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If there’s only one thing you read all day, let it be this article with nine easy and better-for-you dessert recipes that the whole family will love: We promise you won’t regret it!

15-Minute Ultimate Leg Blaster Workout | Anytime Fitness

Friends don’t let friends skip leg day, especially when it only takes 15 minutes or less. 😉

Tag your fitness pal in the comments to spread the word and then head over to Coach. Care. Connect. for the full workout! Friends don’t let friends skip #LegDay, so that’s why we’re bringing you this mini leg blaster circuit workout that will strengthen your lower body and leave you feeling the burn the next day—in a good way!

If you feel like you’re running on “E” lately, check out these six self-care tips that will help you refill your tank and keep you moving forward: ⛽️

22 Grab-And-Go Healthy Snacks You’ll Love | Anytime Fitness

In need of a little snack-inspo lately? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of our favorite snacks for when you're in a pinch. The best part? They’re easy to make and they won’t knock you off track while you make healthy happen!

What’s your go-to snack? Tell us in the comments! Snacking has a bit of a bad reputation. You’re trying to lose weight or stay on track in your fitness journey, so you think cutting out snacks during the day will help. Fewer snacks = fewer calories = lost weight, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple!

Start Your Day with This Morning Circuit Workout | Anytime Fitness

Monday = a new week = a new chance to make healthy happen. See how that works? 😉 💜

Head over to Coach. Care. Connect. for a workout that will start your day—and week—off right! You got this, #AFfamily When do you like to hit the gym? Are you a morning workout person, or do you prefer to move later in the day?

Trust us, you're going to want to go ahead and give these make-ahead crustless quiches a try. Bonus: you can customize with your favorite ingredients so go ahead and get cooking!

30-Minute Full-Body Circuit Workout | Anytime Fitness

If you've got 30 minutes, you've got time for this fun and effective full-body workout! Get to it, #AFfamily. 💪😉 If you haven’t had circuit training FOMO, you’re about to!

Have you wondered what "functional training" *actually* means? You're not alone! We're giving you the 411 on this style of training and how it fits into your fitness journey. Head to Coach. Care. Connect. to learn more:

12 Delicious Foods That Can Be Healthier Than You Think | Anytime Fitness

Needing a little inspiration in the kitchen? We've got you covered! We're sharing our favorite recipes that taste great and won't derail you on your fitness journey!

What's your favorite go-to healthy recipe? Share with us in the comments! We all know how important it is to eat a healthy diet filled with nutritious food. But making healthy choices can be a lot more complicated than it sounds! Sure, we know the basic information - choosing whole foods over processed foods, whole grains over white bread and pasta, low-fat dairy products...

The Full Body Sculpt Workout You Need To Try | Anytime Fitness

Let's start this Monday off right with a full-body workout that will kickstart your week in the right direction. Head to Coach. Care. Connect. and make healthy happen! 💪🏼💜 If your workout plan doesn’t include strength training, here’s your chance to change that! Experts agree strength training is important, as science shows that incorporating just a few strength training sessions into your workout plan each week can help increase muscle mass, improve performance, ...

Skip the store-bought protein bars and mix up a batch of these easy, better-for-you ones instead! Not only are they no-bake and gluten-free, they’re also free from artificial sugar and sweeteners—unlike big name brands. Get the full recipe over on Coach. Care. Connect.:

Did you follow the recipe as-is? Or did you make them your own by swapping for different protein powder or nut butters? Tell us in the comments!

Sleep or Exercise: Which Is More Important? | Anytime Fitness

Sleep and exercise are both equally important to making healthy happen, but if you can only pick one, which one should you choose: 💤 or 💪?

The answer is over on Coach. Care. Connect. Don’t miss it! We all know what the doctor says… regular exercise and getting adequate sleep are crucial elements of a healthy lifestyle. But for most of us, trying to balance both can seem impossible. Between jobs, children, chores, and a handful of other things, it just doesn’t always seem like there’s eno...

