Onofray Physical Therapy

We offer mobile, one on one, Physical Therapy services for wellness or rehabilitation. We can travel We are a private, female owned practice started in 2020 by local physical therapist Megan Onofray, PT.

The goal of OPT is to ensure every patient receives the highest quality of care at their convenience on each visit. We do not employ techs or trainers and by seeing you in your space, we will never double book your appointment. We believe each patient deserves to have all of their care provided by a highly skilled and licensed therapist. We challenge you to compare this model of care with any of our competition.

Operating as usual


Move from wishing to making things happen!

Start with YOU!

Self care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

Contact me to get started!


Cruising through this week one hurdle at a time!


One of my favorite things about seeing clients in their
homes?? Their dogs!


Starting with physical therapy for your everyday aches and pains can save you time and money!

Get scheduled today!!


The peaceful feeling of improving your health in the comfort of your own home!


Being a mobile physical therapist allows me to meet you at your house, park, office or gym!



This client has been experiencing pain and tightness along the side of his neck. Examination also found limited shoulder mobility and thoracic rotation. Cupping therapy allowed for improved motion and less pain. A follow up golf swing had improved mechanics which will allow for a more efficient drive!


The football season might be over but the game lives on.

Helping this client gain control of her left hand function. She is lacking finger extension strength.


Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️💕

Hope you are able to relax and enjoy with all of your loved ones!


Helping clients heal their bodies and move on with their lives is my passion.

Get your success story started today!!


Are you or someone you know experiencing back pain?!

Stop suffering!

Physical therapy has been documented to be successful in treating lower back dysfunction and improving outcomes without surgery.

If you’ve tried EVERYTHING or NOTHING and your pain is still present, TRY PHYSICAL THERAPY!

It is low risk and high reward! And you Do NOT need a prescription in the state of Arizona!!!

Contact me today!


What a pain in the neck?!

It’s so distracting! It makes it hard to look up/ down and turn to look over your shoulder.

It feeling like a constant tugging that shoots up to you skull.



Receiving pain relief therapy in your home, in your comfort zone with your “therapy” dog…. 🙌🏻


Pain is not a required symptom of aging!
By treating those nagging injuries/aches/pains now, you will be saving yourself from becoming your parents.


Helping our seniors stay active helps their health in immeasurable ways!

Keep cruising!!!


Making the best of Covid quarantine. Client appointments will resume next week!!


helps improve the strength, range of motion, and mobility of your muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

This can reinforce around major joints like your knees, hips, and ankles to provide additional protection against injury.

Strength training can also help correct muscular imbalances. Such as, having a stronger core, hamstrings, and glutes takes the load off of your lower back during lifting, decreasing your risk of .


Strength and inspiration comes in many different perspectives.

Imagine being so weak that you cannot get out of bed on your own power. Imagine laying in bed for MONTHS!

Now imagine what tolls that takes on your mental and physical health!

Determined to get back to being active introduces a whole new level of strength!


Did you make a fitness goal for 2022 and are already feeling pain that is going to hold you back?!

Physical Therapy can help! You can continue to train while rehabbing an injury. Physical therapists can prescribe exercises to improve your condition and keep your goals on track!

Contact me to get scheduled!


It’s been a year of many wins and losses.

Can’t wait to see what is in store for the next year!

See you next year!!!


The Emergency Rooms and Urgent Cares are rough places to be right now!

Try PT first!! Physical therapists are educationally equipped to perform a differential diagnosis exam. If something is above our scope of practice we can refer you to the appropriate specialist.

In this case, my client was experiencing back pain that initially seemed mechanical (musculoskeletal) however, upon further evaluation and assessments, he was advised that he might have shingles and to follow up with his primary care physician.
Unfortunately, I was right. But fortunately, I was right! And now he has an appropriate plan of care rather than just endless pain!

Schedule your own evaluation today!


Best wishes for a holiday season full of warm memories, laughter, and gratefulness.


Rehabbing an injury can be a real struggle. It’s painful, inconvenient, and emotional.

Make sure you are getting the best care.


Graduation Day is always so bittersweet!!

So incredibly proud of this beautiful lady! She just crushed total knee replacement rehab… for the second time!

While I will miss our laughs and weekly meetings, so am so looking forward to hearing about the mountains she will climb!



It’s wonderful to hear client success stories! Specifically when the person had a previous bad experience with PT and was skeptical that it would work for her!

Be your own success story! Contact me to get scheduled! 602-560-1714


Have you tried 🧴lotions, 🧪potions, 🐍snake oils, 💊over- the- counter pain meds, 💉steroid shots, 🌿 herbs and vitamins and still have pain?!?!

Let’s try working on your physical health! 💪Stretching and strengthening can make a 🌎 world of difference!

Not sure?? Try it!!

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Services Available In:
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 5pm
Tuesday 8am - 5pm
Wednesday 8am - 5pm
Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 5pm

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