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What is HIIT ?

High-Intensity and Interval in essence just a formula: frenetic exertion + recovery x sets =
HIIT is High-Intensity Interval Training.
The ‘high-intensity’ element represents training in short bursts at a maximum level of effort and the ‘interval’ ‘bit’ isn’t either the work or the recovery periods: it’s both, and they can range from many minutes to literally seconds
HIIT is universally acknowledged as being a highly effective way of getting people of all abilities fit!
You can HIIT … indoors, outdoors, in water, in the gym with or without equipment, on a bike, rower or treadmill, and, best of all, if you strip HIIT back to the bare bones you can work with nothing more than your own bodyweight or a pair of (10–20lb) dumbbells. Doing the right compound exercises all you’ll need is about (6.5 x 6.5ft) of space and some determination.
In many ways HIIT is speedy not just in terms of the velocity at which the exercises are performed, but also speedy in terms of how long you need to spend doing it for in order to see results. This is a bonus for those who are time poor.
The list of gains is extensive and these can be viewed as the building blocks for long- and short-term improvements to our body function. These include effective weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, increased endurance levels, increased human growth hormone, enhanced blood quality, slows ageing, improved mood and brain function, and limits levels of cortisol.


Tip of the Day!

No matter how many years you’ve been working out, it’s a good idea to change your exercise program every four to six weeks. Besides the increased enthusiasm that comes with a new training routine, you’ll also experience an
increase in soreness – in other words, your body is being forced to break down and build up new muscle tissue. The key to continued success is shocking your body with progressive overload. Every time you shock your body with a new exercise routine you can expect the soreness to return. You don’t need to radically change your training routine. Even small changes can leave you feeling pretty sore. You can change the order of your workout, or the speed at which you perform the reps. You can use different exercises for the same body part
or you can increase or decrease the reps. Keep this in
mind when designing your new program. Start out with a few simple changes and gradually increase the intensity.


Fat Loss & Muscle-Gaining Meal

Ground Turkey Omelette

Serves 2

8 large, fresh egg whites
2 large whole eggs
2 small, raw onions, diced
3 oz. ground, raw turkey
1 1/2 cups canned kidney beans, drained (any type)
1 c. chopped green bell peppers
1 c. chopped red bell peppers
1 c. raw mushrooms, sliced
3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1 dash ground black pepper.
1 tsp. hot pepper sauce.
1 tsp. ground turmeric
3 cloves raw garlic, minced
1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

Saute’ turkey, vegetables and spices - except turmeric - in a non-stick skillet w/1 tsp olive oil until tender. In mixing bowl, whip the eggs, egg whites and turmeric together. Pre-heat 2 tsp olive oil in a second skillet, then add 1/4 egg mixture and cook until omelet is formed. Repeat to make 4 omelettes. Place 1 omelette on plate, top with 1/2 of the turkey mixture, then place 1 omelette on top to form a sandwich. Repeat to form 2nd sandwich. Serve hot.

Nutritional Information:
Calories (Per Serving) 508
Protein (g) 42
Carbohydrates (g): 50.5
Fat (g) 17
Carb - Protein - Fat % Ratio: 39 % - 32% - 29%

Use a rubber spatula to gently lift up the layer of cooked eggs, and let the uncooked, liquid portion slide underneath. Hold the pan underneath the broiler for a few moments to completely set the top.


Exercise of the day!

Advanced Froggies
This movement is similar to the frog kick in the water.
Muscles emphasized: Lower abdominals

1. Sit on the floor or on a bench. Keep your legs straight in front of you with a slight bend in your knees, and rest your hands gently on your knees.
2. Lift your legs off the floor with your abdominal muscles, focusing on the lower abs.
3. Using your lower abdominals, slowly bend your knees
and bring your feet inward toward your body.
4. Hold for 2 seconds, extend your legs again, and repeat step 3.
5. After 6 repetitions, place your hands out to the sides and hold them there for another 6 repetitions of steps 3 and 4.
6. For a more advanced movement, stretch your arms overhead and hold them there for an additional 6 repetitions of steps 3 and 4.
Key Points to Remember
• Try not to rest your feet on the floor between repetitions.
• Do not lean back too far past 45 degrees, as doing so will place stress on your lower back and turn the exercise mainly into a hip flexor movement rather than a lower-abdominal movement.


A muscular body burns more fat throughout the day. By increasing
your metabolism through lifting weights regularly and eating smaller,
more frequent meals, you’ll continue to burn body fat long after
you’ve left the gym. The increase in muscle will boost your
metabolism, thereby increasing the amount of calories your body uses.


A muscular body burns more fat throughout the day. By increasing your metabolism through lifting weights regularly and eating smaller, more frequent meals, you’ll continue to burn body fat long after you’ve left the gym. The increase in muscle will boost your
metabolism, thereby increasing the amount of calories your body uses.


Exercise of the day!


START: Lie squarely on the incline bench, which should be set at a fairly low angle. Hold the dumbbells just outside your shoulders.
MOVE: Forcefully press the weights up in an arc until your arms are fully extended above your chest. Reverse the motion, being sure not to overstretch your shoulders by lowering the
weights below chest level.


