Second Opinion

Sometimes we need advice. We all have people in our life to give us their opinion, but these may be biased opinions. Get unbiased advice from us now!

Born in a house of modest means in a far away land. Life was a struggle, but I kept on going. Met some good people along the way who consoled and coached me to reach a meaningful point.


Tester should get a 2nd opinion!!


I'm Proud of Myself Are You?



Don't try to change them. Enjoy them or ignore them!


Heaven Soul


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Even if you are a diamond, polishing and packaging add so much to your base value. Attitude is a befitting gift wrap to the priceless diamond you are!


Sad but true. Many have lived a life which had no LIFE.


Sometimes it is ok to leave it for tomorrow. Rigidity can choke happiness.


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Love everything because loving resonates with us.


See good in everybody INCLUDING yourself!


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Life will throw pieces of many puzzles at you. Anyone who can help you see (imagine) the picture, is your teacher. Value this person. Worship this person!! :)


Sometimes it takes a miracle to see the obvious!! :)


Share your good fortune! 03/19/2015

Research Mapping Human Emotions Shows Strong Mind Body Connection Inspired by an article written by Alex Pietrowski of Waking Times| Mapping out human emotions shows how strong the mind-body connection really is. Scientists from Finland have recently been able to use topographic methods to see what the effects different emotions have on body temperature and othe…


We thought Love is the biggest thing, no it is happiness!!!


The Big Apple Experiment

How our thoughts and words affect others!!!


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Even the darkest night surrenders to the sunshine!!


A lit candle can light many other candles!


Guia Chapada dos Veadeiros

How calming! I can watch it for hours!!

Cachoeira da Catedral - Vale do Rio Macaco
Chapada dos Veaddeiros


An Enlightened soul will patiently listen to you. Provide an unbiased opinion. Entire discussion will be confidential, away from your social circle!!


Everyone hears, few listen!


Given the opportunity, anyone can bloom and blossom!


Everyone was adoring the husband who was holding his wife's hand while shopping, until he shared the REAL reason, "If I let go her hand, she will let go our money!"




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