Kinesphere Center for Movement Education

Kinesphere Center for Movement Education


Is Pelvic Floor Friday a thing?
Well, we think it should be.

We love this short and sweet piece from Kinesphere Center for Movement Education on the "jewel of the pelvic floor" and why Kegel exercises alone can lead your body down the wrong path.

Your pelvic floor is a complex system of muscles, nerves, tissues and organs that affect pretty much everything related to your overall health and well-being. So, let's start treating it that way.
How does Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi improve your golf game? Come experience Zen and the Art of the Golf Swing at Desert Song. It's a PERFECT time of year to work on improving your game. This workshop offers each participant: - A short pre-round warm-up - An individual evaluation of your address stance and posture, plus individualized exercises to improve your swing. - How to increase flexibility for the golf swing - Eye training using Tai Chi for putting - Mental and emotional preparation will be addressed at the end.
Saturday, May 11, 2019, 1:00-3:00pm
Teacher Kathy Lucia, B.S. M. ED
Kinesphere Center for Movement Education Mary Beth Markus
A walk in the woods made better by the balance that Dominika helps me achieve

Kinesphere is a studio commited to collaborating with and guiding you to your best health through increased neural integration and joyful movement.

Optimal Alignment and Wellness. GYROTONIC(R) exercise with Combo Pulley Tower, Cobra, Jumping Stretching Board, Gyrotoner and all GYROTONIC Level I education. Restorative Exercise(TM). Z-Health Performance neural work. Pilates exercise: mat work, reformer, cadillac, EXO Chair. Fusion Barre; Floor Barre. Pre- and Professional Dancers Lab


Operating as usual


This stunning orchid is on its 3rd annual bloom and gifted us 13 flowers this year! Our plant tender says it’s because of the good energy in our space. 🙂

Interested in the Neurocentric Lens? 08/13/2021

Interested in the Neurocentric Lens?

Interested in the Neurocentric Lens? -

Interested in the Neurocentric Lens?

When Rivers Flow, Things Are Good: On Water in Arizona 06/23/2021

When Rivers Flow, Things Are Good: On Water in Arizona

Our former client, Jocelyn Gibbon, speaks about the Colorado River and the AZ watershed.

When Rivers Flow, Things Are Good: On Water in Arizona Jocelyn Gibbon is a river guide, and she’s also a water law and policy expert. When she isn’t guiding trips through the Grand Canyon, Jocelyn is a consultant for non-profits and other groups navigatin


This is why we love it!

A little insight into the thinking behind the creation of the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods...


Our brilliant staff, Lisa Thorngren, is taking GYROTONIC® training and will be adding the system to her teaching tools later this summer. We’re thrilled!


Here’s a photo of Dominika explaining how the sacral nerves bundle to pass through the glutes and down in to the legs.

Did you miss the workshop? A replay is available, valid through 6/26. That should give you ample time to watch, pause, try, experiment, teach.

Go here:


Here’s a screenshot of Dominika collaborating with Domini Anne as they prepare workshops on nerves of the lower and upper body. Here I’m riffing on a femoral nerve glide, inspired by Domini Anne.

Keep your eyes out for our workshop, Illuminate the Legs. Coming soon!!


Standing Roll Down aka Dural Sheath Stretch

Still time to sign up and participate in Dominika Gaines’ and Domini Anne’s Electric Avenues “Upgrade Your Network” mini-series!

Day 1 focused on the Dural Sheath. Here’s our friend and colleague Anne Easton Doheny working on an assisted roll down that supports and gives proprioceptive feedback while gently stretching the back line.

Photos from Kinesphere Center for Movement Education's post 05/12/2021

Want to learn how to address Sciatic pain?
How about increasing the power in your legs?

Domini Anne and I have created a free mini-series deconstructing the nerves of the lower body that will help you to understand where those major pathways lie and how to unfray those tangled nerves.

Sign up through this link:

The series runs from 05/24-28 and if you play along on social media, you’ll be entered to win a scholarship to the full workshop on June 5th ( including 2 week replay)
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Last chance to register for some deep body centering! 04/23/2021

Last chance to register for some deep body centering!

