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Operating as usual 08/04/2020

Claiming/Reclaiming Self-Sovereignty — Ashley Boyd

"Nothing adds such dignity to character as the recognition of one’s self-sovereignty." - Elizabeth Cady Stanton. NEW on the Blog: There are many opportunities right now in today’s external landscape to examine our self-sovereignty/self-ownership and evaluate how well we are staying in alignment with our personal truth and integrity for optimum general well-being.  This blog will cover the topic of self-sovereignty in 03/02/2020

Elevating Presence in Leader-Led Conversations — Ashley Boyd

The way of the mindful and enlightened leader is an attunement to their level of presence with others. I sat across from him on a Wednesday morning, knowing we had much to discuss and accomplish in our 1.5-hour meeting that was scheduled for 10:00a.m.  I quickly settled into the light green patterned swivel chair across from his polyurethane stained work desk as he fumbled to organize the s 10/02/2019

6 Radical Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace — Ashley Boyd

Over the last few years, Mindfulness has finally been embraced in western organizations as a newer strategy and practical antidote to employee stress management, burnout and disengagement. Learn about the radical benefits of Mindfulness in the workplace and why so many companies are jumping on the Mindfulness train. New on the Blog:

#mindfulness #mindfulnessatwork #mindfulleaders Over the last few years, mindfulness has finally been embraced in western organizations as a newer strategy and practical antidote to employee stress management, burnout and disengagement. Although mindfulness may be a newer concept to the westernized corporate world, it has been a well-known practi 09/25/2019

Coaching: A Critical Skill in Effective Leadership — Ashley Boyd

Leading people to their highest potential and performance at work requires mindful and effective 'Coaching' - an underdeveloped skill we see in a lot of managers today. Learn more about this critical skill in leadership and why it matters. New on the blog! Coaching is (and always has been) a required and critical skill to effectively lead people to their highest potential and performance but this critical skill is usually what’s missing in the big picture of effective leadership practices today. We’ve all seen it before – someone gets promoted b...


I’ve been working on this lately - befriending all aspects of my humanness. We live in a Universe of polarities, light and dark, sun and moon, male and female, life and death, freedom and imprisonment, etc. And if you’re paying attention, you will see this play out in nature and the world that surrounds us.

The negative can’t work without the positive. It brings into balance that which is.

We experience many different shades of who we are at any given moment. Perhaps on average we’re a full embodiment of our light + our truest selves - experiencing the divine light shining through the beautiful vessel we live in.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t also be irritated, upset, somber, apathetic, pained, annoyed or angry in certain moments.

Being a full spectrum human being is knowing that we are all of these things. We are our light and our dark. We embody the femininity and the masculinity. This is so so normal. This is how we are designed as beings. We are simply a humanized reflection of nature’s perfect contrasted order and the planet in which we abide.

We get to choose what part of the spectrum we need/want to operate from at any given point in time.

Accepting the polarities within each of us will help us to bring more peace and understanding to ourselves, and then to others.

Sending big love out today. ✨

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Ask yourself: Am I living in alignment within all aspects of my life? Is my home life, my personal relationships and my work, in alignment with the essence and the heart of who I am and who I’m wanting to become?

Do you feel your current home life is the illustration of your vision for yourself in this sacred place? If not, what needs to shift and change to help you get into alignment?

Are your personal relationships reflective of meaningful, quality, truthful and positive connections? Do the people you spend the most time with realllly know who you are? Are they there for you? Do they celebrate you? Do they see you as the divine person that you are? If not, what needs to shift and change to help you get into alignment in this precious life category?

Is the work you’re spending 40+ hours a week doing, fulfilling, pleasing and meaningful to you? If not, what needs to shift and change to help you get into alignment?

When we live in alignment, life flows. We feel powerful, centered and purposeful. The Universe responds with abundant opportunities for you to continue to walk in your truth. We have energy to give to ourselves and to others.

When we’re out of alignment, we feel de-energized and life feels heavy, isolating, soul sucking and often challenging.

Living a soul integrated life is absolutely possible for everyone but it is a choice. Every day we choose whether we’re moving out of alignment with our soul/higher self or whether we’re moving into alignment.

No one else can make these changes but you.

Remember who you have the power to shift your thinking, therefore you have the power to shift your circumstances.

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We have a new Moon in Aquarius today and tomorrow. Get ready for the shift! A New Moon is when the moon is in alignment with the sun and invisible (mostly) from Earth. It’s a time of new beginnings, a time where manifesting your desired future is front and center, especially today and tomorrow since Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of future outcomes.

Aquarius is an air sign. Air, in the astrology and metaphysical world represents pure energy (and a strong intellectual connection with the world). This New Moon is calling on us to wash away our past and create space in our lives for the new, especially new spiritual energy (energy of our soul).

This New Moon will bring up our intrinsic need to be totally aligned with our purpose and mission on the planet. It is pulling out an energy in us that is helping us to cut ties to anything or anyone that may be holding us back from our personalized plan to imprint our light, our unique gifts, and our creative expression on to the planet.
This New Moon will help us to boldly walk in the direction that we’ve always been called to. It will also shed light on any relationships or situations that are out of balance. The Moon’s current yin/yang energy, will help us to remember our innate worth and nudge us to walk away from anything that is perpetuating inauthenticity, chaos, disharmony, disloyalty or dysfunction in our lives.
Today and tomorrow will be intense for a lot of us (especially my fellow Empaths). Ground and pay attention to what’s happening within you and around you. Find your practice of coming back to yourself. Listen and respond in love. You are supported.✨
Sending lots of earthy energy to everyone.
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The core beliefs we have about ourselves drive our entire life narrative. Don’t like your narrative? Work to uncover and identify the core beliefs you’ve adopted and CHOOSE to write another story. That’s the general essence of “soul work”, but man, it can be intense and at times, difficult inner work.

