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Heads up will be writing. The b***y day program for a limited time.


Our focus is transformation and not
just "a kick ass workout and gimmicks " fun,
camaraderie, sense of accomplishment, no judge environment, that's just a byproduct of us, but our focus is you actually responding into the direction we want you to go.


Are you getting the results you're
working so hard for? Maybe it time for a change. No fads, just actual things that work. If your willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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With so many options you have out
there, the fastest short cut for results is doing it the right way. You won't find a faster way than that.
Someone tells you, you can get a transformation
without giving anything up and without lifting heavy
weights or changing your lifestyle I wish you luck
because that's not the right way.


there's a fine line between being
patient and wasting time. Can you transform in 6
weeks? No. Should you see some major changes
in 6 weeks? Yes, specially if you are a beginner.
And then you should continue to see changes
There's only 3 reasons you're not getting the
transformation you want.
1. It's not as important to you as you
thought and you're not doing the work.
2. You're trainer doesn't really know how to get you there.
3. You have actual medical condition.

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I’m a 32 year old mother of 3. Our family leads a busy life with activities, work, our 3 dogs and 2 cats. I was a stay at home mom with my kids where I watched other kids as well for about 10 years before I went back to work last year. I work in the school system and I love working with the kids every day. I enjoy crafting, reading, hiking and almost any relaxing activity when I have time.

I have been with Dukes for about 4 years now. Before Dukes I didn’t care for myself or know anything about health and fitness. I was always an active and fit person and never worked out or knew how. I also knew little about how to make better choices in my diet. After feeling self conscious and unhappy for years my husband encouraged me to find an outlet. I found Dukes from Facebook. Seeing the transformations and energy I decided to give it a try. I was nervous, intimidated and almost canceled but, the first meeting solidified that I could do this and I went for it.

Over time I began to feel more and more confident. I felt strong and capable. Training sessions for me became more than just a work out. I loved going and seeing what I could do and it was an hour that I didn’t have to think about anything but me. Eventually even my husband joined me. At Dukes we made friends and we’re part of a community that made health and fitness effortless. I worked to compete in a fitness competition and was in the best shape of my life.

After the competition I had unresolved anxiety and depression take over my life. Then COVID hit and I lost myself. I stopped caring about my body and how my nutrition fueled it. Through it all I still had Dukes.

Dukes is different because they have a community that genuinely cares with a don’t quit attitude. Care is taken to make sure you are doing movements correctly and to modify as needed. You are pushed to do more than you thought you could and encouraged to listen to your body. It’s not a place to be comfortable or sugar coated but a place to push your limits and face hard truths. If you are willing to show up and put in the work you are one of us and we want you to succeed.

What’s important is not how many times you fall but how many times you get back up.


will be stepping up to the plate and we will see her on stage.

Competition tip: the stage should not be the end of the journey remember you started this for your health and your health is always a priority it’s a lifestyle


will be stepping up to the plate and we will see her on stage.

Competition tip: your competition date isn’t the finish line, plan 3 months after to continue to eat on plan to slowly increase calories.

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Happy Halloween 🎃 🦇 👻 everybody..


Mark your calendar for Dukes annual Halloween costume fun day. Join us Saturday, October 29th at 10:30 am for a killer workout followed by a pot luck. This year theme is “Everything Goes”. So put on your amazing costume of choice and bring in your yummy healthy snacks to share and let’s have some fun together!

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My name is Julie Gavorski. I am 27 years old. I have a four legged child named Luna (cat) and she is 6yrs old. I work for Perry Nuclear Power Plant for armed forces response team (nuclear security). Form student-athlete at the University of Cincinnati with major in criminal justice and minor in education. Also former professional soccer player over in Iceland after 21yrs of playing this sport.
Before dukes I was actively playing college soccer, moved to Houston, than Iceland. I was training 6 days a week sometimes twice a day in fitness, ball workout, and lift. I truly enjoy working out and wanted to keep that lifestyle.
I’ve known dukes for quite sometimes, but never really had the time due to my busy schedule to get more insight. I’ve known them through many friends and family. Once I retired playing soccer I needed a change because I wasn’t being as active and clean eating as I used to be so discipline was very important to me and I knew joining would help me make those changes.
Throughout my time at dukes I have lost over 30lbs and been my leanest/fittest I’ve ever been. I have had some plateaus, but have learn to regain getting back on track with the help from dukes.
I think the main thing is how fueling your body is important, especially carbs. I always thought carbs were bad and obviously there is a difference between good and bad, but definitely wasn’t fueling my body as properly as I could have been. I have done macros majority of the time being here, and needed a change and switched to meal plan the past few weeks, and getting even better results quicker. Nutritionally has been my biggest challenge, and dukes has prepared me much better with it!

