Ryan Bell - Transformation Specialist

Ryan Bell - Transformation Specialist


This just can't be good...... I need an intervention! Lol

Lifestyle, health & time. Your time is important! Your health is important! I help you get healthy a

Plain and simple:
I offer you the tools to get you healthy!
- You should feel alive each day
- You should have the energy to deal with stress and enjoy life
- You deserve to be free of aches, pains, and injuries
- You deserve to lead a long life
- You deserve to have healthy relationships
- You deserve to know your body is capable to perform
- You deserve a mind that is sharp and free from perso

Operating as usual


Ahwatukee | Phoenix | Chandler
‼️ LAST week to get signed up for this camp ‼️

6-Week Speed/Agility camp in Ahwatukee!!
🔹Ages 13 - 18
🔹Starts April 10 (Apr10,17,24, May1,8,15)
🔹Sundays 8am
🔹Desert Foothills Park
🔹$100 / athlete (covers all 6 sessions!)

~ Sign up using link 👇🏻👇🏻

I see too many kids getting injured and I want to provide a service in our Ahwatukee community to reduce that!!

Please, if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out!!

Free insulated water bottle and custom shirt with your athletes last name upon completion!

Performance Supplements | Fitness Apparel | ATHLETIIX | Phoenix 03/21/2022

Performance Supplements | Fitness Apparel | ATHLETIIX | Phoenix

Ahwatukee | Phoenix | Chandler

I am launching a 6-Week Speed/Agility camp in Ahwatukee!!
🔹Ages 13 - 18
🔹Starts April 10 (Apr10,17,24, May1,8,15)
🔹Sundays 8am
🔹Desert Foothills Park
🔹$100 / athlete (covers all 6 sessions!)
🔹Only 25 slots open

~ Sign up using link 👇🏻👇🏻

OR feel free to just message me directly.
I accept Venmo and cash as well if you prefer. 👍🏻

The Athletiix Speed & Agility Camp will enhance middle and high school athletic knowledge through expert coaching in a fun and exciting environment. My purpose will be to provide quality individual instruction in the techniques and training that are necessary for young athletes to reach their full potential. Speed training, power, and agility are the essential elements for success in ALL sports! With an increased awareness of how to maximize these disciplines, athletes will be able to further their potential in their respective sport.

Camp Format

Each daily 1-hour session includes technique instruction for speed and agility enhancement, with fun challenges and performance tests. Challenging but not exhaustive. Designed to kick-start any athletes summer/fall season by establishing desirable movement patterns. Each camp session lasts 1 hour and includes a full warm-up, event instruction, and a cool-down. Instruction includes fundamentals and technique instruction with fun- led challenges. There also will be progressive drills and exercises each week.

I see too many kids getting injured and I want to provide a service in our Ahwatukee community to reduce that!!

Please, if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out!!

Performance Supplements | Fitness Apparel | ATHLETIIX | Phoenix In a world of low nutrient foods and run down people, ATHLETIIX is committed to providing only Highly Effective & Functional Supplements designed to help YOU make Health a Daily Habit. Look and feel your best in our superior quality Athletic Apparel!


While people judge you, often times you’re already well aware of it and depending on the person you’re really not changing behavior because of it.

However, there’s an even harsher judge you deal with everyday and it’s staring back at you in the mirror.

You are always going to be your harshest critic. You need to begin to perceive yourself as something different (your 2.0 version) and come to understand both your potential and positive self image.

When you can START to make this transition is when your health goals will follow suit and you begin to truly notice and MAINTAIN change.


🤩 Superstar company with the electrolytes on the market. I’ve been ordering them for some time now and recommend to all my clients.

They noticed I’m a loyal customer and just sent me this gift as a thank you!

Keep up the good work


✅Unlimited 1-Hr Personal Training Sessions
✅Online Support
✅In-Depth Goal Setting Session

😍 $600 (62% off) 😍

🙂First session is on me to try it out🙂


You've been down the road of "do-it-myself" and once again, your goals were left by the wayside after just a few weeks.

Ditch the huge crowds of people joining membership based gyms! You'll spend so much extra time just trying to find open machines and weights wasting time and energy and ultimately your willingness to even go.

Instead opt for a modern, spacious, clean and NOT crowded private upscale facility where you get the personal attention you deserve.

