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When your client’s Rottweiler becomes your assistant trainer.


Exercise has been my lifesaver since my early teen years. I would train to escape sadness, to become stronger so I was no longer bullied, and to look good because I was told I didn’t. I use them now as therapy, to escape from sadness, and to stay as strong as I possibly can during the last 1/3 of my life. Please cope in healthy ways, become as strong as you can and


It is a beautiful day in the valley of the sun to get out and get some movement in. The importance of maintaining our health and strength cannot be emphasized enough, especially with what we’ve learned this year. Stay strong people and PLEASE care for your health!


What an amazing morning!


Outdoor/indoor socially distant in the back yard group workout. It is SO IMPORTANT to “find a way” to get your exercises in. This group of nurses and doctors understand how vital exercise is to longevity, overall functioning, and even happiness. Please take care of your strength, heart, tissue, and brain today!


Such a fun group to coach and a beautiful morning.


Our socially distant Saturday morning workout. What a beautiful morning! Have a great weekend!

Photos from Miracles of Phoenix Fitness's post 10/07/2020


Photos from Miracles of Phoenix Fitness's post 10/07/2020


Photos from Miracles of Phoenix Fitness's post 10/07/2020

Yesterday I ran into Walgreens and the lady working behind the counter asked, “Maybe you can help me, how do I get a power of attorney?” I do not know why she asked me, I’d never seen her before but I am always willing to help if I can and I’ve had more than one experience being someone else’s medical power of attorney. I asked her was it medical and she said yes. She appeared to be in her 40’s and I asked her, “Is this for a parent?” She said, “no for me.” I immediately felt sad for her assuming she is sick. I asked, “ Are you okay” and she replied, “Yes I’m fine but I just turned 55.” She said she is getting old.
My friends, this is not true! Steve is 83 and stronger than when he was 73 and is extremely high functioning, productive, happy and healthy.
Marie is 60 and can crank out more pushups than most 20 year olds. I can give you at least 40 more stories like that. PLEASE choose to be strong as you age. Caring for your strength will matter to not only your health but your happiness, finances, relationships, and every aspect of your life. Stay strong! BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

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Dr. deGuzman has done AMAZING!

Photos from Miracles of Phoenix Fitness's post 10/05/2020

The transformation in both body composition and strength by Dr. John deGuzman has been truly amazing to witness! We have been training together for two years and when he first began, his strength levels were below what is considered normal for a man his age. And even though he was not in the overweight category, his body fat percentage was high. He also complained of chronic lower back pain.
Widely regarded as a physician (named to Phoenix Top Docs” several times) and an expert on non-surgical obesity treatment, Dr. deGuzman knew he needed help with exercise and as a person over 55, specifically strength training. He consulted with patients and medical professionals and decided we were the best option to stay safe, injury free, and to see results.His determination and resiliency have been inspiring to watch. Going slowly and methodically, Dr. DeGuzman’s strength levels have increased 300-500% in all areas, his body fat percentage is below 20%, and he has ZERO lower back pain. No drugs, just work! I am so proud of John and thankful he is doing so much good for his longevity and health!


It is so important our whole life, but especially after age 55, to maintain as much strength as we possibly can. We lose strength in our muscles, bones, and joints at a faster rate past age 55 and the most reliable method for keeping our strength is through strength training. It should be done in a safe manner and the strength program designed for your specific needs. You can influence the way you age. Stay strong!

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Workout mood of the day.



These guys are so awesome! They haven’t missed a workout despite corona and the heat!


If we haven’t learned anything else this year, we have learned about the importance of taking care of our health, especially those of us over 50. The data is clear, how strong we are as we head into our 50’s, 60’’s, 70’s and beyond will determine how functioning we will be as we age. There is a lot of research that shows how strong we are past 50 will determine whether we survive a disease or injury. It is SO IMPORTANT! BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


I saw this on my [email protected] walk and run this morning. Thanks for the thought but I am good, don’t need this right now.


These people are not supposed to be enjoying themselves while they workout!


This is not the way workouts are supposed to be! People having fun, dogs laying around, we need to toughen up! Have a great Fourth of July weekend everyone!

Timeline photos 06/02/2020

Timeline photos


The best defense is EXERCISE and healthy eating!! Dancing is exercise too!!
This is so cool!

