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✨Freebies are on me! ✨
I have been feeling incredibly grateful that I have helped so many make amazing new lifestyle changes, SO...
As a HUGE THANK YOU, I am giving away the Babes Support Babes Tank & a $20 Amazon Gift Card to the first 5 people who are ready to better themselves with me by 3/31/19!!

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{{ Reading Personal Development to Grow Inside and Out

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{{ Happy Monday }}

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Timeline Photos 09/18/2015


Have you ever felt a fire in your belly to do something different?
Do you want to do rid yourself of the 9-5 and work for yourself??
Do you like to empower others to live their best life?
Do you feel the desire to be financially free??
Do you want to be a part of a crazy AWESOME family of individuals that will push you and help you grow??

{{Shoutout to my misFIT REPublic team

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{{Breakfast Recipe Comin At Ya!}}

Egg White & Turkey Bacon Muffins- NOM

In each cupcake hole, what are those called, cups? IDK Anyways, lost focus for a second:

In each cup (?) put in:
1 Egg White
Drizzle Green Onions
Chopped Mushrooms
Green Bell Peppers
And Jennie O Turkey Bacon

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray 12-cup muffin tin with nonstick cooking spray. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until risen and slightly golden on top.




So I LOVE this lady. She is like an energizer bunny and is so knowledgeable! I am thinking about trying out this new style. I agree with eating this that are {{au naturalllleeeee}} it can just be so challenging in this world we live in.

It can be super difficult to swat away and say no to all the SUGAR, CARBS, HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, and PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED whatevas.

I think I might go on a limb and try it!! -eeek!


HOW TO START THE KETOGENIC DIET... Part One! Amazing information on how you get started on the ketogenic diet to produce and use viable ketones!

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Telluride is calling muh name and I seriously CANNOT wait!! I have never been and I cannot even hold in my excitement for fall weather and fall outfits- YESSSS

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YES I did just wake up in this pic

I am itching for a new DIY project !!

Should I do a headboard for my bedroom OR start creating a barn door for my bathroom??

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{{No Caption Necessary}}

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When you think you see someone eating dessert and do a double take. :D :D

Chelsea Bednarz Rossini Carmen DQ Viktoria Koleva

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SO I continue to get less flexible as I get older, and I am a stiff grandma crackling and popping everywhere.

Apparently, flexibility can come at any age… :D

HELP! I need flexibility tips! I want to be one of those yoga limber girls!

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{{Who worked out today??}}

Get those Endorphins in!!

"Endorphins make you happy and happy people just don't kill their husbands, they just don't" -wise words from Elle Woods

Chelsea Bednarz Rossini

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Timeline Photos 09/15/2015

Note to self: Eat less from the box and more from this beautiful Earth

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Timeline Photos 09/09/2015

SO-- I have fallen off the map a little bit. My social media apologies. :/ I have been SUPER STRUGGLING with a foot injury I've had for many years, but it has been semi bearable for the past few years, and suddenly it has turned my world upside down to where even walking is a struggle.

I'm not trying to be like poor me, poor me by any means. (EW I really don't want to do that- so I hope it does not come off that way!)

Being able to stay active and be able to exercise is SUPER important to me for my sanity and mental health.

(Have you seen Legally Blonde?? Endorphins make me happy alright!! )

SO this not-being-able-to-exercise-very-easily-thing has had me a little down in the dumps. I have always felt like my best-self and felt most confident in an athletic setting. Most sports and exercises comes pretty naturally to me... NOT yoga... I try, I really do, but ouch I need to stretch more :P

Where I have always struggled is with nutrition and portion control... I swear I can eat like nobody's business and obviously that is not good for my body.

I would always think in the mindset that I can eat what I want and just workout like a maniac to burn it off. In my younger, faster-metabolism years when I would play soccer daily I really could do that, but not no mo. :D

When I got injured in college, I blew up. I gained weight because my nutrition and portion sizes were not dialed in. I'm continuing to learn that nutrition plays a much BIGGER role in health and fitness goals and I have to shift gears knowing that I CAN'T "out-exercise" my bad eating habits.

SO coming back full circle… I have been upset and mad and just pi**ed that this injury has "holding me back" from achieving my goals.

Yes, it has, and it is mentally exhausting, BUT I need to be real with myself. It can also be the EASY WAY OUT to give up again, and tell myself that I can't achieve what I want, because working at eating nutritiously is HARD for me.

Yes, it is a speed bump in my path BUT it is also a CHALLENGE. A challenge to have a strong focus on my nutrition and to finally learn to eat the right portion sizes and not have to overwork my body in order to stay on track. Let's use this tough love! And Challenge ACCEPTED SON!!!! L*Z GOOOOO!!!

Chelsea Bednarz Rossini

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Mobile Uploads 09/03/2015

Guy at the gym trying to be funny: "Did you get caught in a rain storm?" Me= sweating profusely -->GOOD ONE... Haven't heard that one before

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️️️Yum !! Drinking my breakfast at work and made kind of a mish mash of a recipe this morning!
-1 cup coconut milk
-1 cup water
-1 tbsp all natural peanut butter
-1/2 cup of coffee
- vanilla shakeology
- 6 cubes ice
And blended in my Vitamix !!



Eyelash Extensions.. Yes or No? Maintenance, cost? GO!!

Chelsea Bednarz Rossini



Arizona can be INSANELY beautiful. Hiking, Nature & Fresh Air = My Therapy

What exercises do you find therapeutic??

Andres Rossini Anto Rossini Chelsea Bednarz Rossini

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HEY YOU! You are pretty incredible, you know that? It's time you it too !! :D

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Just a Girl Wanting More Outta Life Andrea Crowder

Casey Holmes 08/26/2015

Casey Holmes

For all of you BEAUTIES out there

And want to step up your makeup game- check out Casey Holmes !!

Casey Holmes HI! I'm Casey- Georgia girl- Makeup & Hair obsessed. If you like my videos, please subscribe so you don't miss out on any of them! xoxox Business inquiries c...

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We are not ONE-SIZE FITS ALL… These women were all amazing and incredible human-beings that were OLYMPIANS!

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{{{30 Day MONEY BACK Guarantee Challenge ALERT}}}

There is no catch. You just have to try my workout program and meal plan!

I honestly want to help as many people get as CONFIDENT and HEALTHY as possible--- If you do not like your results, don't have a great experience, WHATEVER. You will get your moola back!!

Interested in finally making a change to live a HEALTHIER YOU??

*You will get in FAB shape
*You will complete short 30-min a day workouts at home- NO Gym Required*
*I will be your Supporter and Cheerleader each and everyday to smash your goals !!
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Message me or comment if you are wondering what this is all about!

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Our Hearts beat for us 24 hours a day
Our Lungs give us air to breathe
Our legs and feet give us the accessibility and the opportunity to walk and lead healthy lives.

If you have the ability to run, play sports, do an at-home-workout, lift some weights, then REWARD YOUR BODY for the hard work it does for you each and everyday.

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T-Minus 23 days and counting for beautiful Telluride!!! I cannot wait to celebrate with a wedding (EEK!!)

AND we're making a VACAY out of it!! HOLLA! (can you tell I'm pumped?)

What is the cool jam? What's the 4/11? What adventures should we do??

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