Grow Strong & Fit

Grow Strong & Fit

This page is here to share tips about fitness. Fitness is not all about going gym. It is also a life

Operating as usual


Today is Friday and before you notice the weekend is here.

Average people are thrilled to sleep in and get drunk during these days.


You keep re-sharing successful people, bragging that it will be you but you betray yourself.

Weekends are the time to be unequal. Use the time to start side hustle and increase your skills.

Successful people are not lucky, they give themselves up to their system of good habits.


Today was a great proof of not letting the haters and doubters stop your dreams.

Vinicius, who was victims of racial by the Atletico Madrid Fans, was able to play a great game tonight and even score a goal in the tough confrontation.

You don’t need to be VINI to have resilience and believe in yourself when doubters make noises.


I hear so many people lacking confidence in themselves.

Your life can change in a year if you have the courage to take actions.

The wealthy people are also humans.

The only difference is that they decided that success should be first before hedonistic behavior


Apres un grande demande pour des vidéos français, je suis content de poster la première de plusieurs dans 30min

Partager et soutenez! C’est un bon topic pour tout ceux qui aspire ou qui vont déjà a la gym.

Bodybuilder ou powerlifter? Comment éviter des blessures inutiles?


In today’s talk show… lol just kidding.
New video will be posted about an important topic.
If you are beginner or advanced, it doesn’t matter you probably deal with this issue.

Please and subscribe to you channel


First workout video posting in 30min Mates!
I had to start with Arms!

On doit être Zippa oubien 😎


30min until my first YouTube video! Hope you will like it 🙌🏽😎


Another Bicep Variation

I usually do 15 reps for 3 sets.

You can see my biceps working, it is quite efficient.

How Time Works 11/18/2021

Tate’s speech 🚀🚀🚀

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This is a good exercise to get bigger biceps.

Should I post the biceps exercises that helped me have bigger arms? Let me know in the comments bicep lovers 😂


Be the best version of yourself


No excuses! By the way, I might have a busier life than you. The worst thing you can do to your life, it is keep doing the same thing that gives no results. “Oh I am busy” yes you are stupid 🙃


Beginning of August. This is the body of someone that used to be shredded to the bones 😂. Man I have to say but if you are fat, it is your FAULT. It is your choices you made in your life that get you to that low point. I understand life happens but what are you doing to get back in shape? Are you crying and hating on the guys with the sickest abs or are you taking your ass to the gym?
The choice was easy for me, I had to get in shape 🔥. Check out the video for my body update after 2.5 months


Quote of the day! Friday I will be done with 1000 push-ups in 10days. Man we will celebrate that with some protein waffle 😂😂


3 months on Clean Bulking on the way.
Steady and incremental result to get to the physique goal 😎🤝


A Man in quest of greatness. I think it will make this song my anthem 😂😂


You cannot get away in this life by avoiding self-improvement.
Build your body and mind like you build your bank Acct.
We have to pay our price. Pay it now or later?
I chose to pay it now and play later 🔥


Shoulder killer man! Do it at the end of your session and push yourself until exhaustion. Shoulders are a complex muscles to build. Go heavy if it works better for you or go light with more reps.

Ps: I go light with a lot of reps

Can’t wait to see the “December version” of myself. Keep grinding👍🏾🙏🏾


Just a quick clip of the back workout.

Back workout are sometimes underrated. if you want a great body and have a good posture, it is a necessity.


😂 beer vs protein shake. Haha literally on the way to the club 😂


Calves workout are so underrated. The muscles in your calves can be built too if you do the right exercise.
If being fast and balanced is something you struggle with, are you working on that?
Don’t wait until you get old and wrinkly to become your best self. It starts now


“There is no growth in the comfort zone. There is no comfort in the growth zone” - Nardone

It is important for you to try new exercise that can make you grow. This is one exercise I have always wanted to try. It is called Arnold Press!

It is quite crazy and I took my time to create the routine and make it efficient. I definitely felt my shoulders burning from this variation.

Please Try it with smaller weight first as to perfect your form.

Rate of the exercice: 9/10


Did you know triceps are bigger that biceps? I personally love doing triceps. This is how I end my arms days. It is a little complex so you should start light and build up. Focus on form 🙌🏽


Quick Tutorial. This exercise requires practice. If you have not done any weighted squats before, start with a free weight or have somebody with squat experience follow your form.

Guys: If you want to be strong and lift your woman for the weeding picture 😂, this is it.

Girls: if you want a nice butt and look fit, definitely add it to your routine 😂


It is Saturday! How are you guys doing? I hope you had a productive week.
This week has been challenging for me; however, I have learned a lot. Grow Strong & Fit is not only about physical but also mentally. Your body will follow your mind. If your mind is growing, the body will transform with a less effort.

Happy weekend!


This exercise will give you more that just muscles. If you are struggling with balance, that is one solution.
It is also a exercise you can do anywhere. As long as you have a chair or rock 😂, it will work.


Today is leg day and personally I have a hard time going to the gym to work on my legs. Funny enough I get the most satisfied after a leg workout lol.

If you don’t feel like doing legs,DO IT! It will give you well balanced body especially for those who want to have a strong physique. Your lower body needs to support your weight.

For the girls, you will be growing your glutes and you will become more confident.
Quick secret: guys loves their girls with nice legs and glutes 😉🤫

Ps: glutes are the muscles in your butt cheeks


Let’s start the journey to our best self

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