Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club

Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club


What a great day of navigating at Blow Out Creek at Yavapai College, Clarkdale!! These guys do such a great job putting on these competitions. Thank you so much for all your hard work to make this such a great experience!!
Runners along the Aqua Fria today.
Erik's 2 h Score-O run
Bring your family, start a new hobby, and advance your compass/navigation skills. We have partnered with Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club to offer this FREE and fun orienteering course. It will be this Saturday, June 5 at Sundance Park. No experience necessary. Below is the official Orienteering USA map that was designed just for this program. Compasses will be available for loan but limited. Advance registration is required for all attending. For more details and to register visit:
We tried an orienteering course on this busy day today. I think the whole Troop could benefit from this. We were out near Saguaro Lake. #aztroop531. Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club
Saw you at Lone Mountain today. Do I need to do anything in advance to participate on January 9?
I have prepared a video to explain Orienteering in Mingus Mountain Score-O.

My dad was an avid hunter. Several times when he got drawn for deer or elk he obtained topographical maps of the area for which he was drawn. His most recent hunt was 1993.
As the last survivor I've inherited these maps. I hate to just throw them away because they are part of Arizona history. If anyone would like them, they're free. Just message me. There are about 7 of them.
Has anyone found a good way to print 7.5' USGS quads on letter paper with a laser printer? I've tried it from the National Geographic site and the maps look horrible. Is there software that will do it?
Hey Everyone.

We've placed all the control markers and we're ready for the big event on Saturday, November 16. We hope you'll consider joining us at our Bomboy Mine event site, tucked into the foothills of the Superstition Mountains. Please remember to pre-register at Pre-registration closes tonight. By pre-registering, you help us get an accurate count of participants so we know how many maps to print. We hope to see you there.
Do you offer orienteering classes or workshops?
Just FYI that I posted some Buckeye Hills / Robbins Butte photos on the event page -- :-) --Brooke

Orienteering is a navigation sport in which participants use map and compass skills to locate pre-placed marker bags, or "controls", in the field as quickly as possible.

The Phoenix Orienteering Club is a group of folks who like to run around in the desert in the pursuit of the sport of orienteering. Orienteering is the sport of quickly and accurately navigating over terrain with only the assistance of a map and compass in order to locate pre-positioned control markers (or "bags"). It's like a poor man's adventure race or an adult's Easter egg hunt.

Operating as usual


Orienteering Event: Sat 4/16 Blowout Creek, Clarkdale AZ.
🔸Come join us!
🔸Event options: 2hr OR 4hr Open Nav
🔸Preregistration required
🔸Event details: click on bio link


Beginner orienteering clinic: Sat 4/9/23
-Yavapai College
-Preregistration required
-Click on link for all event details:


Come join us! Learn a new skill—🗺orienteering🧭! Beginner class Sat 3/26 at Peoria’s Paloma Park. Click on bio link for event details and preregistration:

Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club added a Shop on Website button to their Page. 03/04/2022

Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club added a Shop on Website button to their Page.

Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club added a Shop on Website button to their Page.

Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club added a Shop on Website button to their Page. 03/04/2022

Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club added a Shop on Website button to their Page.

Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club added a Shop on Website button to their Page.


Come join us for our next 🧭Orienteering 🗺Event: Sat. 3/12, Sophie’s Flat, Wickenburg, AZ

🔹Event options: 1.5-h or 3.0-h Score
🔹 High-desert vegetation nestled in the foothills of the Bradshaw Mountains.
🔹The terrain is a mixture of rocky outcroppings and rolling hills with a medium level of desert vegetation. While the desert fauna in some areas is sparse and runnable, other areas have a higher concentration of prickly plants to navigate through. On almost all parts of the map, terrain visibility is excellent.
🔹Water is available at the timer's table, but we won't have water on the course. Please bring your own water bottle or camelback.
🔹Preregistration “REQUIRED”
🔸Event link:
🔹Recommended donations via PayPal: $5 or $10
🔸PayPal link:

Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club updated their phone number. 03/04/2022

Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club updated their phone number.

Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club updated their phone number.


