Arizona District Three Little League BB & SB

Arizona District Three Little League BB & SB


Hello Teams! Let me introduce myself, my name is Desiree Hesse, I am a NOTARY PUBLIC here in the valley. I know it can be quite the burden for busy families to get from work to practice in a timely fashion, let alone get the permission slips notarized. Therefore I offer my Notary Service to all the teams!

If any of the teams within the leagues throughout the valley needs their permission slips notarized, feel free to contact me.
My Cell # : (602)299-3467

I’ve done this over the years where I meet with the team at a practice and get all their slip’s notarized. It saves the parents & the team management so much time and the stress of getting it done.

This is how it works:

The team management lets all the parents know the date and time
I will be there and that they will each need the following:

1. Current Photo Id’s
2. $10 fee for each slip that need(s)to be Notarized.
* Preferably cash, exact amount, being it’s just easier to manage.

I also do accept the following:
- Paypal
- Zelle

Again, my name is DESIREE HESSE, I am a NOTARY PUBLIC at your service! Looking forward to doing business with any of the local youth sports teams!

Cell #: (602)299-3467
Well, we didn't have a team make it as CFS fell a game short, but I was honored to be chosen as a member of the 6 man umpire crew (I worked 2B) in the Little League State Championship game hosted by District 7 at Fiesta Sports Park in Mesa on Thursday night and represent District 3.
(I'm 3rd from left)

A great big Thank You to Western Region Umpire School Instructor and District 7 UIC Joey Traylor for selecting me to work the game.

One of the first three Districts in Arizona in 1957. The District Administrator is elected by the Local Leagues to serve three-year terms.

Arizona District Three Little League oversees 11 Local Little Leagues in South, East, and North Phoenix, Cave Creek/Carefree, North Scottsdale and Anthem. Districts were formed by Little League Baseball to be the liaisons between the Local Little League and Little League Headquarters in Williamsport, PA. At the 2014 Little League Congress, this was changed to four-year terms effective with the nex


Little League is all-volunteer from the District Administrator and below. Board members, managers, coaches, team parents, snack bar workers, field maintenance, and many, many other positions.
Most of the positions are the dads in the community. Dads who already work a full-time job. Many also volunteer or work for organizations to help the community.
My daughter sent me a very heartfelt text to me wishing me a Happy Father's Day. When she comes home from school or work or many times, both, I hear the garage door, so I try to meet her at the door. I say hi and how was your day. Most of the time she says hi, and OK - the same response she would give me when I would pick her up from school. But, if it was a particularly difficult day or a very productive and positive day, we'll talk about the day. Sometimes, we will talk on how to handle a particular issue. Just like I had to learn how to do when we would be heading home from swim meets. Letting her talk if she wanted, otherwise, a silent ride or discuss something different.
Happy Father's day to all of the fathers who work very hard, with their own time, blood at times, sweat a lot of times and tears when their child or children succeed. Thank you though for working very hard to make your local league successful for the kids in your community. I appreciate your work when I visit a field and find beautiful fields. It takes a lot of work to make them that way. I have only 180 sq ft of grass at my home. As I or my wife work on it, I appreciate the person who works on a 200 ft fence line field even more.
On this Father's Day, to the fathers who raised their hands when the words, "We need someone to help with..." and raise their hands. Not just for their own child, but for the hundreds more in the league. Thank you!
I also want to put out a belated Happy Mother's Day to the moms too. So many moms also help out and raise their hands too. I've seen the growth in moms being involved. In 1969, a female was not on a local board except for the auxiliary position and many times, a non-voting position. Nancie Lane, my mom, broke through and started out as the first female in that league on an Executive Board position of Treasurer. 18 years later, she became a District Administrator. 7 years after that, she was appointed on the LL President's Advisory Committee, the first female on the committee. I was playing in 1974 when Softball started. So, Thank You to the moms too. Without the adults in the league volunteering their time, Little League would not exist.
This year has been difficult for all. My fear is this may not be over, and we just have to keep on top of the data every day. Just like a manager looking at a kids' on-base-percentage to figure out where to put them in the line-up, we need to look at the stat of percentage infected, beds use, etc. to make a decision "is it safe for kids to play, adults to manager and work closely with the kids, and grandparents who come to watch. LL was first on safety. Dr. Hale, the CEO of LL invented the batting helmet to protect kids and now used in all baseball. Around 1995, they developed ASAP to make the league and fields safe. COVID-19 has been a first, but the safety of everyone is important in making the choice to play or not. 06/15/2020

Teachers Face A Summer Of Soul Searching. What Do They Do In The Fall? Classroom teachers will, as always, have to pick up the slack themselves, only this time it’s not yet clear how much slack that will be or how much it will cost.


