Preacher Power Barbell Club

Preacher Power Barbell Club


What an awesome powerlifting meet this past weekend. United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Arizona Drug Tested Open was a huge success. Records were set and day was a huge success! Want more pics? We have over a 1000 free pics of the day!

Many records were set and the athletes were absolutely amazing. Though we didn't have spectators the energy was out amazing. As always. thanks to Preacher Power Barbell Club , and all of our Volunteers that helped pull this off!!!
Would someone be willing to suggest a few hotels close to preacher barbell club that has indoor pools? Thank you so much
love this~ if any of you have little ones~
and Happy birthday, USA!!!!!!!
Hello; I'm interested in potentially lifting at the Lumberjack Open in Flagstaff 7 March 2020 which it appears that you are hosting. I was wishing to respectfully ask, will the meet be structured in such a way that a national record can be sought with a potential new record set/ MUCH thanks in advance for your reply! Joe
For this week's , we are raising the bar.

Well, they are.

Preacher Power Barbell Club is a strength and conditioning gym located at Tierra Buena Property, 15820 N. 35th Avenue, Suite 16, Phoenix, AZ 85053.

This weekend the two owners and four athletes/clients are in Las Vegas at the Olympia Pro Powerlifting meet. Athletes from over 30 countries will be competing.

Per owner Asa Barnes, "Its a pretty humbling experience."

Preacher Power, LLC specializes in all levels and types of fitness from general wellness, body building, powerlifting, sport-specific training, and more.

They strive to help YOU achieve YOUR fitness goals.

24/7 access for members. Personal Training packages. Nutrition advice. General fitness, strength and Full service Strength and athletic training. Personal Training.

General Fitness. Powerlifting Coaching. Program Writing for any fitness need or athletic level.

Operating as usual


In conjunction with we are ea h collecting clothing and toiletries for our brothers and sisters in Maui county. Many have lost everything. Homes, jobs, everything swallowed up in the horrific fires. Please visit any of these locations for drop off of items.
If you'd like to send money donations, please reach out to and she can take care of that for you.
We thank you for your support.

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 07/23/2023

A fun day with these 2 ladies USPA Summer Slam .
and both doing their 1st meet.
They both overcame some challenges and had a great day on the platform.
Thank you both for putting your trust in me. It's greatly appreciated.
Now, let's do it again!!

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 07/19/2023

Most of you will know this young lady.
Preacher gym Mom, confidante, amazing powerlifter, friend, road trip buddy, fellow referee, and pretty much just an all-around amazing human.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RED!! Hope you have an amazing day! We love you!


Next up! Charlene Mizner. Many of you know Charlene. 67yrs old and still.hitting national platforms. She shows up every week. Does all of her work. 3 days per week. Outworks most people a third of her age. And she still makes progress.
If you think you're too old to start, you're probably just too lazy. Quit making excuses and get off your ass.
Time to play. Let's go Charlene!

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 07/08/2023

Circa 1989. The fukn mullet was for real! I forget how curly my hair really is. Time ti bring that back!! 'tthinkso

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 07/07/2023

Preacher might be a small gym, but we have everything necessary to make you strong as f**k and meet your strength goals.
World and National champions have been born out of our mighty house. Classic raw, single ply, and multiply, some of the strongest and elite have come out of the walls of Preacher Power.
I'm quite proud of the incredible athletes who have trained in these facilities over the years and still do.
We compete in every sanction in every classification. No holds barred. We never tell you what you can or can't do. We help you achieve those goals because that's our purpose. To help you achieve YOUR goals.
If you want to train in a place where we know your name, embrace your goals and support your endeavors, please visit us and make your own decision. You'll be glad you did.
[email protected]
602 561 8670

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 07/02/2023

Showtime. APF Nationals. Flight D. 67 lifters. Let's get this party started!
let's get it on Dawgs!


Keep your s**t together out there! It's a loooong holiday weekend.

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 06/30/2023

It's here. APF Nationals in West Valley, Utah. It's been a rough few months. But I don't quit. Flying out today!
I feel I've put together a solid package heading into this meet. I'll be in 220 Open Class. I'm gonna roll with the kids on this one. This will be a ball out meet. 100%. Nothing left on the table for this one.
The crew .06 are already there. Ashli lifts Saturday, the rest of us Sunday. Should be a great meet for everyone. Thank you
For the help, its feeling strong!Conservative openers and big finish. That's the plan.
It's showtime! Let's get it the f**k on!!