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I don’t care it’s September, happy Halloween 🎃


That was an awesome workout

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Hello, I have been with dukes since he bought out my cross fitness gym. Sticking with him has been the best decision I could have made. I have a physical demanding job that requires me to be strong agile so I have been in the gym constantly for the last 15 years. 7of those years at CrossFit, the others doing powerlifting. Competing in both. I alway tried to eat good Whole Foods but as the years went by I kept gaining weight. It’s like every year I would gain 10 pounds, another 10 pounds, another 10 pounds... I thought to myself if I keep going at this rate I would hit 200 pounds. At my heaviest I was at 185. I would cut down what I ate and no matter what did my weight would not budge. I even started to think there was something medical or hormonally wrong with me. Then I saw what he was able to do with people I knew. So I gave it a go and I actually lost 30 pounds. Got to where I am actually comfortable in my own skin and my own body. I have always been proud of what my body can do (I tend to push it pretty hard) but this time I’m actually proud of how it looks too. Comfortable in clothes. I don’t know if I have ever really truly been comfortable or proud of my body this way. It is very freeing. He gives you the tools needed to get you where you want to be. It is a life style not a fad diet. Thats why I love the macros. I can still eat the foods I love and enjoy moments in my life with the people I love. The macros give you the control over yourself. Sometimes it is very eye opening and very hard to look inward. But it is the only way to make it a life style.

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I am 31 year old labor and delivery nurse, mama to four kids(9,7, 4.5month twins), and a wife. My favorite things to do include reading and shopping.

Before I learned about Dukes I was going to the gym on my own 4-5 days a week mostly working on my legs and never ever did I do a cardio workout. I ate a decently healthy diet but consumed a good amount of wine on my days off.

I first learned of Dukes years before when someone I knew competed, back then it wasn’t for me. As the years went on the more I worked out without results the more I wanted to dive in…so I found the courage to message him and I haven’t looked back since.

I watched my semi decent body transform into a lean mean muscle machine yet still have a girly figure which I love most. Not only did my body transform but so did my mental state, my hair and my skin. I learned to love myself again which I was struggling with before Dukes.

Dukes is not for everyone, you have to be in the correct state of mind, you can not be weak mentally. The food is the hardest part but you learn to love it, because it makes you feel better as a whole. Workouts…just when you think it’s getting easier your hit with harder and heavier. You don’t gain without pain❤️

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Hello! I’m 45, have two sons and two grandsons. I am an insurance agent so I sit at a desk most of the day. I’ve always led an active lifestyle but couldn’t seem to shed the extra 10-15 pounds gained since a knee injury. I’ve joined several gyms and tried other activities yet nothing seemed to get me where I wanted to be. In January I joined a 90 day challenge with Dukes which included a meal plan. I notice the biggest difference due to the nutritional support and guidance. Shortly after the challenge I joined dukes. Without eating the appropriate amount of calories and proper macros I wouldn’t have been able to lose the weight. I feel stronger and more comfortable in my body.

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I’m 43 and I have worked in the mortgage business for 21 years. Yes, I sit at a desk and don’t get much activity throughout the day. I am a mom of one daughter who is now an RN. My husband and I are empty nesters. So we have time. I love being active and being outdoors and shopping and gardening and being with friends.
I have always for the most part ate healthy and occasionally fall off the wagon and as far as fitness I was always keeping active at the ymca, well trying to. Lots of cardio and no weights or very limited weights which wasn’t working for me. I just needed to change the way of things.
I heard about dukes on Facebook and just kind of pushed aside because of my lower back and knee issue thinking I can’t do what they do because I have to be strong to join. Can’t show my weakness because it will be embarrassing. My friend joined and then told me again about it and said I should check it out and they will modify workouts. I tried and They modified and absolutely loved it. I joined !
Joining dukes was the best thing for me physically because my back and knees were weak and I was not going backwards in life at my age. Today they don’t hurt anymore( well very limited ) and are getting stronger and stronger every day. Lifting helps my my mental clarity/ no brain fog / more energy/balance intake of food
I have only had a ymca membership and was on my own. I love dukes because of the nutrition help and having a coach and the people. It is a positive and encouraging environment!! Perfect fit for me because I’ve played basketball all my life since third grade into my 20’s and I love structure, accountability and the constructive advice to help me grow. I’ve been with dukes for about 6 months now and have lost 25 pounds and my physique is noticeably changing which all around just makes me feel great. Lifting has done wonders so far for me whereas before I was only doing cardio and not lifting and that was not working for me and my body and my mental state.


