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One of the properties of fascia is its elasticity. Healthy fascia is what gives us bounce and spring in our body and movements. When tension is placed on fascia, it “stores” energy and then when that tension is released, the fascia springs back, releasing that stored energy.
“Tiger Tail” is a great fascia exercise that focuses on this elastic property.

• Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and toes pointed forward.

• Begin to spin your hips and torso and allow your arms to swing.

• Spin until you feel the natural end of your rotation and allow your arms to wrap around your torso.

• Then, without effort, feel how the body recoils and spins in the other direction.

• Continue for 10-20 reps on each side.

Not only will you feel a wonderful release in the hips and back, but you will also by hydrating your facia!

Contact Pritchette Physical Therapy to set up a session with Tanya to learn more about how to take care of your fascia so you can do you better!
Tanya Paty
Fascial Stretch Therapist
Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
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Traditional strength training exercises target mid-range tissues and build bulk/mass.
Functional Range Conditioning exercises target end-range tissues, increase active ranges of mobility, and strengthen the joints.
Contact Pritchette Physical Therapy to learn how to add FRC training to your workouts and learn more about keeping your body in balance so you can do you better!
Tanya Paty
Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
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From our Pritchette Physical Therapy family, to you and your family, we wish you a healthy, safe, and happy Thanksgiving! 🍁
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This is what Thomas Myers (a leader in the world of fascia), has termed the Spiral Line. It is a continuous line of fascial tension that wraps around the body in 2 opposing helices 🧬 and “helps to maintain balance across all planes”.
With this visual we can better understand how tension on one side of the body can actually create an effect on the other side of the body.
Imagine if there were a restriction in the area that crosses over the front of the right hip. Not only could it create issues at the site of restriction, but also anywhere along either of the 2 spiral lines, AND, these lines are not isolated, they interact with other fascial lines.
Our body truly is a web of interconnections and needs to be approached as a whole rather than individual parts.

Contact Pritchette Physical Therapy to book a session with me and learn more about keeping your body in balance so you can do you better!
Tanya Paty
Fascial Stretch Therapist
Functional Range Conditioning Specialist
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This stretch has many names, but I know it as “Upper Spinal Floor Stretch”, and it is one of my (and my clients’!) favorites because it stretches so many areas at the same time - and it feels SO good 😄
Depending on where your body is tight, you might feel this stretch in your:
• outer thigh
• hip
• waist
• low back
• abdominals
•mid back
• diaphragm
• ribs
• upper back
• chest
• shoulder
• arm
Wow! 🤯

When I do this stretch I feel it in very different places depending on if I rotate to the left or the right.
Give it a try and see where your body needs this stretch.

To set up:
✅ lie on your side and pull your knees up so that your hips are bent at a 90° angle and your knees are also bent at 90°.
✅ stack your knees right on top of each other and place your BOTTOM hand on your knees.
✅ keeping your hips and knees stacked (your hand on your knees will help you know if your top hip/knee slide back), rotate your chest open to the ceiling and open your top arm out to the side.
✅ the goal would be that your hips would stay stacked and your spine will rotate 90°, and your shoulders and outstretched arm will lay flat on the floor with nose pointed up to the ceiling.

To find out more about stretching, contact Pritchette Physical Therapy to book a Fascial Stretch session with Tanya.

Pritchette Physical Therapy
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Did you know that the bottom of your foot 🦶 is LITERALLY connected to your head👤?

We have a continuous line of fascial tension that runs from the bottoms of our feet, up the backs of our legs, up either side of the spine, and over the top of our skull, and connects above our eyebrows that is called the Superficial Backline.

The SBL is what brings us out of the fetal position and into an upright position. If it is weak, we will tend to fall or slump back into a flexed fetal position, and if it is tight it can cause tension such as back pain, disc problems, tight hamstrings or calves, plantar fasciitis, and more.

Contact Pritchette Physical Therapy to book a Fascial Stretch session with Tanya, and learn more about your fascia, what it is, what it does, and how to keep it healthy, so you can do you better 🤙🏻

Pritchette Physical Therapy
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Working on shoulder flexion.

