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RSTA Alaska specializes in customizing, conducting and evaluating Basic through Advanced Fi****ms training. RSTA Alaska also provides security related training programs designed to minimize liability.

We service both the public and private sectors.

Photos from RSTA Alaska's post 09/02/2020

Great pistol class this Sunday. The weather held until we were about finished!


Amazing weather for our Introductory Handgun class Friday. Wonderful students, my son was part of the instructor team, and we even enjoyed a fly by of USAF F22’s right over the range!

Photos from RSTA Alaska's post 05/10/2020

May 9th AR15 class


Introductory AR15 class today.

Photos from RSTA Alaska's post 10/05/2019

Rough weather today but we had a GREAT Carbine class! Awesome students weathering the wind and rain. Well done! 11/02/2018

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Our Head Instructor for RSTA Russell Tanji will be in town teaching a Home Protection Skills and Tactics class November 6 & 7. Class is held from 5pm to 9pm at our classroom in South Anchorage. For more information go to or give me a call at 1 (907) 350-3736. Check out! Anchorage Firearms Training


RSTA Alaska

Another successful Carbine class! Great students, great weather!


Another successful Carbine class! Great students, great weather!


A couple of reminders for my Firearms students in FB world:
-This Saturday we have a clinic for our Concealed Carry holders from 10-1 at Rabbit Creek.
-Our head Instructor Russell Tanji will be teaching Athens Urban Survival class May 20/21 5-9pm. This is an amazing class taught by the best! Learn how to spot and counter criminal predators and become more aware and capable in a dangerous world.
Contact me with any questions.



Got the family involved in class!


Awesome students! 05/08/2017

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Great day today! We put on 2 Introductory classes: AR-15 and Pistol. Check out our colander of classes online at
Russell Tanji is coming up May 20 & 21 for our Urban Survival class! This is not to be missed. Call with any questions. Check out! Anchorage Firearms Training 02/28/2017

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We are excited to start the 2017 training season! See our calendar at for class dates and please feel free to message or call me with any questions (907-350-3736) Check out! Anchorage Firearms Training


We have acquired 3 extra days at the range that I have not scheduled any classes for yet; June 30, July 1, and July 7th. I would like to teach an introductory Pistol course and maybe a carbine course too. If there is interest in these or any other class please respond. Last minute I realize, however the range had extra days so I grabbed them. We also have a 2 day Concealed Carry course on July 1st (5-9pm) & July 2nd (9-5)

Travis 03/25/2016

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Russell is coming to town! Our lead instructor and namesake Russell Tanji will be teaching a 2 day Urban Survival class April 6&7 5-9pm. On April 8&9 he is teaching a Force-on-Force class 5-9pm that will use non-firearm training guns to train proper technique in using a firearm defensively against an attacker. Read more at

Call with questions!
350-3736 Check out! Anchorage Firearms Training


Range day for all RSTA holster trained students:
Thursday March 10, Rabbit Creek Range 50 yard Instructor range. Jason of Targets USA will be supplying lots of steel to shoot! 10-4 cost is $25 unless you have a range pass then just $15.


Range Day! Short notice I realize:
This Friday Sept. 4th from 10-4 at the 50 yard Instructor Range. $25 ($15 if you have a range pass). We will most likely be shooting pistols but may bring out the carbines if we get the chance. Please call/message/reply if you plan on coming.


We have a Basic Pistol class this Sunday Aug. 23rd from 9am to 5pm in Anchorage. Cost $150. Contact me if you are interested or if you have questions.



LOL Maybe saving a few bucks shouldn't be our number 1 concern in some situations...


Range day tomorrow!
Come on out and refresh your skills!

-Introductory students from 10-12
-Holster trained students from 12:30-5:00

If you are a Carbine trained student we can work that in during the afternoon.

Cost is $25 or $15 if you have a membership at Rabbit Creek Range.
Call or text me with any questions.



For Friday's Range day; bring your concealed carry gun and gear as we will be practicing our concealed carry skills.


Come join us for a Range Day at Rabbit Creek this Friday from 10-1 on the Instructor Range. The day is limited to students who have completed an intermediate pistol class, a concealed carry class or is otherwise holster trained and RSTA approved. Cost is $25 dollars to cover range fees and targets. Contact me with any questions.


Great make up range day with 2 highly successful Introductory Pistol class graduates! Well done Ladies.


Wonderful introductory pistol class today! Thank you to the great students and whoever was in charge of the weather!
Here is a fantastic example of a classic Charlie's Angels pose from 3 of our shooters ;)


Thank you Targets USA for providing Steel for our classes this weekend!


Range Days!
The instructor ranges are hard to reserve but I do have a few dates:

May 29th
10am to 1pm
We will be practicing with concealed carry. Whatever is your everyday concealed carry set up will be your kit. Participants must have taken a Practical Pistol class from RSTA or otherwise be holster certified.

June 5th and 10th:

10am to noon -Beginning students
The morning is for students SHO have taken an introductory pistol class from RSTA

Advanced students/Holster qualified

We can also set aside time for Carbine drills if we have interest from RSTA Trained carbine students.

Let me know if your interested!


Great weekend of advanced pistol classes with Russell Tanji! Strong work students! If you haven't taken a class with Russell you'll have a chance again next year. That 3rd picture is me not paying attention...


Russell is coming! Our head instructor Russell Tanji will be here this month. Still room for the pistol classes. The Urban Survival Skills and Tactics class might have 2 spots left. Call/message/text with questions!


Greg and Travis doing a little Instructor day fun. Thanks to Jason Wood and targets USA for providing enough steel targets to build a battleship!


Brought my boy to watch class!


Sunny weather and (relatively) high temps! Let's start training!

I've added a few classes to the schedule:

April 1 women's only Basic Pistol
April 26 women's only Basic Pistol

Please let me know if you are interested!



Training pays off!
Sparing the details, I never could have taken this Texas Hog without training and practice, practice, practice...


In these cold winter months remember your Dry-Fire practice! Follow these rules:
-Make sure ALL ammunition is in a different room than the one you're drilling in.
-Perform your drills in reps of 20 (that magic number that develops neural pathways!)
-Stick to simple drills. Use your everyday carry pistol and holster. Reloads/trigger reset/ malfunctions (use snap caps).


I have a holster class for those that have completed a basic pistol course coming up October 9th from 10-5. Message me with any questions if you're interested.

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One of our shoot-n-move scenarios bringing multiple targets, moving, reloads and weak hand shooting into the mix.




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Pearl City, HI

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