Pruett Racing

Pruett Racing

we race in the STORR and AZOP series

Operating as usual


First event of the Fall 2023 Autocross season for the youngest of the Pruett Racing clan. Running in the AZSolos Street Touring Hatchback class


Just 2 weeks away!


Last minute, last dollar, first place!


Winner winner!!!!


Out to lap 4, no pit stop.


Out on lap 3, can and a half of fuel, everything looks good 30mph average.


Halfway through lap 2 still cruising along. Several other vehicles already out of race.


And they are off....

Wikiloc - Live Tracking 03/04/2023

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Wikiloc - Live Tracking pruettracing is currently broadcasting a LIVE Off Road activity


Don't know why, but I think it's sooo cool to be on the shirt for this race.


Off onto their prerun lap.


Some fresh oil going in, only the best, the choice of air cooled champions some might say!

Photos from Pruett Racing's post 02/24/2023

1 week away, not alot of time, lots of work still to do!


Really cool to be featured on the design for this race, hopefully we can make it out to represent!


On off weekends when we aren't in the dirt, the youngest of the Pruett clan autocross races his daily driven 2017 Turbo beetle in the AZSOLO series in Phoenix


Probably the best piece of video to come out of the car, the pass!


Inside view of the start

Photos from Pruett Racing's post 12/05/2022

When the power steering quit after lap 1, my hands took the brunt of the punishment, the steering wheel began to shred my gloves especially my dominant driving hand (left). On lap 3 we made a pit stop to add some duct tape to my hand and the steering wheel, it worked well, I also ended up having my thumb smashed by the spokes in the wheel in a rough section during the next lap, desert racing is hard but we never quit!

Photos from Pruett Racing's post 12/04/2022

Winner winner!


On to lap 4. Power steering not working, changed right front flat.


Out on lap 3.


Out onto lap 2.


And they are off.....


Race day, Ready to rock!


Ready for tech.


Made it to the track, he's off on his pre run lap.

Photos from Pruett Racing's post 12/02/2022

Against all odds, it runs, drives, and steers, we are ready to rock for the last race of the year and hopefully a points championship I think, it's gonna be fun no matter what!


What kind of sensible person doesn't cut the front end off a car 3 weeks before a race?!


Good stuff in the mail today!

Photos from Pruett Racing's post 07/13/2022

Storr Nevrslo independence 250

race report

Luck and perseverance
By Eric pruett II

We left Phoenix Friday morning, arrived at the course without issues around 3pm, unloaded and headed out for our prerun lap, had no issues the first 38 miles but missed a turn somewhere and after noticing the lack of course markers or signs for a few minutes stopped to figure out what had happened.
We do not have a real gps in the car, and we rely heavily on course markers and use the wikiloc app to track and guide us, but without a pre recorded trail it can only tell us where we've been, the prerun usually gives us what we need for race day. After looking at the map we decide to turn around, I choose poorly and we became stuck in a soft ditch off the road. we searched around and found some pieces of wood, and proceeded to dig the car out. We finally got out of the ditch after a few tries. With the sun setting and tech/contingency already started in town we decided to abandon the pre run and head back to the pits. We would surely reach that section of the course before nightfall on race day and could find our way then.

We showed up a little late, but got registered and teched fairly quickly, chatted with some people and headed to the hotel

