Mindful Minnies Yoga For All

Mindful Minnies Yoga For All


Hi Andrea!
How are you? Love your page here - Mindful Minnie's Yoga. I teach tennis to children and teens, as well as adults. I'm a tennis instructor. I teach tennis to people from Cave Creek, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Carefree, and Paradise Valley Arizona (includes children and teens). I'm also a personal trainer that knows sports nutrition. For more information about tennis lessons, text or call me at (602)-736-8486, email - [email protected] My page is Mark Alex Nye . I will teach you the physical, mental, and psychological game of tennis. If you want to add twenty years to your life, it's as easy as playing tennis. Article by U.S. News and World Report. -
Do the minnies where their costumes this week or next?
Ruba Simon Isaac here is the page!
Hello...I work down town for Phoenix Day. I am the community and youth services manager for Central Park. The youth we serve in our community are low income and at risk and it has been my goal to expose them to healthy new things that they may never have had the chance to experience. I was wondering if you were open to a partnership of sorts in order to bring yoga to Central Park. We could possibly trade an hour for an hour if you needed to use our center for your own services....or maybe work out a deal merely to bring the yoga experience to our Girl Power program we have that meets on Saturday's. Either way I would love to chat further with you in order to come together to off the awesome experience of yoga to our youth!
Have u thought about teen classes?
Kim Greene thought you may want Hailey to try this.
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Thank you so much, Andrea Westfall Kassem! You were the best teacher for my intro to yoga class this am, can't wait until the next one. :)
Calling all Girl Scout Troops! Get your Yoga Patch Now with Mindful Minnies Yoga For Kids!
Calling all Girl Scout Troops! Get your Yoga Patch Now with Mindful Minnies Yoga For Kids! 480.287.7086
Calling all Girl Scout Troops! Get your Yoga patch Now!
Tired of just a normal Birthday party for the kids? Have a Yoga Party with Mindful Minnies Yoga For Kids!

Mindful Minnies is a kid‘s yoga business in Phoenix, AZ. We teach yoga, mindfulness and relaxation in private lessons at your home. Welcome to Mindful Minis Kids Yoga!

Mindful Minnies is a kids yoga studio. We introduce yoga poses, relaxation breathing and mindfulness! Andrea Kassem is a certified childrens yoga instructor who has been practicing yoga herself for over 5 years. Andrea has two "minnies" of her own and understands what it's like to travel from home to sports to other activities, which can be tiring after a long day at work. We offer many different

Operating as usual


I think this would be a great part of an officer‘s training and or continuing throughout their career. Now, more than ever.
If you know of any cities/ connections that would find this beneficial for their Police Departments please contact
[email protected], through our FB Page or at www.mindfulminnies.com. If in the Phoenix and cities surrounding I can help. For stations outside of Arizona I can get you in contact with instructors as well.

Mindful Minnie’s Back The Blue 💙 🖤


Relax it’s Friday!


Mindful Minnie’s Adult or. Child Yoga! It’s here!!! Private sessions on weekends! Finally our weather is cooling off and we can hold sessions outside as well!

Inquire for pricing and availability at [email protected]

🧘🏽‍♀️ [email protected]

‘It’s a safety blanket’: why more and more teenagers are relying on life coaches 06/24/2020

‘It’s a safety blanket’: why more and more teenagers are relying on life coaches

As 2020 has so far been a year of tragedy, the unknown and uncertainty I have decided to use the time that we all have endured either losing jobs or even just the rigorous day to day uncertainty in our brains as well as being cooped up inside, in turn leading to possible depression or anxiety etc. This is all NO GOOD for us as humans, not to mention the hundreds of thousands who became sick during a pandemic! So as I was saying I’ve been using this time to study life coaching, my niche being 12-18 years of age. In addition to being a yoga instructor, I am adding life coaching to my resume. They can certainly go hand in hand.
I’ve seen first hand how 12 year olds can easily lose track of what it is they love to do or may not even know what they love to do until they put social media aside and reflect. Being busy with something other than social media can build confidence, keep kids out of trouble, let them find a purpose and most of all let them explore.
Another side of age 12-18 are also feelings, deep feelings that can come about during times that we are all experiencing right now. It can lead to kids feeling uneasy and afraid of the unknown.

Life coaches are not therapists so if your child has deeper issues that need medical attention please don’t be afraid to ask them how they are feeling and get them the help they need. Life coaches are designed to guide a person and allow them to see different sides of the coin and help them move toward the right direction if they are in a funk or just need help with sorting out what they are feeling as well.

