the reason for the season: family, friends, and community.

As you gather for various family events, focus on being present…and enjoy the people, the traditions, and yes, the delicious foods that are bound to be abundant! Check out these 5 healthy eating tips: https://www.usda.gov/media/blog/2020/12/09/five-healthy-eating-tips-holidays

Our members are eligible for a free 30-minute nutrition consult with dietitian, Susie Roberts. Contact her at 515-689-7115; email [email protected].


Meet Our Staff: Stacie Webster

Stacie Webster is a USA Certified Swim Coach as well as an ACE certified Personal Trainer with specialized certifications in Sports Performance and Fitness Nutrition. She has been coaching on club swim teams since 2014 and Personal Training since 2019. She loves to work with clients in and outside of the water to ensure they are well prepared for either competitive swimming, triathlons or to make swimming part of a healthy lifestyle. She is an avid learner and always looking for ways to enhance her knowledge to better assist her customers with improved technique in the water, enhanced strength and flexibility to minimize injury as well as helping with mental strategies to achieve whatever goal her customers want to achieve. She has helped several adults go from beginner swimmers to successfully completing sprint distance triathlons all the way up to Ironman distance triathlons. She worked with numerous youth swimmers over the years to achieve goals they set for themselves, whether it was time drops or to become state champions. Stacie herself is an avid swimmer and is a member of the DSMY Masters Swim Club and competes in Olympic, 70.3 and Ironman triathlons.


Meet Our Staff: Alexa Bell

Alexa is NASM certified personal trainer. She was a competitive swimmer for about 9 years from age 8-17. which is where she was introduced to weight lifting and functional training. After about 2 years off from any sort of training she was reintroduced to weight lifting, and that's when she fell in love with fitness again. She is in the process of earning her Corrective Exercise Specialist certification as well as her Nutrition Coach Certification! Her goal is to help others learn or relearn to love fitness and find what works best for them and their goals. To help them achieve a positive relationship with exercise along with gaining the strength and confidence they're looking for!


November is National Alzheimers Disease Awareness Month

Did you know: making healthy lifestyle choices NOW…may reduce your risk of dementia or Alzheimers Disease? Talk to our friendly staff at Legacy Fitness to learn how.


Client Testimonial: Kelley Johnson

I contacted Legacy Fitness about 9 months ago, looking for a trainer who could give me tips and ideas for core exercises that would help with my possible ab separation from a previous

Christy was recommended by a staff member and she was spectacular at providing me with some great ab exercises! Sessions with her were educational, productive and very useful!

I continue to use her advise and techniques when doing my ab exercises and routines at home. I saw results as well about mid way through our 6-8 weeks of sessions and continue to as I do
my workouts.

Future plans include continuing to incorporate what I have learned from Christy into my routines and increasing the reps and
intensity when ready to do so. Thanks for all of your help, Christy!


Client Testimonial: Greg Lamka

Most of my life I have been a very active individual. I grew up on a farm and have participated in high school football, martial arts, racket ball, lap swimming, and bicycling. However, as I became a senior the three degenerated disks in my back and an arthritic hip prevented me from exercising. Therefore, I turned to using professional exercise trainers. Christy has developed customized exercise routines for me that help increase my flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance. At the same time the routines are designed to not aggravate my existing health conditions.

Additionally, Christy always greets you with a smile and is encouraging throughout her training sessions.


If you’ve ever considered Reformer Pilates, Erica has the holiday special for you!


Have you had the opportunity to experience an IV Vitamin infusion yet with our partners at VIVid Mobile IV?!

They just released their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals today, and now's the perfect time to try it out and start feeling your best...especially as we head into the winter months!

vIVid Mobile IV provides infusions by appointment here at Legacy, and direct to your home/office at no additional charge either! Check out the deals below, and get your hands on them before they're gone! Text 515 355 7892 with your name, any questions, and what deal(s) you'd like to snag!


Appointments for Legacy can be booked on their page, or at vividlifespa.com/mobile-iv under the Legacy Fitness location.


Are you ready to sign up for swimming lessons with the best rates in town under the instruction of a highly experienced swimmer? Our swim instructor, Dana Cleveland, is ready to teach your kiddo! Sign up today!


Client Testimonial: Dan Gannon

My wife and I have been a member of Legacy Fitness for many years. I have had many successes throughout this time in various training programs since 2011. In January 2020, the COVID crisis was beginning to consume us, I had gotten away from any fitness program, gained some weight back, and I had developed a chronic neck and shoulder pain that wasn’t going away. I began working with a physical therapist, but my progress was slow, attaining meager results, in other words not satisfied!
I decided to reach back to Legacy and TJ set me up with a consultation with Christy Waterman. Through my consultation with Christy, on October 12th, 2020, she was able to quickly identify my health issues, my future goals and developed a comprehensive and thorough training program where it appeared to me, to be a positive and uplifting program to move forward with.

I have been working with Christy, as my personal trainer now for over two years, and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience. My chronic pain, which two years ago was extremely painful, and debilitating to the point that I was unable to have the full range of motion, is gone, and I have all of my shoulder and neck motion back.

I have been amazed at the progress Christy has made with me. Amazing!!!! Christy is extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set. She is very personable and a well rounded person and trainer. She has helped me tone and strengthen my body, so I can move forward with a healthier life style.

None of this would have been possible without Christy’s guidance. Christy always offers suggestions regarding her training program to best fit my lifestyle. She listens to any comments that I may have and is able to adjust my program accordingly. Christy has demonstrated to me her knowledge, professional skill set, and expertise, as a personal trainer and is someone that is easy to be accountable to.

In closing, I can say without a doubt, this has been a great experience and has gone above and beyond my expectations. I personally believe, I would not have been as successful with my recovery, if I had not had Christy’s guidance, and pushing me along my way of a healthier life style. Through my experience, I can say, Legacy Fitness should be proud of her as part of their personal training team and a great asset
to the fitness center. As a member of Legacy Fitness, I would highly recommend Christy to anyone. She is not just my personal trainer. Christy has become a good friend.

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