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It’s all in your choices. Take the power of choice and claim your greatest. Let’s chat I want you to claim “I AM Worthy”!

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[05/15/21]   I started out my morning for the first time in 15 months going to a group yoga class. Wow did I need that. The smile that took over my whole body has just inspired me to good deeper about 7 Rules of Life...

1. Don’t ruin Today - by thinking about a bad yesterday - be present and I joy the day
2. Live your life - Ignore them, don’t let others decide what you are capable of or what is best for you
3. Give it Time - time does heal and in time we learn and receive the lessons we need most
4. Don’t compare. - the only person you need to beat is the person you were yesterday.
5. Stay calm - it’s okay for to not have everything figure out. Sometimes things won’t go how you envisioned
6. It’s on YOU - You are the one who determines your happiness
7. Smile - life is short, allow that natural smile to just take over

[02/07/21]   Don’t doubt your choices when you choose what’s right for you.

[12/20/20]   Just a thought before you shut your eyes tonight... Happiness will shine upon you in the moment when you finally allow yourself to be uniquely you! 12/03/2020

90-Day "Get Started" Coaching Program...

Here is a thought to take with you ... “Be more you each day; when you experience a failure or setback don’t let that stop you... learn from that and grow”

I am so excited for our new group coming into the 90 day jump start that Lee and I will be hosting next Wednesday night. If you are part of our special group please think about my quote and what it means for you. We will dive in deep Wednesday night!!!! Mentor with Joey Toth & Lee Richter!

[12/02/20]   Don’t hesitate, don’t second guess, don’t let doubts stop you. Find your path by getting on the path!!!

[11/29/20]   The power of gratitude is that it is the birthplace of joy and the fuel to overcome obstacles and fears.


Just sharing some notes from our great Mentorship call this past Wednesday! I love how this group has chosen to show up, do the work and support each other!!!

[10/20/20]   It’s a choice to create a great love and be full of joy... just believe and breathe your way to it!!!

[09/22/20]   We start this week


David Tutera

Taking a moment to breathe. To relax. To reflect. How are you spending your Sunday? #cielo #dreambigger #davidtutera @yourcoachjoey


Make your choices and find enjoyment in life!

[07/21/19]   Inspiration from this mornings yoga practice- At the end of the day focus on progress over perfection 🧘‍♂️


So excited and so honored to guide the first yoga experience to many of these beautiful people over the past two days and now I am thrilled to be getting ready to speak to all the attendees of the David Tutera Event Planning Symposium about The Formula of Balance!!! #davidtuterasymposium David Tutera

[03/21/16]   I love the yoga sutra's...I just picked up my book again this morning to start to re-read and go deeper into study. In sutra 1.2, Patanjali describes the definition of yoga as the experience where thoughts subside on the field of our minds....It is finding the quite to just be and one though life be it the peace or the storm. It is just no longer bouncing the many different thought/fear/idea/problem that come up.


HOPE - Motivational Video 2015

It is intention week...will 2016 be your year to set aside your fears, judgrments, doubts and uncover your purpose.



Timeline Photos 11/11/2015

"The Awakening" Your Time Has Come ( Inspirational ) Truly Inspiring! This Is Your Awakening!

If you are ready to uplevel and transform a bit, then this one is for you. It is a big gem from the Transformational Yoga Coaching I completed this weekend at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts a quote in it is "You also learn that no one can do it all alone and it's OK to risk asking for help" ...Kate Shipp one of our amazing instructors/guides took us deep reading us this inspiring and awakening passage. The Awakening - (author unknown) Music: "Forrest Gump Theme" by Alan Silvestri I own no rights to either the pictures or music used for this video. Just felt...

[10/27/15]   The positive voices you hear inside of you; yes those are yours...The negative and doubtful ones those are just echoes from past memories and experiences...#OwnYourKnowing Don't let the echoes rule you. #TransformationalYogaCoaching Spirit of Yoga at Swiha

[10/13/15]   In order to take control of our lives, we must be willing to release our doubts and fears. We must commit and just do one step at a time. Doing so with patience that big changes take time and focus. 05/18/2015

Being Vulnerable is Your Inner Strength Not Your Weakness

Vulnerability is such a great topic. Sherry Anshara is an amazing practitioner and I loved what she shared in her blog this week. For me this was a well timed message today, as I faced my own personal vulnerabilities of physical strength and fear of not wanting to fall when I was working out with my trainer this morning. It took a while but I had to connect with that emotion, that vulnerability and trust in my strength, trust in my trainer and trust in myself that I could do it, if I just opened up. So many times we have been taught by many schools of thought that being vulnerable is to being weak and powerless. Vulnerable by Webster’s definition is susceptible, defenseless, helpless, at risk, and in a weak position. A perfect Duality or 3rd Dimension definition to keep you positioned in a weakened stance in life. This definition promotes and supports the victim mentality and all the mental and physical characteristics of that consciousness. [ 442 more words. ]

[05/04/15]   A thought on being OPEN minded - Being open-minded takes COURAGE, WILLFULLNESS AND HONESTY - It is to put your ideas to the test and honestly consider whether you need to alter own views in light of new evidence or arguments. After all it is about being OPEN to change.


Change sometimes is a small step and sometimes it's a major leap. Either way just do it continue to challenge yourself grow and evolve. 09/11/2014

David Tutera’s CELEBrations: Sweets

Just because something is fat free doesn't make it healthy...and if a product has a warning about consumption then why the heck are you going to consume it!!! Mindful/conscious eating can make a huge difference in ones health...just saying:) In this deleted scene, David enjoys eating his sweets.

[07/03/14]   And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom...Anais Nin


Spiritual Reliability

Great Sunday Message!!!! "if you had to go down the wrong path to become enlightened, then was it really the wrong path? You are enough just as you are. No thing, no title, no material possession, no bad or wrong experience matters in terms of defining who you really are."


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[06/11/14]   Do no harm, but also take no sh&t... 04/06/2014

Asana Anatomy: Trapezius and Serratus Anterior

This weekend this has been the biggest issue of my practice Here’s a practice to release tight and rounded shoulders—one of the common problems yoga teachers see in their students.


How will you stand up for yourself this week?

[02/07/14]   I watched a HBO documentary last night called "Valentine Road" I am so horrified by the lack of tolerance and crazy justifications people can make and i am a little at a loss today


Seeing Miracles Every Day: A Course in Miracles

So what are you releasing? I am releasing my need for validation/approval from others on things I believe are right for me and that I do from my heart....come on lets get vulnerable and all share something...

"You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, 'I release the need for this in my life.'" (Wayne Dyer)


Hope you make the choice to bring great joy into your life this weekend!

[01/30/14]   Here's a thought: what you would do if you knew for certain that no one would judge your choices 01/30/2014

2014 Food Trends – What you should pay attention to? -

Interesting quick read on some treads to look for this year... The food industry is bursting at the seams with innovative food products to sell. In 2012 each of us spent $6,600 on food at the grocery and 40% of that was spent... READ MORE


Can I get an Amen!

Happiness is a choice, not a result. Choose wisely!

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