I am excited to help your child. Yoga can be incorporated as well if desired. Coaching can be done in person or via phone, zoom or any other face to face video outlets.
Take a moment to read this article if you have children between the ages of 12-18.

More info will be on www.mindfulminnies.com and our Mindful Minnie’s FB page soon!

‘It’s a safety blanket’: why more and more teenagers are relying on life coaches We think of life coaching as something for middle-aged executives, yet 17- and 18-year-olds are increasingly signing up. Is it for career advice – or because they help assuage loneliness?


Miss these kids in the studio !
Still and will always be teaching private sessions for children or families!
Get your children ready for a great life including yoga!! Namaste 🙏🏼

Empathy Is Taught To Students Ages 6 To 16 In Denmark Schools 12/20/2019

Empathy Is Taught To Students Ages 6 To 16 In Denmark Schools

Empathy Is Taught To Students Ages 6 To 16 In Denmark Schools Every week, students aged six to 16 are following empathy classes during “Klassens tid”. The idea behind these classes is to teach kids to practice empathy, how to build relationships, how to succeed at work and how to prevent bullying.


I love this!! One of my yoga students drew this for me! I will never stop teaching yoga - and if you or your child practice for many types of reasons, please do not stop! Benefits for life!!


Happy Halloween!!


Have no regrets and go 💯 for what you want in life! We only have one, we only have one!


Is everyone ready for Halloween 👻? Mindful Minnie’s is!


Mindful Minnie’s is running a great FALL BREAK SPECIAL!! As you know we are a mobile yoga lesson business for kids and families! To all of my existing students if you refer a friend to sign up for a 4 week session you receive 1/2 off of your tuition that month! For NEW students if you are interested in private lessons please go to www.mindfulminnies.com and when you inquire about signing your child up you will receive 1/2 off tuition for the first month!!

“Let Us Give Your Child The Gift Of Yoga!”


It’s almost that time of year again!! Remember Mindful Minnie’s for Kids hosts any type of parties: birthdays, holidays, half days- the list goes on!! Inquire at [email protected]🙏🏼 Namaste!

Photos from Mindful Minnies Yoga For All's post 09/12/2019

Mindful Minnie’s is always excited to let Scouts, boy and girl earn their yoga badge! We offer a one hour class in the convenience of your home, backyard park etc. I will come to you!! Each scout will earn a yoga badge and a Mindful Minnie’s water bottle!
Get your scouts involved in this activity as they will take away knowledge that will be unforgettable for their mind and body! Sign up at [email protected]! Namaste!


Mindful Minnie’s Yoga For Kids is rolling out a new concept! How I miss all of my little faces in our weekly classes over the past year I am now teaching private lessons. I am booking for after school into the evening and no weekends.
If your child is having any of these issues below yoga may be something your child WILL benefit from especially with a one on one opportunity.
-Hard to concentrate
- Self Confidence
- No desire for sports or exercise
- Extra help for agility/stretching and relaxation while playing a sport
- Special Needs
-Wanting to achieve an overall well-being for themselves
All of these, among many other issues or non issues, through yoga at a young age, can shape the minds and the way our kids think in a more positive and calm way.
I use Yoga (exercise and confidence building) Mindfulness (learning how to control how we react) Relaxation Breathing (learning how to calm ourselves) to teach children what many of us were never taught as kids hence why we have anxiety, uncontrolled reactions and not really knowing how to calm ourselves in situations. This is why I choose to and will always continue to teach children yoga as it helped me as an adult and I often wish I had this opportunity as a child. YOGA is awesome!! Please feel free to DM our FB page with any questions! Take a look at our many videos and photos as well! Namaste!

Is it time to add yoga to the primary school curriculum? 05/14/2019

Is it time to add yoga to the primary school curriculum?

Is it time to add yoga to the primary school curriculum? Proponents say yoga calms anxious pupils and helps to improve their concentration


Yoga Birthday Parties are all the rage right now!! 😃

This is just one of the upcoming specialties Mindful Minnie’s Yoga For Kids,Families and Moms or Dads😃... will be gearing toward!!

This birthday party is for twin girls!
This package comes with 45 min yoga session, yoga mats, hydro flasks and a block for each birthday girl. Mats are fun parting gifts and the kids love the colors! And the mats are a steal of a deal for gifts for the guests!!
Can’t wait!🎊🎉🧘🏽‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️🎂


Photos from Mindful Minnies Yoga For All's post 09/15/2018

Listen Up Yogis! MM is now working with everyone in the family whether it’s your immediate family or even your work family!