How To Do A Perfect Wall Sit & Boost It | Anytime Fitness

Walls are everywhere, which means you have basically no excuse not to incorporate wall sits into your next workout routine. 😉

But first, head over to Coach. Care. Connect. to learn how to master the wall sit—and turn it up a notch! This article will break things down into simple steps, starting with a standard wall sit, then we’ll show you other isometric exercises you can add to a wall sit that not only work your lower body but your upper body, back, and lower body when it’s all said and done.

Slow-Cooker Balsamic Beef Pot Roast | Anytime Fitness

With a little bit of planning (and a whole lot of beef), you’ll be serving up this slow-cooker twist on the classic dish with ease. Bon appetit!

⚠ Caution: May melt in your mouth with every bite. ⚠ Prep20 MinutesCook8 HoursTotal8 Hours 20 MinutesServings 8 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email Pot

If you're ready to get back to making healthy happen after some time off, here are three important things to keep in mind as your restart your fitness journey.

💜 Be kind to yourself.
💜 Move in a way that makes YOU happy.
💜 Today is a great day to start over.

For more helpful tips, check out the full article here:

We’re bringing you these delicious Dark Chocolate Cherry Bites right in time for the holidays! In less than five minutes, you’ll have a festive, guilt-free treat that your whole family will love:

How to Prepare a Perfectly Baked Chicken Breast in 6 Simple Steps | Anytime Fitness

Who likes dry chicken breast? Definitely not us. 🙅‍♀️

Don't miss these six easy steps that will have you serving up winner, winner, chicken dinners time and time again. Master the steps to cooking this healthy source of lean protein: boneless, skinless chicken breasts!

How to Do A Perfect Triceps Dip—And Challenge Yourself | Anytime Fitness

Tricep dips are a great bodyweight exercise that can be incorporated into any workout. The best part? They require basically no equipment, so you can do them almost anywhere! But not so fast.🛑

Check out this helpful how-to that will teach you how to master the tricep dips, while taking them to the next level! Tricep dips are for everybody, as in every body on the planet. And you can literally do them anywhere, with proper form. No machines or weights necessary.

Healthy Debate: Almond Milk Vs. Dairy Milk | Anytime Fitness

Milk can be a great source of protein and calcium, but not all “milks” are created equal. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, head over to Coach. Care. Coach. to learn whether you should ditch dairy milk for good—or not!

Are you a dairy or non-dairy milk drinker? 🐄 Have you read any articles or stories touting the benefits of plant-based diets lately? Plant-based diets have been growing in popularity, along with dairy-free diets, too. And while these diets are fairly different, they have one major overlap: non-dairy milk!

15-Minute Circuit Workout Perfect for Beginners | Anytime Fitness

Haven’t incorporated circuit training into your fitness routine before? Well lucky for you, we know just the place to start. 😉

Head on over to Coach. Care. Connect. for this full-body strength AND cardio workout that takes less than 20 minutes: Running short on time or looking for a fun way to break out of your workout rut? We have your solution: circuit training. If you’ve ever done a group fitness class with a trainer or a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout, chances are you’ve done a circuit workout—maybe without even ...

The 25-Minute Bodyweight Workout You Can Do On Your Lunch Break | Anytime Fitness

You'll love this workout because you can finish in 25 minutes and you'll keep coming back again and again because it can be done literally ANYWHERE! Head to Coach. Care. Connect. and get moving! 💪🏼💜 Picture this: you set your alarm for 5am to make sure you have enough time to fit in a workout before work, but when your alarm goes off, you continuously hit the snooze button and tell yourself that you’ll do it at the end of the day. You pack your gym bag and throw it in the car, only to bring i...

Today we're thankful for two things: you and this recipe for an incredible pumpkin-infused chai latte.