Last chance to register for some deep body centering! -

Last chance to register for some deep body centering! Saturday April 24, 2021 2:00-3:30pm, Virtual via Zoom $35, recording available My goal is to assist you in bringing awareness to the pelvic floor through breath and movement. Using small props while lying, seated and standing, we'll re-tune and restore the dynamic tension of this vital part of our ...


Dominika practicing the GYROKINESIS® Cardio Breathing program in her kitchen. No fancy equipment needed.


There’s still time to register for Dominika’s Pelvic Floor workshop! Recordings available to all who register.

Join me for some deep body centering! 04/14/2021

Join me for some deep body centering!

Join me for some deep body centering! -

Join me for some deep body centering! Saturday April 24, 2021 2:00-3:30pm, Virtual via Zoom $35, recording available My goal is to assist you in bringing awareness to the pelvic floor through breath and movement. Using small props while lying, seated and standing, we'll re-tune and restore the dynamic tension of this vital part of our ...


We’re excited to announce Dominika Gaines and Domini Anne will be live on Instagram THIS Saturday. They’ll be discussing Nerve glides, fascia, pandiculation, and moving mindfully to keep your electrical system running smoothly.


GYROTONIC® Master Trainer and Z-Health® Trainer Dominika Gaines is collaborating with colleague Domini Anne. They’ll be on IG Live next Saturday to introduce their project, Electric Avenue, sharing movement explorations focused on our nerve bodies. Be sure to tune in!


Dominika will be leading this workshop open to one and all. If you are willing to use your imagination and experience your breath, that’s all you need.

She’ll guide you through lying, seated and standing exercises, with a focus on breath, how your bones move, and sensing and engaging the muscles of your pelvis and hips.

Register at

It's Been a Long Time -- Corrected 04/05/2021

It's Been a Long Time -- Corrected

It's Been a Long Time -- Corrected -

It's Been a Long Time -- Corrected


Interested in becoming a GYROTONIC® Trainer? Dominika will be teaching a course this summer at Kinesphere, July 12-24, 2021. The course list is being compiled and space is limited!

Timeline Photos 03/12/2021

YAWN on this cloudy, rainy Phoenix day.

A true yawn is a pandiculation. It’s a narrowing around the center created by dynamic opposition through the joints and a longer inhale with a suspension. (Watch animals: dogs and cats stretch like this all the time.) 🌀 In this pic @hartleypaola is reaching with the cables from her midline while in a lunge. 🌀 its a riff on a respiratory stretch we practiced at Z-Health® Performance Solutions T-Phase. 🌀 Breathe from your belly, to your diaphragm, to your chest and elongate!

#gyrotonic #yawning #breath #breathe #breathing #pandiculation #health #movement #move #kinesphere #zhealth #neuropro #narrowing #kinesphere #kinespherecenter #phoenix


Young, middle-age, elder: your vision matters! And it’s never too soon or too late to train your eyes and brain for better focused vision, better peripheral vision, better visual processing, and more integrated movement.

Contact us [email protected].


We are available for virtual teaching/coaching. Here’s Dominika’s set up for GYROTONIC Gyrotoner training with a client based in Atlanta.


Our fabulous client, Jack, 80+ years young, working on pulls ups with assistance from staff. (His feet are on a rung.) Hanging exercises have been very beneficial for Jack’s ability to breath better.

Don’t let age stop you from building strength!


Balance play. Standing on one leg (lifted foot on block), pulling the cable, and moving the head.
Round one: eyes open;
Round two: eyes closed;
Round three: twist and pull with eyes closed
I only used 10lbs here. I prefer a little bit more for more mapping of stabilizing muscles.
Eventually, the non-weight bearing leg would be suspended in the air (front, side or back).
So much research is showing how important vestibular work is for maintaining brain health. AT LEAST 15 minutes per day!!

Timeline Photos 12/28/2020

This moment of beauty.. Winter foliage. All the leaves have since fallen.

Timeline Photos 12/22/2020

Holiday stress gotcha wound up? I know it’s got me in it’s grip!
The antidote? Mindful breathing and mindful movement to help reset the nervous system, which is probably going a bit limbic.
This image? A Christmas ornament dangling from the xyphoid process. Put this image in your mind’s eye and imagine the small weight anchoring your ribs to your pubic bone. Now take a few more deep breaths.


