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I’m now Mobility Course certified! Will continue bringing you for FREE to increase awareness around taking care of your body so that you can do what YOU were born to do, better and with less distractions from pain or injury.


This Monday I show you a fantastic way to help mobilize your hamstrings and calves when they are especially tight!


On this episode of mobilization monday, I walk you through mobilizing the press/front rack/overhead archetypes.


Banded Calf Mob

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This week we are addressing global extension of our T-spine!


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Personal Health involves so much more than just healthy eating. You can incorporate; forming and deepening relationships and creating community, spiritual practices, sunlight, grounding/earthing, getting adequate rest, forgiving others, gratitude, and financial health.

Don’t feel like you need to do everything all at once. Just do whatever you can take on. Always balance everything together. Meaning any additions add to your life’s purpose instead of take away from it. If you don’t know your life’s purpose that’s a good place to start. Take out a Pen and paper or notepad and start jotting down what you think it is.

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Who said healthy meal prep has to be difficult?
Toss baby arugula and baby spinach mix in with 2 chopped organic carrots, 1 chopped organic apple, a handful (or two) of dried cranberries, and half an organic avocado.

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If you want healthy, young skin you should supplement with collagen.
What is collagen? Collagen (literally meaning “glue” “producing”) is a type of protein that helps form the structural integrity of your body’s connective tissues. It is specifically a long-chain amino acid and is responsible for supporting healthy skin, joints, and nails.
Easy to mix in with your coffee! This is the kind I use but there are lots of great brands out there!

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Family. ♥️


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I haven’t posted about fitness in a while...
This is mostly due to the fact that I don’t want to project health and fitness as the most important thing in my life.
This post isn’t supposed to be simply cathartic. My intention is to communicate with my friends where I’m at, how you can help encourage me, and how I can help encourage you!
Health and fitness is a big part of my life. My calling is to help those who are discouraged and struggling to show them how health can be two things; 1) a metaphor for the regeneration we go through as being formed into the image of Jesus Christ. That stress and effort result in growth and maturation but as a gift to us and others. The physical and mental changes of us getting back to the way we were designed to be, signifies that “wholeness” we were designed to live in spiritually. And 2) How we approach health and wellness is how we act as good stewards of what has been lent to us as a gift in order to love others. We have been given bodies to serve others and enjoy God. If then, we are weak, unstable, in pain, tired, and depressed, how are we to love others well and enjoy living in our bodies?
I want to show people how they can feel healthier, or more specifically whole and at peace through health not as an end in itself but as an arrow pointing to how we (who claim faith in Jesus) are being continually conformed to His image spiritually.
Anything, including any aspect of health, has no meaning without the broader context of faith in our creator. This shouldn’t discourage someone, but should spur him or her on to invest intentionally in every aspect of their life, including personal health.
That being said I think where I’m at personally is a great example to demonstrate perseverance. I am physically “strong” but one could say (and I would agree) I’m very weak as well. I have struggled for years to increase my squat as I have weak stabilizers and tight muscles. I have felt slow in sports and out of breathe easily at times. We all experience this as humans but for some reason some of us just keep pushing while others think they must not be capable or that they just aren’t s


⚠️ WARNING: controversial topic!
What does a healthy diet consist of?

I believe a healthy diet is one that takes into account MACRO and MICRO nutrients, is tailored to the individuals goals, genetics, and environment, and is dynamic in nature (cleanses & specific diets for specific periods can help as opposed to Always paleo, always keto etc..), and is NOT over-emotionally taxing where it would lead to decreased health (self-shaming, anorexia, etc..)

Your thoughts? What is your definition?


If your workout doesn’t challenge you mentally, you should consider if it challenged you physically.


Don’t do a workout because it looks cool. Do it because it helps you improve a strength or weakness in your physicality.


Hormesis: compounds that are bad for us in quantity are often simultaneously good for us in moderation.

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Now is the time to start! Don’t decide on some “future fit” version of yourself that you are lying to yourself about. You CAN do it, but only if you continuously commit to bettering yourself. No one can do it for you but everyone who is “winning” wants it for you. Most of all let me know how I can help.