2022 Buckeye Hills, AZ #Oreinteering (SWSW Day8)

🎉Thanks for coming out to our 2022 Buckeye Hills, AZ 🧭 Orienteering 🗺 event (SWSW Day Eight).

Enjoy the post-event 🎥 video! …. SOUND ON🔊!

Photos from Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club's post 02/24/2022

🗺🧭9 Days of Orienteering! 🏃🏻‍♀️

🏜Southwest Spring Week 2022: Weekend Phoenix events (registration open until Friday, 12:00p):

-Day 8 Buckeye Hills
-Day 9, First Water

Registration link:


2022 SWSW Orienteering (9-days)

Come Join Us for 9 days of orienteering in Arizona!

SWSW Events link:


Come 🧭 Orienteering 🗺 with us this Sunday, 1/9/22 at Rock Springs, just south of Black Canyon City, AZ.
🔸Event options: 1.5hr Score-O or 3.0hr Score-O
🔸Click on link for event details & preregistration:


Come Join us for our next Orienteering 🧭 event: Sun, 1/9/22 at Rock Springs, Black Canyon City, AZ

Event options:
🔸1.5-hour Score-O
🔸3.0-hour Score-O

Just north of the Rock Springs Cafe (southwest on the frontage road off I-17 exit 242).

The terrain surrounding the Rock Springs Cafe is rugged in spots. The Agua Fria river cuts through the Black Canyon west of the event start/finish, with several 400 foot cliffs dropping down to the river. Don't worry, we won't take you over the cliffs. A spur of the Black Canyon Trail takes hikers to the main trail. A couple slot canyons and a waterfall are bonus attractions. The vegetation in the area is mostly passable with a few places where participants will need to pick routes around thickets. The scenery throughout is spectacular. Plan to take a few photos during your event.

PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED: Due to BLM permit restrictions, “pre-registration is required” for this event. On-site registration & extra maps will not be available; so, be sure to preregister.

Preregistration Link:

Full event details:


Photos from Tucson Orienteering Club's post 12/15/2021

🧭 9 Days of Orienteering! 🗺

🔸Save the Date: FEB 19-27, 2022
🔸Registration now open


Orienteering (12/11/21): Superior, AZ

Thanks for coming to Saturday’s (12/11/21) Orienteering 🧭 Event at Superior, AZ! 🎉 Enjoy the post-event video 🎥… SOUND ON 🔊


🧭 Come Orienteering with Us 🗺This Sat, 12/11 just west of Superior AZ—East Hewitt Station Road.
🔸Events include:
-1.5 h Score-O
-OR 3.0 h Score-O
🔸Registration is open!
🔸Hope to see you there! 🎉
🔸Click on link for event details and to preregister:


Come join us for our next Orienteering Event—
🔸Sat. 12/11
🔸Superior, AZ (Hewitt Station Rd, near The Boyce Thompson Arboretum)
🔸Event options: 1.5-hr or 3-hr Score
🔸Click on bio link for events details & registration


Hosting an 🧭 orienteering 🗺beginners clinic this Saturday 12/4 at the North Mountain Visitors Center.

🔸Click on the bio link for full event details & to preregister.

🔸Come join us!



Beginner 🧭 Orienteering Clinic: this Sat 11/20 at Papago Park’s Hole-in-the-Rock.

🗺 Come join us!

….Click on bio link for complete details & to preregister.


Come Join us for our next Orienteering event: Sun., 11/14
🗺Needle Rock
🔸1.5 h Score-O
🔸3.0 h Score-O
Click on bio link for full event details & registration


Come join us at our 🧭 Orienteering event: Sun, 11/14 at Needle Rock (Tanto National Forest)!

