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Are there any public or private places “locally” that one would be able to shoot 1,000yrds to 1 mile?
Come and get your Concealed Handgun License this weekend at Patriot Outdoors! Spots fill up quickly, so sign up today!
Just took the CHL course and glad I did. Awesome facilities and instructions by Steven Powell. Very informative and easy to understand. Would recommend it for anyone interested in preserving life. All the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
Conceal Handgun Class. Took the renewal class for my license yesterday and really enjoyed the class. As a retired teacher it's great to be on the receiving end of Great instruction. Steven does a great job of blending his personal experience and stories with some great visual aids to get each topic across. I was never bored in the 4 hours I spent there yesterday, and I really appreciate that. I'm looking forward to taking the Advanced class in the future. Thank You!
Just completed the CHK class with the owner of Patriot Outdoors as the instructor. An excellent experience filled with practical application and relevant classroom work. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to obtain their CHL. Thank you Stephen and staff! There are more classes in my future!
Great class......

Excellent instructor....... very few people impress me with their knowledge and experience......

Stephen Powell...........I'm impressed.

Established in 2004, Specialty School, Defensive Training Company operating out of Phoenix, Arizona. Patriot Outdoors is an experience like no other, and anyone can gain valuable experience by learning and playing here.

We empower you to be free, and like our great country, we are built on the idea that freedom is born of character, integrity and values. We’re all about the outdoors, where activities are always more exciting, where you can challenge yourself and have some serious fun.

Operating as usual


Just for Fun… Trick Shots.
Professionals only.
TWO GUNS, Two separate targets, 25yds, Sig P320, Glock 19, Simultaneously.


Progressive Pistol
SAT, 14 MAY 1pm -5pm
Casa Grande, Az

Slots are limited. You’re body can’t go where your mind has never been. If you’re wanting to evolve your skills and achieve a higher level of subconscious performance, this course is for you.

Evolve, Train, Win.
Sign up Today!
DM for more details.
Discount available.


Saturday, May 14th, 0800-1200.
Casa Grande, Az.

This is an entry level course, practical and easy to understand.
Whether you’re brand new to shooting or you want to knock some rust off, a great no ego environment to help you win!
SIGN UP NOW! See link in bio


Top 5 Key Elements of Success- FIGHT
What are you fighting for? What are you fighting against?
How are you daily dedicating yourself to the fight for your own success!
Watch Now!


Gun Control or People Control?
You decide!


How are You Training?
Are you evolving your skills?
Are you Training for the Reality of potential violence?


Sign up Now!
JUST A FEW slots left!

Casa Grande, Az

For real shooters By REAL shooters.


EDC Progressive Pistol

Upcoming Training!
Sat, Feb 26th 8am
Casa Grande, Az


Evolve Your Skills, EVOLVE YOURSELF!

Watch one of our awesome students with less than 500rds down range accomplish, concealment drawstroke, multiple targets accurately transitioning and a reload.


@thegunlifecoach with @make_repost
The Famous or Infamous 1911

So, Today, I’m going to give you my top tips for the world famous or Infamous 1911 semi auto handgun!

Did you know that the 1911 was first put in service way back in 1916 in the Mexican Border War?

This handgun is the most produced most used handgun in the world used by millions and help the United States military conquer two world wars and many other conflicts spanning over 100 years!

Is the 1911 right for you?

Well, I’m going to tell you that this handgun platform is somewhat controversial in the shooter’s industry! Whether you love them or hate them they are still undeniably extremely popular.

Many Shooters love them for their simplicity! Others do not like them for their maintenance or their capacity. Some call them God’s gun while others call them a high maintenance girlfriend!

Well, no matter what you might think of them they’re still in all American handgun! Which one is right for you with all the mini variance of models and calibers across manufacturers is something for you to decide.

All of this single action sexiness started way back in the 1890s with some of its first concepts and finally patented in 1911 by John Moses Browning and Sam Colt.

Now, there are so many to choose from; You’ll have to decide for yourself which one is right for you or not?

It’s OK, if you don’t like the 1911s they are many other options out there that you can use for competition defense or recreation!

Enjoy the video, Please comment and share be sure to subscribe get out there and train and remember evolve your skills and involve yourself!

That’s what I got for you today!

Stephen D. Powell
The GunLife Coach



Never Forget!

A Date which will live in Infamy!
The attack on Pearl Harbor which led us into WWII.
Know your history, know your American heritage!



Never Forget!
A Day that will live in Infamy!
The attack on Pearl Harbor which led us into WWII.
Know your history, know your American heritage!


Attention Ladies!
Sign up as quickly as you can for our functional pistol course. This course is a very progressive course to help you evolve your skills for your own success and survival! See link IN BIO for details, DM US with any questions.

Functional Pistol 12/01/2021

Functional Pistol

Women's only Functional Pistol
Casa Grande, Az. 11 Dec 21!
Sign up Today!

Functional Pistol Handgun Fundamentals This class is designed for new handgun owners or shooters who have no prior formal firearms training.


It’s Not about the Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for?
Sure, we all love the Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pies and cranberry jelly or the sales that are going on!

But are we thankful for all that God has given us?

I encourage you to reflect on all the little things that you’ve been blessed with, the ones we love and those who love us, the freedoms we have and the opportunities we have been given!

Let’s be thankful today, enjoy the time you have with your families and friends, count your blessings and be grateful for all we have been given.

So, Happy Thanksgiving, America! may God Bless you, Your Family and this Great Country!


This is a clear example of illogical and twisted logic to push the agenda..
Last we reviewed the Law there was no “human hunting season”.

