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Promoting The NPC Paradise Coast
Bodybuilding Championships
NPC National Qualifier
November 10th 2018 Our venue, awards, prizes, competitor gifts and entertainment makes this show something you don't want to miss!

Operating as usual


NPC Rock Hard Show of Champions

We are taking Entries to the NPC Rock Hard show throughout check-ins today! See you at the Island Beachside Resort 5-7pm


NPC Rock Hard Show of Champions

“Have you registered for the 2020 NPC Rock Hard Show of Champions on Nov. 7th? Check out the details and sign up today @


NPC Rock Hard Show of Champions
Register NOW


NPC Paradise Coast Bodybuilding Championships

Thank you to everyone that gave the effort to support the NPC Paradise Coast. Unfortunately the catastrophic events of Hurricane Michael forced us to cancel the event. With our determination and your help we'll make Paradise Coast 2019 one to remember.


Wow Paradise Coast is turning up the VIP game

Platinum packages will ship soon, 4 per table. Remember all proceeds go to victims of hurricane Michael nominated by you, so make sure you message us your nominations. Reserve your Platinum table today, there's 3 left.


Everyone please share!! The more you share the more we can help!!

The NPC Paradise Coast will be held at the Emerald Coast Convention Center in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Proceeds from the event will go to victims of Hurricane Michael. We need your help to make this a successful fund drive. I'm looking for local businesses to provide products for a silent raffle, 50/50 raffle purchase a platinum VIP table for their employees, or become booth sponsors for the event. We will provide exceptional exposure for their efforts.

We would appreciate if competitors would sign up now so we can provide the best show possible to those that contribute to the effort. We have VIP gift bags and free "Succeed" shirts for those that sign up before October 26th.

The NPC is working with us to make Paradise Coast an exceptional event and give the people of our area a great experience. There will be more info to come.

Please share this post for the best coverage possible.


NPC Paradise Coast Bodybuilding Championships

The SHOW is ON!! NPC Paradise Coast is being held in Fort Walton Beach, FL


NPC Paradise Coast Bodybuilding Championships

Promoters Russ Mesey and Aaron Stillwater announce proceeds from this event will go to Hurricane Michael Relief efforts.


NPC Paradise Coast Bodybuilding Championships

Behind the silhouette is a sneak peek of our custom Paradise Coast trophies as they come off the line, let us know what you think.


NPC Paradise Coast Bodybuilding Championships

Join us at the NPC Paradise Coast host hotel! Your mini vacay to relax during the competition. Affordable and comfortable, The Island is located right across from the show convention center. Call (850) 243-9161 and use the promo code ParadiseCoast2018 for these exceptional rates. Click this link to book now:
$89 2 Double Beds
$99 Poolside, 2 Queen Beds
$119 Gulf Front, 2 Queen Beds


NPC Paradise Coast Bodybuilding Championships

Well, this just happened...our premier sponsor Builders First Source just provided ONE OF THE COOLEST GIFT BAGS WE'VE EVER DONE!! Checkout this cooler seat backpack, what competitor couldn't use that! Paradise Coast, get your entry in now before they're GONE!


NPC Paradise Coast Bodybuilding Championships

Witness the new standard in elite bodybuilding competition. The 2018 Paradise Coast offers exceptional features and awards you've never seen before. From spectator to contestant this will be an epic first class event. November 10th at the Fort Walton Beach Emerald Coast Convention Center.


Northwest Florida Flex Fest


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Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you, The All American BodyBuilding Championships Overall Trophies! See you November 10th.



Congratulations to Team Elite Physiques and Coach Raymond Smith for winning the 2018 Panhandle Showdown Team Competition. It was an extremely close race with Elite Physiques narrowly edging out Team Payne for the honors.

[04/09/18]   Congratulations to all the competitors at the Panhandle Showdown. Y'all put in the work and that makes the show. See everyone in August at the Maxfit Classic then in November at The All American !!!


Hope to see everyone tonight at The Panhandle Showdown!


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Profile Pictures

[12/18/17]   Make a bowl of fitness soup
During cold winter months, soup is quite possibly the perfect dinner. It’s comforting, simple, and easily modified to fit your taste and the contents of your fridge. Making soup from scratch is simple and easy, once you know how to do it.

What’s also great about making soup from scratch is that you can use healthy ingredients that support your fitness goals – while leaving out ingredients that would increase the carb and calorie count of the meal.

When craving homemade soup, most of us seek out a specific soup recipe that fits into a neat category. There’s chicken noodle, minestrone, split pea, clam chowder and so on. What’s less common is the brave cook who approaches the idea of soup with an open mind, a big soup pot, and whatever ingredients they have on hand.

Today I challenge you to be this brave cook.

You’ll find that making up your own soup as you go along is one of the most rewarding and wonderful dishes you’ll ever make. Let go of the urge to measure soup ingredients out or to overthink the process. Let your hair down, get really un-technical, and have some fun.

And don’t worry, there’s a method to this madness…

1) Start with a Little Healthy Fat

First off you’ll need to find a healthy form of fat to sauté the soup ingredients in. Olive oil and coconut oil are my go-to choices. Put a couple of tablespoons in the bottom of a large soup pot and place it over medium-high heat. Don’t you dare measure. Just scoop or pour.

2) Add Aromatic Veggies

Now add some minced, aromatic veggies to the warmed oil. Choose from onions, garlic, ginger, carrots and celery. This is the perfect chance to use up that starting-to-shrivel onion at the bottom of the produce drawer in your fridge. Sauté until the veggies become tender. If you have any fresh herbs on hand, such as rosemary, thyme, sage, or marjoram feel free to mix these in now.

3) Brown Some Protein

I like a hearty serving of protein in my soup, to keep us full and fueled, so my next move is to add some protein. Ground or chopped meat needs to be nicely browned and cooked through. If you’re going for a lighter fare, then feel free to continue without adding meat.

