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We are a private training studio with diverse programs to help you reach your goals. From weight loss to muscle gain, functional training to NPC comp prep

Operating as usual


Just a reminder! Boot Camp 6:00 pm tonight!


Good Morning everyone! You have about 45 minutes to make it down to our $5 Boot Camp this morning!
First Saturday of the month our Boot Camp is $5.
Come down and check out our new facility and take advantage of this deal!


If you haven't had a chance to come down and check out our new Central Phoenix location, this is the time to do so!
Come join us this Saturday for "1st for 5"!
Jump into our Boot Camp for only $5 on the first Saturday of the month!
Come down and see our facility and sweat with us this Saturday at 9:30 am. 07/24/2014


Hey everyone - we just launched our website for the Phoenix location!
Go check us out at The first step in any fitness program is coming up with a plan of action. Join us as we put together a fitness plan for your goal, Using the best body analysis testing equipment in the industry.

[07/20/14]   Good morning everyone!
We have some exciting things happening in August, so make sure you check our page for updates!
Especially all you college students heading back to school. We have some things in the works for you!
Stay tuned for more info!


Leg day for this young lady today!


This morning we held an athletic training clinic for the student athletes of the National Alliance of African American Athletes.
Message us for more info on our Youth Athletic Training program.


Early morning football agility clinic with our Strength and Conditioning coach Gabe.


Mobile Uploads


The lovely ladies of our 4:30 group!


Power Hour with Tyler today. 20 reps each. Get it in!

[04/15/14]   Four people signed up for the Phase II challenge so far tonight.Everyone else has until Wednesday to sign up and do your weigh-ins.
If you are not currently a client but would like to sign up for the duration of the challenge, ask about our Group special.
Now let's go lift something heavy!

[04/14/14]   Next week we will be starting our next challenge! I call it Phase II.
This time around we will be focused on strength training and muscle development.
Phase II will be a 60 day challenge and we will track the following:
1. Muscle gain
2. Fat Reduction
3. Measurements
4. 1RM on squats, bench and deadlift

There will be a $20 fee to enter. All the money will go into a common pot and winner takes everything. We will also give a free Bod Pod test to the winner.
You have to be a ProFitness PHX client to enter. All others may sign up for either Group or one-on-one training to be eligible.
You will have until Wednesday of next week to sign up and get weighed.
Let's have some fun with this one!



The Top 20 in the ProFitness 7th Annual Body Composition Challenge are in no particuplar order... i was going to do a top 15 but i feel that 5 more need to recognized for participating in this 8 week jounery to change their lives and transform their bodies.

Dawn Dotson, Lena Hernandez jr., Brett Mille,r Carmen Kirby, Gena Hayes, Andres Ponce, Paula Weinmann, Allison Scott, Alissa Ryan, Michelle Vestal, Marmmett Horton, Ryan Pease, Mark Armijo, Amie Carpentier, Mariaelena Lopez, Eric Hodges, Antonio Olander, Amanda Suchy, John Coppotelli, Steve Gilbert.

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Has everyone gotten their cardio in this week?


Another transformation from Miss Yvonne: a loss of 40 lbs and 12% body fat!


Check out the transformation on these two ladies. They dropped a combined weight of 40 lbs and 24% body fat.
The best is still to come though, we are now entering phase 2 and shaking things up a bit!


The road to have to hold on tight to your goals, keep your focus and push. Strong-arm the obstacles if you have to. But keep pushing.


Our current situation...the sun setting behind our gym...we got a little drizzle


Power Hour with Tyler tonight at 5:00 pm.
Message us for pricing and to sign up.

[03/31/14]   Don't forget to sign up for our Yoga class Tues evening at 7:00 pm.
$15 drop-in fee or bring a friend for $20 total.


There's a slight update to the calendar, Power Hour with Tyler will be at 5:00 pm, not 6:00.


Here is what's new at ProFitness PHX for April!
* Power Hour with Tyler - this is an advanced class featuring Olympic Lifts, Kettlebells, explosive work and calisthenics. Class has a cap, so please reserve your place early.
* Yoga with Ruth on Tues nights.
* Fitness Evaluation - this evaluation will test your strength, endurance, power and includes a Bod Pod body fat test. This is highly recommended for anyone looking to start or take their fitness to the next level. The comprehensive testing will gage your current fitness level to better help you plan your programming.
Athletic Testing - this is a sports specific evaluation. It will measure your current level in your sport and measure your standing against the national average.

We are also continuing the following programs:
* Strength and Conditioning with Gabe
* BAM Burn with Bri (best boot camp around)

Contact us to sign up for a class or schedule testing.

April is going to be a very exciting month around here!


BAM Burn with Bri this morning. Everyone was getting their sexy on!
This is our favorite boot camp. Fast paced, diverse exercises, and guaranteed to melt those calories! Get it in!


The bar has finally been bolted down! We can now do pull-ups and muscle-ups to our hearts content :-)


Miss Yvonne accepting her bag after winning the plank challenge.
Check back next week for another challenge!


We have to take our health into our own hands. We have to rely on ourselves to put the right foods into out bodies.
We have a responsibility to educate ourselves and understand food and how it affects our health.
It's called self preservation.


Mobile Uploads


Does your Rower have the Fish Game? Ours does lol. It helps keep you distracted from the fact that you're doing cardio


Lifting under the stars


Miss LV and the lovely Sharps, rehearsing at our studio all week. Get it ladies!
LV is the only artist from AZ that has a single playing on the radio without a record deal. Congrats!


Anger management ;-)


We are not afraid of a little weight around here...barbells, kettlebells, name it, we lift it ;-)

[03/18/14]   Big things in the works! Stay tuned, April is going to be an exciting month here at ProFitness PHX !!!


Hydrostatic body fat testing yesterday

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Early morning football agility clinic with our Strength and Conditioning coach Gabe.
Power Hour with Tyler today. 20 reps each. Get it in!
Does your Rower have the Fish Game? Ours does lol. It helps keep you distracted from the fact that you're doing cardio
Ninja Lena demonstrating proper technique for jumping out of bed when you oversleep and you're late for work ;-)
Good times with the 3:30 group today!
Lena pressing some 45s. That's grown woman strength right there!
We love strong abs, and we love multi-joint and explosive exercises to get us there - high jumps, knees to hands, squats...




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