After a meeting with the leagues, 8 leagues confirmed they will not be playing in the spring. Each league will contact parents on refunds, credit, or donations. I still need to hear from 2 leagues.
There will not be a District Level tournament, nor a State level tournament for the Spring Season.
The State DA's will discuss a possible tournament in the fall, but would only reach the State level.
Our hope is 2021 will be back to some normalcy. 03/17/2020

Coronavirus Update - Little League

Dear Little League Volunteer,
This is much bigger than Little League®.
The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is rapidly changing the way that we, as global citizens, think, act, gather, learn, and live our daily lives. And, yes, that also means how we play Little League.
With the most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Little League International Board of Directors and staff is now strongly advising all its local Little League programs to suspend/delay their Little League seasons through no earlier than Monday, May 11. We implore you to follow this recommendation and suspend all Little League activities through no earlier than May 11.
We recognize that this is the heart of the traditional Little League season, and we share in the great disappointment that many are feeling surrounding this additional pause in the 2020 season. However, it is our hope that by doing this, we will all play a small, but important part in flattening the curve in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
We will continue to consult with appropriate medical advisors, government health officials and our volunteer leaders around the world, and we are committed to doing the best we can for the safety and wellbeing of our players, families, volunteers, and fans.
As this situation evolves, Little League International is committed to sharing the best guidance possible for all of our 6,500 leagues in more than 84 countries. It is our sincere hope that we can find ways to bring everyone back to the Little League fields this season, whether that’s later this spring or throughout the summer.
Currently, Little League International is working through all possible scenarios for the 2020 Little League International Tournament and tournament eligibility for our leagues and players in our various divisions of play.
Little League will continue to provide additional guidance on the impact of delaying the season and has developed a series of FAQs available at We are committed to sharing information as it becomes available on issues like player eligibility and tournament participation, charter and insurance status for the year, and A Safety Awareness Program plan deadlines.
We also will be sharing guidance on how to resume operations when appropriate, best practices for handling the financial implications, and how you can communicate with parents and families in your communities about this delay in Little League activity. This information will continue to be developed and shared on and through all of our communications methods.
There are countless resources available, and we urge you to follow the information available through World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), your state’s public health department (click here for a listing of state public health departments ), and other county and/or local authorities including precedents set by area school districts and government agencies.
We encourage you to stay in touch with Little League and share any additional feedback or questions from your local communities by emailing [email protected].
Thank you all for your support, understanding, and community leadership. We will be thinking of our global Little League community during this difficult time.

Stephen D. Keener
Little League President and CEO Last updated on 3/16/2020 at 4:30 P.M. EST As information continues to become available regarding the increasing spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to provide you, our leagues and district administrators, with additional guidance on the implementation of the Little League® program in your ...


Bill Engvall T Ball Rules

Since some seasons have started, T-Ball is the best. Kelsie really only played T-Ball and Fall Coach this about right.

I was teaching Kelsie how to hit in our back yard just before the season began. I went out and bought a T and throw-down bases. I set 1B about 30 ft away and was trying my best to get her to hit off the T - and run to 1B. We were about a 1/2 hour into doing this. She was having problems, so I came up with holding my hand just above the top of the T and have her hit my hand. Now, that was when I found out my daughter was sadistic. Her eyes lit up. "I get to hit your hand!? With a metal bat!?" Anyway, she was finally getting to the point of hitting my hand, so I put the ball on the T. It seemed to work and she was hitting the ball instead of the T or missing altogether. Then she would run to 1B. Until a butterfly flew across the "basepath" from the T to 1B. Then I lost her. She was off running after the butterfly. I picked everything up and put it away.

Her 2 years of T-Ball was the best. All 12-15 players running to the ball - at the same time - no matter where it was on the field. Helmets so big on their heads, they were losing their balance trying to run. But she broke my heart when it came time to sign her up for Coach Pitch. The morning I was going to sign her up, I just got out of the shower and I heard a knock on the bathroom door. Knowing I wouldn't open the door, she whispered through the door - "Dad, I don't want to play baseball." She had been doing Fall Ball Coach pitch and had a tough time. Gymnastics, but had no sense of balance. And swimming, which turned out to be "her sport" by her decision. She had broken her arm at Sunrise Preschools during the fall and had to shut down all sports. She had time to think about what she wanted to play. So by February, she made her decision (at 7) what sport she was going to do. She became an accomplished swimmer. She played Middle School Softball and volleyball for a year and finally loved at least softball and did like volleyball, but by 8th grade, she had to decide swim practice or softball or volleyball since all of their practices were tight after school. Swim won out.

I also taught her, the sport had to be fun. Once it wasn't fun anymore, it was time to leave the sport. Yes, it took hard work, and sometimes, disappointments. She was always the first one to the car for practice and I don't think we ever had to wake her up for the 5am swim practices in 30-degree mornings. I taught that to my players when I was coaching too. I would have 15 players on my teams most of the time, and I never had someone quit. She didn't either, but an injury finally hit that "it isn't fun anymore" point and she retired after the winter season of club swimming and her last year of HS Swim.