Hello! I am an active 44 yr old first responder. I am a mom currently to an 18 yr old rescue and a 9 yr old tripawd pup.
Several years ago I joined Dukes because I was amazed at the results in his athletes. I am always looking for a new challenge, something different. A couple of weeks in I decided to compete because another newbie was going to do it. I figured if she could do it so could I.
Over the next 7 months I watched my body change and morph into something I didn’t even recognize. It became a game to me to eat strict when everyone around me wasn’t. It is all about willpower, how much you want it. THE WEAK WILL NOT SURVIVE!
Dukes competitors/athletes became my friends because we were all in it together, we all had the same goals. One of the best ways to stay on track is to have friends who meet you at the gym, do activities with you that don’t revolve around sitting down, eating unhealthy and consuming alcohol. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever participate in these things, it just was to be a rare occasion
Being a Dukes athlete is a lifestyle that not all can achieve. But if you are ready to put forth some effort there are some great things ahead.

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I’m 45 years old. Im a driver for work crews during the day. I have very little family and no family of my own. So, Ive got the time to focus on myself. I’ve thought about fitness and becoming fit my entire life, pretty much. But I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for a long time and it has made finding the strength to commit to becoming fitter and healthier extremely difficult. I was a very heavy soda drinker, a 2 liter a day, pizza often, fast food, I pretty much ate everything that makes you unhealthy. But over the last few years the unhealthy eating was catching up to me. I was developing neuropathy in both my feet. My sugar levels were reaching 300. I was essentially diabetic. My heaviest weight was 450lbs. A few years ago, I lost a 100lbs and some how held my weight at 345lbs. But last year, due to some significant life events that put me in an emotional spiral, I was essentially confronted with the options of just continuing down the unhealthy path or do something to change my life so I can stick around a bit longer and try to find some sort of happiness while I still could. Being unfit and unhealthy basically sucks. You can’t truly enjoy anything. You have no energy or the mobility to experience activities that you have always wanted to do with people you care about. So with a new found level of commitment to being healthy and becoming fit. I joined a gym not far from where I live. That gym focused on CrossFit only, which was great. But, as I moved further into health and fitness, I felt like I needed to focus more time specifically on weight training and Cardio separately.
At this point, I can’t say I found Dukes, Dukes found me, it popped up on my Facebook feed. “Yea!, for cookies!” The videos of Dukes looked very intimidating at first, to be honest. My perception of Gyms was essentially based on all the stereotypes you see on TV. None of that is really how it is. When you get past the look of a gym and the preconceived ideas, it is really a place of therapy and personal growth. Dukes is just that. Everyone there has been very friendly and welcoming. Michael really goes beyond just being a trainer he wants you to be a part of the gym family. Im not easily able to feel comfortable being a part of a group, its been very challenging, personally, for me to do. Ive never really been comfortable around other people because of my anxiety. But sense Ive been there, Ive not only seen physical results. Ive went from 345lbs to 250lbs over 10 months, and still going, definite muscle growth, but Ive met some really, very genuinely nice people who are there working their hardest to improve themselves, just as I am, physically, mentally, and emotionally. My previous gym focused on logistics and wasn’t quite as flexible has Dukes is. Dukes is very hands on and Michael is very present and open to discuss any questions you have. Everyone at Dukes is always eager to share what they have learned. You can’t help but feel the sense of family and friendship at Dukes.

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1. Age-15,job-no job, family-I have a family yes, hobbies- video games
2. Fitness/diet- I would only work out around one to two times a week at home. I would eat anything I wanted cause I’m that guy.
3. How I heard about dukes- my mom told me.
4. Physical/mental/emotional result- as a result of joining dukes fitness I got absolutely ripped. I’ve started dressing up in a bat costume and going out to fight criminals at night. I have a sudden urge to fight criminals in the name of justice and save my city Gotham.

Disclaimer: he works out 2-3 times a week, he does not eat whatever he wants. High protein diet and always ask about nutrition questions and what he should add or cut out of his diet.
He does dress up in a bat costume and fight crime in his neighborhood. But all kidding aside, he’s very dedicated. Wants to learn and pushes himself. He takes DUKES seriously.

