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I came to practice today so sore from weight training this week, and left feeling so much better! Thank you Kathe Bouchier for an amazing hot yoga class! And thank you for holding those poses just a bit longer 😘. Love you guys!
Three years ago I walked into Floo-id yoga. I was newly divorced, unfit and disconnected from my "self". As I move into a new chapter of my life, physically and spiritually, I thank Beth, Tiana, Jacob, Tami, Mark, Karli, Jeanette, Amy, Jenny, Kevin, Kathe, Stephanie and all the beauties behind the counter for their love, inspiration and guidance. Today, I am stronger and more peaceful from being a part of the amazing Floo-id yoga community! Namaste.🙏
I joined floo-id YOGA to increase my strength and flexibility. In my quest to attain that, I discovered how motivating and inspiring all the instructors are, while guiding the sessions.
I am especially surprised at how grounded and serene I feel for hours after my practice. Only just six weeks after joining, I noticed that I get a great night sleep and I feel refreshed in the morning. My husband encourages me to go because he says I’m calmer, more relaxed and happier.
My dear daughter gifted me 30 for $30 in July and I plan to continue at floo-id YOGA till I’m 100 years old.
🌟🧘‍♀️🌟I highly recommend it 🌟🧘‍♀️🌟
Is Danielle Godfrey's class in the Hot Yoga Studio? Just need to be prepared.
Sadly I am returning to the frozen land north of the USA but my trip was made much more enjoyable by the teaching and instruction I received by Danielle G. Thanks so much I truly enjoyed each and every class Danielle.
Thank you Mark for great class this beautiful Sun. morn.
I stumbled into the wrong class! I stayed but was impressed just watching Karli Horner lead a flow class with so much grace and strength all with a glowing baby bump! So beautiful. Also felt the Reiki flow from her at the end with a little hands on adjustment. Felt wonderful.❤️🙏🏽
Loving the ice cold lavender towels at the end of class. What a great addition! 😍
Great 90 min hot flow with Jacob on Sat....amazing flow combos & deep deep stretch...fabulous ..thx...namaste
Thank you Jacob Daffner... In a World of Self Doubt, I can come to one of your classes and know I Can! You push me to my limits or beyond without fear with you calmness and strength. Thanks for being Amazing and Inspiring!
Great extended flow class with Jacob....good variety, great music & inspirational teacher....ty

Featuring Hot Yoga with out the attitude. We offer heated styles of yoga including: Original Hot Yog

Operating as usual


Happy birthday to Eddie! 🥳We were so happy that Wendy was able to convince him to start coming! 🎊He has worked hard with his early morning hot yoga, and even ventured into the world of !! A very happy birthday to him!! Have the best day!! 🎂🎉

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This is .schamp !! She was diagnosed with osteopenia 4 years ago. Her doctor told her that it could be reversed with weight lifting. Every chance she got in pilates to utilize weights, she did. Two years later she started to see improvement. She continued to work and about 2 weeks ago it was completely gone! 🙌 This is an AMAZING achievement and we are so proud of her. 👏With her hard work and the benefits of this practice she healed her body! 🎉When you see her congratulate her on this amazing achievement!! Give her a comment here and let her know how proud you are!! Way to go Robbie!!

Photos from floo-id YOGA's post 08/06/2023

New apparel is here !! Come in and get yours now! Super cute and comfy set from 🎉 Get your set NOW before it sells out! See you all on your mat!!


Congratulations to Walter for 15 years of practicing yoga!! 🎉We love having him at our studio! He’s been practicing here and is progressing every class! Congrats to him and we can’t wait to see what else he achieves! 🙌Congratulate him in the studio and in the comments!!!


ATTENTION! fam! Our Let That S**t Go shirts are in!! 🎉🎉We are so excited for you guys to be rocking this amazing merchandise! 😱These are SO CUTE and our team absolutely loves them and you will too!! 🥳If you didn’t get yours on presale get them NOW before they sell out!!! Thank you !!!


Join Alyssa EVERY Monday and Wednesday at 12pm! She is teaching Inferno Hot Pilates! She would love to see you all there! Her class is so fun and so high energy! If you want a butt kicking workout and something super fun join her at noon! See you all on your mat!!


ATTENTION! No kettlebells this week. Eddie will be back Thursday all sessions are cancelled. This means both 5:30 and 11:00am sessions will resume next week! We will see you all on your mat!


How many boxes do YOU have checked for our 21 day challenge? We are almost a week in. 😱Be sure to come on in and get your check box!! 🧘‍♀️The winner gets a local vendor basket!! See you all on your mat! 👏


It’s so important to come and take care of your body everyday! 💪Your body longs to feel movement and challenge! Without exercise it is hard to do things for others and your mind can become jumbled. Make sure to come in and fill your cup !! 😆We can’t wait to see you all on your mat!! 🎉


.nikoal just taught a class and had a rocking time! She had her two friends there and so many other amazing practitioners!! She is having so much fun teaching !! Catch her every Wednesday at 5:30!! Can’t wait to see you all show out!! LET’S GO!

