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[09/02/16]   "Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least."-Johann Wolfgang


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I know how much you all love cardio!!

Cardio is f*cked.


Prince Ea

What will you do? Take the time to watch this



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You create your life through your thoughts and actions!
Its time to take control and live the life that you truly want!!!

Tony Robbins: How to pull yourself out of a funk


Lets get started today! If you have wanted to get in shape, stop having those mid afternoon crashes, fit into those clothes you did last year, or be able to keep up with your youngins then lets get you going NOW. You have waited long enough!
Give me a call!
602 769 9767
message me on here!


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Lets get started!


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[04/02/16]   The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you.. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged (Deuteronomy 31: 6,8)
If you knew that you couldn't fail, what would you do differently?
Pursue a promotion at work?
further your education?
Ask someone out, or to marry you?
Risk repairing a broken relationship?

The fact is that, when God goes before you, you can't fail. if you're living within God's will you don't need to be afraid. You may endure a few shots along the way, but with the world's only real Superpower behind you, you cant ultimately fail.
"Be strong and courageous... Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.


Soooo I mean... I would take soft tacos for sure!!
which would you take? 😂🙌🌮🌮


" I never thought I would be wearing these jeans again!"
" I couldn't believe the energy that I have now after having that weight off"
" I was able to clean my whole house and still have energy for my baby"
... I could keep on going with all the amazing things people say when they see changes, and more importantly FEEL the changes!!
It all started by investing a little bit into themselves!

Let me help you feel better!

[01/22/16]   We are constantly distracted!
We need to remove distractions in order to prioritize
"Don't do easy things first or hard things first or urgent things first. Do first things first, the actions that will give you the highest return!
That way you can keep the distractions to minimum"
Thank you John C Maxwell!

[01/20/16]   We must always have a big picture in mind!
Today it can feel distracting or even unnecessary for the "right now" to sew in what is needed for a future reward in life, but we must get the daily habits instilled in us in which will produce the outcome we vision ourself reaping !

There is a difference between dreaming and visioning, dreams happen when we are asleep, although they can feel very real, they are just unexpressed thoughts!
vision, vision is thinking out, planning out, and acting out in the place, position, and situation that you want for your big picture!
The person who forgets the ultimate is the slave to the immediate!

[01/20/16]   If you can change your thinking, you can change your life!

[01/08/16]   Your focus determines your reality!
Today commit to focusing on one thing that will help your future self succeed in the way you want your life to be!


Happy New Years to all my friends!!!
Here is something I wanted to put together for all of my new clients that want to really kick start this year off right!! In order to help you ALLL get healthier.... I took 50% off of my original price on this package!!!
I will be honoring this deal until February 20th,2016 (feels weird typing 2016 already lol)
My goal is to help as many people as possible, however for 1 on 1 sessions I am only going to be accepting 6 more clients!

But HEYYYY There's great news for those of you that don't act soon enough... I will be beginning my official Valle Fit classes starting on February 1st!!
More details upon request

Have a wonderful day!!
Kevin Valle
(602) 769-9767
[email protected]


Let's not Allow the fear of our absolutely powerful opportunity to succeed dampen our bright futures!

That's all FEAR stands for!
Let's go out today and instead of surprsssing lets allow the actions of our inner champion take over and make choices that will grow us into the men and women we are called to be in 2016


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Let's jump ALL IN we have 5 more days of preordering where you get some awesome free stuff, like:
Free prep containers
Free blender bottle
Free All In wrist band
Ohhh and did I mention... FREE SHIPPING?!? 😱🙌
join my (so far) 4 champion clients and myself plus over 80,000 other Champions nationwide that are ALL IN !! We are ready to kick this year off with the gift of a healthy start and more time spent with the family!!!


All you need is faith!
Today I am here to tell you that I have faith in you,
I have faith you will wake up equit,
I have faith you will set goals,
I have faith you will take actions to adhesive those goals,
I have faith you will be the best version of your self,
I will believe in you, until you believe in your self, and then I will keep on believing in you!!!
Go out today and believe in your capabilities to achieve greatness, because I sure believe in them!!

[12/21/15]   If your like me and still doing last minute shopping for those loved ones! I have the perfect gift for you to give, I am doing Christmas specials and selling sessions at the best price you've seen for those of you that waited, because last minute gifts shouldn't be stressful and pricy$$$ !!!
Give me a call or message me and I'll make sure your loved ones get their New Years started right!!
(602) 769-9767


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Good morning everyone have a wonderful day! Getting ready to start this awesome sweaty Saturday off with a laugh!!

[12/18/15]   This year coming is going to be yet another great year for us! (us: meaning everyone reading this) we get yet another year to share quality time with loved ones, set goals, age gracefully, accomplish those goals we set, make more money then previous years, find new hobbies, and new passions....

That list sure sounds great doesn't it?
How many of us wish to actually do those things?(don't be afraid to comment)

We ARE going to dominate goals in our, health, finances, and relationships!
We ARE going to make a difference!!
And it ALLL begins with making the choice that you are ALL IN to making these impactful life changes!

