The Goddess House of Yoga

The Goddess House of Yoga


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Hello lovelies
I’m back from Costa Rica. I’ve experienced so much release, love, and visions while I immersed myself into the womb of Pachamama as I practiced ritual, ceremony and sacred movement. The medicine I received was profound.
I’m taking a few days to reintegrate and acclimate myself back into society. I should be back in Phoenix Sunday evening.
I have so much sweet goodness to share with you all.
Magic Medicine Mystery
-Inhale deep into your womb space, feel the magic swirling, and sigh out a sweet HUM....

Support and Sisterhood for the Global Rising Feminine. A sacred house for sisterhood & support located in central Phoenix. Committed to making a major Social Impact & aid in the Feminine Rising.

Currently transitioning to a non-profit organization for Women. Join the movement. We meet for circle every other Friday night. Reach out with questions.

[04/01/19]   YPP GRADUATION QUEENS! 🌙🖤👑 Spring Session came to completion yesterday but our Love & Healing continues on.🌀May you spread your wings and fly so High, the Sky is not the Limit! 🦋🌸🦋🌸 But the stars and beyond! 🖤💫🖤 Aho!
AND ~ Thank you to all the amazing facilitators that stand behind the Yogini Priestess Path, the GHY & the impact we are creating. I love you. ❤️ Massive Love & Blessings! #thematron #yoginipriestess #sacredsisterhood #astrologywitches #femininerising #witch #goddess #astrology #priestess
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I Reclaim all of Me

Venus conjunct Pluto today... The Goddess of Love & Queen of Heaven meets the lord of the Underworld to shed what is no longer needed on the Path... A purge & renewal for our inner Feminine collectively & individually.
Today I am the snake & I shed & share with you my Greatest Wound & Healing that has come thru Inanna the Goddess Emboidment of Venus.
Two weeks ago I sat in a very Sacred Ayahuasca Ceremony. In that ceremony the totality of the Goddess was revealed to me & the msg received was that the Feminine Sexual Force is the Greatest Power on Earth. All of my sexual shame, use, abuse, humiliation, obligation & wounding had to be reviewed & purged so that I could represent the Totality of my own Highest Self within & anything less would not be accepted by the Goddess. And so I purged & healed for my lineage & surrendered into Her arms.
But my journey did not stop has continued upon returning home & the massive Sister Wound that has pained me for so long has come fully into my awareness. I only spoke of this once in my 20s to my mom & brother...until the morning after ceremony I shared it with my sister in tears, something I have avoided for nearly my whole life.
When I was around the age 5-7, my sacred space was violated multiple times by a girl 2 years older then me. I don’t know what was happening to her that made her do what she did to me and I am sad for her but I reclaim all of Self now. These experiences took place at my babysitters house...and she was like a sister to me and our lives were intertwined for many years. What I have learned astrologically thru this that I am Taurus Rising with Chiron, my greatest Wound, conjunct my ascendant, Sextile my sun in my 11th of Community...
This equals past & present life wounding and healing in community.
One of my intentions for ceremony was to fully express my Venus and Taurus Rising. Venus is the ruler of Taurus (ruler of my chart) & sits at my midheaven in Capricorn (9th House).
The Taurus/Scorpio axis is the axis of Sex & Money.... and note that the 2nd Chakra also & money. Venus & Taurus specifically are about fusing spirit with matter...the physical merges with spirit thru Earthly Pleasures & Experiences. But since it is the physical & quite primal it also has to do with survival on Earth which equates to money, values & self worth. So we can see in the 2nd house or Taurus, or the 2nd Chakra...that when disempowered sexually at any age this could also drain self worth & the relationship to money & the physical can have wounding because of the strong connection between sex and money. Money and our yoni consciousness are super connected and intertwined. So we can not perceive to heal one with out the other.
And truly money should be seen as sacred just like our Yoni’s.
We have been taught that sex, money and pleasure are sins... so there is a divide between spirit & matter.
But when in Taurus or on Earth the physical realm...the body becomes a sacred Vessel for Spirit to incarnate and for the Soul to survive on Earth & in the Elements we have to have money. There is no separation between the Sacred & the Physcal. The Sacred exists on Earth thru our Physicalness and that of Nature. Everything is holy & woven together. Nature, creativity, and according to Maurice Fernandez... “Orgasm is the fusion of Spirit into Matter”.
Money is a powerful energy, just like our Yoni’s so sexual shaming is tied to money shaming and vise versa....and all are forms of control & abuse.
When we are connected to the body as a sacred vehicle, we take care of our bodies, we are healthy & strong. Which makes us more present & able to enjoy Earth...but also more primal, intuitive & a direct channel for God/ we can not be influenced or controlled any longer by Sources outside of us. Because we have found the power within, we have merged the Spirit with the Physical on Earth.
So with my Wound that I got at a young age, I beleive it is my greatest Wound and first sexual is my Chiron and it is also my Sister Wound. We know that Chiron is the Wounded healer archetype that resides within the psyche of all men and women...the wound becomes the womb of creation and your Greatest Healing Gift. My womb of creation is literally the Goddess House a safe space for Sisterhood & Support. What was denied to me as a little girl, when my sacredness was denied in the physical realm by a sister. So thru out my life this theme has been triggered but I never knew till yesterday the depth or clarity that I have now and I have experienced the greatest healing and a return to innocence. I now understand my greates gifts with lightness & how I have been guided to become Matron. My need to create and share safe relationships with women, to heal, as well as empower others to use their creativity and connection to Goddess, is at the Core of my Purpose, evolution and healing.
To hold that space and also experience it in the Physical is how I heal Self and my ancestry.
To further examine my Greatest Wound, I got my grandmother’s birth info and my siblings and my mother’s. Interestingly enough my brother & sister both have Chiron in Taurus like me. And my mom, Grandmother & Sister are South Node Taurus...all conjunct my Chiron. This is lifetimes of wounding in Taurus...the feminine, the sexual, the physical, the monetary.
My sister not only has her south node and Chiron in Taurus but also, both are in a tight conjunction with her Lilith. My Brother has his natal moon in a tight conjunction with his Chiron.