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Thank you so much for this opportunity! It was a blast for .nikoal to be able to come into the store and create these relationships. Mariel gave Ashlyn a whole outfit! We are so pumped to create even more relationships with Lululemon at the Quarter! Can’t wait to see what other great things we do. Thank you so much again!!


Attention! We are hiring for front desk/ sales staff! We would love to have you join the floo-id YOGA team! DM us for info or fill out this short survey to apply 👉 https://take.surveys.ci/s/DJLU8Wwd1f/70415


Welcome Rosella to the family!! 🎉🎉She is such an amazing energy to have in the studio! We are so happy to welcome her to the floo-id YOGA family!! 🙌We love ya Rosella! We can’t wait to see what amazing things you do in your practice!!! 👏


Happy International Yoga Day! As we celebrate the meaning of yoga we also celebrate why we practice yoga. we specialize in heated yoga which has so many benefits.
👉Helps manage stress
👉Increases flexibility
👉Improves your lung capacity
👉Increases your bone density
👉Regulates blood glucose levels
👉Burns calories
👉Boosts your mood
👉Improves your heart health
👉Improves your skin health

We pride ourselves in offering yoga to the non yogi. You will find people, just like you, looking to improve something in your life. An overwhelmed parent, an athlete who wants to improve flexibility or recover from an injury, a stressed out executive, a college student looking to find them self. Does this resonate with you? If so, join us for a class or 2. We have a special running today, 5 sessions for $99. This offer is valid for new and students that haven’t practiced within the past year. Look for IYD 5 pack or click here to purchase online. 👉 https://bit.ly/3NG1yhL


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kathe!! 🥳She’s an amazing instructor for pilates and yoga! She is an awesome energy to have within the studio! 🎉We love her and wish her the most amazing birthday wishes! Have the BEST birthday ever!! 🎊🎊


Reaching your fitness goals can be hard, we know. Having a community that is supportive and loving is super important! 💪That what we strive for here at !! So keep up the good work!! 😝 Coming in is the most important thing, results will come with it!! Keep up the good work!! 🙌 NEVER GIVE UP


We are hiring for our front desk staff!! If you are interested in getting more info message us! We would love to have you part of the team!


Macy got second place in the May challenge!! She claimed her prize today!! 🎉 She has an amazing class and is such an amazing energy!! We love ya Nancy, way to go!! 🙌🙌


Introducing Ashlyn Medina "I have been practicing for about six years. I originally started practicing non- heated yoga. The moment I stepped foot into a heated room, I fell in love. I have been teaching for a little bit under two years and have been working at the studio, including front desk for about three. So I am fairly new to teaching still and I am very open to getting better and constantly improving. I love speaking and learning from other instructors. I want to learn more and soon be able to teach a variety of classes.

My biggest accomplishment so far is getting certified in Original Hot Yoga. This is my biggest accomplishment because it gave me many opportunities for future trainings, and gave me the confidence I needed.

My education of yoga connects to my teaching because without it I couldn’t give the proper feedback to the students or have the confidence needed. As of now yoga is my main career so my yoga background is really the most important thing. As far as my personal life, the mind-body connection that I got from my Original Hot Yoga training has really helped me to feel more connected. It gave me so much confidence to carry myself in a positive way."

Catch her teaching, Monday/ Thursday at 4:00pm. And Wednesday and Friday at 6am


On Memorial Day, we take a moment to reflect and honor the brave souls who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation. This is a day to remember and pay tribute to the men and women who protect our freedom by laying down their lives for the ideals we hold dear. honors those who never returned. 🇺🇸


Sound Healing with Cheryl is happening June 3rd!! Make sure to grab your spot TODAY! Early bird pricing ends TOMORROW. This a truly amazing experience you won’t want to miss it!! Grab your spot and enjoy her beautiful bowls and gongs. We will see you there!!


Woohoo!! Kettlebells are coming in the evenings with !! This is an awesome, challenging workout to add to your pilates/ yoga practice!! We hope to see you all there!!

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OMG!! .schamp has completed 2,200 visits!!! She practices all of the classes and is so strong in her practice!! 💪 We love love love having her in our studio. Just completed her 2,200th visit with .laven11 When you see her give her a whoop! whoop! and a high-five for this amazing milestone!! 😝🙌🙌


Great job to Tina for completing 50 visits!! She is so strong in her pilates practice and we love having her !!! 😝She is amazing and she will only continue to get stronger! 💪We love seeing her at the studio and she has such an amazing presence!! When you see her give her a nice high five for this accomplishment!


Our schedule for memorial weekend. 🇺🇸No afternoon class Saturday- Monday. We hope to see the whole fam there this weekend! Can’t wait to have a rockin’ memorial weekend with you all!! See you soon!! 😝😝


came in with her mom Julie today at noon with Beth! She had loads of fun and did amazing!! 🙌She practices yoga and we loved having her in our studio!! 😁We hope to see her soon, she has an amazing presence and energy. Hope to see you soon Julie!!