Happy Solstice!
Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the shortest day of the year. And tonight we’re blessed with the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in the just-after-sunset sky. It’s been 800 years since this happened in just this way!!

In honor, my class this evening will take a 5-minute pause to observe this planetary moment: a once-in-many-lifetimes sight.

Join us and gaze to the southwest at the ✨.

Blessings of the Season!!!


A little clip from my weekly virtual session with @stronger_human. We were trouble shooting the chronic pain in my left foot, and landed at this complex pattern. “PMRF, Cerebellum and Intrinsic Foot Muscles.”
Old injuries to my left foot have been nagging at me most of this year. It’s wearisome. Very little simple stuff is doing the trick.
I knew I needed FLH rehab, as my left big toe is weak. For load, I resisted with my hands against the thigh. Then we added dorsiflexion of my other foot to challenge my coordination. My brain LOVES complicated movements! How do I know? Because after I stood up and walked, I felt joyful, my gait was better, and my foot didn’t hurt.
Thanks @zhealth_performance for giving us the tools to change pain without medical intervention.

Timeline Photos 12/15/2020

My longtime client, Linda, was wearing this deep pink top with snowflake design, snowflake drop earrings, and sporting her pink mask. She was vibrant and energetic today and I wanted to share her almost-80-years-old beauty. May we all shine so bright in our later years!!

Timeline Photos 12/14/2020

#momemtofbeauty #whatdominikasees

The serene little corner where I currently hold my virtual Somatic Play/Floor Barre class @vitalmedicineforthesoul
Doesn’t it look inviting? Join me some time! Monday 5-6:15pm via Zoom.

Timeline Photos 12/11/2020

New video now available! Taking the Pelvic Diamond into quadruped. Another 10 minute(ish) somatic explorations of PF contract/release, bony rhythms and squat preps.
Great for hip and knee replacement rehab too.
Link to classes and this download in Instagram bio.

Exercise: The Least You Can Do 12/11/2020

Exercise: The Least You Can Do

"After six months, a group who walked an average of 72 minutes a week at two to three mph—that's about 10 minutes of mall-pace striding a day—had significantly improved heart strength and general fitness, nearly matching the efforts of women exercising almost twice as long."

So mask up and meet up for a socially distanced walk with a friend!

Exercise: The Least You Can Do Find out how just 10 minutes of exercise a day can improve your health, cheer you up, and help you maintain a steady weight.


Using a resistance band for some self-assistance on the GYROTONIC® JSB.
In variation 1, the band is under my sitz bones. This is giving me better proprioception for pelvic position and allowing me to find more “true” hip extension.

In variation 2, the band sits right at the junction between my pelvis and femur, giving me clearer access to medial glide.
Great with clients and awesome for self-care. Both feel really supportive and delicious!

Study: Just 11 minutes of exercise a day is enough to help you live longer 12/09/2020

Study: Just 11 minutes of exercise a day is enough to help you live longer

AND, it only takes 11 minutes of continuous movement to have an impact on your health. So, maybe between episodes of your next Netflix binge, you could move around a bit?

Study: Just 11 minutes of exercise a day is enough to help you live longer Study results published in the British Journal of Medicine suggest there's a reason to get up and move every few hours, especially if you sit all day.

Timeline Photos 12/08/2020

Today’s #momentofbeauty captured what was in my visual field while doing floor-work @kinespherecenter

Arcs of wood, stability without edges.
Wood, metal, cord.
Bone, sinew, tissue.
Magical design for infinite possibility.
How many pieces of GYROTONIC Expansion System® beauty can you identify?

Our Story

Kinesphere LLC (Kinesphere Center for Movement Education) began over 16 years ago with a mission to provide cutting-edge movement techniques to promote well-being for our clients. One of the first studios in Arizona to offer Pilates and the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM(R), later Nutritious Movement(R) and now Z-Health(R) Performance Solutions, we’ve continued to seek out the best in movement science and neurology education to enhance our own understanding and to share the wonders of the miraculous human body.

GYROTONIC(R), GYROTONIC(R) & Logo, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM(R) and GYROKINESIS(R) are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

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Standing Roll Down aka Dural Sheath Stretch




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