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One of my family's favorites!
Underground Fitness is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time! I love the staff, the facility, and the community of people I've found at Underground Fitness. It's been about 4 months now, and I usually do semi-private training with Camille (who's AMAZING!). She follows up with me if I miss a session, and regularly (but not TOO regularly) sends me reminders about eating or staying focused on goals which helps me a lot. My goals didn't happen to include weight loss...I really wanted to get "strong". Mission accomplished! Not only am I feeling better overall during my day, but I no longer have chronic back pain (thrown from a horse as a kid). I didn't even realize how much pain I was regularly in until it wasn't there anymore. Boot camps are also a lot of fun, and help to keep it interesting. HIGHLY recommend to anyone!
As most of you know our 6th Annual Sunday Funday was last weekend. It was an amazingly bitter sweet event. We celebrated Rusty's Angels 5 year anniversary and we celebrated Debi Brady's life. There were tears of joy and sorrow and she was felt throughout the day. We set a hefty goal this year of $25,000. I am sorry to say we didn't reach that goal but we so far are at $17,169 and donations are still trickling in. I am proud of that number because whether we hit our goal or not we still raised A LOT of money for our senior dogs!
There are so many to thank!! First our volunteers who without them this event would never be possible: Sue Spear, Tamara Crawford, Brenda Johnson-Vantussenbroek, Kimberly Wolf, Barbara Cannon, Juanita Rollins Reeves, Michelle Hoerman Klaudt, Samantha Raineri, Carolyn Stoick, Betsy Janecek Wolf, Kathryn Lee and a few gentlemen from Rum Runner's Bar that helped setup the tables. We also want to thank Jim Desmond, owner of Rum Runner's Bar for hosting us again this year and for donating the 55" Smart TV. And then we want to give a special thanks to all the vendors who worked hard setting up their booths so that customers could do some shopping: Michelle Frawley, Kelly Preston, Terri Dee, Bark About It and Kate Youngberg Silver. And the delicious food, especially the mac & cheese, thank you to Wilson Wilson. Lastly to the companies and people who donated items for our raffles: Total Wine & More, Arizona Diamondbacks, Rainbow Ryders, Inc. Hot Air Balloon Co., Bearizona, Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park, Renaissance Festival, Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs, Underground Fitness, Stellar Adventures, Arizona Soaring, Inc, Harrah's Ak-Chin, Augusta Ranch Golf Club, Desert Botanical Garden, PLAY WIRX, Mike Nolan, First Watch, Fox Restaurant Concepts, Weiss Guys Express Wash and Dog Wash, Glow Putt Mini Golf, Dutch Bros Arizona, Costco, Robin Hahn and Tom Pierre.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making yet another Sunday Funday a huge success. Our doggies are sending you all many licks and tail wags.

On a side-note our very own Betsy Janecek Wolf won the Harrah's Ak Chin 1 night stay and breakfast and dinner for 2. She has graciously donated it back and we would like to do a Silent Auction of this item starting right meow. Opening bid is $50.
Make your bid below on this post in $25 increments. Highest bidder by Sunday at 10pm wins!!
Thank you all again for your continued love and support of Rusty's Angels Sanctuary.

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Underground Fitness is the solution to transforming the way you look, move, and feel! We provide unsurpassed goal accountability and fitness education through Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching and Hybrid Semi-Private Coaching. ALL complete with a custom nutrition strategy designed to get you into the shape you’ve always wanted to be in.

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It's going to take a year, whether you have 10, 20 or 50 pounds to lose.

We all know this- so why do we keep focusing on the speed of weight loss and not building healthy habits? If you can start with small changes in your diet and exercise routine that will be enough for now.

And over time those small steps will add up to big results!

What small steps are you going to take this week?


Slow progress is often discouraging, but you must be realistic when setting your goals.

First the weight starts coming off, next clothes start to fit better, then physical changes in the mirror and photos begin to show up.

Don't let slow performance get discouraged because it's only a matter of time before results are visible for all eyes to see!

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To lose weight, you must stay within your caloric range while hitting a protein floor each day.

