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New, larger location near 40th Street and Chandler Blvd. "Busy Bodies" by Design CHILDCARE Available! AFFORDABLE Semi-private and small group personal training available.

Spinning, stretching classes and nutritional coaching. Supplements also available for purchase to the public.

Operating as usual 04/21/2020

COVID-19: Exercise may protect against deadly complication - Neuroscience News

We are here when and ready for your return to health and wellness training! Regular exercise may help prevent or reduce the severity of ARDS for those with coronavirus. A single session of exercise increases the production of a critical antioxidant, called EcSOD, helping to reduce the effects of COVID-19 infection.


Happy Birthday to @managed_moms ...our client and friend who is relentless in pursuit of her fitness and health goals! #fabulousfifties #birthdaygirl🎉


Tell me your excuse again? Our incredible client Dee is 93 years old and has been working out consistently since she was in her 20’s!!! She comes in 3 times a week and does weights and cardio! 💪 And did I mention she still does planks? 🤔😳


Our community is made up of men and women. 👍From high school soohomores to our 93 year old client! 👍 They all train according their own goals and limitations but they do it together with accountability and have fun! 💪


It’s almost the end of the first month of 2019. Are you feeling 💪stronger? #wednesdayvibes


Saturday night struggle?


The struggle is real. 🙄 But don’t worry...we got you! When Thin Mints don’t work😂.... we have your plan to get THINNER. DM to schedule your 1 week {free trial}! 💪


Most of my clients have been with me for years... some 12 years or more! Can you say that about your trainer? Trust, accountability and experience matters when choosing personal trainer. Did you know we offer 1 week free? DM to set up your trial!


Isolating the muscle for great results! Dumbbell curls cheating ❌, no swinging❌ just good form! ✅


Still all smiles and NO EXCUSES to miss a work-out ...even with “matching” foot injuries! We can modify your workout to help you stay active, burn calories and stay on track with your fitness goals! #noexcusesjustresults


Want to known the secret to great biceps? 💪Variation💪 Changes in the type of exercise, the position of your wrists and the the source of resistance help work the 💪 from different angles which = stronger and bigger. Want to learn more? We will be breaking it down in our MENS Boot Camp starting the last week of January. DM if you want more info!


Want to know how to eat to lose? Our small group programs 💥include💥nutritional plans! No extra 💵 to learn what foods to choose and how much to eat. And you don’t have to lick 🍎 🍏 either!!


Happy New Year! 2019 is {YOUR} year! Do you have a “word of the year”? Share it with us!


Santa is getting his list checked ...are you on the naughty👎 or nice 👍list?


Fit family date night to help others in need for this bunch! Thank you for your generosity! @ Body By Design Personal Training Studio, Carlos Monge


Train-A-Thon Highlights! Clients brought friends from near and far to help raise money for needy families! #trainathon


If you missed our news yesterday on @arizonasfamily ...we are hosting a 24 hour Train-A-Thon Dec 1st. Sign up for an hour to train with friend, family or with the rest of the people already signed up! If you can’t make it but would like to donate a “ghost training session” DM us! 💯 % of proceeds donated to extremely needy families in the Wilson School District in Phoenix. Training sessions are $30 for 1 hour!


Enjoy your last slice of 🥧 and we’ll see you back at the gym tomorrow! We offer 1 week before the New Year to give it a try! Just DM to set up your sessions.


May this serve as your annual friendly reminder! 😂 Happy Thanksgiving 🍽 🦃


Monday game strong.


Monday’s are a psychological beginning for many. We believe beginnings can start any day with the right mindset. So whatever the day...remember thoughts are powerful. Allow your mind to be filled with only the things that propel you to become stronger physically, mentally and spiritually today, than you were yesterday. #strongfit #strongthoughts


Sunday sentiments. #sundayvibes #sundaymorning #wellnessstartswithin


You don’t need a new year’s resolution, you just need resolve. What are you waiting for? #fitnessstartshere


Fit Foodie Fix- one Egg Thin has 4g of protein and 4g carbs making this a good base for healthy snacking. You will want to fill it with more protein for enough grams per meal or snack. Take a picture when you try it and tag us with #fitfoodiefix and follow us on Insta for more healthy living tips! @bodybydesigntraining_ahwatukee


Change is hard. Changing habits is even harder. Allow yourself permission to take the time necessary to grow into a new lifestyle. Fight the thoughts that tell you 👉how fast 👈you need to get there. Instead tune into the thoughts that tell you just to 👉get started.👈 #beaworkinprogress


Our clients working their core like a boss! And this working mom of a 3 month old 👶 worked out her entire pregnancy and picked up again as soon as she was cleared by her doctor. #noexcuses #heathymom


Success stems from accountability. Our community of clients become friends. We create opportunities to connect both inside and outside. #notyourordinarygym #tabletalk #spinningoutside


👉VARIETY👈 Its what our clients love about our personalized l programs. Different. Changing . No repetition - - so your muscles keep guessing, pressing and developing. Every day of the week is a different body part and always includes stretching, core and cardio with it! What’s your favorite body part to work out?


Heath and Wellness starts from the inside.


Meet The Trainer💪
Carlos Monge makes 57 look easy. Dad to two boys (8 and 13) and married for 17 years, this guy 👉walks the talk👈 and has since he was 20 ...when he first became passionate about fitness and wellness. In his more than 3 decades of training clients, he has helped hundreds of people meet their goals with individualized coaching. While his career started in El Paso, Texas…he has spent the last 13 years training clients in Ahwatukee and the Ahwatukee Foothills. His average client has been with him for 10 years consistently. He doesn’t believe in fitness hype, magic pills or quick fixes. He eats clean for every meal ...except one a week and believes in whole foods, healthy carbs, healthy fats and lean proteins. One of the things you’ll hear him ask his clients is “How long did this take you to get to this place? Be realistic about the time it will take to reverse it.” Carlos knows the process that your body goes through as you get older and how to train your body to adapt and see results—->at ANY AGE! The way you train when you are 20 will not work when you are 40, 50 or 60 with the same results. It’s no cliche’ to say Carlos loves his job. Developing safe fitness programs for his clients that make them stronger, leaner and healthier his passion! Oh! And his favorite foods are 🍕 and 🍦 . 01/18/2018

train for your age. train for results.

Have you checked out our website? Read success stories from our clients who have transformed their bodies and lives. Our locally, family-owned business has been in Ahwatukee for a decade. Come try our program FREE for 1 week! No catch, no contract, no worries! Ahwatukee Personal Training Studio


Changing habits is hard. But, we can help you make it easier.


Curb your cravings as you take on your wellness goals in 2018! #dailyresolutions #livewell #bewell


Are you waiting until January 2017 to take control of your body and health? WHY? START the New Year right with a program that starts now and supports you during the holidays! Try our training for free - 1 week!

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Our clients working their core like a boss! And this working mom of a 3 month old 👶 worked out her entire pregnancy and ...
BICEP BASICS--> to develop nice peaks on your biceps, always include an isolation exercise.  Preacher curls work GREAT! ...
3 Ab Combo anyone? 16-20 reps plank with a reach + 20-30 reps bike crunches + 12-15 reverse crunches. {30 sec REST} --->...




3145 E. Chandler Blvd #116
Phoenix, AZ

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