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3 Days to a Balanced and Boosted Vibe

I think, I am more excited for this 3 Day Mini Course than I have for anything else in weeks!

Why You ask??

Because I feel and see how tough it can be to keep things bright for myself and others around me.

Because I myself have to work hard everyday to make sure that negative energy does not affect me.

Because I know I always do better with the support of a group.

Because I know I do better when I have someone guiding me through the process.

So have you registered yet?? There is still plenty of time!

Here is to us as a collective coming together this week to Brighten and Boost Ourselves and ripple that effect to the world.



P.S. Don't forget when you actively participate and post your homework you are automatically entered to win prizes!

P.S.S. I will go LIVE at 12PM everyday but will do a LIVE watch party at 9PM each night for peeps who 12PM EST is not doable. 3 Days of tips, tricks and hacks to balance and boost your vibration.

3 Days to a Balanced and Boosted Vibe

We can all you some Balance and Boosting right now! Click below to register for my Free 3 Day Mini Course! 3 Days of tips, tricks and hacks to balance and boost your vibration.

Feedback from last night Ho’oPonoPono class!

[09/25/20]   This coach is going to brag!
I had a client say to me yesterday, my greatest strength she admires about me is my "ability to have faith in the face of fear."
I have some bomb clients. Just saying, because it takes one to know one.
I will say if this person had met me even 2 years ago I don't know if this would have been true. I can be brazen, strong, and even positive but to have faith that is my pain point. Faith is my biggest learning curve in life.

Shifting your mindset is not just thought stopping it is acknowledging and reshaping how we experience our world.
Ready to to make that shift? Book your appointment today.

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Beyond The Mindset
Our Mindset affects how we can Manifest what we want.

What shapes our "Mindset"?

It is shaped by the people, places, and things we have experienced. It is something that is ingrained within you through a lifetime of experiences. These experiences build our thoughts and feelings that shape us to who we are.

Often our deep ingrained Mindset blocks our ability to manifest.

Why? Because we somehow do not believe and feel we "Deserve" what we desire.

However, you know you want a life that is bigger, brighter than where you are right now, or where you came from. Which you know means you need help to build a Mindset to believe you do deserve.

Why do you want to work with me?

What makes me different from all the other Manifestation Coaches?

Because I have spent years beating myself up and denying myself everything I have ever wanted. Till I finally trusted and found my path to heal and learn all the techniques and skills to shift my mindset inside and out.

Because I understand and know what it feels like to breakthrough the mindset of "I don't deserve" to "I do deserve."

Because am someone who has unconditional positive regard for you, sees you, and cares about you.

Because I can help you gain the clarity you need to see the life you want.

Because you know you Do Deserve.

Because I will help you manifest with clarity, balance and healing to step up into a Deserving Life.

Book your free 45 Minute Session now for your Beyond Mindset Breakthrough!

Self care before a busy Sunday of healing and “Getting it done.” #selfcare #sheridanhealing #healing #manifesting #gold #pranichealing #sundayvibes #gettingitdone

Asking for help is Self-Care. This can mean hiring someone to help you feel more balanced, clear, and healed. It often is a huge step in manifesting a life you Deserve.
Let's start, click the link to book your 45 minute Beyond the Mindset Breakthrough Call!

Monday 8.10.2020
The Divine reminds us that we can only give what we have in reserve. To give from a place of lack spreads lack and creates anger. The Divine asks you to see what it is that you have in abundance that is positive instead of what is scarce and share this with others. People's expectations of what you should be doing or giving is not your concern. If you are feeling run down and burnt out ask for help, put no strings, or expectations on how this comes in. Just welcome with gratitude. #healing #clarity #balance #sheridantreetherapies #abundance #gratitude

Thursday 7.30.2020
The Divine reminds us we have choices. We can cry over split milk and the past or we can acknowledge what has been and move forward. The future and how we manifest it is our free will.
So where to start? Start with today this very moment. The Divine wants you to know that will each passing thought and feeling you have the power to effect change in that very moment. Simple technique, "First,.....then I get to" or "First, .....then I will feel." Take something you do not want to do or dread and add one of those two sentence finishers. See the visual below for examples and show yours in the comments!!!!
Happy Manifestation Thursday!

For my friends who are also in business.
Anyone else feeling that drive to push forward lately with your Business?
Last time we felt this, March/April (Aries Season) It felt that a lot of people started started/launching their business. Let's face it was messy and at times, felt like driving in a snow storm (can't see the road ahead but know its there). We have entered Leo Season which is a another period of "fire" and brings a lot of movement and drive. However, many of us are feeling the drive to make it pretty and get attention for your work.
So for a giggle today I created these two visuals, made me laugh. #healing #counseling #entrepreneurlife #leoseason #ariesseason #holdmycoffeewatchthis #coaching

Tuesday 7.28.2020
Message is simple today. The Divine remind us that our words sometimes have far greater impact and long range implications than intended when said off the cuff. As you go through your day today be mindful of what you say, how you say it, and who you say it to. Ask the Divine, to help hold the tongue when needed, sweet the words was they can bite, and help to understands everyone point of view clearly. The Divine is always there to help.
Also, when it comes to politics today take it all with a grain of salt any posturing that is being done today. That is all it is and not worth feeding it with more fuel. #healing #balance #clarity #sheridanhealing #leoseason #playingwithfire #counselor #intuitive #coaching #cleanslate

