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Underground Fitness is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time! I love the staff, the facility, and the community of people I've found at Underground Fitness. It's been about 4 months now, and I usually do semi-private training with Camille (who's AMAZING!). She follows up with me if I miss a session, and regularly (but not TOO regularly) sends me reminders about eating or staying focused on goals which helps me a lot. My goals didn't happen to include weight loss...I really wanted to get "strong". Mission accomplished! Not only am I feeling better overall during my day, but I no longer have chronic back pain (thrown from a horse as a kid). I didn't even realize how much pain I was regularly in until it wasn't there anymore. Boot camps are also a lot of fun, and help to keep it interesting. HIGHLY recommend to anyone!

www.UndergroundfitnessAZ.com Schedule a free consultation session with us today through our website to become empowered to accomplish and protect your goals!

Underground Fitness is the solution to transforming the way you look, move, and feel! We provide unsurpassed goal accountability and fitness education through Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching, Hybrid Semi-Private Coaching and Small Group Metabolic Conditioning experiences. ALL complete with a custom nutrition strategy designed to get you into the shape you’ve always wanted to be in.

Operating as usual

Never stop learning.

Nutrition. Movement. Strength. Endurance. Supplements. Agility. Explosiveness. Stability. Phytonutrients. HIIT. Macronutrients. Cardio
Interval training. Mental fortitude. Self control. Self Care.Composition

What we can learn in regards to health and wellness is endless. Never stop learning so you can make better choices in life. We're here to help

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Here's a little challenge for fun....can you do this??
If so how many times before the bottle OR you drop??

Try it out! Tag us, let's see it!

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Virtual Sessions EVERYONE can enjoy (Even the cat 🤣)
It's true, we may not have an ideal situation, many of the gyms are still closed, but that doesn't have to stop you. There are NO excuses when it comes to taking care of your health and fitness!

With that being said, it can become boring and feel like you've hit a plateau when you're working out at home alone. So let us help you get back on track!! Even at home, with limited equipment, we can help you reach your goals! 💪🏽

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Nutrition Matters.
Learn WHAT to eat and HOW to make good nutrition a way of life and use it to get your goals!
We offer customized one on one nutritional coaching. HEALTH starts from the INSIDE . Stop guessing. Get educated today!!
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Where you focus, your energy goes...so why not focus on what you CAN do. There are lots and lots of ways to still manage your health and fitness and continue to progress. Let us help you!

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Underground Fitness is working to EXCEED your standards every day. Message me to learn more about all of the steps we're taking to more safely help you keep your fitness goals on track in person, virtually, and every way in between!💪

Thank you to every one of our neighbors for continually trusting us, year after year, to lead you in accomplishing your health and wellness goals! WE ARE THE VALLEY'S PREMIER FITNESS COACHES!

Hard Work 💯

Rebecca then, Rebecca now
Her strength, her goals, her confidence, her body- has all changed in ways she's loving!!

This is what hard work gets you. Anyone can do it. Don't wish for it, make it happen!

Every week, staying on her workouts and nutrition. No excuses! Even while in quarantine, she's kept her healthy lifestyle. Whose ready to do the same!? 💪🏼 DM us to get started!

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#progress#noexcuses #levelup

Never give up on something you believe in.
Always believe in yourself.

We can always use more vitamins and minerals, why not try your own juices!
Adding a vegetable and fruit juice has been shown to increase blood levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, plus it can help lower blood levels of homocysteine (a risk factor for heart diseases). Juice blends also seem to reduce markers of inflammation and boost the immune system. Try one of these today!

[04/29/20]   @opaxtonn11 - checking in.
We have been about 6 weeks without a gym. This isn’t stopping her from not only getting workouts in, but from moving closer to her goals!

The effects of small habits make a difference. Changes in what you do daily can change your life. It's never to late to start

#smallhabits #positive #changes #personaltraining
#startnow #healthylifestyle #nutrition #fitness #ugfnp #undergroundfitness

Not sure where to start or how to keep progressing to the next level? You're in luck, we're still taking on new clients! DM us to get going. Your good mood awaits ☀️

In person training = Killer
Virtual training = Killer
Julie just got the convenience of a killer workout at home. Now she just has to crawl inside instead of driving all the way home. 😆

Personalized Fitness Programs
Nutritional Guidance
Accountability and Fitness Coach
Online Fitness Academy
Supportive Community
And more, all for one great price!
Message us and set up your free phone consultation.

Exercise Discs
Furniture Sliders
Towels on tile
Socks on tile....
They can all do the same thing.
Get creative with your home workouts!

Benefits of Jump Roping

-improves coordination
-burns major calories
-decreases foot & ankle injuries
-improves bone density and stamina
-improves cardiovascular health
-improves breathing efficiency
-trains your ability to stay calm (works brain & body at the same time)
-stimulates circulation & lymphatic system
-completely portable and fun

Grab a rope and try this workout!!

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Mindset, habits and routines are the building blocks of success towards your wellness goals. Circumstances may change, but our habits don't have to. Routines can relieve anxiety!