I am on a mission to personally help 30 family's with health goals before March!
I am going to help 3 people make 2016 a better year financially then they have had in their past
I am going to expand my knowledge by reading 12 books this year
I am going to make this year, the year that I impact the most lifes, more life's then I have ever touched in the past years combined!
Now what ever your goals are write them down, and share them!!
WE will do this ALL by making the decision to fulfill our dreams and staying committed to that decision!!! #getmoving #Newyears #BeYourBest #Advovalle #Advocare #WeBuildChampions

[12/07/15]   ***PLEASE READ****

Hey friends & family,
I want to thank you all for liking my page and sharing, commenting, and liking the sporadic posts I write. lol
I am becoming more consistent as it is really on my heart to share fitness, health, and spiritual guidance more with all of you whether it helps that day or not I hope one day I can say something that will really help you with your life and make a difference!
We are getting through the holiday season and approaching wonderful Christmas where we get to share life with loved ones and truly be thankful for the life we were given.

As well as New Years is coming right around the corner and
I am so blessed to know and build relationships with all of you, and to show my thanks for being there for me...

I want to offer ALLl my previous clients that I trained this year that I do not anymore, and ALL of my friends(which if you like this page sorry to tell yahhh, but I consider you a friend :p ) that inquired about training in the past an AMAZING BARGIN if you contact me before the end of the year I will surely make sure I can give you the best plan to help you meet your new year goals at the best price you have ever seen before!!! (:

I love all of you, and hope to hear from you!!!

P.S please keep sharing the love aka my posts to all of your loved ones! never know what will help them!


"I don't have time," is the biggest lie you can ever tell yourself!

What that statement means to me, is that you don't want to do that activity that is being asked, which I am guilty of saying all the time!
I will tell you what though when you can tell someone truthfully that you have something else going on that is more important to you or that you just don't want to do it, then you will go so much further, not only in their eyes because you were HONEST, but then it makes you realize what is truly more important to you, because we all have 24 hours,
1,440 minutes,
and 86,400 seconds in a day.
It is up to us to fill that time with what we feel is important.
For me that is:
Growing my faith, growing my mind, growing my physique, growing my relationships, and achieving goals for myself which is helping others achieve their goals!
I chose to spend my time growing others to success and do I slack for a couple hours some days YESSSS, but you know what that means?! I just have to work even harder for the other hours of the day! Lets get up and make the TIME we have, ours!


I've noticed for me, my mindset of believing everything happens for a reason. Also That the big Man upstairs puts obstacles, situations, and conversations in my path that he knows I can handle. He gives me the power to turn them into challenges that I conquer, conversations I learn from, and situations I grow from. This has given me the golden ticket to life!
This allows me to see everything as an opportunity and keeps me growing into the man I want to be!

Life is what you want it to be, so make it happen!!!!

[12/02/15]   Hebrews 12:11-13 Really relates to training!
It is stated to have discipline even when it is not joyful at that moment, but after you yield fruit of righteousness. (Them Gainzz aka reaching better overall health)
Strengthen the hands that are weak and the knees that are feeble. (Hitting bicep curls and Squats :P )
while strengthening the limbs it will create a clear path and no longer hurt the joints but heal them. There is a HUGE importance to spiritually training as well as physically training!

You must get the heart right to get the body right!
All though I was being a little silly if you Follow these simple steps you will accomplish your goals:
-Set out a game plan with dates
-Write a plan of action for that game plan
-Start accomplishing each goal in line with the game plan by using the plan of action!

This strategy will work in any aspect of your life!!!

…11All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness. 12Therefore, strengthen the hands that are weak and the knees that are feeble, 13and make straight paths for your feet, so that the limb which is lame may not be put out of joint, but rather be healed.


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Something I share with ALL of my clients!! Never static stretch first thing before a work out! Do a warm up such as:
SMR (Self Myofascial Release)
slowly/lightly performing the exercise that you will be using in the work out with!!!
Doing light same joint movements
Dynamic Stretching
All of those are acceptable to use to warm up before you, run, bike, swim, or lift weights.
THEN stretch statically!!!

Never stretch a "cold" muscle.

[11/12/15]   The biggest battle we face in our life isn't going to be; in the fields, on a mountain, in a game console, or externally at all! The biggest battle we fight is EVERYDAY and it is in between our ears!!

We have to constantly equip ourselves daily with the gospel, pure thoughts, knowledge, and productivity. When we fill our mind with things we know god would like and plug our ears to the devils pack of lies we begin to walk in a straight line to spiritual success!!


Lets get you started, no matter what you are looking for if its 1 on 1 training or just a program for you to follow on your own. What ever it may be let me help you out! If you know anyone that has fitness or health goals send them my way! I appreciate the help with spreading the word about health. share, comment, or just like it if you know anyone that could use some help.


I am starting group classes for students and those who have students
(we all know how hard you work as well).
we are all busy with life and forget to actually enjoy ourselves,
so this is going to be 45 minutes where you get:
* A great time
* FUN environment
* Learn great exercises
* Achievement of fitness goals!!!
all for ONLY $10 a class!!!


Be grateful,
Be kind,
Be generous,
Be loving,
Be Active,


I am starting group classes for students and those who have students
(we all know how hard you work as well).
we are all busy with life and forget to actually enjoy ourselves,
so this is going to be 45 minutes where you get:
* A great time
* FUN environment
* Learn great exercises
* Achievement of fitness goals!!!
all for ONLY $10 a class!!!


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