Congrats to Ashley for completing her first Original Hot Yoga !! She did amazing and we are so happy to welcome her to our fam!! 🙌She is on her way to an amazing practice and can only get stronger! When you see her next give her a high five for her huge accomplishment!! 😝😝


Congrats to Kai for completing 713 visits !! Awesome job!! Kai is here every week and has built an amazing practice!! 😝 When you see him make sure to congratulate him on this amazing achievement!! 🎉🎉


Join tonight at 7pm for themed Thursday Inferno Hot Pilates!! Tonight’s theme… GIRL POWER!! 💪 Get an awesome sweat and an awesome playlist!! Can’t wait to see you tonight!! 😆


Meet Instructor Don Grostic. "I was stressed from my corporate job as a biostatistician and a friend recommended I try yoga. I was doing all the standard gym workouts and none of them were working for me. The closest studio to my house was a Bikram (Hot) yoga studio. In 1989 I took my first class and I thought my head was going to explode from the heat! In the final savasana I felt something I had never felt before. It was this amazing peaceful relaxed feeling while being completely present and alive. I was hooked from that feeling alone. I did a 60 day challenge right away doing 63 classes in a row. That challenge was amazing!

In 2002 I was laid off from my corporate job and decided to do the Bikram yoga training. Off I went to Los Angeles for 9 weeks of yoga training that was the most transformative experience I have ever had. It was life changing.

After the training, I taught full-time for years eventually ending up running a studio. When that studio was sold I went back to a corporate job with a new perspective. I still work for that company. I continued to teach on the side.

To further my yoga knowledge, I attended Loyola Marymount University and received a yoga therapy degree in 2015. Additionally, I became a reiki master and a certified gestalt therapist. I try to weave the knowledge from these disciplines into my class with a bit of humor to lighten things up. I believe that the Bikram yoga 26&2 class is the most healing class and is the best preventative medicine available."

Catch him teaching Thursdays at 530pm.


Give yourself the gift of harmony, balance, and relaxation during this magical sound bowl experience. Discover the healing power of crystal alchemy bowls to restore balance, bring the body and mind into alignment and assist with clearing the unwanted so you can invite in “the new.” Experience the pure tones of the bowls that ignite your brainwaves and the harmonics that raise your vibration. Relax and let go as you allow this musical medicine to activate and awaken your soul!


It’s Mat Mayhem floo-id YOGA through the end of May. Do you have a smelly mat? Do you have a mat that’s falling apart? Do you have a mat that gets heavier each time you sweat because it’s absorbing your sweat?! Well we have the solution for you! Manduka mats are the BEST mats on the market! Why?

👉 Lifetime warranty
👉 They won’t absorb your sweat
👉 They come in 4.7mm or 6mm thickness
👉 They are easy to clean
👉 They come in fun colors
👉 The only reason to buy another Manduka mat is if you lose it or want a different color!

Purchase a new Manduka mat with us through the end of May, and you receive a free YogiToes hand towel (Value $23.00)

Hurry, supplies are limited.


Happy Birthday ! Today she celebrated her birthday by teaching a kick *ss session at 12p. Thank you Alyssa for being a part of team 🙏🥳🎉


Today was Bill’s last Inferno Hot Pilates session with us until September… 🥲He’s a Snowbird from the north east and he loves coming to when he’s in town. We enjoy having him around, he’s comfortable being one of the only guys in a room full of ladies sweating and jamming to upbeat times. 😅He’s a pleasure to have as part of our community! We look forward to seeing you next September.💯😊


Welcome back Mark LeGault. We are so excited to have him back teaching Sundays at 9.00am starting this Sunday, Mother’s Day. Are you coming?

Photos from floo-id YOGA's post 04/20/2023

Come check out our themed Thursday’s at 7pm with Tonights music is from the 90s-2000s🎵🎸 Look for every Thursday 7p session to be a special theme. 🎉See you there.


Guess who’s teaching ?! Ashlyn is, that’s who! She attended Level 1 teacher training in February and is ready to challenge you all. Keep an eye out on the schedule for some pop up classes with her💪Get ready cause she’s on fire!🔥


Congratulations Xiao Ping for completing 50 sessions with 🎉👏💪 She makes it to her mat every single day with a huge smile and ready for whatever class is scheduled at that time. Way to go! We can’t wait to catch you at 100 visits 💪❤️

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Our Vision

A world full of yogis who have the discipline to continue their self-realization and lead by example with acceptance and kindness.

Our Mission

We’re just a bunch of yogis who love what we do and believe that yoga has the power to change the world. Our mission is to help you realize your fullest potential both on and off your mat. We’re an authentic yoga studio and community, offering tangible results through consistent practice.

We feature Hot Yoga with out the attitude. We offer heated and non heated styles of yoga including: Hot Yoga (Bikram Yoga) Hot Flow (Heated Vinyasa), Hot Pilates, Yin Yoga with Sound Healing, Barre and Kids Yoga. All classes are 60m in length. See you on your mat.

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Share the Love 💙 @flooidyoga   Bring your friends, family, co workers in for a free session and you get 5 raffle tickets...




7077 E Mayo Boulevard #130
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 12pm
5pm - 7pm
Tuesday 9am - 12pm
Wednesday 9am - 12pm
3:30pm - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 12pm
Friday 9am - 11am
Saturday 8:30am - 12:30pm
Sunday 8:30am - 12:30pm

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