Timeline photos 04/14/2020

What 530 am still looks like! High intensity resistance training with a hyperthermic twist. Stay strong my beautiful people!


Our gym today! It is so important to stay as strong as possible, especially if you are over 50. We lose our strength faster as we age, almost three times the rate than when we were 20-50. The way we can slow the progression of age related strength loss is through resistance training that safely covers every area of the body and functional motion. The strength training program should be varied and incorporate multiple types of exercise. If you need help reach out to a professional.

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The books and links many of you asked about are available. Here is the link and you can also search on Amazon "Phoenix Strong Health Education," and take a look. All workbooks are under $10, available on Kindle and all behavioral health and medical professionals receive a discount. I hope everyone is staying healthy and strong! BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!


Quarantine Workout 💪🏻😂

Get your COVID19 Workout On!!!


Timeline photos 03/26/2020

I am re-reading The Subtle Art again by and this is so important. Have a great day!


Our gym today. Please get some exercise outside and practice social distancing. Keep yourself strong and keep those you love protected.

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The Build YOUR Healthy Life Workbook Series is finally complete! I am still going to touch up the description of each book but everything else has received amazing feedback! The workbooks also have classes available or training for qualified behavioral health and medical professionals. The workbooks are evidence based and combine treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and more to help the individual discover and develop a healthier life! All books available on Amazon or by direct messaging to me and all are priced under $10 with professional discounts available! ENJOY!
The Build YOUR Healthy Life Workbook Series
@ Arizona @ Mesa, Arizona

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It is so important to take care of our strength! Our muscle and strength begin to decline at a faster rate once we hit our 50’s and beyond. The best way to slow that down is through strength training. Reach out if you need help.


Are you looking for a Personal Trainer that can help you:
• Be more active
• Increase strength
• Improve balance
• Lose weight
• Be healthier
In an environment that is:
• Personalized/Individualized
• Provided in either a personal or group setting
• Supportive
• Safe
• Science/evidence based
• Fun
• Judgement
• Shame
• Pain
• Injury
• Age restriction
Provided by a trainer:
• With decades of experience
• Is certified
• Understands and teaches the science/evidence based benefits of exercise
• Is up to date on current studies with regard to exercise and fitness
• Is published
• Who trains beginners to experts with the same level of respect and expertise

If so, I would urge you to contact Coe Kirby at Miracles of Phoenix.

How do I know? I have been a client of Mr. Kirby’s for the past 17 months. In that time, I have markedly increased my strength and cardiovascular health. I am feeling better, sleeping better, have increased energy, and am more productive.
I have also referred many of my patients to Mr. Kirby and frequently work out side by side with them. I have witnessed people who have had no experience with exercise, people who have had a previously terrible experience with exercise, and also high level athletes benefiting greatly under Mr. Kirby’s expertise.

Who am I? My name is John V. deGuzman, MD. I practiced Internal Medicine in central Phoenix for over twenty years prior to transitioning to a dedicated Obesity Medicine practice. I have been an Obesity Medicine physician with Scottsdale Weight Loss Center since 2014. I am board certified in Internal Medicine (ABIM and NBPAS) and Obesity Medicine (ABOM). I have been recognized as a “Top Doc” in Phoenix Magazine for many years since 2007.

Be healthy and well! Contact Coe Kirby at Miracles of Phoenix.
Call or text: 602-989-1978.

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Need safe exercise?

Are you a baby boomer and need a safe way to exercise with effective results? Our program is doctor endorsed, highly effective, safe, and affordable! We have helped hundreds of people over 50 improve their fitness levels and overall health EVEN IF THEY’VE HAD SETBACKS AILMENTS, OR LIMITATIONS! Message today for more info. We have one-on-one and online training available!

Our Story

Miracles of Phoenix Fitness provides fitness and health training for people of all fitness levels age, or past exercise experience. We specialize in helping people who struggle to maintain a health commitment. We have helped hundreds of people overcome the struggles to become healthy and happy with themselves. You truly can become your own miracle. Take the first step and call or email us and you will see that our environment is welcoming and our program is safe and effective. Make your change in 2018! BE YOUR OWN MIRACLE!

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