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Afraid to try something new?
Are you that person that is worried about what other people think of you so much that you are afraid of trying new exercises? I’m not about looking cool in the gym, It’s just I’m more concerned with my progress than what someone who doesn’t even know me views me. Branch out. What’s the worst that could happen? Someone could show you the proper way to perform the exercise and then you would know it? Or is it worse that you would be confused and move on to the next exercise? I don’t post exercises online because that sector is already saturated. There is no need for it. Go to this website called YouTube and search exercises for “insert muscle group here”. Try something new for your workout tomorrow!


Cheap rewards are okay but leave one dissatisfied.

What you’re really looking for is down the path past the rocky terrain. There is no way around. Not that it needs to be unnecessarily tough but in order to get to the REALLY great stuff you’ve got to set out on that path.

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You’re defining who you are during your workout.
It doesn’t matter if you can’t finish the reps you thought you could get to. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t at your goal weight yet. It doesn’t matter what other people are thinking if they look over while you’re struggling to get the weight up. It matters the effort you put into Your workout. YOUR workout. Not theirs. You are literally defining to yourself how you will feel about how you go about life if you give up or don’t try your best. It matters! Give it your all consistently, and once you do then let it all go and know you did all that you could.

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Fueling up mid-work!

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Marathon mindset. 🏃‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️
This keeping up your health isn’t a sprint so relax! It’s a marathon. What do you need to do to convince yourself to get into a mindset that will allow you to KEEP eating healthy and KEEP working out? That’s the answer. Fall in love with the process. That will get you there faster than trying to sprint and fainting every half lap around the track. Once you get more stamina than you can increase your speed little by little. So stop judging yourself so early. No one is checking the stopwatch yet. Now is time to buckle down and work. You’re in control!


Why I love fitness so much.

I have a passion for fitness because it is hard but not impossible. We are able to overcome our struggles and have opportunities every week to become stronger. I love it because it challenges me more mentally than physically to be better. I don’t enjoy pain but I do enjoy overcoming what I couldn’t overcome yesterday. I love how much control we have over our bodies. Along with this I love that God still shows us that we can’t change our DNA, and that we don’t need to, because we are all in our uniqueness “fearfully and wonderfully made”. I love how body transformations help people realize how beautiful they already were (inside) and allow them to live the lives they were meant to. I love that I don’t now everything and will keep learning about the human body until the day I die. And if you know me, you know I love to use fitness as an analogy for just about everything else 😉

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Fat loss is like climbing out of debt. 💰
For those who have been able to declare that they are debt-free they know it takes patience and hard work. They realize that even though you make sacrifices, doesn’t guarantee that you will make progress as quickly as you would like. But those sacrifices all add up. Most seek help in ordering their budgets in order to focus their efforts.
Fat loss is like climbing out of debt. 💰
While it is completely okay to indulge and treat yourself, you’re going to want to make sure you are being consistent with who you are. It is dangerous to think of yourself as needing to worry about health only during your “allotted” workout time.
While I’m not here to be a Debbie downer, there is a remarkable difference between enjoying life and “Treat yo self”. One is responsible and kind to yourself while the other can take on the form of a selfish all you can eat monster!
Along these lines there is some interesting psychology that goes into reward systems for physical activity. Thousands of people reward themselves with delicious foods after a workout without daring to calculate the caloric weight they are eating/drinking versus how many calories they just burned off. Much less, they don’t consider if they can afford any form of a food reward since they are trying to lose weight (aka climb out of the hole).
Feeling guilty about indulging may seem like the right thing to do, but that will actually set you back as well. People who fall to this extreme of self-denial seem to eventually give in to greater temptation since their standards are insurmountable.
So don’t feel guilty about that delicious food/snack 🍦 🍕 but realize at the same time it is probably “ringing up your credit card” and adding to your problem.
Short-term pain for Long-term gain.

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When everyone’s burning because of outrage and I’m just out here trying to make sure I don’t burn myself reattaching a spark plug.

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Volleyball 🏐🙂

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