If you need help getting into a healthy routine DM us and let us help you! Nutritional coaching, workouts, accountability, community, it's all still here for you!!

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Total Body Home Workout Using Bands

Hello Friends!

If you have a set of handled bands and door anchors, here's an awesome total body workout you can do at home! I am attaching a link below to a collection of affordable items that you can pre-order that has a similar set of bands in it. Amazon has sold out of them. This is the first video I've done in this pause/play format. Let me know if you'd like more in this style in the comments!


A healthy outside, starts from the inside. Best ways to keep your immune system up:

1. Good Nutrition including vitamins and minerals
2. Keep exercising, several times weekly
3. Get sufficient sleep every night
4. Get fresh air and sunshine
5. Relax and destress. Focus on what you can control
6. Stimulate your mind. Keep it active
7. Good hygiene

All things we should be doing no matter what. Keep your routine up. Stay Strong 💪🏼

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#personaltraining #healthylifestyle

Why blend in, when you can be yourself 🙃
We're all unique and that's a beautiful thing!
We have different backgrounds, abilities, and goals. We embrace that and that's why we customize our programs so each person is comfortable, challenged, and enjoys it along the way! We work with ALL fitness levels. Embrace what makes You - YOU.

Come join us today and let's unlock all your potential.

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These 3 pictures are about BALANCE!
Balance is not something you can find, it’s something you create.

Police Officer, Professional Dancer and Runner/Former Athlete all working side by side to push, motivate and help each other achieve their individual goals.
Surround yourself with people who make you better.

After a couple months of working with Aaron 3 times a week Leslie tested her strength in the Leg Press.
She climbed all the way to 700lbs x 5.
Then finished at 730lbs x 2!!
Amazing job!
Way to be consistent and always give everything you have.
You are worth it and you deserve it. 👏🏻

Give this crazy circuit a try! 🥵
30 Second Stations / 3 Rounds
1. Battle Rope
2. Standing Assault Bike
3. Slider Mountain Climbers
4. Sandbag Hang Cleans
5. Rest Station
* 15 seconds to switch stations *
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Stretches occur in multiple angles and lines of movement. Stretches incorporate traction and movement to more effectively increase joint space and release fascial adhesions. FST manipulates, lengthens, re-aligns, and re-organizes your fascia. FST can eliminate painful trigger points.
This and much more is offered and incorporated in our RECOVER U sessions. Message us if you are interested in more details or how you can book your Recovery U session.
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STOP waiting for the right time and the perfect circumstances to start being healthy and taking care of yourself- there will never be a perfect time- the time to start is NOW. Let us help you get started OR take it to the next level. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it...that's why we're here. Goals are great, but you need a plan, support, and accountability to get there. And we know all about how to attain goals. Let's make 2020 the best yet. No more saying, but doing 💪🏼
#getfit #getstrong #personaltraining #ugfnp #undergroundfitness #goals #newyear #makeithappen #letsgettowork #gymtime

[02/01/20]   A little glimpse from some of Saturday's Bootcamp. Fun with agility and bodyweight this week. Looking for motivation, fitness camaraderie, and fun? Come join us! First class is free. We change up the format to keep it fresh, interesting, and challenging every week. It's a great addition to your weekly workouts....Weights, balance, agility, plyometrics, to name a few. Any fitness level can do it. DM us for details!!

Always having fun and making things interesting here at North Phoenix. 😆

67 Year Old Quads!

Meet Richard Plattner! He's 67 years old and is one of the club's most longstanding members. We've spent the last year working on building strength and increasing his muscular development. It's working fantastically!

Here at Underground Fitness that’s exactly what we do.
We safely help you find your limits and then, break through them.

Behind every woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.
- Personalized workouts
- Group Energy
- You’re NOT just a body as in a class
- Nutritional coaching included
- Intermediate and advanced workouts
- Affordable Pricing!
If this interests you, message us about availability for E-Sessions at the North Phoenix location ONLY!
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73 Years Young!

Age shouldn't be a barrier to better fitness: David Lopez turned 73 this week. This is him finishing his 9th set of goblet squats. 3x10x80lbs, 3x8x90lbs, and 3x6x100lbs. In between each set, he did pull ups, push ups, or laps around the building. Be like David! Extend your play span. Book a free consultation today to discuss a solution.

Sometimes changing things up to make it fun or interesting is necessary.
@inkedamilia & @aaron.eliserio
#UGfitness #fun #workout #fitness #personaltrainer #UGNorthPhoenix #partnerworkout

Our Story

Underground Fitness is the solution to transforming the way you look, move, and feel! We provide unsurpassed goal accountability and fitness education through Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching, Hybrid Semi-Private Coaching and Small Group Metabolic Conditioning experiences. ALL complete with a custom nutrition strategy designed to get you into the shape you’ve always wanted to be in. Schedule a free consultation session with us today to learn more and become empowered to protect your goals!!

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Hard Work 💯
Total Body Home Workout Using Bands




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