Squaw Peak Mountain

Squaw Peak Mountain


No name change to Piestewa Mountain yet? CSElk 3/31/21
I fell today. If you lost a bluetooth earbud helping me up, I found it.
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Wonderful people watching yesterday!!!
I am posting this story I just wrote today with Page Host permission, in honor of the thousands of amazing memories made while hiking the Squaw Peak area trails between 1985 and 1994.

Where the hell were the million people taking videos when ya need em? Not sure why, but suddenly feel the need to tell this story. Maybe it is a process of acceptance. Maybe it is just for pure entertainment and reliving what was, and what shall never be again.

It was the summer of 1990 in Phoenix. For several years, I had taken to the trails in and around the valley of my new desert home. Living against the North face of South Mountain provided almost instant access to hiking trails and more importantly, solitude. In a city of almost 1 Million people, finding myself alone in less than a 15 minute drive was astounding, to say the least. And I took every advantage of it.

I would often park in a lot containing no other cars. Within a few minutes, be surrounded by nothing but desert rock, plants, and almost pure silence. The roar of the city and jet traffic were a constant reminder of what lay just a few hundred yards away in any direction. But the peacefulness of these early morning hikes was priceless. As the years went by, the foot traffic grew more frequent. But often, at the beginning of the predawn day, there were no other souls at the trailsheads.

On one soft cool morning, I had made my way to the top of another favorite hike along the trails of Squaw Peak (now Piestewa Peak, pictured below with a view of the side where this story begins) After resting for 30 to 45 minutes I started down off the top.

I had hiked all around this park and knew the trails well. So well in fact, I could tell if rocks were out of place along the route. To hike as often as 4-5 times a week was a normal week. There were many different trails up to and around the peak itself.

For some reason, when I reached a certain point just off the summit, I decided to change my path down. I took the trail that led off the back side heading Northwest. As I decended, after a few yards, I started to run. As I ran, I started to hop. As I hopped, I started to jump over the ledges and rocks. The feeling of accelerating faster and faster down the steep slope was exhilarating. I literally started to lope like a Gazelle as I gained momentum, well aware of the consequences of a fall on the jagged rocks and various types of spike jacketed cacti.

The rhythm of my feet drowned out all other sound as I dirt slalomed in utter ecstasy. Whenever flat sections or slight rises in the trail occured, I simply skipped and sailed across these as if gliding. The usually hot desert air felt cool against my shirtless body. Snakes, lizards and Gila Monsters had no time to react at all, barely refreshed by the flash of my stingy shadow. Stamina and energy seemed as if they were gaining strength as my decent continued. What seemed like miles, vanished in glimpses of colorful outcrops, vistas, and the far stretching expanse of a peek-a-boo Phoenix skyline.

There was no room for error. My hiking shoes gripped bare rock like suction cups, and even when skidding in loose gravel, the dirt surfed my momentum into the next jump. At one point I slid to the extreme edge of a precipice and flew off the ledge. Timing my drop with the angle of the sloping rocks let me skate into the trail below without even a slight loss of balance or missed step. I was literally rock skiing. Over and over, back and forth, the trail switchbacked me down in a near perfect cadence. Almost as if it had been perfectly designed for the sole purpose of allowing some madman the luxury of commiting himself to pedestrian su***de.

I finally reached the bottom. Here the trail no longer supported my motivational gravity, and I begrudgingly slowed to a trot. A few hundred yards or so more, I started to walk. Then I stopped. I looked back upon the mountainside I had just warp sixed off of. I knew, as I looked up the mile or so of trail to the peak, that there was never going to be such a more powerful feeling of controlled recklessness again in my entire life. And I was 100% correct.
Great overcast day hiking this morning!
al que madruga Dios lo ayuda😇😇😇🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️⛰⛰⛰💯💯
Phone found along road parking near entrance.
Primer vez , woow excelente !!!
hola mundo
Beautiful day and very amazing hike

Celebration of this wonderful park in the midst of the city. Outdoors, pet-friendly (on base trails, not on summit trail. Best place in the Valley for a workout.

Elevation 2,608 feet. Total elevation gain for the summit trail is 1,190 feet. Managed by Mike Garland - C21 Toma Partners Realty -http://mikegarland.c21.com/content?id=233380

Operating as usual

Photos from Amputee Strong's post 09/12/2021

Photos from Amputee Strong's post

Photos from Amputee Strong's post 09/11/2021

Photos from Amputee Strong's post

[12/27/20]   PSA: make sure you’re completely hydrated and bring water. Winter in Arizona is deceiving. 


The Garlands - C21 Toma Partners

It's not the top of the world but tonight it feels like it!
Just a little Friday night hike.


Bliss This Fit

The reason I get up so early in the morning... The start of your day sets the tone for what’s to come! ✌🏼

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Bliss This Fit


Arizona Wedding Photographer

Did a desert maternity shoot with my friends and the cutest couple evar! There are soo many photos from this shoot that I love so much! I haven't even been through all of them yet so will prob be sharing more later!

#maternityphotography #maternityshoot #cutestcouple #babyontheway #arizonaphotography #piestewapeak #love @ Squaw Peak Mountain


Amputee Strong

Beautiful morning to hit the trails and get a quick hike in at the Peak. Do what you love. 🏅🏅

[05/10/20]   Happy Mother's Day!


Mont Blanc Live

Qui est partant pour tester la célèbre via ferrata #StairwayToHeaven en Autriche 🇦🇹 après le confinement ?

🎥 instagram.com/jess.wandering

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One of the finest features of the Valley of the Sun is Piestewa Peak, located in the middle of the city.
Here are homes close to The Peak for you to peruse.





Cool and beautiful day at the Peak yesterday.


Joanna Garzilli



Hey Alexa.... play OUT WEST @ Squaw Peak Mountain

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Make it Count 4 Dani Foundation


EVALIFENutrición Cuerpo y Espíritu

Las Divas!!! Petra ,Maricruz,Felipa y Eva!!!!
Reto Biquini HAWAIANO! 😜

[01/01/20]   Happy New Years!


Phoenix Summit Challenge & UROCK Festival

A sincere thank you to everyone that made PSC19 such a great event. Through your support of PSC and our other event, the National Trail Trek, this year we will raise over $70K to be directly used for trail maintenance and enhancements! Your support greatly impacts our ability to provide one of the nations largest and most prestigious urban trail systems!

Peak Home Views 12/01/2019

Peak Home Views

Untitled Album 12/01/2019

Untitled Album


Potential Realized Training

How many PRTers can you find in this selfie pic?
Good times on our last official preparation hike yesterday. Who is ready for Saturday! #prtAgoing @ Squaw Peak Mountain


Kreate Property Group

When your face becomes your daughters practice barre 💯❤️my Mady 😂👌 @ Squaw Peak Mountain


Live near the Peak in this cool home


Special visitor to the Peak yesterday.



Hanging out with Phoenix's Finest Ranger at The Peak. Talking about the Phoenix Summit Challenge 2019.


Martin Wyall Photography

Cool set of @bridger_henriksen giveving @matt_galland a friendly lil wave as he swoops close to the side of the mountain. If you want to see the whole story, check it out on my newly published website 🎉🍾🍻
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Nice gated community home in Biltmore Villas with views of the Peak!


Phoenix Summit Challenge & UROCK Festival

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