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Hi! I am an active 41 year old nurse and a mother of two. Well actually 4- 2 humans and 2 fur babies 🙂 Before I had kids I never really had to watch what I ate or focus on working out. I have always been an active person. My body began to struggle when I had kids. When I had my first child, I gained over 50 pounds and I struggled to lose the baby weight. With my second child I gained even more weight and continued to struggle with weight loss. I tried different diets and workouts. I was able to start losing weight but would then hit a plateau. I would continue to change my diets and workouts to little or no success. I went through many different gyms and trainers through the years. I would have killer workouts. I would sweat to death, my heart rate up, I would burn over 400 calories and thought I would eventually get there. I was eating low calorie diet (that an app told me to do to get to my goal weight). I still couldn’t see much change in my body. Took me almost 10 years to open my eyes this isn’t the way. I voiced my frustration to my good friend when she told me about Dukes. She got me a month with Dukes to handle my nutrition since I had a trainer already. I began to see amazing changes right away.

I joined the Dukes challenge shortly after. I was given so much knowledge and guidance on what my body needed to see results. I was so happy with the online support, I decided to try Dukes gym. Even though I worked out everyday I was nervous on my first day at Dukes. Everyone there was so welcoming and encouraging. I ended up loving the amazing workouts and the push I was getting at the gym, so I joined. Dukes teaches you the how and why to properly do the workouts, which I never really was taught. I have had knee issues for many years so I just limited my leg workouts. Dukes was able to help me with my injuries and strengthen the muscles around my knee. After years of not being able to run without pain I was finally able to run again thanks to Dukes! Thanks to all the knowledge, support, and guidance my body made a transformation I didn’t think I could ever have. Even after my transformation Dukes continues to push me and keeps me accountable. Dukes taught me that clean eating and proper strength training is a lifestyle, not a fad diet. You get the knowledge and resources you need to live this lifestyle everyday. A year and half later I am still able to live this lifestyle and I’m loving it! I am so much happier inside and out thanks to Dukes!

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I came to dukes in 2019 looking to change my whole life, not just my body. I wanted power over myself and my life. I wanted the total transformation. What’s the point of looking great if mentally and emotionally you are broken?

As I put in the work and focused on improving my health and body, I began to see how much control I had over my whole life. My mindset changed from victim to capable of being whoever I wanted.

Fast forward a few years and Michael and I have created a team and a place where people can come and get their own transformation surrounded by support and motivation.

I believe most people are living their life the way they think they should, doing what other people want them to do.

I love seeing people break free from the toxic life of being everything to everyone else, while putting their own needs and health last. I love when people finally figure out how to show up authentically. I love when people discover the power to change anything they want in their life.

That’s what a transformation does. It shows you the freedom and power in reinvention that will spread through your whole life. It shows you how strong and capable you are. It shows that you don’t have to play the same part forever. You get to decide who you are and what you want. Everyday.

No one is coming to save you. You have to save yourself.

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When it came to my weight loss goals, what I couldn’t achieve on my own in 4 years , Dukes Fitness allowed me to achieve in under 2 months !

I tried working out at home after I had my son. And although I was able to lose most of the 67 pounds I had gained from my pregnancy, I couldn’t seem to lose those last stubborn 10-15 pounds . My 40th Birthday was approaching quickly and my “baby”, was now 4 years old . I was proud of myself for getting as far as I did with my health goals except when I would see photos of myself . I would think “that’s not me!” But I realized that yes, that was In fact me in those photos and in real life.

Luckily, in January of 2022 while sitting on my couch with zero energy or motivation, I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw an ad for Dukes Fitness and the first 3 classes were free! I knew this was my sign to step up and make new life long changes . In the past I would start a diet and maybe lose 5 pounds, and working out at home always came with about 10 interruptions from my son, so I could never truly do the workout. So of course I would gain the weight back and get discouraged.

Going to dukes the first time was very intimidating . That was all in my mind because everyone at the gym was friendly and welcoming . I knew that I had to show up just once for myself before I decided to quit or talk myself out of going . As an Esthetician I always tell my clients that self care is so vital . And yet here I was putting myself last these past 4 year . Now it was my turn to take my own advice and just go for it!

I started off going to the gym about once a week and could tell this was unlike anything I had ever tried before . The owner Michael is beyond knowledgeable and corrects your form as needed . I literally had been working out wrong my entire life ! I feel like I can take on the world after each class . I’ll be honest, some days it does get hard to get myself up there, but I never regret it once I walk in . I’m consistently going 3 days a week and have more energy then I have had in years . When I see photos of my self now I think “Wow, that is me 💪🏻!” Because I look so strong, confident and healthy.

