Preacher Power Barbell Club

Preacher Power Barbell Club


What an awesome powerlifting meet this past weekend. United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Arizona Drug Tested Open was a huge success. Records were set and day was a huge success! Want more pics? We have over a 1000 free pics of the day!

Many records were set and the athletes were absolutely amazing. Though we didn't have spectators the energy was out amazing. As always. thanks to Preacher Power Barbell Club , and all of our Volunteers that helped pull this off!!!
Would someone be willing to suggest a few hotels close to preacher barbell club that has indoor pools? Thank you so much
love this~ if any of you have little ones~
and Happy birthday, USA!!!!!!!
Hello; I'm interested in potentially lifting at the Lumberjack Open in Flagstaff 7 March 2020 which it appears that you are hosting. I was wishing to respectfully ask, will the meet be structured in such a way that a national record can be sought with a potential new record set/ MUCH thanks in advance for your reply! Joe
For this week's #FeatureFriday, we are raising the bar.

Well, they are.

Preacher Power Barbell Club is a strength and conditioning gym located at Tierra Buena Property, 15820 N. 35th Avenue, Suite 16, Phoenix, AZ 85053.

This weekend the two owners and four athletes/clients are in Las Vegas at the Olympia Pro Powerlifting meet. Athletes from over 30 countries will be competing.

Per owner Asa Barnes, "Its a pretty humbling experience."

Preacher Power, LLC specializes in all levels and types of fitness from general wellness, body building, powerlifting, sport-specific training, and more.

They strive to help YOU achieve YOUR fitness goals.


24/7 access for members. Personal Training packages. Nutrition advice. General fitness, strength and conditioning. Meet preparation and programming .

Full service Strength and athletic training. Personal Training. General Fitness. Powerlifting Coaching. Program Writing for any fitness need or athletic level.

Operating as usual

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When you leave your phone unattended. You get the Fam! @powerlifting_duo @powerlifting_duojunior


Dont be afraid to do the work. Opportunity arises out of persistence.


I dont think this is the correct set up for banded belt squats. Just saying @buffhamster_jimmy


Thor vs Eddie. I think I'll watch some real amateur boxing now.


Good luck to @kikesscott and @dandbgpowercouple today at @xpcpowerlifting The Arnold Powerlifting. Representing AZ on the big stage.
Get the f*k after it!


That moment before the violence erupts. My favorite place to be. Alone in my mind. Embracing the work and trusting the process. It's peaceful, if only for a moment. Knowing I'm about to surmount every ounce of energy in my soul and body. My moment to conquer and explode into rage for a fleeting moment of accomplishment. Knowing I'll be back for more.
This is my place.


I'm thinking group power hour classes. I've had a lot of requests for classes. We used to run group classes for powerlifting. It was crazy, but it was fun.
Hmmm. I'm noodling..


Holy f*kbalkz!! Max load with 775lbs on the bar and 180llbs band tension. Those bi***es were rough from go! But we got goalz! Yes I know it's high. Breaking in new gear.
No wraps, just @unbreakablegear knee sleeves. Briefs and Suit are @overkillstrength multiply.
Best crew in town. @noigkyledavis @deanabeana1 @maxxbpower @biggie_swolles @powerlifting_duo @rozieelifts @kikesscott (MIA)


For Preacher members. Dr. Matt Smith will be helping us with pain management tonight at 6pm-9pm. If you are interested please DM. We have a form to fill out.please read below.
Preacher members only.
We will be scheduling another for March 25th if you can't make it tonight.
Reposted from @strengthsts Tomorrow night! I’ll be in the gym giving assessments and acupuncture for preacher power barbell club members!
6pm-9pm, walk-ins for members are welcome.
Price is $45 and sliding scale down to $20 so you pay what you can afford!
(For Reference 1:1 sessions with me are normally $250!)
@maxxbpower @iamkristensmitty @clint_beastwood1221 @buffhamster_jimmy @preston_liftzz @christianjkramer @hotdogboii_69 @matthew.sabey.smith @marshall_718


Keeping platforms safe for that Full Send! @thefullsendinitiative


Please spot intelligently.
Reposted from @thefullsendinitiative Platform instructional— DEADLIFT BACKSPOT — Help us put an end to the “Force hand” useless deadlift spot that gives everyone a heart attack when someone goes out, or misses forward on the deadlift!

As always, stay close enough to give them the room to send it, and the confidence that you have them if it’s not the day!

Spotting never stops!

Shirt by @_floridastrong helping to spread the message to keep platforms safer!


Pay attention please.


We got that @gymgiants Horchata Protein in stock! Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and strawberry as well. Ang grab yourself a Preacher hoodie while youre at it! Stylin and profilin!!
DM me. I got you!

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Just found out an old friend of ours has passed. @the_simple_life_of_blaine Blaine Stussy. He was instrumental in the beginning of Preacher Power Barbell. We purchased our 1st set of equipment from him when he closed his gym in Peoria. Our mono is the one we purchased from him. Bodybuilder, powerlifter, and way too young to pass on. RIP Blaine. Our condolences to you and your family.


Dinner in Marina Del Rey before Malinda hits the platform today. Good luck @maxxbpower . time to kill the iron!


Reposted from @asa_preacher_barnes Yep. The one and only Geared Only meet in AZ. Single ply and multiply. Let's f*kn go!
Making gear great again!


