Inspiration Martial Arts North Phoenix/Moon Valley

Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Fitness, Leadership Development, all in a clean, family friendly environment. Over 20 years of experience. Martial Arts School!

Training for Kids, Teens, and Adults!

[12/08/10]   “The simple things done really, really well are the things that usually work.”

[12/07/10]   Who was your favorite school teacher growing up? Why?

[12/07/10]   What is the most valuable thing that you have gained from our program?

[12/06/10]   The martial arts is very much goal-oriented. Did you reach the goals you set for 2010?

[12/06/10]   “Action is the difference between those who think and those who achieve.”

[12/03/10]   Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

[12/03/10]   What is your favorite time to work out during the day?

[12/02/10]   “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

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[12/01/10]   How has the martial arts changed you as a person?

[12/01/10]   Mid week reminder to make it into class.

[11/30/10]   Who is one person you would like to thank? Why?

[11/30/10]   “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

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[11/29/10]   What is one thing you are excited for this week?

[11/26/10]   Who, in your opinion, is the most influential person in history?

[11/26/10]   What are your plans for the weekend?

[11/24/10]   What has been the most significant event of your life up until now?

[11/24/10]   A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

[11/23/10]   Upload some new pictures. We would love to see what you have!

[11/23/10]   What are some things you would like to review in class tonight?

[11/22/10]   How would you describe your work ethic?

[11/22/10]   What type of music do you find most motivating on your way to work out?

[11/19/10]   Thanks for a great week!

[11/19/10]   What aspect of your training do you find the most challenging?

[11/18/10]   What are some events that you are looking forward to this year?

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[11/17/10]   What is the most valuable thing that you have gained from our program?

[11/17/10]   Are there any small business owners who would be interested in cross promoting?

[11/16/10]   Who has been the most influential person in sports over the past 20 years?

[11/16/10]   Is anyone interested in having a martial arts demonstration at their school?

[11/15/10]   “Confidence is recognizing fear and doing it anyway”

[11/15/10]   Where is one place you would love to visit over the next year?

[11/09/10]   Which nutrition plans, if any, would you recommend to someone who is training?

[11/09/10]   What are your favorite quotes to live by?

[11/08/10]   Which days are you coming to class this week?

[11/08/10]   What would you do with a million dollars?

[11/05/10]   Thanks for a great week of classes. Anything exciting going on this weekend?

[11/05/10]   How much time do you spend, outside of class, practicing your material?

[11/04/10]   How has training influenced your personal life?

[11/04/10]   What is one item that you couldn’t live without?

[11/03/10]   What advice would you give to someone just starting their training?

[11/03/10]   What has been the most controversial event in sports this week?

[11/02/10]   What has been the best karate movie over the last 5 years?

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420 E. Bell Rd, C102
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 2pm - 9pm
Tuesday 2pm - 9pm
Wednesday 2pm - 9pm
Thursday 2pm - 9pm
Friday 2pm - 9pm
Saturday 8am - 1pm
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