Race day
We got the the pits around 330 or 4pm, race start scheduled for a 6pm night race. We found a good spot and unloaded the car, as soon as it rolled off the trailer the throttle cable broke at the pedals. Thankfully we carry a spare and swapped it out quickly, we also had to fix a radio issue we discovered before the prerun. After the usual prerace prep(tire pressure, tools, water bags, ect.) We strapped in and headed to the start line. We were starting 7th overall and with 3 cars in our class we were the first to leave. The pressure always seems high at the start, the crowd was sizable, and all eyes are on you, but as they say "when the visor drops, the bu****it stops"
Green flag!
We took off, bounced over the infield jumps, and heading into the desert. I tried to set a moderate, but quick pace the first few miles, I knew the 2 cars behind me were going to be quick, they are very real race cars, we are a very homebuilt racecar. Several miles in ,after a long straight and a left I glanced back and saw the blue paint of the baja goats 5/1600, they had closed the gap already. I was certainly not going to make it easy on them, boys will be boys, so I put my foot down as best I could. We flew through a few straight sections, and finally into the first rocky wash. After we exited the rock wash section we seemed to be pulling back away, and after a bit we entered the second rocky wash, quickly we were caught by a grey truck but being in the wash finding a spot to move out of the way is tough. Driving as quickly as possible, and looking for an out, the front end seemed to grab rut and we nearly rolled off a berm/bank. Then I finally saw a wide spot, the truck passed and we followed back on the course but I could feel "slop" in the steering that hadn't been there before, we were near the exit of the wash and I hoped to make it out to find somewhere safe to take a look under the hood. As we took the turn out of the wash the steering went away entirely and we buried the car in the soft berm. After directing a few cars around us we were able to push the car keeping the wheels straight by hand, off of the race course and access the damage. The bolts holding the rack to the mount on the beam had backed out and the ujoint then broke, nearly a worst case scenario for us, we were about 13miles in on course.
We found 2 of the bolts still on the car, and relayed to our team what had happened and began to formulate a plan. Crew chief dad( Eric pruett sr.) hurried over to the baja goats pit area and as luck would have it, they had a spare ujoint! It was not the right size and non splined but definitely something we could work with! As dad was getting the ujoint they got the call the baja goat guys had rolled their car around mm20, and their team took off. Our team loaded up the generator, welder and some supplies into my good friend Erik's jeep and headed out to find us. In the mean time we got the 2 bolts back into the rack and mounted back on the car, when they arrived we fired up the generator and prepared to fix the car, however the guys forgot to bring the welding helmet or gloves! Co-driver David Pruett a certified welder, using old sun glasses and generic work gloves, while cars raced right next to us now on their second laps, welded the ujoint to the power steering shaft and steering rack, we also welded the bolts to the rack mount making it impossible to cone back apart! We climbed back in and set off, back in the race! The goal now simply to make it back to pits and reassess if we can continue after that, I drove extremely cautiously but we seemed ok and my pace was slowly climbing, however night was beginning to fall. After the whoops section we were fully in darkness, but we had another problem, there was a high likelihood of getting lost again.
Luck strikes again!
The under the son team, passed us just before the missing turn, I saw them make the left and I followed finding the part of the course I had missed before! We cruised through the rest of the course and with a great sigh of relief and growing determination crossed the start/finish line. We headed to the pits, splash of fuel, steering was holding, welds all holding, we headed back out, picking up the pace. We were going much slower than the first lap but making progress and cruising, the only thing of note on the second lap was getting passed by trophy trucks and unlimited buggys, we did a moderate lap and arrived back at the start/finish, back to our pit again. Fuel, some loose bolts, we had a small oil leak from our oil cooler, loose wire.
back out we went, now the only car still racing as the unlimited guys had finished and the blue baron II 1600 car had to retire, we simply had to make it back around 1 more time for the finish.
I was driving extremely cautious and slow, the course was extremely torn up as expected, but we were moving still. All seemed well till we got into the whoops after mm28. I began to hear new clunking sounds that spread from the passenger side front, the to driver side front, and slowly got louder, could really only be a couple things. After the whoops section we stopped at a road crossing and discovered the entire front cage work had basically sheered apart, 3 of the 4 bars had broken from metal fatigue right at the front firewall, the entire front of the car was now held by 1 bar and 1 bolt holding the beam to the pan.
There was nothing we could really do, with 15-20miles left my decision was easy, keep going till the wheels fall off!
We limped the car in first gear for what must have been an hour. It held together! With my crew and the storr officials waiting for us with huge smiles and cheers we crossed the line. Car destroyed, but we finished!!
The amount of things that had to line up to make this possible is crazy.

Huge thanks to the baja goats race team for giving us the ujoint without them we had no chance of continuing, and big thanks to the under the son team for unknowingly helping us find our way
I want to thank our "sponsor" Don at Donson Performance, also Larry with elite machine services

The entire STORR organization, check point workers, volunteers, and fans sticking around for us, it means alot to have that support

Last but certainly not least my team, co-driver David Pruett ,
Crew chief Eric Pruett sr. , my good friend and crew member Erik Degurski, and my grandpa Bill Pruett, this is a huge team effort and it takes a crazy amount of things to get it done, im incredibly lucky to have you all with me for the adventure!

If I forgot to mention anyone I'm sorry, thank you so much!

Hopefully we will be back for the race in December, better than ever!
Thanks for reading!


"The cost of racing hasn't changed, it still takes everything you have"

Long story short we won!

Full race report later, I've got a story to tell you all for sure!


Currently stopped around 12 or 13miles in, bolts backed out of steering rack and broke the u joint, welder and new u joint in route

Photos from Pruett Racing's post 07/08/2022

We will have hats for sale this weekend at contingency and at the race tomorrow, cash only! Come say hi and buy some swag!

Photos from Pruett Racing's post 07/08/2022

Cleaned, prepped, and ready to hit the road in the morning!

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