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If you are not afraid of work to achieve your fitness goals, I can help you achieve them.


Are you looking to get outside and sweat more? I have something in the works to blend your outdoor enthusiasm and fitness goals. Stay tuned #crossfit #travel #getoutside #adventure


Getting ready to launch Phoenix, Arizona's premier Olympic Weightlifting facility @phoenixbarbellclub. This is the place to be if you're a Phoenix Lifter looking for a home!

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Here @brooke_nicole89 works on her sn**ch form.

Blocks are a great tool for newer lifters instead of always going from the hang to lock in technique.

Adjusting the height just below the knee serves 2 purposes:
1⃣ to minimize lifting the hips too high too early.
2⃣ to develop a stronger pull.
If you are looking for help with your fitness goals visit my website in my bio or 📧 [email protected]

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Being able to move correctly and perform to your best ability requires self maintenance. The upkeep to sustain "firing on all cylinders" isn't extensive, it just requires a little work to be done each day. I teach a targeted Movement and Mobility class each Thursday night at @crossfitblackstorm to help guide others towards pain free training. #crossfit #powerlifting #mobility #roguefitness #onnit #pilchtraining

breakingmuscle.com 08/20/2015

Individualized Coaching and the Future of Competitive CrossFit

"Being competitive, even in local functional fitness competitions or in simply wanting to reach your own set of numbers, is a solid reason to hire a coach."



Butterfly Pull-ups: being able to have patience with cycling the toes back behind the body while maintaining a tight midline are essential to stringing large sets together. If either one of these are missing the rhythm will fall off and sets will become inconsistent.


Time to charge forward. Thanks @blackstormwill. @rhinocofitness #betherhino #imarhino #crossfit #Entrepreneur


@thisisalfredo has been working tirelessly to get his first muscle up. Today he finally put all the pieces together and almost strung 2! Good job buddy. #firstmuscleup #muscleup #crossfit #gymnastics #pilchtraining #allthehashtags


In the high bar back squat it is essential to keep a tight trunk and to not pull down on the bar when fatigue sets in. Try to stack the elbows underneath the wrists as much as possible and press up and out into the bar with your palms. This will help activate your lats and shoulders to make a more solid base. Solid base = less missed lifts. #crossfit #backsquat #rogue #squat #highbar #iifym #pilchtraining #allthehashtags


The very reason CrossFit exists is to get people in shape, it's not a game for already fit people. Don't be intimidated by what you see watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN.

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For my first of many videos on technique and training tips I want to touch on loading the hamstrings for the deadlift. I see missed lifts all the time because the hamstrings weren't properly tensioned prior to breaking the bar off the floor. Think of cranking down and w***h connected to a slingshot. Once the tension is set you are ready to produce force into the ground and rip that bar off the floor. That is assuming your "trunk" is organized, but that's for another video.... #deadlift #crossfit #powerlifting #arizona #roguefitness #iifym #nobullproject #allthehashtags

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