USAPL Geared Nationals, Dallas! Here we are. The HOF, will be on the platform tomorrow doing her thing. A year after double hip replacement, she'll be showing us what can be done when you don't give up or give in.
It's showtime Let's go Linda!

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 06/10/2023

Cruising with these 2 meatheads Mila and Titan. Milas fat ass sets off the seat belts while titan drools on the door.


Here we go. A new adventure into entrepreneurship. I have been blessed with an opportunity to go full scale self employed. Starting now. A huge thank you to
for the opportunity. I owe you big!

Yes. It's official. Home Services for those who don't have the time or desire to do it themselves.
Cleaning, windows, bathroom tiles and general powerspraying to beautify your home.
Shoot me a DM here or go to and we will discuss your needs!


Life is like Powerlifting. When it gets heavy, push harder!

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 05/14/2023

A great day with great people. I am blessed. In many ways.


If you only heard half of the story, then you only have half of the knowledge.
Open your mind.


Happy Hump Day!
Set your fruit loose!

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 03/20/2023

My dates this weekend. Pretty pups.

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 02/19/2023

Some changes at Preacher are in the works. If you haven't been in for a bit, you won't recognize the place.
After one more wall comes down, it will be 1 big room instead of 3 suites with walls in between.
We have everything you need to get strong and smash platforms. If you are looking g to join a team of like minded athletes then Preacher is your place. No attitudes. No clicks. No selfish mirrors. And no waiting. We are a personal, members gym.
I have space for 10 more serious lifters. People who want to to work and be part of a great team.
Come check us out.
DM me here or email [email protected]
Visit our website. Link in my bio.


With the new year in full swing and goals and resolutions set. It's time to get the f**k after it.
With that being said, do you have a plan in place? Program is set? Goals are achievable and not just a pipe dream?
If you find yourself needing help with those aspirations, I'd be happy to help you make them real by setting realistic goals with a program to fit your needs.
You can DM me here or [email protected]
Let's make a plan you can achieve.

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 01/25/2023

I'll do my best to updated. Some of the changes being made at USPA.
For quicker updates please visit for more current events.
See you all February 4th at Preacher for the Titan Strength Classic.
We will continue to run these meets till further notice.
Thank you for your support of Arizona Powerlifting.


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Before I give it to you, take it to a car dealer in the city and sell it. See how much they offer.”

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Then the father said, "I wanted to let you know that you are not worth anything if you are not in the right place. If you are not appreciated, do not be angry, that means you are in the wrong place. "Don't stay in a place where no one sees your value ."


Merry Christmas!


It's the little things. Kind words from your athletes. This is the s**t that makes you WANT TO do it!
"I I just want yo say you’ve helped me so much on my weightlifting journey. I was stuck in a rut with all lifts and once I started your programs it took me out of it. It’s only uphill from here. Thank you for everything you do! "

They keep me motivated and strive to be a better coach.

It's the little things.


Have a blessed Thanksgiving. From my family to you!


February 4th. Titan Strength Classic. Start the year right with a great comp under your belt. This meet is limited to 35. Get those entries in folks. You don't want to miss out! Visit for entry!


Get the f**k back up!


Calling you all out!! If you love Powerlifting and appreciate the people who bring it to you and volunteer their time to give you a great day on the platform, it is your time to give back.
We are currently in need of some additional spotter/loader help for the 12th of November.
THIS IS A PAID POSITION! Easy money and you get fed too. If you can help next weekend and would like to become a part of our already amazing crew, then please DM me here or at [email protected]

Give back. Pay it forward. Save some lives!


February 4th The Titan Strength USPA Powerlifting meet is being held at Preacher Power. Capped at 35 lifters, this will fill quickly. Get that registration in quickly to reserve your spot!. 2023 is off to a quick start!
See ya there!