The next time you’re in the gym, or at a shopping mall for that matter, take
a close look at all the different body shapes and sizes. Although the
general human population may seem extremely diverse, it’s possible to group
people according to common traits, the most common being skinny, fat and
muscular. Probably the most popular method for classifying body types is Dr.
William Sheldon’s three-category somatotype system. Sheldon photographed
over 46,000 men and women and discovered 88 distinct categories he called
somatotypes. To keep things simple, he grouped all 88 into three major
categories: endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph.
Endomorphs tend to have more fat cells and large bones, and are usually
short to medium in height. While building muscle is usually not a problem,
losing body fat is. This is the most difficult group to classify. The person may
truly be an endomorph, but he or she could also be an ectomorph or
mesomorph who is simply eating too much and doing little or no exercise.
Ectomorphs are often called “skinny” and tend to have long thin bones.
Ectomorphs are lucky because they don’t easily gain body fat. However, they
have a difficult time building muscle and have to fight significantly for every
ounce of muscle they gain.
Mesomorphs are the most blessed when it comes to bodybuilding. They
usually have large bones and have no problem building muscle mass. Some
mesomorphs gain fat easily, while others do not. Most of the competitors you
see on stage at the Mr. Olympia contest are pure mesomorphs or mesomorphs
blended with characteristics of one of the other two.
Few individuals fit precisely into any one of these categories – most are
combinations of all three. To illustrate this, Sheldon created a scale to rank
the dominance of each somatotype within each person. He came up with a
scale that gives each somatotype a value from 1 to 7 with 7 being most
dominant. For example, a person of ectomorphic 1, mesomorphic 5, and
endomorphic 4, would be an endo-mesomorph. This person would gain
muscle easily, but would also have trouble getting lean for a competition.
Conversely, an ectomorphic 5, mesomorphic 3, and endomorphic 1, would be
ecto-mesomorphic. For this individual, losing fat would not be a problem, but
gaining muscle would.


Here are the muscle groups ...


10 Tips to Train SAFE!

It is very important for all of us to train conservatively and not overdo things.

1) Don't do any exercise that you aren't sure how to do. Always get personal instruction
from a certified trainer.

2) Don't do anything that hurts or "doesn't feel right". There are plenty of alternative
exercises for every movement.

3) Whenever you start a NEW program, use lighter weights than normal, and only 1 set
per exercise. You must expect extra soreness when starting a new program just because
of the new exercises, so don't try to set world records in a new program right away.

4) If you need extra recovery within the workout or between workouts, don't hesitate to
take it. Safety first.

5) Use a spotter if you are training with heavy weights. failure.

6) Check your ego at the gym door and start with the easier alternative exercises if
appropriate, even if you have exercised in the past. The new exercises, and new style of
movements will cause muscle soreness even from workouts you think "look easy".

7) Do NOT do interval training more than 4 times per week. Even pro athletes don't play
hard everyday, so why should we?

8) Never skip a warm-up. Use the general bodyweight warm-ups and the specific warm-
up sets in each TT workout.

9) If you want to start TT but think you have an injury, get
medical attention and have a professional therapist rehabilitate your injury before starting an exercise program.

10) Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise or diet program. All
together now, "Safety first!"

Bonus 11) If you decide to use running as your form of interval training, make sure you
have good running shoes, always do an extra thorough warm-up, and choose a safe
running surface (grass or trails rather than pavement/concrete). If you use a treadmill,
please operate it safely.


Interval training

• Warm-up for 3-4 minutes at a fast walk or light jog
• Interval 1 - run at 8.0 mi/hr for 1 minute
• Interval 2 - walk at 4.0 mi/hr for 1.5 minutes
• Interval 3 - run at 10.0 mi/hr for 1 minute
• Interval 4 - walk at 4.0 mi/hr for 1.5 minutes
Repeat those 4 intervals 4 times for a very intense 20-minute workout.
Try to train your body at highly variable intensity rates for the majority of your workouts to get the most beneficial response in terms of heart health, fat loss, and muscle maintenance


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Dieting for Fat Loss

When you are trying to lose fat you need to restrict your calories in order for your body’s
metabolism to burn off the extra fat. Every one knows this. But the body will quickly
adjust its metabolic rate to the food consumed if you do not do certain things to prevent
your body from adapting.

To keep your body from adapting you need to manipulate the variables of your diet in
certain ways. Here they are:

Carbohydrates- you must consume low glycemic carbohydrates only. To prevent any
insulin from being released into your body in sharp spikes center your diet around the
low glycemic ones. When you get sharps rises in insulin in your body the fat cells are
activated and called upon. Keep your insulin levels stable.

Protein- It is very important to keep your protein levels higher than normal. You will
need at the very least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. This will keep you
IGF-1 levels high and your muscle mass from being used as energy.


Tip of the day!

Maltodextrin (Carbohydrate Powder)
- sold as carbohydrate drinks by the
supplement companies. This is one of the most underused supplements by
bodybuilders. It is also one of the most important. After a workout your
body has been depleted of most of the carbohydrates in your body. Your
muscles are screaming for some more. When you consume a high glycemic
carbohydrate, like maltodextrin, your muscles will quickly absorb them.
This allows us to use maltodextrin as a "shuttle" to transport other
supplements into the muscle quickly.

Instead of paying supplement prices from a bodybuilding
company you can save a lot by buying maltodextrin from beer supply
places. They sell it real cheap so you can buy a lot.


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