💪 So if YOU're ready to take it to the next level and want professional help to help keep you injury free AND reach your goals for ONLY $600 of UNLIMITED Training then keep reading for your next steps!!

*3 Month Unlimited Package Available at 20% discount
*6 Month Unlimited Package Available at 30% discount
*12 Month Unlimited Package Available at 40% discount
(Multi-month packages must be purchased in full to receive discounts and are open only to new clients)

Simply message me for more details or comment "ME" below for me to contact you about getting started. Prime spots will fill up FAST!


How will you push yourself today? What’s ONE thing you can do extra TODAY?
Crush it 💪🏻


Who would like to actually DROP a few pounds this holiday season - Even if You're Super Busy - Instead of GAINING the average 4-7lbs?

I fuse cardio, weights and abs all into one workout... You'll save time by burning fat, toning muscle and getting fit all at once.

|| Brand New Package || UNLIMITED 30-Minute Private Sessions For Only $300 / Month** Fitness Alliance Overland Park (Discounted Longer Term Options Available | IM me for more details).

**** Receive a FREE 2-Week Trial simply by liking and sharing this post (new clients only)🗣️🗣️


Dropping some Hump Day 🐫 Knowledge 💣💣s!


🏝 What a View! 🏝
An absolutely great way to relax, detox and de-stress with 😍


Thanks for the great pics and headshot Selby Films!


Ryan Bell - Transformation Specialist


Only 39 days to go until Mexico 🇲🇽!
I must admit I’ve gotten very busy and lacked on my posting in the group!

I’m killing these last 6 weeks.

This week my meals are (all cooked on Sunday)
Awake: 25-30oz water
Breakfasts: 3 eggs
Snack: Smoothie with spinach, frozen avocado, frozen strawberries and bananas (very little banana), 1 scoop of greens
Lunch: 2 cups of riced cauliflower I made with little pepperoni and spaghetti sauce
Snack: 2 scoops BCAAS
Dinner: 2/3 bag of chopped salad with 1/4lb of ground turkey I made into taco meat
Before bed: Supplement ZMA

1hr on Arc trainer
2 body parts each day for 400 reps each body part using different exercises.

How are your goals going?!?!


Gettin that weekend warrior workout!
✅ 1hr Stairstepper
✅ 100 Weighted (20lb) Pull-ups
✅ 100 Easybar Curls (60lbs)
✅ 100 Unassisted Sit-ups

💪🏻💥 Boom 💥💪🏻


✅1,000 push-ups
Crushed that S**T


Invest in yourself.
Push your limits.
Max Out!!


If you could get in better shape, feel better, sleep better in 30 days would you be interested?!


🏖What if I also told you that EVERY person who signs up WILL receive a Complimentary 4Day / 3Night Deluxe Hotel Accommodation Voucher available at over 50 top locations in US?!

Program Includes:
🏋🏻‍♂️ 30 Day Exercise Program
🥑 30 Day Nutrition Plan
🗓 30 Day Accountability
👊🏻 30 Day Motivational Quotes
🙋🏻‍♂️ 1 Thirty-Minute Phone Consult

Comment “Info” below to receive more info!

The 1st 10 to comment, like and share this post will receive a 25% discount!!


Love playing in the water 💦 with this lil lady😍!!


Procrastination is the death of progress. This applies to health, business and relationships. When you put off something you know full well could be done now, you’re setting your intention to live in a reactive state vs. a proactive state. I’m DEFINITELY guilty 👋🏻☝🏻of this as well. We all are. Overthinking. Over analyzing. Or sometimes simply out of laziness. However, today make it a priority to knock off at least one of those tasks you’ve been putting off and JUST. DO. IT!


Take time today and just START your journey. 10 minutes is all you need to get benefits. Let that grow and grow and soon you’ll be on your way to your goals and a new healthy lifestyle!


🚨Free 90-Day challenge!
Comment “Me” below and I’ll message you the FB link👍🏻


So excited to just reach under the 90-day mark!! We haven’t had a vacay to somewhere just by ourselves since our honeymoon!

It got me thinking 🤔

I haven’t really pushed myself physically for quite some time either. I figured this is a perfect time to start my own 90-Day Challenge!!

