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Learn how to improve your riding on a skilled lesson horse or your own. Connect with the horse, have fun, and become a knowledgable horseman.

Riding lessons offered on both the flat and jumping. Indoor and outdoor ring offers all weather riding. Trailer in lessons welcome or lessons horses and ponies are available. The key to riding is in the relationship between horse and rider, and rider and trainer. From that relationship, confidence grows. At that point, any goal is possible.

Gia and Heather jumping lovely today

Getting work done with friends and riding in the dark

Ponies are fun! 😁

Russell getting back in the groove with a lovely ride on Lux

Alison doing a great job giving Freckles her first ride at Tsaheylu

Freckles first ride at our farm. She was a little nervous but a good girl. Lots of socializing, a little ☀️ and great rides today!

Freckles arrived today to be a part of our growing lesson program. She’s a medium sized Appaloosa pony that kids and small adults will get to enjoy riding and jumping.

This is why I teach. Seeing the love of the horse in others.

In case you haven’t met our sweet barn kitties. Phantom is the black short hair, and Willow is the stunning grey.

Riding 🐎 in the rain 🌧

Tsaheylu Farm's cover photo


Wow 😳 just gorgeous!

The wall at the end of the joint meet of Carlow Farmers Hunt and the The Island Hunt at Glynn Co. Carlow

Silly Johan

Johan hamming it up. Silly 😜

Tsaheylu Farm

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❤️ ❤️ Apache! Julia did amazing in her first jumping lesson yesterday. Mady bravely rode Jimmy for the first time and Natalie & Danielle practiced their canter. Great day!

Who can name all the horses correctly? 😃

Photos from Tsaheylu Farm's post

We got back to barn from a trail lesson just minutes before it truly got dark.
Actually drivers in Philomont are very respectful of horse & rider, but neon pink vests are still helpful (thank you Ingrid Gudnadottir).

🦄 🤠 🐕 💞

Another fun (yet cold) Apache day at the barn. All photos by Faith Burns ☺️

The horses were all very well behaved in this wind.


Adrienne Lyle

🤣🤣 Truth! 😅



If this is not moving, click on it


Trail ride lesson today to the ford water crossing. I walked with the baby rather than ride a horse.

We just can’t get enough of this pony! She’s so fun! Mady & Bayley both trotted her off the lead rope today. Juliet also got in on the fun at the end of the lesson.

More lessons, riding, and socializing yesterday in this beautiful weather we’ve been having. So great seeing everyone, it’s such a lovely community of people!

Teaching my first lesson again after baby was born. This weather is wonderful for riding! The footing in the ring is super.

Play day at the barn

Julia’s first ride on Apache. She goes both English & Western but for our first test ride, in windy cold weather, we opted for the security of the western saddle.

Apache pony

Welcome the lovely Apache to Tsaheylu farm.
She looks to be a super fun ride for the younger kids!

Roo time

Nothing fancy, but first day back on a horse since late pregnancy.


And if children's drawings were real?

Beatrice feat. Tom (Things I have drawn)

Horse & Hound

Beautiful Riding!!

In this new Petplan Equine film, top riders Charlie Hutton and Lucinda Green swap disciplines. Find out how Lucinda gets on riding piaffe and tempi changes while Charlie finds his feet with angles and skinny fences…

I find myself on both sides of this,
sometimes being willing to venture forth,
sometimes backing down prematurely.
I haven’t died from failure or other people’s opinions yet 😃

For this week’s tip I’d like to share with you how to develop your self confidence. Many riders aren’t pursuing objectives out there because of self limiting beliefs and their fear of the judgment, defeat and embarrassment.

Self confidence is not something that you inherently have or don’t have! Self confidence has nothing to do with talent. Many of my students in clinics think that self confidence comes from the achievements and basically having proven that we are good at riding having achieved a certain level or earned certain awards. But I want you to consider that many riders don’t pursue things in the future or don’t set challenging objectives for themselves because they don’t yet have the experience to be good at riding at a certain level. But how can you reach that level if you don’t even attempt to try things you haven’t done before?

Self confidence doesn’t come from experience nor talent, but comes from our willingness to experience vulnerability. It comes from our willingness to experience judgment from other people, failure and embarrassment at a show, at a clinic or at your barn. We are worried ahead of time about the emotion on the other side of that attempt, we don’t even want to try because we don’t want to feel such negative emotions.

I made a shift in my life by applying the following process: instead of avoiding feelings of failure or embarrassment ahead of time, preventing me to put myself out there at a show, a championship, a symposium or even posting a video of myself on social media and exposing myself to critics...I rehearsed ahead of time what I would feel if I would fail and actually be embarrassed. Having a bad score, a bad ride, having people criticizing your riding, or even worse: your horse, are things that will happen to any rider at any level. What hurts and holds you back is only what you make it mean for yourself. The fact of getting a bad score at a show is harmless, the only thing that makes it painful is what you make it mean.

By rehearsing the worse that can happen in any given situation, in my mind, I realized that what I was actually afraid of is the judgment from other people of me making that attempt and miserably failing. But what I also noticed is that none of those people really matter in my life. None of those people truly support me, and genuinely care about me. None of those people we are anticipating judging us are true friends, mentors or family.

The secret to develop more self confidence and allowing yourself to grow and chase your dreams as a rider is to stop anticipating opinions of people that don’t matter to you, and more importantly starting to have your own back. We are terrible support to ourselves! We actually are the first ones to beat ourselves up for a failed attempt. The key is to develop the willingness to have your own support. Regardless of what happens to me at a show, a symposium, a clinic, I don't make it reflect bad on myself as a rider or a trainer, I create a soft landing for myself. Even if I fail miserably, I only make it mean that I tried my best and that I will get back up. The same way, I will never be disappointed in a student putting himself or herself out there trying and failing. They have to go through the process of failure and defeat to build their own self confidence, get out of their comfort zone and grow as a rider. Self confidence is not a talent, it is something you can create in your mind to fuel your journey towards whatever success you envision for yourself.

Vincent Flores
USDF Gold, Gold Bar, Silver & Bronze Medalist
Vincent Flores Dressage, LLC
Merrimac, Massachusetts

Photo credit: Kevin Hadfield

My Roo-Roo!! 😍 but really people love him 😁

A beautiful afternoon!

At The Races

An amazing place to train racehorses... Luke Harvey paid a visit to Christian Williams' yard on the Welsh coast, and it's safe to say he was blown away by the place!

Could Gia be any kinder.
Letting an 8yr old pilot her around the ring bareback,
or being my safe horse at 8m pregnant.
She’s a 💎

Photos from Tsaheylu Farm's post

After the rain came the wind, cold air, and beautiful rays of sun through the clouds.
The footing in the ring held up beautifully and the fast moving clouds, changing tree colors, crisp air, and beautiful view made it a lovely evening to ride/teach!

I’ve posted this before, but I still love it!

In case you were wondering...

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