Strength training 3 times per week is also important to maintain muscle mass and burn more calories during daily movement.

Finally, getting enough sleep will help the body recover from all of these activities at night so it can continue burning fat throughout the next day.

Comment below if you are ready to keep it simple and lose the weight for good!


The Pick 1 diet is the perfect plan for those who are tired of complex diets that don't work.

It's easy to follow, flexible, and balanced so you can be confident in what you're eating day-to-day.

If you have any questions about this simple but effective weight loss program or want more information on how it works please comment below or DM us!


If you're looking for an effective approach to weight loss without too much effort, start implementing these today!

Being successful at fat loss doesn't require a complicated plan or rigorous exercise routine. It does however involve taking action and having a daily plan.

Following these 5 simple rules that are easy to follow will lead to healthier eating habits which will lead to lifelong success.

These principles will work no matter what life throws your way because they never change in their simplicity - all it takes is dedication on your end!

Comment below if you are ready to follow these rules to lose the weight for good!

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If you’re going to start a weight loss journey, make sure that health and fitness is a priority in your life.

It doesn't have to consume every aspect of your day or be the only thing on your mind.

You can get results without giving up everything else in life, but it will take some work from both parties - you need to find balance with yourself and health and fitness while also finding ways for them not to feel like a chore.

Start by asking yourself if you are willing prioritize this new lifestyle change.

Comment below if you are ready!


It’s not easy.
Far from it.
Losing weight is tough, and keeping that weight off is way tougher.

And it has everything to do with the life you’re living outside of fitness—your sleep habits, your eating habits, even things like how much time you spend watching TV or scrolling through social media can impact whether those pounds stay gone for good.

If you want to make better choices about what goes into your body without feeling deprived or regretful later, then create routine around your sleep schedule, mealtime routines (eating more whole foods) and daily exercise.

Start small, keep it simple, and make it sustainable.

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If you can't make a commitment to your health and fitness, start with small steps. We all have excuses for why we don't do what's best for our body or ourselves.

But if you're not willing to put in the effort, then nothing is going to change.

It doesn't matter how long it takes as much as that you just take those first few baby steps towards making yourself better than now.

What small step are you going to make today?

Photos from Underground Fitness's post 05/30/2022

Anything worth having is always preceded by work.

For example, losing weight takes work and staying consistent takes work too.
Creating a healthy lifestyle also requires consistency and dedication, but it’s not impossible with the right support system in place to help you on your journey.

You have to do the work; there are no shortcuts or easy ways around this truth of life. But if you want results that last, then get ready for some hard won battles ahead of you!

Comment below if you are ready to put in the WORK!


With our lives being so busy, it is easier than ever to forget about the importance of taking care of ourselves.

We are all guilty at some point or another of skipping workouts and eating out more often because we feel like there just isn't enough time in a day for everything on our to-do list.

But when you think about it, your health is the most valuable asset of all.

Without your physical well-being, everything else - money, family and house - becomes meaningless.

Make sure you're taking steps every day to make yourself a priority by exercising, eating a balanced diet, and living a healthy lifestyle so you can live your best life.

What are you going to do today to make your health and fitness a priority?


We all know that consistency is key when it comes to achieving our goals. But what if we are more focused on perfection?

What does this do for us, and how does it affect the way we react to setbacks or challenges in life?

It turns out that a focus on perfection can actually lead to some pretty negative effects like low motivation levels and less enjoyment of what you’re doing right now because there's always something else you need to be working on.

Take action today by focusing your energy towards consistent actions as opposed to perfect ones. If you're feeling unmotivated, think about why - maybe its time for a change!

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Underground Fitness is the solution to transforming the way you look, move, and feel! We provide unsurpassed goal accountability and fitness education through Exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching, Hybrid Semi-Private Coaching and Small Group Metabolic Conditioning experiences. ALL complete with a custom nutrition strategy designed to get you into the shape you’ve always wanted to be in.

Schedule a free consultation session with us today to learn more and become empowered to protect your goals!!

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