🔹 Passively bring the shoulder into its greatest range of flexion without any pain or compensation and hold.
🔹 Then drive the pole down into the floor for PAILs, Progressive Angle Isometric Loading.
🔹 Next release your hold on the pole and try to keep your shoulder/arm from lowering it all (Passive Range Hold Lift Off)

Strength training the joint at its end ranges is how you increase joint mobility, close the gap between passive flexibility and active mobility, mitigate injuries, increase recovery.

Contact Pritchette to book your session with Tanya, our Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist to train your joints so you can do you better 💪🏻

Pritchette Physical Therapy
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Have you heard the terms, “locked short”, or “locked long”? This refers to tissue that is regularly put into positions that either shortens the tissue or lengthens the tissue, and the nervous system and fascial system then “locks in” this habitual pattern.
In this image, the purple indicates tissues that are being passively shortened and the green indicates tissues that are being lengthened.

If we repeatedly put our bodies in these positions and don’t do enough movement to counter them, we begin to create imbalances that affects the way our bodies function. Fascia becomes dehydrated and sticky, clamping down on tissues, muscles become weak and ineffective at balancing posture, joints begin to limit their ranges of motion, nerves become strained, circulation declines, and tissues can’t exchange waste and nutrients as well.

To find out more about what patterns you may have been developing over the years and how to regain your balance and mobility, book a session with Tanya, our Fascial Stretch Therapist and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist.

Pritchette Physical Therapy
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“Thank you for killer stretching, Tanya! It was clearly my secret weapon! LOL!”
Shout out to our father/son duo of BMX champs! 🚴🏻‍♂️🥇🏆 Way to go 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Contact Tanya to add Fascial Stretching and Functional Range Conditioning to your training program to help improve your performance, recover more quickly, and reduce injuries.
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There is so much going on here!

🔹As he lays on his stomach he is tucking his pelvis and trying to get the front of his hip flat into the floor as he uses the strap to pull his heel close to his glutes.
This is giving him a passive stretch of the hip flexors, quads, and knee joint.

🔹He is going to breathe with his diaphragm (not just shallow breathing into the upper lungs), and hold this passive stretch for 2 minutes. This will allow his nervous system time to relax and give the tissue more flexibility.

🔹After his 2 minute hold, he is going to maintain his hold on the strap while he activates his quads and tries to straighten his knee. This is called Progressive Angle Isometric Loading, or PAILs and is strengthening the tissues in the front of the hip, leg, and knee.

🔹Immediately following his round of PAILs, he is going to activate his hamstrings and glutes and try to keep his heel close to his seat, and the front of his hip pressing into the floor as he releases his hold on the strap (⚠️be prepared for some cramping ⚠️ ) This is called Regressive Angle Isometric Loading, or RAILs and is strengthening the tissues on the back side of the hip, leg, and knee.

🔹He is going to repeat the PAILs and RAILs for 3 rounds.

With this exercise, he is strengthening the tissues on both sides of his hip and knee joints which will:

✅ give him more passive flexibility

✅ increase his active mobility

✅ help close the gap between his passive and active ranges of mobility (which is where most injuries occur)

✅ strengthen the hip and knee joints

To learn more about increasing your flexibility/mobility, improving your joint health, and preventing injuries, book a session with Tanya, our Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
Pritchette Physical Therapy
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Fascia is made up of fluid-filled collagen fibers which form a 3 dimensional webbing that gives our body its structure. Everything in our body exists within this webbing: muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood vessels, even our brain.
If our fascia becomes dehydrated it becomes sticky and begins to act like shrink wrap clamping down on our tissues.
Just another reason why it is SO important to hydrate daily by eating hydrating foods such as raw fruits and vegetables🍎🍐🍊🍉🥝🥬🥕🍓🍒🍅, sipping lemon/lime 🍋, or cucumber🥒 infused water, coconut water 🥥, and herbal teas, and making Fascial Stretching a regular part of your self-care regimen.
Book a session with Tanya, our Fascial Stretch Therapist for a great fascial-hydrating stretch and to learn more about how to care for your fascia!
Pritchette Physical Therapy
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Pritchette Physical Therapy and Training