Fundraising for Per Scholas 10/28/2022

Some of you may know Mackenzie Alexandra Loewen . She's been a part of Preacher Power for some time now.
Well, she running a marathon and doing a fundraiser for youth getting into tech jobs. She has a goal of 2500.00 and is still a bit short.
I would greatly appreciate any help which you could give towards her goal. She's a great lady doing great things.
I appreciate your help in advance.
Thank you,
Asa Barnes

Fundraising for Per Scholas Kenzie Runs the NY Marathon


Monday night squat with the Preacher ladies . Honored to be able to lift with these strong AF ladies. At Preacher you're doing pretty good if you squat like a girl. Cuz these ladies flat kill it!
The work tonight called for an ME max effort which I called at 705. I don't grind in the gym, I save that for the platform. My gym ME is usually around 90% of my meet goal. Pretty happy with 705 since I'm 8 weeks out. Time to put on a show! Olympia style.
The crew

Photos from Preacher Power Barbell Club's post 10/21/2022

Hoodie season is upon us and I got what you need. These are some nice hoodies. Zip ups.
Plus, they add 10% to your gains! Get some Preacher Power and be sexy AF!!
35.00 each. These won't last!
DM me here and lock yours in.


1st time in single in over a year. Like riding a fukn bike! 555 to 1 board out of the gate? Wait till I clean up this bitch!
Wednesday night shenanigans at Preacher Power.
Olympia training off to a good start.
The crew
Lift big or stay home!


Here we go again! Another Olympia Powerlifting adventure. I think,this is my 6th? I don't know. I just go have fukn fun and give it hell!!!
Back to single ply and walking s**t out. I'll be going for my biggest si,gle ply numbers ever. Balls to the walls!!!
I'll share the platform with
Looking forward to watching them kill it and sharing another platform with Preacher Athletes and members. I'm a fortunate man.


890 on the bar for a master world record. That was a grinder!
IPA Vulgur Display of Strength in the books. My 1st IPA meet. Another sanction to break records in.
Couldn't do it without this crew. Preacher brought the house and stole the hardware!
Love you all! .
Onto Olympia!


Never touched in this banded setup. I've only had 1 rep in it prior to this and smoked 585 like it was 135. Decided F**k it! Throw 700 on. I'll either die trying or make it happen.
I think I found a new toy


3 more sleeps till i hit the platform with my training partner , my Princess , my fav fam and Wild Man . Super proud to share a platform with Preacher members. They inspire me to be better and lead by example.
Come on out to and watch some great powerlifting by some raw, classic raw, single ply and multiply lifters all under 1 roof. Support your local powerlifting community and local owned gyms.


Some days you have to reflect. Internalize. And repair.


Femme Fatale tomorrow at Preacher Power Barbell Club. Lifting starts at 9am. The ladies will be smashing weight tomorrow and showing what they got! Come on out and support theses strong ladies.

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Our Story

Full service members club with 24/7 member access. Strength training, conditioning and general fitness. We offer personal training, coaching for all skill levels. Beginners to advanced level competitors. Be a part of the family. Come see what we can do for you!!

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890 on the bar for a master world record. That was a grinder! IPA Vulgur Display of Strength in the books. My 1st IPA me...
Never touched in this banded setup. I've only had 1 rep in it prior to this and smoked 585 like it was 135. Decided Fuck...
Some days you have to reflect. Internalize. And repair.#preachersaidso
Atmosphere is everything. No cliques. No bullshit. Positive vibes. Full support. Preacher Power is for you if you're loo...
Don't be a fukn jackyl!
Just because...
Just had this discussion with an athlete of mine. Fuk Plan B. There is none. Your option is to get the fuck after Plan A...
Fuck ordinary. Be a fucking king!#preachersaidso #preacherpowerbarbellclub #preacherpowerbbc #fuckordinary
I hate deficit deads. But, we have to do those things we despise to make the progress we are looking for. I have some se...
Benchy bench things! Slowly breaking down this shirt. 595 to 1brd was pretty smooth. Thats the lightest weight ive gotte...
Monsoon season is the best




15820 N 35th Avenue, Suites 28-30
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 10pm
Tuesday 5am - 10pm
Wednesday 5am - 10pm
Thursday 5am - 10pm
Friday 5am - 10pm
Saturday 5am - 10pm
Sunday 5am - 10pm

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