But Tee-Ball and Challenger are the two best and most rewarding programs in LL.

Good Luck everyone during the 2020 season...and just have fun. Oh - and one more thing. One day after a meet, she turned to me in the car and said, "Sorry Dad, but quit being a coach. Be a dad please." I still slipped sometimes, but I let her talk to me about practice or meets. And, I actually started to really enjoy the meets.

Title says it all.


Interesting day at the LL Western Region Roundtable. The part I like the best. I sat with other District Administrators and Assistant District Administrators (note, when I went to my first pre-Congress in 2000, ADA's were seen but not heard and sat behind DA's, remember Wayne?) from SoCal, NoCal, WA, OR. And, like always, we would review possible changes, discuss and actually, submitted amendments to 5 of the 8 we reviewed. We also would first say if we agreed to it not on a possible change, discuss different points, and usually reversed our opinions, both for some and against some.

This is the first Region to have a Roundtable. The Charter and Rules Committee will review all of them and allow DA's to vote in them later.
It was nice too, to see and talk with DA's I've known since I was an ADA-Bob Fleming, "Bob Twago(sp), Dave Witmore, and many others. And meeting others who knew my mom, back when they were ADA's or new DA's.

We did lose some great people. One I was always in awe of when I would meet him, but never talked to him about his greatest accomplishment. Al Haynes. The pilot of the plane that crashed in Sioux City. My mom told me he told her along with "cockpit management system" he felt his life with LL also taught him TEAMWORK, which, saved over 181 lives and crewmembers in an impossible situation.
That's what helps me going. The teamwork of family and friends in a situation that on May 24, 2018, I thought was an impossible situation.

I also thanked the videographer who did the video in April 2018 at my Mom's field (Gold Dust/Cholla) about her legacy in LL and how it has passed on with me following her, as best I can. He was surprised to learn, a month later, I lost my leg.

Steve Keener was his usual. I walked into the hotel with him by the front door. He called out my name, came over, shook my hand, said I looked like I was doing well and very glad I was here. I haven't seen him since Congressvin 2014! Then introduced me to one of the LL board members, mention my mom being the first female on the LL advisory committee and, in combination, her and I have been DA's for 32 years. We cared about our communities and our kids.

Tomorrow is day 2 of going over possible rule changes. I really like the table I am at. We are able to really discuss issues.

And, some major cultural changes in LL. Some good, some, well, I'll have to just see.

The biggest excitement for tomorrow will be seeing my family friend who could never get me up on one water ski when I was 12-15, my Uncle George. A great friend of my Dad's. Guess he could finally get me up on one ski now, huh! And, of course, tomorrow night with Katie, Ryan and grandkids, Connor and Brooke!

Oh! And wore the leg ALL DAY! Almost with no pain the entire day. 7am until 6pm. Granted, most in the chair because of the distance around this place, but worst before was just sitting. The hotel is almost all carpet, so I'll feel it Monday. So BIG improvement.

I really enjoy LL and hope I am making a difference. I'm coming away with a couple of ideas, so we'll see. 08/26/2019

Little League World Series to expand by four teams, Lamade complex to get $15 million face lift

Arizona, Hawaii, Northern California, and Southern California will be part of the newly formated West Region. By 2021, the Little League World Series, and its fan experience, will be bigger and better.


The 2018-2019 Regular Season is officially over, but the year isn't over. Some leagues will ave Training and Development Season (TAD or aka Fall Ball). Leagues, please post to your websites if you will have TAD. When the LL World Series hits the TV beginning 8/15 - my phone will start ringing. When I do get calls, I refer them to your website. Also, shoot me an email that you are or are not going to have TAD. Those not having TAD, I may be contacting. your league to possibly play under a Combined play. The goal is to try and work a way for kids to play from leagues not having TAD.

There have been a few Presidents who have said to me they ate not returning as Presidents. D3 is still very respected in the State and Region. It is because of the leadership in the local leagues. All I do is advise you when you call and make you angry with me when I enforce Rules and Regs when I can. And, there are times where Presidents became angry with me because they found out there are many things I can't do. But I do think I have worked with many of you to come up with ways for kids to play - somewhere.

There is one goal, objective and mission I try to follow. Character, Courage, and Loyalty are the main things I try to pass on to leagues. We are not here to just win. We are here to teach kids to be good citizens. We are here to teach kids the best sport, be good sportsman, be respectful of the game and the #1 goal is to make the experience fun.

That is accomplished with a Board of Directors, lead and directed by the President of the league. And to the many volunteers, Board Members, Managers, Coaches, Team Moms, scorekeepers, snack bar workers, sponsors, and many, many others, I just want to take the moment to thank you for taking on an second "job" working to make the opportunities for the kids in your community the opportunities to make new friends and play in the best sport in the world. . Without the volunteers, (which LL is from the snack bar workes and includes my role) we did very well working together this year for a successful year. Thank you to you all.