7.27.2020 Monday
Leo Season is the second cycle of the year where we get all fired up and have a huge burst of energy. We want forward movement so we can roar with the Lion. The Divine wants us to remember when we encounter any set backs or resistant to taking care of tasks that are less than glamorous,, to break down what it is you are not wanting to do and see that it is just a recipe for Lemonade. It is your freewill choice to see it as eating a plain Lemon or adding Water to hydrate your life and Sugar to sweeten the victory. The Choice is yours. #healing #sheridanhealing #balance #clarity #iamworthy #cleanslate #lemonade #victory #leoseason #counseling #intuitivecoach

Sheridan Tree Therapies

Sheridan Tree Therapies's cover photo

Sheridan Tree Therapies

Sheridan Tree Therapies's cover photo

Sheridan Tree Therapies's cover photo

You have no idea how much I love this today!! It is becoming my screen saver! #heartsdesire #healing #sheridanhealing #clarity #balance #peace #counsultant #counselors #healer #cleanslate

One of the loves of my life. Gave me a scare Friday when he did too much Therapy with me. So yes, he can sit out on the back porch for a while, I will drink my coffee and he will soak up the sun. #tuxedocatsofinstagram #kabbalahkitty #myprotector #therapycat

Thursday 6.11.2020
Today is a auspicious day 6=love 11=mastership 2020=4=deconstruction and reconstruction. Do you feel it? Do you feel the breaking free of how it is “supposed to be” or what we “should” think, feel, talk like, act like, and ect... our own personal and world Dogma is shifting and changing. Allow yourself to be unbound by the past and embrace what is coming. You are not alone, you know what is right, and everything you want is on the other side of fear.
Sometimes the messages come in two’s to ensure we are listening.

Challenge starts tomorrow on Facebook! Group is 7 Days to Grounding, Clarity, & Healing with Color. Hope you can join. #colorhealing #sheridanhealing #maythe4thbewithyou #iamsafe #iamgrounded #iamclear #iamclear

Like, Share, Join and Invite! This is for Novice and experienced people a like. Please join us for this Healing Week and it is totally Free!

[04/27/20]   Hi Guys,
I am offering a 7 Day Color Healing Challenge to help everyone feel clearer and more grounded in this time of change and uncertainty. Please join the group, challenge starts May 4th!

Today’s card is about how are you showing up? Good luck and expansion is there for you, mindset shifts are being presented and you life is shifting. Problems that last week were difficult to see beyond, this week the resolution will present with ease. Embrace creativity in all problems.
Working through through the mindset but keep hitting a wall? Let’s start working together to help you clean the slate and have clarity. Reach out you can do it!

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Thursday 4.16.2020
What is stopping you?
The Celtic Owl AKA: The Hanged Man
In traditional Tarot, the hanged man is upside down just hanging in suspension. However, the hanged man upside down in suspension is by choice it is clear if he/she chose to they can plant their feet on the ground.
The Celtic Owl has a similar vibration. The Celtic Owl represents our ability to go deep to the sacred feminine understand deep emotional and rational truth, beliefs, and experiences and emerge even the darkest of nights to thrive. Today’s card, is also the second day in row we are seeing the owl as a main feature.
Today, the owl is asking you to explore if you are ready to emerge into the night and allow your intuition to guide you down a new path of life. Trust your heart and intuitive eye at this time in guiding you down the path you are destined to walk.
So again, What is stopping you? Let’s work together to help you. Link is in the bio or leave me a message.

Vinnie is down for some telehealth today. #tuxedocatsofinstagram #telehealth #counseling

Monday 4.13.2020
Today’s Cards mark a shift from action in healing to rest and taking stock, yes there are 2. This past weekend was difficult for many. Today is a time to just be, listen to uplifting music, turn off the news, stretch your body, drink more water, and laugh. Sometimes when we take a time out to see the true abundance in our lives we are able to forge ahead tomorrow.

As a Mental Health professional, I keep feeling this energy, people keep pushing through. Not allowing their Mind, body and Spirits to recover and acknowledge what has been occurring in our world. When we do not allow our body’s parasympathetic system to come back to base line we create chronic stress and that is how we start to see and feel trauma symptoms.
This is a time where if you need help there is help. Reach out for a consult

Many Blessings and Love.

“As each script is rewritten, so I unfurl more. Embracing my sacred spiral, I become my own Golden Rule. Perfect Complete Package.” -Jessica 2020
What is your script? Mine has always been “too Big”. Not seeing the BIG as good but as bad. I do not need to own that negative script. I own the strength, vivacious, beauty, power, and strength of my Bigness. I forgive all thoughts, feelings, and behaviors connected to the negative script.
#forgiveness #sheridanhealing #2020 #hooponopono #healing #sacredgeometry #IAM #spiral

Live at 9pm. Right here.

Today is all about Manifesting your Hearts Desires! Today is about taking action and getting what is for you. Going LIVE at 9pm tonight! Just doing card readings will record and post the weekend energy on YouTube. #heartsdesire #thursdayvibes #sheridanhealing #takeaction #healing
Link in the bio to start working with me.

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