Event options:
🔸1.5 hr Score-O
🔸3.0 hr Score-O

🗺Click on bio link for full event details and registration

*Tanto Pass also required


Join us for a Beginner’s 🧭Orienteering clinic:
🔸Sat. 11/6
🔸Phoenix’s Buffalo Ridge Park
🔸9:00a Start time; 10:30a Practice Course (optional)
🔸Limited to 10 people (first come, first serve)
🔸Preregistration & $5 fee required


🧭 Orienteering Event: This Sat, 10/23
🗺Heritage Park, Prescott AZ
🔸5h Adventure Race 🏃🏻‍♀️🚣🏻🚴‍♀️
🔸2h Score-O 🏃🏻‍♂️
🔸Click on bio link for full event details & preregistration


Beginner 🧭 Orienteering Clinics!
🔸Come join us and learn fun new skills—navigation, map🗺, & compass 🧭.
🔸Bring a friend…
🔸Fall Beginner Orienteering clinics have been scheduled or are in the process of being scheduled.
🔸Check out our website for events & updates:


🧭Join us for the next orienteering event: Sat., 10/23, Prescott, AZ, Heritage Park.

🗺 Event Options:
-5h Adventure Race 🚴‍♀️🚣🏻🏃🏻‍♂️
-OR 2h Score-O 🏃🏻‍♀️

🔸Click on bio link for event details/registration


🧭Glendale Community College Sprints & Beginner Orienteering Clinic.
🗺Thanks for coming! 🎉


🧭As a reminder, registration for this Saturday's sprint events at Glendale Community College closes Thursday night, October 7.

🗺Sprints are a common orienteering event in the U.S. and abroad. This year's U.S. National Championships were held on August 6 at Sierra College near Sacramento (Results).

🧭Our events at Glendale Community College provide great practice for this style of orienteering event. We hope you'll consider joining us for another day of navigation fun at Glendale Community College.


It’s been a blast 🧭orienteering 🗺in 2021! What’s been your favorite orienteering event so far?

Photos from Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club's post 09/15/2021

Thank you for coming to the Flagstaff Nav Games III at Fort Valley! 🧭 The results are posted🎉


Come join us for some 🧭 🗺orienteering fun this Saturday, 9/11 at Fort Valley, for the Flagstaff Navigation Games III.

Event options include:
🔸Adventure Race

Click on bio link for details and to preregister.


Come join us for our next 🧭orienteering event—Flagstaff Nav Games III: Sat, 9/11, at Fort Valley Trailhead, AZ.

Event 🧭🗺 Options include:
🔸5h Adventure Race 🚵🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
🔸3h Bike-O 🚵
🔸2h Score-O 🏃🏽

😀Click on bio link for event details & registration.


Come join the fun with our club’s next 🧭 Orienteering event: Sat., 8/28 at the Coconino Community College: 2800 S Lone Tree Rd, Flagstaff, AZ.

Event options include:
🔸Beginners Clinic
🔸Sprint courses (x3)
🔸Motola (combine all three Sprint courses)

Click on bio link for full details & to preregister!

SPRINTS: Orienteering term to describe short-distance orienteering courses. Contrary to it’s name, you do not have to run the whole time. Orienteering is fun for everyone of different physical abilities. Participants can choose to walk, hike, jog, run, etc. based on their fitness level & goal(s).


🎉Thank you for coming out to Fort Tuthill for the Flagstaff Navigation Games ✌🏼 ... Enjoy the post-event video 🎥 {Sound ON 🔊}


Awesome Score-O run Erik 🎉 … cleared all the controls!

Erik's 2 h Score-O run


🧭It’s not too late to join us for Saturday’s (8/14), Flagstaff Navigation Games ✌🏼:
🔸2-hr Score-O🏃🏻‍♂️
🔸3-hr Bike-O🚴‍♂️
🔸OR 5-hr Adventure Race 🚴‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️

Come join us for some orienteering fun!

Click on bio link for free registration & for full event details


Next 🧭 Orienteering Event: Fort Tuthill, Flagsatff AZ, Sat, 8/14

Event options:
🔸2h Score-O 🏃🏻‍♂️
🔸3h Bike-O 🚵🏼‍♀️
🔸Or 5h Adventure Race 🚴‍♂️ 🏃🏻‍♀️

Come join us!

👆🏼Click bio link for event details & preregistration

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2022 Buckeye Hills, AZ #Oreinteering (SWSW Day8)
2022 SWSW Orienteering (9-days)
Orienteering (12/11/21): Superior, AZ




Phoenix, AZ

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