Now we can examine how this has played out for my daughters... my older daughter has her Chiron on the exact degree of my Grandmothers north node in Scorpio...literally where my grandmother headed in her lifetime is my daughters greatest wound...
A similar link in my youngest daughters chart... she has Mars & Saturn in the 8th house of Taurus, opposing her Natal Moon in Scorpio... all conjuncting the nodes of my mom, grandma and sister. This the one that reflects her abuse she endured at a young age as well..
For lifetimes my family has had deep wounding in the Taurus/Venus archetype, that was reflected in depths of scorpio...
But not anymore. Now that it has been illuminated thru me, never again will this pattern continue for my lineage. I believe the healing we do affects our past & future and my Daughters Daughters will be safe.
Next week I turn 40. A special day because every 8 years you experience your Venus and Solar Return on the same day. It’s the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another. It is the renewal and rebirth of my inner feminine.
To celebrate my renewal I am getting a serpent tattooed as a symbol and a vow of devotion for the Goddess of Love and Queen of Heaven... Inanna and Venus... I am ready to serve the Goddess in totality. Aho. Venus conjunct Pluto today... The Goddess of Love & Queen of Heaven meets the lord of the Underworld to shed what is no longer needed on the Path... A purge & r

[01/16/19]   Claim the life you Desire! Signup now for our women’s retreat to Joshua Tree! Feb. 8th-10th. 🌵👯🌵👯🌵 (optional plant medicine ceremony on the 7th). Yoga, Sisterhood, Astrology, Hiking, Ritual, Bonfires, Nature!!! What is stopping you from saying Yes!? This is the Goddess Embodied #3 Sister! Our 3rd time back to JTree and I can confidently guarantee that you will experience next level healing, transformation and magic! If your Soul is saying Yes, say Yes and signup today! 3
Spots left. Your tribe awaits. Link in comments. Massive Love and New Beginnings, #thematron #yoginipriestess #femininerising #sacredsisterhood #unstoppable #thefutureisfemale 01/08/2019

It is Never too Late by Clara McKinnie | Feminine Rising | United States | The Goddess House of Yoga

New Moon Priestess Feature!
Love you Clara! 💜🦋👑💜🦋👑 I wish I had a witty quote to reflect how I came about to be finally awakened but I don't. I can only be me; open, raw and exposed. First, let me begin by say 01/08/2019

Woah ~ Saturn.

New Moon Newsletter! 🖤🌑🖤🌑🖤🌑 A flower can not develop with out roots first... 12/06/2018

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Venus Retrograde 2018 - What To Expect

I am offering 20% off all Ritual Empowerment Sessions in honor of Venus Retrograde!
Expect to receive a full Astrological Reading comparing natal chart to current transits. Plus walk away with Goddess Based Ritual Instructions that are specific for You! Must book your apt by end of day tomorrow to take advantage of this savings! For only $64 you will get all the tools to feel empowered now!
Link in comments below to schedule!

Venus Retrograde 2018 starts on October 5th at 10° Scorpio. Venus retrograde will last for 08/09/2018

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Drumming Class for the Yogini Priestess Path Summer Intensive

A little taste of the Yogini Priestess Path. This program will TRANSFORM you like no other. Just feel the POWER from the video. Fall Session starts Sept. 9th. ONLY TAKING 11 signups. This is a program that fosters TRUE Connection & Healing. Event link in comments. Xoxo

This is "Drumming Class for the Yogini Priestess Path Summer Intensive" by Nicole Ballantyne on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people… 05/16/2018

Full Moon Flow w/ Tatum & Nicole | THE GODDESS HOUSE OF YOGA | BILTOMORE PHX

This just in! Me and my Daughter teaching for the first time together 😭🦋😭🦋 First time Mother & Daughter teaching together!!! 05/09/2018


Yogini Priestess Path Summer Intensive 🔥 Website updated. 🙌🏻 Providing sisterhood and support for the Feminine Rising. Home to Ritual Sisters & the Yogini~Priestess Path. Offering community, healing, travel and more al

Sacred Dance Class for the Yogini Priestess Path!!

The Yogini Priestess Path is Phoenix Based Mystery School. Combining Yoga with the ways of the ancients. Studying Astrology, Magic, Sisterhood, Sacred Dance & Drumming. The YPP is 90 day training program consisting of 78 hrs & 18 meetings. Giving you back your True Divine Feminine Power!

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