Cactus Foothills Little League (Majors) Girls Softball ran out fo gas. They lost to NoCal (Northern California) 3-1. The CF ladies represented Arizona very well. When a team wins the district, I tell them they now represent District 3. When a team wins State and advance to a Region, I tell them no matter what District they are from, they now represent Arizona. They are the ambassadors of how our Little League programs operate and are successful. These ladies and the manager and the two coaches show how the team leadership works in our leagues, districts, and state. So yes, they came from Cactus Foothills LL, Arizona District Three and Arizona, I can say as the DA of D3, CF did a wonderful job this year and that High Desert and Clarendon, working very hard to rebuild the softball program, all did a great job trying to bring softball back to D3. CF just represented how they all have been successful. My hat's off to Cactus Foothills and their tremendous success this year. 07/21/2019

WatchESPN: Live Sports, Game Replays, Video Highlights

CF LLSB defeats Montana, 2-0. Next game 7:00 pm PST.
Link to ESPN+ Stream live sports, watch game replays, get video highlights, and access featured ESPN programming on your computer, mobile device, and TV with WatchESPN.


State Update
8-10 BB - Has won first 2 games and still in the winner's bracket. Play will end Sat or Sun.
8-10 SB - Won tonight to advance into the championship round. They have one loss and are coming through the loser's bracket. They have to win Tues and Wed for the championship.
9-11 BB - Cactus/Horizon just started tonight and sadly with a loss. Just means more games. They will come back!
9-11 SB - Cactus Foothills just started tonight and no results in yet.
LL BB - Cactus/Horizon just started tonight and haven't heard results yet.
JR BB - PV North is still in the winner's bracket. The tournament will end either Sunday or Monday.
JR SB - Clarendon was eliminated in double-elimination play.
SR BB - Diamondback was eliminated and placed 3rd.
SR SB - Clarendon was eliminated in the double-elimination.


I have to thank Aimee for spending 2 "wonderful" days helping me certify teams. She made the process go very smoothly While the goal is always to certify every team, there were some issues and some will still need to make another visit. But, probably one of the better years (and I'm counting the years going back to helping Nancie - when it was just Proof of Birth to certify). Great job by those who went through without any issues and I want to thank those volunteers. And those with issues still did a great job with those who were certified and I can tell they are very dedicated as well and will get what is needed to allow kids to play.

Thank you all. 06/20/2019

Parents say problems started early at baseball game that ended in brawl

Sadly, any youth baseball in the news is referred to as "Little League." This IS NOT a Little League program as this story finally indicates. I believe LL is working hard to let news agencies aware LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- Parents who witnessed the fight that erupted at a baseball game for 7-year-olds said problems with one of the coaches started early and tension quickly escalated. Lizmar Thurber and her husband have a 7-year-old on one of the teams. Thurber said problems started when the a coach o...


The 2019 Arizona District Three Tournament of Champions Championship game between High Desert LL and Cactus Foothills LL. Game time is 7:00 pm.
All of the games with the other 6 teams have been great games and each league gas represented their league well, as players on the field and as respecting the game.
I usually have an invited guest to come out to throw out the first pitch. In the past, it has been those who have helped kids for years, such as Dick Nash, who was a Little League coach for many years before I played in the league and many years after. He and his son Brian were my coaches at one time or another. I've had school principals, school employees who work with the local leagues. It's always been someone who supports and made it their life to ensure their success.
Tonight, I have invited Julie Bacon to throw out the first pitch.
Mrs. Bacon is the PVUSD Governing Board President this year and on her third term on the board. I served 8 years with her on the board. She has been a PTA president, United Parent Council President, and the President of the Arizona School Board Association. She now works for ASBA, working on training board members throughout the state. She is the co-founder of the PVUSD Volunteer's in Paradise, working and training volunteers to work in specific classrooms to help the teachers in PVUSD and a nationally recognized program.
This game is part of the 52-year partnership between PV East (now Shadow Mountain LL) at Colla/Gold Dust/Nancie Lane Park and the Paradise Valley Unified School District. PV EAST was the first LL program in the PV area and has played in the same field for all of those years.
Thank You, President Bacon, PVUSD Governing Board, PVUSD employees, and community education employees for the support during all of these years.
I would like to thank Shadow Mountain LL for once again hosting Nancie's Tournament. A friend told me he stops by the field often, during down times, and he swears he can tell she is still there, waiting to watch the games. I know she will be there again tonight.
Good Luck to High Desert and Cactus Foothills. And, I have reached part of my goal. I may not be able to hand out the winner banner walking out unassisted - but I will be able to walk out and hand out the winning banner.

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