Lovin' Phoenix (Bring Kevin Love to the Phoenix Suns)

Kevin Love Kevin Love is becoming one of the most dominating Power Forwards in the game. Drawing comparisons from Moses Malone to Charles Barkley, he has the skills and ability to become the most feared Power Forward of his generation.

The Phoenix Suns have a history of bringing in players that have changed their franchise for the better for years - Connie Hawkins, Paul Westphal, Charlie Scott, Tom Chambers, Kevin Johnson, Charles Barkley, Steve Nash, and potentially Kevin Love. His addition would become the cornerstone of the franchise for many years to come. Whether trading for him this off-season, or waiting until he becomes

Operating as usual


I'm not going to give up on the opportunity to bring in Kevin Love. I'll take a guy who "only wants his stats," as is the current critique of him, so long as those stats are points and rebounds. For starters, the Suns can't score consistently! We won by scoring 74pts?? Is this 1998??? Would a few more rebounds have maybe kickstarted some fast break scoring chances and given us a few more points?? Let's get K-Love here! He's now a guy that is desperate to prove he can be and IS a winner, and also wants to finally win! Sure, he could potentially leave Cleveland with a Championship, but it'll be on LeBron's back. Come to Phoenix and prove to the world that You can lead a team to a Championship!

Sources: Bulls join Cavs in Love trade push 07/22/2014

Sources: Bulls join Cavs in Love trade push

I really just don't understand why there are apparently ZERO rumors out there involving the Suns and K-Love. I'd almost rather read one that says the Suns will Never push to acquire Love, rather than seeing all these other teams make strong pushes. Now that we have the addition of Isiah Thomas, the Suns have more pieces than anyone other than Cleveland (who can offer two number one picks) but Should (in my humble biased opinion) be willing to move almost anybody on the roster, as well as so many future first round picks, including the ever rising Minnesota 1st rounder of this year. Oy!

Sources: Bulls join Cavs in Love trade push The Cleveland Cavaliers are firmly in the lead to acquire Kevin Love but the Chicago Bulls are making a renewed push to get into the trade mix for the All-Star power forward, according to sources close to the process.


http://fansided.com/2014/07/15/kevin-love-trade-rumors-phoenix-suns-still-interested/ // The Phoenix Suns have five PGs, all five of which are equal or better to Rubio in passing, and all five of which can score better than him as well. I had always felt that Channing Frye would have been a part of a package which is a blow, but not insurmountable. Time. To make. This happen. What's taking so long??


It is all up to LeBron James now.

I have never tired for LeBron, but I am now rooting for him to stay in Miami. Should LeBron go to Cleveland, the Cavs have a package able to finally pry Love from Minnesota, including Andrew Wiggins. Therefore, should LeBron go to Cleveland, and Love be moved, then any hope of the Suns getting Love, in his prime, would likely be dashed.

This is the Suns' last chance. LeBron to Miami keeps Love in Minnesota, for now, extending the Suns chances of Finally acquiring K-Love.

NBA Trade News: Phoenix Suns Could Pull off Trade For Kevin Love; Minnesota Timberwolves To Get... 02/11/2014

NBA Trade News: Phoenix Suns Could Pull off Trade For Kevin Love; Minnesota Timberwolves To Get...

The International Business Times is the other obscure site to reference a trade, and they too make it clear that this is just speculation. One thing that all three of these posts reference is that One Eastern Conference Executive stated that "Everyone knows he wants to go to the Lakers." Maybe so, but I don't buy that that is the be-all end-all to the situation. Many players want to go to many teams, and while they aren't all of the Kevin Love caliber, not all Superstars get the right to decide. If the Suns trade for him, they would need to be assured that he would re-sign long term (probably before) his contract is up, meaning that even if he Wants to go to LA, that wouldn't happen anytime soon.

Love must also know that the Lakers are in a very bad position right now, and are probably no better off in the near future than the T-Wolves. Yes, they have Kobe Bryant. But not only do they not have anything else, Kobe is going to be coming off of a major injury, and has only a scant few productive years left in his career. Sure, Love could then be the face of the franchise, but that still wouldn't guarantee him victories or Championships, and Phoenix is Much closer to being a legit championship contender than the Lakers are.