4) Add in Liquid

Sometimes at this stage I’ll pour in a little bit of white wine into the pot to deglaze the little browned bits that tend to stick to the bottom. The wine adds another dimension of flavor, but I only do it if there’s already a bottle opened. Once the pot is deglazed, add in stock, broth, or pureed tomato in any combination you’d like.

5) Something Extra

Now’s the time to add in those extra veggies that you have on hand – ones like squash, cauliflower or sweet potatoes. You could also add in cooked beans or quinoa.

6) Season to the Max

Start with a generous grinding of sea salt and black pepper, then christen your soup with more daring spices. Give these spices a try:

Celery seed
Chili powder
White pepper
Garlic powder
Red pepper
Onion powder
Turmeric Root
Cinnamon (tastes wonderful with ground beef)
Taste and adjust. Be brave. More flavor is always better.

7) Let it Simmer

Bring your tasty and unique soup to a boil, and then reduce the heat to low and simmer for about an hour. Sit back and bask in the satisfaction of your amazing soup creation. Ladle a bowl for yourself and your loved ones and enjoy.

A bowl of your unique and flavorful fitness soup makes for a light and lean dinner that will go a long way toward reaching your fat loss goals. Resist the urge to serve bread with your soup and instead opt for a leafy, green salad.

Remember that an effective exercise plan is vital to getting and staying in phenomenal shape!


Testosterone Nation

Lead by example.


Check out the press release from the NPC. This is a great day for Fitness

The Monopoly is over . Amateur Competitors and coaches sponsors are now free to take part in any shows they would like to . No more scare tactics bullying threats of suspension or banned. I believe this is a great day for the fitness Community. Yours truly. Paul Dillett WBFF President & CEO. Please share this if you love fitness . #fit #fashion #fitness #glamour #sport #wbff #diva #beauty #bikini #model #dillett #elegant #sport #workout #health #nutrition #abs #physique #victoriasecret #girl #fit #sport #wbff #diva #sport #workout #lingerie #instafit



My two saving graces my hubby Jason Giles and Casbah!! Love love love!! If you haven't ever been here you are missing out 😍❤️

[09/06/16]   The 2016 FLEX FEST is ON! Saturday November 12th, Main Building At the Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds

Over the years, FLEX FEST has become a phenomenal show and has exploded with overwhelming growth and support. Each year we’ve raised our expectations of what we provide for the contestant and present to the public…this year is no different, but then again...IT IS! FLEX FEST will be offering THE most exceptional bodybuilding event to hit the coast in decades!

The rumors are true FLEX FEST will not be an NPC sanctioned event. This decision brings to life a bold new vision of what we can achieve for the world of amateur bodybuilding, the contestants, and overall production for the public. FLEX FEST can be enjoyed as a regional event or used as a more economical path for trainers preparing their athletes for advancement to Qualifying events.

The 2016 Flex Fest will be an open show and ushers in a whole new experience for competitors and spectators. All organizational fees, NPC cards, backstage passes, etc. will be eliminated. Added features will include live interactive voting available to all spectators for categories such as Best Posing, Best Body Parts and Crowd Favorite. Varied classes will be available to accommodate all types of competition and judges will score in accordance with standard bodybuilding practices. Judging will be transparent whereby contestants will not only know the criteria, but how each individual judge scored them.

All competition classes will be for title and prestige only…with the exception of one class. This show will contain one cash class in each main category teeming with prize money. Competitors will have the chance to earn a return on their journey as well as take home exceptional awards. The money class is designed for those who wouldn’t normally compete in NPC events as this one class could disqualify you from entering future NPC shows. All other classes have no monetary award and will not affect your NPC status. Get ready, FLEX FEST will be a bodybuilding experience like no other.

Whether you compete in the NPC, WBFF, Nspire, etc., you are welcome on our stage. This will be a great event for first time competitors and seasoned veterans alike. Become stage savvy, learn prep techniques, or earn a possible return on your fitness investment. FLEX FEST has it all to make your trip to the stage the experience of a lifetime. For more information contact
Aaron Stillwater at [email protected]


One of our amazing competitors Dana Kane!!

Good morning Maxfit Nation!!
Just want to share Dane Kane and her remarkable transformation! Truley an amazing woman with remarkable dedication and motivation!! Thanks for sharing Dana!!

My why: All my life I was overweight. I was never fast, I was picked last, and I was always the friend. Those things did not define me, as I found a way to always stay ahead of the judgment. I found people who were true to me and some who were there with ulterior motives. I always lived for someone else and did more for everyone expecting NOTHING. I never made time for me because I wasn’t important and I didn’t matter. I always set my feelings aside to care for someone else who was feeling worse. My WHY has a lot to do with all of the above. I am a married mother of two who so badly needed to do something for herself. I had tried for years to lose a mere 20 lbs and always failed when I got to a 10 lb loss… I found myself unhealthy and in need of a change. I want to not only change for myself and my family, but for all of the other people out there who think they can’t ever do what they set their mind to. My WHY is for me and for anyone else who is striving to be a better YOU. I feel that this will challenge me not only physically, but mentally as well. I feel that I will finally be able to learn who I am and what my true purpose is in this life.


Thank you everyone who've let us know we have your support . It's unbelievable the amount of support we have! So we ask this. What makes the show for you? We want to know!


No matter what is said or what rumor you heard FLEX FEST is happening. DETAILS TO BE RELEASED THIS WEEK!


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Getting your mind right is one of the hardest things but also one of the most rewarding!


Flex Fest!!


Who's Ready for Flex Fest 2016?
Exciting Details soon !
Bigger Better Trophies !
Bigger Better Venue !
And More !




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