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No-frills training Yang style Tai Chi with focus on developing internal power for self-defense, health benefits, and meditation practice. Email or message.

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Sifu Adam Mizner shows how Taichi can STOP MMA style Takedowns 04/28/2021

Sifu Adam Mizner shows how Taichi can STOP MMA style Takedowns


Sifu Adam Mizner shows how Taichi can STOP MMA style Takedowns #AdamMizner #Taichi #MMA #Fajin #LearnOnline #DiscoverTaijiLearn Taiji Online: https://www.discovertaiji.comLearn Meditation Online: https://www.discovermin...

How To Use Taichi "Part Horses Mane" Posture with Lie Jin by Sifu Adam Mizner 04/28/2021

How To Use Taichi "Part Horses Mane" Posture with Lie Jin by Sifu Adam Mizner


How To Use Taichi "Part Horses Mane" Posture with Lie Jin by Sifu Adam Mizner #AdamMizner #Taichi #SelfDefence #LearnOnline #DiscoverTaiji #FajinLearn Taiji Online: https://www.discovertaiji.comLearn Meditation Online: https://www.disc...


Summer Solstice: Taoist Meditation with Bruce Frantzis

Happy Summer Solstice! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJebt7kYdZ4&utm_source=ONTRAPORT-email-broadcast&utm_medium=ONTRAPORT-email-broadcast&utm_term=&utm_content=%5BReplay%5D+Summer+Solstice+Meditation+with+Bruce&utm_campaign=06202020

Bruce Frantzis guides The Tao Space Live audience in a summer solstice and new moon meditation, while exploring the history and context of the deep connectio...


Who is training out there on their own?

[11/11/19]   Lack of discipline is perhaps the primary reason people do not progress along their path. Join a community of like-minded souls on the same path, and discipline will be replaced by a sense of community and social commitment. Train, train daily, and above all, train well.


Adam Mizner - 001 Some chat about the path (Full Podcast)


Adam Mizner, founder of Heaven Man Earth, first ever podcast. Meditation Course to be released soon, subscribe for more information. https://heavenmanearth.c...

[11/03/19]   Message if you would like to join our training tomorrow afternoon


黃正斌師父示範 鳴鶴拳-八步連運用


黃性賢大師在台第三代傳人黃正斌示範鬆柔圓化的鳴鶴拳, 解說八步連,運氣法與招式如何應用與使用


Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts - Melbourne

Some play with splitting force. Private and small group tuition in Fitzroy, Melbourne city. Book now #taiji #taichi #qigong #pushhands #enjoyyourtraining Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts - International Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts - Melbourne


Adam Mizner


Sifu Adam Mizner practices and embodies the internal arts of Taijiquan, Nei Gong and meditation. He teaches Yang Style Taijiquan...

heavenmanearth.com 07/31/2019

:: Heavenmanearth :: - WORKSHOPS

The top student of Adam Mizner, Curtis Brough, will be touring the South this Fall. New Orleans (Sep 14-15) and Huntsville, AL (Sep 21-22). See link and message me if you plan on going: https://heavenmanearth.com/en/workshops_42.html?fbclid=IwAR2RUgXMFMrjEHEem3gcgxW1lywpT30B8iyxJ4YuqJ7DT-mZcphcdVI7S2A

heavenmanearth.com The Yang style of tai chi, taijiquan. internet Tai Chi Online Courses. Tai chi online classes. Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts International is dedicated to the teaching and practice of an ensemble of internal arts under the guidance of Sifu Adam Mizner.

discovertaiji.com 07/23/2019

:: Discover Taiji :: - SIFU ADAM MIZNER


discovertaiji.com Sifu Adam Mizner practices and embodies the internal arts of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), Nei G

[06/30/19]   Message directly if you are up for training today at 4pm?

[06/20/19]   Training today at 6pm. Message if anybody wants to join.


Sunrise TAI CHI


Yang style Tai Chi: warm-ups, stretching and Qigong, form instruction. Saturdays from 7-8:30 am. Message me for more info.

mind-matrix.net 06/13/2019

20. Taoism-Tai Chi | The Mind Matrix


mind-matrix.net The TAO-Chinese Character Taoism is the ancient religion of China. This is a system of philosophy based on a keen observation of the cyclic activity of nature and the flow of chi, the vital subtle energy. Chi is the manifestation of the eternal Tao, the source of all reality, expressing as yin and y...

themartialman.com 06/13/2019

How does it feel to cross hands with Adam Mizner? - THE MARTIAL MAN


themartialman.com In the following text I will attempt to describe my experience in crossing hands with Sifu Adam Mizner. The reason for me taking the time to write about this experience is due to the vast amount of questions received from those who have watched the interview with Sifu Mizner and are curious to how i...


Da Shou - Heaven Man Earth Taiji

Here is Tai Chi in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ0ZtNNNB5g

A demonstration of internal martial arts, taiji quan/ tai chi and qi gong. showing push hands skills and fajin. for more see www.discovertaiji.com and www.he...


The Chinese ideogram below is that of TAO - which can mean "path" or "way" but is also used to refer to the universal void of the absolute in Taoism, from which all things originate and all things return. It is much like the concept of God in the monotheistic traditions, except it is not "personal" in nature. The first thing to know about it is that it is ineffable, and the Tao that is spoken is not the true Tao (Tao Te Ching).


Huang Sheng Shyan wrestling match

Here is a 60 year old Tai Chi player going against a champion wrestler 20kg heavier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQcrOm6ATzM&t=141s

master Huang fights an asian champion wrestler 20kgs heavier than him and many years younger. Huang was 60 years old at the time and fought under wrestling r...


Adam Mizner Revisited (Part 1) Yang Style Taijiquan - THE MARTIAL MAN


Part 1 of my exclusive interview with Sifu Adam Mizner featuring over 42 minutes of profound insights and demonstrations into Yang style Taijiquan and Intern...


Kung Fu School's cover photo


Kung Fu School's cover photo


Kung Fu School



Kung Fu is the skill acquired after much hard work. In this case, it is the martial ability acquired through training in the traditional martial arts of China, namely Tai Chi. While most Americans understand Tai Chi to be an exercise for health and exercise, it can, when trained properly, also be used for actual self-defense. At the Kung Fu school, we engage in traditional, internal training of martial arts aimed at cultivating the “Chi” that is used to improve our health and immune system as well as to defend ourselves from physical attack. We are not interested in the commercial aspects of uniforms, belts, testing, or competition. Send a message for more information.




356 W Nine Mile Rd
Pensacola, FL

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