NBA Trade News: Phoenix Suns Could Pull off Trade For Kevin Love; Minnesota Timberwolves To Get... Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star power forward Kevin Love might not be going to be a free-agent yet until the summer of 2015, but the interest in acquiring the burly big man has been immense. The Los Angeles Lakers has emerged as the top free agency destination for the former UCLA product two years f...

NBA Trade Rumors 2014: Kevin Love on Trading Block? Phoenix Suns Look to Land All-Star Forward 02/11/2014

NBA Trade Rumors 2014: Kevin Love on Trading Block? Phoenix Suns Look to Land All-Star Forward

Three stories have popped up in some fairly obscure places stating that the Suns are attempting to package a deal for Kevin Love. The Latino Post is one, and they quote basketball blogger NBA Lord that he thinks that a Love to Phoenix trade would be the most ideal situation for all parties involved. Granted, this isn't ESPN.com or the Arizona Republic, but either way, where there is smoke there is fire, right? haha

NBA Trade Rumors 2014: Kevin Love on Trading Block? Phoenix Suns Look to Land All-Star Forward The Minnesota Timberwolves, faced with the possibility of losing Kevin Love in the summer of 2015, could explore a deal for the big man before the trade deadline, with the assets-loaded Phoenix Suns looking to be an ideal trade partner for the T-Wolves.


Alright! Well, rumors abound! Even yesterday John Gambodoro from Arizona Sports 98.7 said that he had heard a credible rumor that the Suns would be interested in, or have been discussing a trade for K-Love for Bledsoe, Okafor, and Frye, plus a package of picks.

DOOOOO IIIIITTTT!!! I am VERY weary that Bledsoe will ask for or be offered a near max contract by a desperate team this offseason, and with a knee which has not only had two major surgeries plus now no Meniscus, I do not take that risk.

Without Bledsoe, we would still have Dragic and an opportunity to sign another player, so we're basically swapping out Frye for Love. Done!

Who knows if this rumor has any legs to it, but I am take it if available.

Kevin Love calls out Timberwolves teammates after latest close loss | The Point Forward - SI.com 01/13/2014

Kevin Love calls out Timberwolves teammates after latest close loss | The Point Forward - SI.com

Following the Minnesota Timberwolves loss to the Phoenix Suns last week, Kevin Love publicly called out several teammates for their lack of participating in timeouts during the fourth quarter. While many cynics can look at this event as a team leader acting immaturely with the media, but I think that the truth lies significantly deeper: Kevin Love is tired of losing, and the Timberwolves ineptitude - who have not made the playoffs once his entire career - are starting to weigh heavily on his mind.

K-Love is an unrestricted FA next off-season, and the Wolves may see that they will have what it takes to keep him with the franchise long term. I believe that IF the Suns are interested in potentially acquiring the Near-Superstar (as I of course would advocate with high enthusiasm) then they may just need to stay patient and let the inner burning competitive fire and agitation build up and push Kevin Love out of the Southern Arctic and into the Desert.

Kevin Love calls out Timberwolves teammates after latest close loss | The Point Forward - SI.com Frustrations are mounting in Minnesota, where the Timberwolves -- who are a top-10 team by pace-adjusted point differential -- can't seem to win a close game. It's a spiral of bad luck …


The Timberwolves are currently one game below .500 to start the New Year, a level not yet met by any K. Love led team yet in his career. While this record is a marked improvement over prior years, the Wolves are still three games out of eighth place in the West with the Nuggets, Pelicans, Grizzlies, and Lakers all within a few games of Minnesota. Even a short five game slide can send the mediocre Wolves back into the Western Conference cellar.
Suns fans need to continue to root for the Wolves to lose, and truthfully stay as far away from the playoff race as possible leaving Kevin Love as despondent with his situation in the southern arctic as possible.

Four of the Wolves next six games are against the Pelicans (tonight), Thunder, Suns (Jan. 8), and Spurs, very possibly sending them to a 17-20 record over the next week or so. As long as the Wolves keep on losing and Suns keep on winning, it puts the Suns in a very nice position to eventually woo the Superstar to Phoenix.




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