I not only lost those 10+ pounds, but I also completely transformed my entire body . It’s no longer about the weight on the scale, it’s about feeling comfortable in my own skin and having the energy to run around with my family . My 40th Birthday is in a couple weeks and I look forward now to taking photos of myself and celebrating my success and health. Age is truly only a number . Never stop taking care of yourself and I strongly encourage anyone to take that first step at Dukes Fitness to keep you strong and healthy ! I guarantee Michael will transform your entire body and improve your quality of life !

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Great weekend making memories.

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I'm a 51 year old Accountant, Mother of 2 and Grandmother of 3. Most of my life, I have always enjoyed being active, whether working out, playing softball, volleyball, or any other sport. Over the past four years, life had become pretty sedentary with little to no exercise. I'd like to blame it on Covid, but truth is I became lazy and unmotivated.
One day I saw a picture of myself and found myself so disappointed in what I had let happen. It was then that I vowed to make a change. I began working out on my own at a local gym and making healthier food choices. During the next 3 months, I lost some weight but then plateaud. I became quite frustrated at the scale and didn't see any body changes either. In my 20's or 30's, this was never a problem. I was beginning to believe I would never be where I wanted to be because I'm no longer in my 20's and 30's. I needed something different and I was just not ready to concede to my age.
That's when a Duke's fitness ad popped up on my FB news feed. I was impressed by the physique of the men/women in the ad but at the same time intimidated, thinking "I'd never be able to do that or look like that." The ad was for a 3 month online challenge so I thought "what have I got to lose?" If nothing else I would learn new exercises/workouts, right? So I joined the challenge.
I never stepped foot in Duke's gym because I was intimated and feared I couldn't do what others were doing. I just followed what I was given online. I didn't lose alot of weight in that 3 month period but the body changes I saw in such a short period, were amazing. I lost a total of roughly 10 inches total off my body. Mentally, I was happier and more motivated. Emotionally, I was beginning to feel better about myself. I didn't totally hate looking in the mirror. Physically, I had less body aches when I would get out of bed or up from sitting long periods.
After my challenge ended, I tried again to achieve results on my own by continuing with working out at the local gym and eating right but again I plateaued. I maintained what progress I had gained during the 3 months challenge but I wanted more.
So again I thought, "If I did this well in 3 months of following the program and not stepping foot in the gym, imagine what I will achieve getting over my fear of intimidation and joining the gym."

So I joined and soon found that I didn't need to be intimidated at all. It turns out I CAN do what others are doing, everyone is encouraging, supportive, helpful and have the same struggles I have.

I am a little over 6 months in and have lost a total of 18 pounds and 21.5 inches off my body. I love seeing my progress every 2 weeks. I am challenged with EVERY workout (something I didn't do in my own workouts but thought I was) and EVERY workout I am surprised at what I can do that I didn't think I could.

I wasn't getting results on my owm because
-I didn't enjoy the atmosphere at the local gym and dreaded going
-I was doing the same workouts everyday which became boring and mundane
-I wasn't challenging myself
-I wasn't eating the right foods to fuel my body

Duke's works for me because first and foremost, Duke's lays the foundation but you have to DO THE WORK. I enjoy the atmosphere and the people which makes me enjoy going to the gym and that makes doing the work enjoyable.
I am held accountable for my diet, my workouts, my struggles AND my achievements. The support from the coach and others, when you need encouragement or suggestions, is great.
The workouts are designed for you and to work and strengthen all muscles.
Modifications can be made to make workouts comfortable (to avoid injury) but still be challenging.
I am still working to achieve my goals, and I am so happy I didn't concede to my age because each day I get closer to my goal, the better I feel physically, mentally and emotionally. I may not be 20 or 30 anymore but if I feel as good at 51 as I did in my 20's and 30's then I've achieved my goal! Thank you Duke's for showing me it can happen!

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All about team work.
Changing your body probably won’t change your life, but the PROCESS of changing your body probably will. Knowing that yo...
So majestic @kde1255
Sundays we grind to.. booty day 9am and 11 am.
Don’t hold anything back, the hip thrust is the main event..                              - @kde1255 -
Murph 1 mile run - 100 pull ups - 200 push ups - 300 squats1 mile run
Beware : my expectations of this athlete transformation facility. Code name resting b$&ch face ..
We don’t showcase strong peeps strolling into our facility, we built them all ,together with the right nutrition and rig...
I love watching athletes suffer with pain, bodybuilding is like life the more it hurts the stronger you get inside and o...
Morning  strength class shoulders. In my opinion one of the hardest muscle to plan to train for proper muscle atrophy. A...
Yes we train differently than the rest, it’s why we see more results .




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