I like to help others and thought I bet other people are in the same position as me and could use a little extra motivation.

I’m going to create a free 90-Day challenge private FB group! More details this evening👍🏻

Comment “ME” if you’re interested and I can add you to the group💪🏻💪🏻 @ Heritage Park


Dear fat,
I am Inigo Montoya, prepare to die


This sums up exactly why results are evading you.

When you truly take accountability for your habits is what catapults you.

Knowing what to do, when and simply just DOING the hard work will never fail you!


There will always be a million critics. Criticizing every little thing they disagree with or are jealous of.
🚫Tune them out 🚫
There will always be a long line of people wanting to take from you. Whether it’s taking your money, knowledge, resources, or abusing your relationships.
🚫Tune them out🚫
There are the Doers.
The select few.
These are the top tier guys/gals who are achieving their goals and always striving for more.
💯🔥These are your people🔥💯


Be sure to join my group where I tend to post more regularly! Just click the "Visit Group" button on the right under my background pic!


I’m a Beast!
✔️Killer workout
✔️Daily Formula email sent
✔️3 emails sent
✔️Chili cooking
✔️Journal entry to follow


Keep up the good work from day one. Win today by getting in exercise no matter what!!!


Win each day to win the week.
Win week by week to win the month.
Win month by month to win the year!!


Happy New Years!!
What’s your NUMBER ONE health goal in 2018??
Mine is to get to 8% body fat.


**** 2018 New Years Deal ****
2018 is right around the corner! Of course, that means a whole heap of people setting brand new goals for the upcoming year.

This year my focus is going to be all about dedication, consistency, hard work and inspiration.

I've slacked on my own business goals. Slacked on my own fitness goals. Just simply slacked in 2017. It showed. The truth always shows itself.

I've been getting asked if I'm going to run any New Years Deals... any promotions etc.

The answer is yes.


Its only going to be for those who are truly dedicated to achieving success. This may offend a few who were thinking about joining up.

This is who I DON'T want:
~Lazy people
~Give up after 1,2 months
~Make excuses
~Cancel repeatedly
~Will not follow my guidance

Who I DO want:
~Driven people
~Willing to sacrifice to achieve lifelong results
~Open to learn

The ONLY offer/promotion I am doing in 2018 is for a YEARLONG commitment.
Yes, you read that right...... 1 YEAR!

I know this will only be for the .01% of you who actually are willing to go all in on your goals.

If you're still reading this, then you're at least considering hearing my offer (worth well over $20,000).

So for those still interested in making a life changing decision, here goes my 2018 offer:
☑️ One Year unlimited 1-on-1 training (up to 5x/week)
☑️ Full email & FB messenger support/questions
☑️ Ultrasound body fat analysis every quarter
☑️ Advanced Blood panel at start and end of year
☑️ Circumference Measurements monthly
☑️ In depth client intake questionnaire to assess your health
☑️ At-home workout guide
☑️ Set of exercise bands to take traveling or use at home
☑️ First month free with nutritionist Adi Shamir
☑️ Free Fitspiration Journal to log your progress
☑️ Free access to Fitness Alliance Overland Park-open hours
☑️ $200 gift card to Sprouts upon 6mo completion of program

Like I said.... this is truly for someone looking to completely change their lifestyle and dedicated to do so.

I'll be with you every step of the way, helping you achieve your goals, answering questions, directing you to appropriate resources and being your true support system along the way.

Impact is my word for 2018. I aim to make it a big one!!

You're probably wondering the price on such a commitment...

Well, if you're serious/driven/dedicated, you've read to this point, then message me and I will gladly tell you.
(hint: its over 50% off)

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us13.campaign-archive.com This will be the final email coming from this source (MailChimp).  Many of you may have received another email from me that didn't go through so I wanted to send one final one here!   I'd love for you to subscribe for just one month to give it a try and see if you get value out of the daily newsl...


What did you do today to help someone?

👇🏻👇🏻Tell me something gooooooood 👇🏻👇🏻

Try to do just ONE kind thing for someone every day.
If every person committed to this, think how much better our world would be!!


Try to do just ONE kind thing for someone every day.
If every person committed to this, think how much better our world would be!!


Sweat 😓 feels so good!
Exercise is a tremendous source of feel good endorphins!!

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