[11/25/20]   It's still fall if we say it is... and we say it is which means you still have time to give this incredible and nutritious quinoa salad a go. It's loaded with your favorite fall flavors while packing a protein punch, thanks to the quinoa. Add your favorite protein and you've got an easy (and quick) meal!

Whether you're #teampumpkiepie or not, chances are you'll love this mini twist on the classic dessert! Who's giving these a try this week? 🙋🏻‍♀️🥧

How to Build Your Own HIIT Routine at the Gym | Anytime Fitness

Creating a HIIT workout doesn't have to be hard! We've got all the tools and tips you'll need to create a workout that is fun and effective. Don't miss out! 💪🏼 It’s not easy for everyone to find the time to work out. Social commitments, busy workdays, and friends and family members can all fill up our schedules, making it hard to get a workout in. That’s why we love high-intensity interval training, or HIIT workouts. They’re a fast, effective way to ...

Fall isn’t over until we say it is! 😉

Put those leftover, hand-picked apples to use with this simple Apple Butter Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie recipe:

Sleep or Exercise: Which Is More Important? | Anytime Fitness

Sleep > exercise, or exercise > sleep? 🤷

Not sure which one you should choose? Head to Coach. Care. Connect. to learn when you should hit the hay instead of hitting the gym! We all know what the doctor says… regular exercise and getting adequate sleep are crucial elements of a healthy lifestyle. But for most of us, trying to balance both can seem impossible. Between jobs, children, chores, and a handful of other things, it just doesn’t always seem like there’s eno...

A Full-Body Circuit Workout That Benefits Every Muscle | Anytime Fitness

Raise your hand if you want a workout that builds muscle while also burning fat! 🙋

Okay, put your hand down and head on over to Coach. Care. Connect. for a full-body workout that you don't want to miss. You know that large, often brightly colored ball you see around the gym, that’s somewhere between knee and thigh height? That’s a stability, or Swiss, ball.

We’re here to tell you that not all healthy foods will break the bank!

Learn how to make healthier choices, while still keeping your budget on track with these helpful tips over on Coach. Care. Connect:

No Equipment Necessary: The At-Home Circuit Workout You Can Do Anywhere | Anytime Fitness

Can’t make it to the gym today? Don’t sweat it. Well actually, still sweat, but with this full-body circuit workout that you can do right from living room instead! 😉 Question: What’s your favorite type of workout? Are you a runner, weight lifter, yogi, etc.? Do you prefer to mix things up now and then, or do you stick to your routine? If you like mixing things up, you’re going to love circuit training workouts, which is what we’re talking about today!

🍌🥞 It's banana pancake time! 🥞🍌

Head into the weekend with this recipe ready to go for weekend brunch. We love these pancakes because they're packed with protein and you'll love them because they come together in a snap. Enjoy!

Recovery is a crucial element in any wellness journey as it provides your body with the ability to restore and renew. Without it, burnout and muscle fatigue set in and set you back from meeting your goals! But hold on, if the word "recovery" means a Netflix binge on the couch, think again and head to Coach. Care. Connect. to learn more about how to actively help your body recover so you can continue to make healthy happen: 💜💪🏼

Thanksgiving is around the corner and if you're looking for a healthy twist on a classic, don't miss this better-for-you recipe packed with the traditional flavors of pumpkin pie, made bite-size! We recommend making a double batch. 😉

Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Shake | Anytime Fitness

Five words: double-chocolate-chunk-protein-shake. Enough said. Head to Coach. Care. Connect. for the recipe! Grab your blender and chocolate protein powder because we’re making a smoothie you and your family are going to love!

Forget Crunches! Strengthen Your Core the Right Way | Anytime Fitness

#AFfamily: just say NO to crunches and check out this article on Coach. Care. Connect, instead, that will teach you all about strengthening your core effectively. You know that large, often brightly colored ball you see around the gym, that’s somewhere between knee and thigh height? That’s a stability, or Swiss, ball.

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