Mobile 🧘🏽‍♀️ Yoga ! We come to you for Family Yoga - Yoga Parties- Private Lessons- Scout Yoga - Corporate - Sport and much more!
Keep looking for our improved website Mindfulminnies.com for further details!


This is just one of the upcoming specialties Mindful Minnie’s Yoga For Kids,Families and Moms or Dads😃... will be gearing toward!!

This birthday party is for twin girls!
This package comes with 45 min yoga session, yoga mats, hydro flasks and a block for each birthday girl. Mats are fun parting gifts and the kids love the colors! And the mats are a steal of a deal for gifts for the guests!!
Can’t wait!🎊🎉🧘🏽‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️🎂





Hello Minnie's and Parents! It's with great sadness and regret that I will have to cancel my yoga class until further notice 😞 It's been a great 5 years teaching all of your children and those have yet to come will thoroughly enjoy it when we get a full group. As of right now I do not have enough children to start Ieither age groups. During this off time I plan to put a different business model together geared toward family yoga, yoga birthday parties and private lessons . Most of this will take place on weekend hours.
I will keep everyone posted and I truly regret those if you who were excited as me to kick off this yoga year. Please like our page on FB or add me as a friend on Insta or FB to keep in the loop!
I love each and everyone of your passion for yoga and especially getting your children involved of course! I will put an update out soon and hope to be ready by the first of the year! Namaste! Please text me with any questions! ❤️ Andrea

Photos from Mindful Minnies Yoga For All's post 08/08/2018

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! This is Andrea Kassem from Mindful Minnie's Yoga For Kids! I'm happy to say we will be starting our fall season very soon! Upon starting there are a few changes I'm adding to MM! Hopefully they will make things flow much easier on the parents end 😊
# 1 I'm so excited to be back and I've missed teaching and the students terribly!

#2 Our pricing has changed. We will no longer offer 8 weeks for $100. It will just be a straight up $50 per month (4 classes). No more confusion of when your due to pay etc as I will send reminders out through Venmo! This is how I will take payments or through Zelle which is directly linked to any Bank (your bank has this).

#3 The Back to School Special is purchase 4 weeks and receive 2 free classes!! Must be used after the 2nd four week session purchased and beyond anytime!
Also if you refer a friend at ANY time you get a free class! Used at any time!
Always sibling discount -$5 for 2nd child and so forth.

#4 Classes begin on Sept 5 for ages 7-12 Wednesday from 4-5 pm (Thurs is also a possibility if all students would rather decide on Thursday)same time though.
Monday Sept 10 ages 3-7 will begin as usual from 4-5 pm.

That is all I have! Please if any questions text me separately.
I look forward to the fun, games, exercise (yoga) relaxation and mindfulness we've been missing all summer! Just in time for focus at school!
🙏🏼 Thank you!
Andrea Kassem


Hello and welcome back all of you who had awesome summer vacations!
Please be on the look out for the BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL and new pricing for Mindful Minnie’s! It will be going out this week and Mindful Minnie’s first day back will be Wednesday September 5th for ages 7-12 and September 10th for ages 3-6!
This year we are starting after Labor Day!

Again a text or email will be going out to all of my current and new students, as well as a FB post next week! I can’t wait to see you all and new faces too!!


Photos from Mindful Minnies Yoga For All's post 07/09/2018

Finally! Day 4/5 of MM Yoga Camp! Lots of yoga, lots of relaxation and lots of slime 🙏🏼
Enjoy the pics and I was so happy with work with all of the kids, we had an awesome group!! Until next time!

Look out for back to school special rates and a new pricing sheet which will be a bit more user friendly!


Thank you and have a great summer!!
Andrea Westfall Kassem


Lebron James: King of the Court

Never give up!!


The 90-year-old woman who can still do the splits

Home | Mindful Minnies 06/29/2018

Home | Mindful Minnies

Thank You all of my Mindful Minnie Yoga Campers! This week was a blast and was such a hit!! I hope you all had as much fun as I did being with you all!!
More photos to come!!


Look for our back to SCHOOL SPECIAL coming soon for fall class that will begin in August! 🙏🏼

Home | Mindful Minnies

Photos from Mindful Minnies Yoga For All's post 06/27/2018

Day 3 of Mindful Minnie’s Yoga Camp was a success! Salutations led by Mia, homemade all natural facial and body masks 😂, teaching the kids what mindfulness and relaxation is really about, chime meditation and “Yogi Says” game with Nolan being our last man standing winning himself a brand new yoga mat! All of my students in this camp rock!!! 🙏🏼 Namaste!!

Also a few pics from the first day!


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