Rhythmic stabilization is a technique used to improve the dynamic stability of a joint (in this case, the shoulder). The cue to my client is to try to keep her shoulder as still as possible while I provide perturbations at different positions along her arm. This forces her to contract different muscle groups within the shoulder. I can progress this activity by changing the position of her arm based on my desired result, changing the amount of force I use, or the speed in which I do it. This is a powerful drill used in the rehabilitation of many shoulder conditions! Questions? Call me! 480 371 1555 #pritchettephysicaltherapy #foothills #shoulderrehabilitation

What you don’t use you lose.
How much of your day do you spend with your arms in front of you - sitting at a desk, working on a computer, looking at your phone, driving your car,....
Now, in comparison, how often do you reach your arms overhead or behind you?
Limited range of movements like this can limit your ranges of movement 😉
Fascial Stretch Therapy can help you maintain or regain your full range of motion.
Contact Pritchette Physical Therapy and book your session with Tanya, our Fascial Stretch Therapist.
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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome — Pritchette Physical Therapy Shoulder impingement syndrome is an umbrella term used to describe a pinching, or an impingement, of the rotator cuff tendons (typically the supraspinatus) or the biceps tendon in your shoulder.

Did you know that the psoas, your major hip flexor muscle, attaches to your lumbar spine and can be one of the possible reasons for your low back pain?
Contracting this muscle brings the torso and legs towards each other. When we sit, our psoas is in a passive shortened position, and if we sit a lot, this muscle can become “stuck” in this shortened position and pull on your low back. Fascial Stretch Therapy can help release the hip flexor and and reduce or eliminate your low back pain.

✅ Contact Pritchette Physical Therapy today to book a Fascial Stretch Therapy session with Tanya and unlock your hips and spine!

Pritchette Physical Therapy
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Pritchette Physical Therapy and Training

Today we pause to remember the innocent lives that were taken 19 years ago, and the heroes who perished while working so hard to save others, and the countless families that were forever changed on this day. September 11th is a day that will forever live in our hearts. #september11 #PatriotDay #NeverForget #heroes

Internal hip rotation is very important for proper hip functioning, but rarely do we train or stretch in this position.

Contact Pritchette PT today to book your session with Tanya, our Fascial Stretch Therapist and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist to get your hips working their best for you!
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A short burst partner sled series for @andrew_the_verizon_guy and @congenius_partners . These guys rise and grind every Mon/Wed! Getting after it 💪💪💪

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No pain no gain, right?
❌ ❌❌👎🏻Wrong!
Stretching should never hurt, whether you are receiving an assisted stretch or are stretching on your own.
•If you are feeling pain, rather than a “good stretch” feeling in the progressive tissue ( the tissue being stretched), then you are pushing too far.
Your nervous system needs to be relaxed and feel “safe” in order to allow any more range in the joint and tissue. If the stretch is pushed too hard, fast, or far, the tissue will contract and recoil to try to protect the body.
•If you are feeling pain in the regressive tissue (the tissue on the front side of the stretch), this is most likely due to pinching in the joint capsule, which cannot be addressed by “pushing through”.
• Stretching is also something that needs to be done regularly and consistently to see change and maintain it.
DM me or contact Pritchette Physical therapy at (480)785-5415 to book your Fascial Stretch session and learn more about stretching!
Tanya Paty
Fascial Stretch Therapist
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Pritchette Physical Therapy and Training

Our 2nd location build out is coming along nicely. Looking forward to opening early this fall to better serve the Foothills/Club West area! #Foothills #ClubWest #physicaltherapy #comingsoon

Rise and shine!

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Working on some squat isometrics. Creating tension through the body to strengthen muscles AND bones! I had 185 on there originally but she accidentally lifted it off! Living her best life. Never too late!

Building Giants. Brothers. Champions. Don't forget to move to stay healthy!

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Pritchette Physical Therapy and Training

Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July!

We work with a variety of athletes at multiple levels on both the sports performance and physical therapy fronts. @tlideen races mountain bikes professionally and is one of our die hards at Pritchette.

If you or your kids' sports/activities have been hindered due to social distancing regulations, hit up Taylor to get started with a killer new sport that isn't restricted by covid! Top-notch coaching.

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