Full overkill kit. Single ply. The party starts tomorrow! Thank you @overkillstrength . Ready to go ballz out!

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Kabuki in,the house! Come on out and check out all these toys. And a deadlift party to boot!
Lifting will start at 11am. Come out and play!

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Butt, Sweat and Tears shirts are in! Some of you pre orders. DM me. Some of you pre paid! Come get your stuff!
These wont last long. Come and get em!!


Ready to play! This Saturday at 11am the deadlift party starts!
Get there early to get weighed in and warmed up.
Kabuki will be on hand with some of their new hardware for sale and for show.
Come play. Hang out at Preacher. And see what we are about.
Preacher said so!


Stepping into a new year I look back on my journey here at this moment. Some things im profoundly proud of. But there are other moments I'm incredibly sorry for. I guess this is how we learn. Trial and error.
For those of you who put your trust in me. For those whom I had the honor of coaching and training. For those who have come, gone and will be part of my future, I am forever grateful. It is truly my honor to have been able to serve you. I love what I do. I enjoy helping each and everyone of you achieve your goals and live a healthier and stronger life.
Thank you. I am blessed to know each and every one of you.
Have a great and safe new year. Let's go do amazing s**t together!
*kafterit *kngo *knpussy **ttogether


Every year we run a shoe drive at Preacher Power Barbell Club.
So. Here we are again. I kmow a bunch of you got some new souls for your feet for Christmas. Now I have a great plan for your gently used old treads. Through the month of January we will be taking your donations for @lacedwithloveaz . A nonprofit which helps those less fortunate.
You can visit them at and do a cash donation or drop off your old souls at Preacher., I'll do the rest!
Dont be a grinch and release your old souls!! Thank you @kris10_carroll for dling what you do.

Preacher Power Barbell Club updated their address. 01/03/2022

Preacher Power Barbell Club updated their address.

Preacher Power Barbell Club updated their address.

Preacher Power Barbell Club updated their phone number. 01/03/2022

Preacher Power Barbell Club updated their phone number.

Preacher Power Barbell Club updated their phone number.


Been battling a little knee pain and swelling but felt more confident after throwing some wraps on. This is the lady of 5 sets at 315.

Testing these @overkillstrength 2.5m wraps.

I'm still working with @kinetic_integration to stay mobile and healthy. Definitely feeling positive results and working through imbalances.

Shout out to today's crew! Barrick, @clint_beastwood1221 @lindakkelly
@asa_preacher_barnes @mf_mad_max


Happy Thanksgiving folks!


Have a great Thanksgiving folks.
,Now get your ass back in the gym!

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Hey! If you've ever wondered about Preacher Power Barbell Club, here is a great way to learn a little about us.
Check us out on Gym Review 4 U on YouTube. Link in my bio.
Cool little interview and a quick look inside PPBC. We aren't big, but we're bad!


At Preacher Power Barbell Club you're not just a member. You're part of our team. We are selective in who we allow to be a part of our team.
Work ethic. Work quality. Coachability. Accountability. Ego check. Team player.
All of these traits and behaviors are qualities we look for in a team member. You don't have to be the best, just have the drive.
Gyms is open and we are always recruiting. If you're interested in being part of something special, reach out. You can email [email protected] or DM me here.

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I dont ask for much help in life. And I'm not asking,g for myself now.
But a part of our family is in dire need of some love and support.
These arent my words that follow, but the words of a grieving young mother and father.
Their strength inspires me to be more thankful for what I have and appreciate moreof what I've been blessed with.
Please. Give of your heart a,d read their story.
Gofundme link in my bio
Please visit

Over the past year, Matthew & Kristen Smith have been expecting to welcome twin boys this fall. On November 2, 2021 the story began to shift when they could no longer detect the heartbeat of one of the babies. As a result the family rushed to the hospital for Kristen to undergo an emergency cesarean procedure which resulted in the birth of their son Koa Sabey Smith; this is also where they discovered their son Oak Rocky Smith did not survive. Koa Sabey (whose name stands for “Warrior” or “Brave One”) had some breathing complications and was transported on emergency to another hospital approximately 24 hours after his birth with his mother recovering in the original hospital. Since Koa’s emergency transport, he required IV fluids, oxygen, imaging, medication and a feeding tube with 24 hour supervision. Koa Sabey is currently in the NICU attributed to partial paralysis of his larynx which creates potentially life threatening breathing and feeding complications. When Koa is released from the hospital he will need at home care and additional specialist care, as this is a long-term condition that requires time and a multi-modality approach to treatment.

By contributing to this fund you are directly supporting the family through this time as they take care of their son Koa, prepare arrangements for their son Oak, and counteract the current lack of income and increasing medical costs.

If you are looking for a sustainable way to support the family you can purchase Matthew's art for friends and family members. His art can be found on his website, Matthew Sabey Art.

Our Story

Full service members club with 24/7 member access. Strength training, conditioning and general fitness. We offer personal training, coaching for all skill levels. Beginners to advanced level competitors. Be a part of the family. Come see what we can do for you!!

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15820 N 35th Ave, Suites 30-32
Phoenix, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 10pm
Tuesday 5am - 10pm
Wednesday 5am - 10pm
Thursday 5am - 10pm
Friday 5am - 10pm
Saturday 5am - 10pm
Sunday 5am - 10pm

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