Self Defense is quite another thing! Which is being demonized in the media.
The truth is many politicians believe it is better for America to be unarmed.
The second amendment protects all others…


Know your rights, know the law, know your maker who endowed you with this rights..
what’s sad is that there should have been GROWN STRONG MEN, out on this streets helping not just a young brave 17yr old soul..
Strong Men, Stand up! Thank God for this young man and his parents bringing him up right!

@bennyjohnson @americansheriff @mikebroomhead


Happy Veterans Day….

It’s Because of Them, We are Free!

So, why do we celebrate Veterans Day? It’s Because of them, ones you may see on any given day, you pass them on a road, see their tag or in a store, wearing some badge of honor of their service or not?

Really, They look like each and every one of us, they have wives and husbands, children and generations of grandchildren, families of all sorts, shapes and sizes and even some with none.

They work in all types of career fields and jobs across this land, in factories and restaurants wearing a badge, in real estate or sales, anything from blue to white collar jobs they’re among us.

You See it’s because of all of them current, past and very distant veterans of old from battles and wars since our Independence that we have the ability to take these liberties so freely.

I hope you enjoy this video, please honor a vet today, they deserve it!
God Bless you, Your Family and this great nation!


Need Your Help!

I would love to have two pics of you or your family member then and now one in uniform and one out of uniform in every day life pic for my next video..
all branches it doesn’t matter if it was active duty reserves or national guard World War II and on..

The video is entitled “Because of Them”we are free….


I’d love everyone’s help with my next video for Veteran’s Day!


Come Join for a great cause for Veterans!

Nov 10th! Veteran tickets $65

Marine Corps veteran disarms robbery suspect at Yuma gas station 10/21/2021

Marine Corps veteran disarms robbery suspect at Yuma gas station

Surprise, Speed and Violence of Action!

Marine Corps veteran disarms robbery suspect at Yuma gas station Officials with the Yuma County Sheriff's Office say a Marine Corps veteran ended an armed robbery at a gas station by disarming one of the suspects as they entered the store.


Women’s Defend and Empower Course!

This is just a small preview of the amazing weekend we had teaching women how to defend themselves and empowering them to win!

Exposing them to the reality of violence that they may encounter and equipping them with the violence they may have to use was our objective.

You never choose your fight, the fight chooses you… are you prepared?
Mentally, Physically, Emotionally?

Whether you choose your hands, a gun, a “stabby thing” or any other opportunistic tool for defense… You must choose something or you will never win!

Choose your tool, Arm your mind, the ultimate weapon!
Come train with us, Stay tuned!

A big shout out to the crew @skallywagtactical @michael.donvito_ @samurai_buns for leading a great course!
Huge thank you to all of our students and the many helping spread the word! We will do this again!

Holly Powell


Just a quick peek into some of this last weekend’s Defend & Empower Women’s Course! @skallywagtactical @samurai_buns @gunsngloss @michael.donvito_


Day 1 Shots! How bout a knife to the throat?? Slayin Em! Surprise, speed &violence of Action! &empower


Day 1 Shots! How bout a knife to the throat?? Slayin Em! Surprise, speed &violence of Action! &empower


Ladies Event this Weekend! SIGN UP ASAP!

Ladies you don’t want to miss out on this weekend’s course! A super eye opening and empowering event for our women attending! Some are bringing their teenage daughters!
We are so excited to put this course on for you! @michael.donvito_ and I are looking forward to teaching you how to defend yourself with real world tactics, understand the brutal reality of violence and empower yourself to not love in fear not knowing of you could actually defend yourself!

Sign up ASAP, we only have a few slots left, please feel free to message us for any other questions or concerns!
This weekend a two day event, one day option available, Peoria, Az.
Don’t Miss out!
We’ll See you there!


Everyone should be FREE to make that decision for themselves!!!
No matter where you stand I’m a political platform in whatever country, throughout history all anyone wants is FREEDOM!
Speak up or step in line! I promote dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery!


A message from one of our students!
Sign up Today!
Sat & Sun Oct 9th & 10th
Women’s Defend & Empower Course

No woman wants to be a victim and no woman should be one!

This event is for women just like you; women who want to learn practical and yet very unconventional ways to defend yourself and empower you to NEVER be a victim ever or again!

Come learn skills that will save you, regardless of your physique, skills and abilities.

Unarmed & armed Combatives, -defensive mindset
-who’s an opportunistic criminal?
-How to win being unarmed!
-ground work
-edged weapon techniques

See link in Bio…


Women here in the valley!!
A great course you don’t want to miss!

Learn how to fend off attackers, save yourself and your children.

With such an increase in personal violence around the state and in the world, it’s up to you to protect yourself when seconds count.

SEE LINK IN Bio or on
•the defensive mindset
•Understand opportunistic criminals
•Predators Mindset
•Weapons handling
•Scenarios you could face
•unarmed applications

Our Passion

Patriot Outdoors, Inc. has been operational in the defensive training industry since 2004, we are a one thousand acre training facility located in Eastern New Mexico. We provide training on a national basis to thousands of students from all levels of our military, law enforcement and private sector. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with professional and unconventional objective and performance based training solutions to face the threats of tomorrow. S.D. Powell - President

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EDC Progressive Pistol
Evolve Your Skills, EVOLVE YOURSELF!
It’s Not about the Turkey!
Women’s Defend and Empower Course!
Ladies Event this Weekend! SIGN UP ASAP!



We have been operating over 18 years teaching thousands of military, law enforcement, and civilians in comprehensive, hands-on, educational training for both lethal and non-lethal defense. Now Servicing the Phoenix Valley and beyond.


Phoenix, AZ

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