But let’s face it, being a chameleon is exhausting. Not knowing your truth or innate worth is depleating. Living a life that is not your own is debilitating, not to mention soul stripping.

This is the soul work I facilitate with clients. To UNlearn the ways of the world and identify the conditioning tactics we’ve unconsciously adopted that sabotage our own happiness and abundance, is where I start.

I’m in the business of tranforming lives by reconnecting people back to their truth. It’s deep work. It’s intense work, but it’s also transformational work.

As a collective, we all need to raise our vibration and “get off our knees” and take ownership of ourselves. It’s time. The planetary energy is reflective of abundant change right now. It’s time to stop playing small. We have to get back in touch with who we really are and seek to embody that truth and acceptance in all we do.

Sending big love to all.

#awakening #spirituality #higherconsciousness #truth #soul #4thdimension #vibration #frequency #abundance #healing


We all have emotional wounds. Some of us are highly conscious of them and have done ‘the shadow work’ to make peace with our past, or at least we’re working on it and moving in the right direction.

Other people are disconnected and unaware of what their emotional wounds are, how they are impacted by them, their relationships and their world view.

In a sense, we’re all victims of our upbringing. As little beings, we are so dependent on our parents to show us the way - to teach us about the world, to teach us about self-love, universal love, emotional health and everything in between.

I believe that our parents did the best they could raising us, based on the level of awareness they had at that point in their lives. A lot of their knowledge about love, emotional intelligence/awareness and parenting came from their parents’ behavior or teachings. Our grandparents learned about love, emotional intelligence/awareness and parenting from their parents, and on and on the cyclical teachings get passed down, one generation to the next.

Knowing that we create our reality is a beautiful and freeing reminder that no matter your past, your childhood story and upbringing, you can choose to adopt, tweak or completely rewrite the teachings for yourself and for possibly the next generation to come.

If we stay asleep and choose not to look at our emotional wounds, explore them and work to heal them, we perpetuate our collective pain. I think we can see the deep fracture of our collective pain being mirrored back to us as the current emotional state of the world we live in.

When we each take total responsibility for our lives and our actions, we change everything! This is a tremendously important call to action to heal our own pain. When we do this, the whole world heals bit by bit. We slowly close the gap on our collective pain, all the while, creating a more enlightened and healthy pathway for ourselves and the next generation of earth seekers.

Sending love to you. ✨

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Your intuition is an old, wise and built-in operating system within you. You were born with natural intuition and you will die with it, fully intact. Whether you choose to tap into your own intuition throughout your life, is of course your choice.

Most of us were never encouraged to learn about this innate and wildly powerful and cosmic ability that we all possess, which is the very reason most of us have “flipped a switch” to ignore our intuition or, we’ve turned it off entirely.

Your intuition is that inner-sense within you that is highly perceptive and very astute. It usually shows up as an inner “knowing” or an inner-feeling that guides you to the appropriate outcome for you and your highest good.

You may not be sure “how” you know something, but you just do. We often see proof of our “inner-knowing” AFTER an event/situation has taken place, where we see the final outcome being that which we intuitively knew was going to somehow happen.

Intuition will also reveal itself as an inner feeling - a feeling of something very clear yet often subtle. Your intuition will signal a feeling or emotion that helps you to navigate the different decisions that life presents us with, like: guiding you to not sign that contract or nudging you to leave that relationship or not go on that trip or urging you to leave that job, etc.

The key to our intuition is recognizing that this often very psychic gift is apart of our soul, which is who we REALLY are. The second key to our intuition is tuning ourselves back into the frequency of it, like we did when we were young kids. Tuning in takes daily practice and awareness. It takes us slowing down and carving out 1:1 time with ourselves to strengthen this inner-knowing, inner-feeling and inner-voice that can help guide our lives to the highest possibility.

When you start opening to your own intuition and psychic gifts, and yes, we all have psychic gifts, you will start seeing tremendous shifts happen in your life for the good. You’ll be guided from a place of higher wisdom (your soul) and if you stay obedient to your intuition, you’ll start to experience more flow, more alignment and more ease in your life. 11/05/2018

Being An Empath...

Most of us never learned about "Empaths" in school or at home - what it's like to be an Empath or be connected to one as a friend, family member, co-worker or romantic partner. For those interested in this topic, check out my personal story: What is An Empath? A person who has the intuitive ability to read/feel the energy around them, understand and deeply feel other people’s feelings and emotions as their own. These people are usually highly sensitive in certain ways and very intuitive, whether they’re aware of it or not. They tend...


“You’ve changed.” Ever heard that line? My internal response is always, “Gosh, I hope so! I’ve been diligently working on discovering and owning who I really am.” 😌

Change in general can be hard for a lot of people. It can be really hard for some people to see you change and grow into a new, better, more authentic and possibly different version of yourself - especially if that personal change unravels the very expectations that people have of you and who they think you should be.

I have compassion for those types of people because when someone is unwilling to hold positive space or positive regard for another person who is growing and changing for the better, it is often due to their own level of discomfort to change within themselves, which is why they resist it/you.

It’s easier to push someone away or judge someone when we don’t understand their personal change, their inner-growth or their life choices but the world needs more from all of us. The world needs more loving, more compassionate and awakened people; people who understand that self-discovery is the VERY reason we are here. It’s time we wake up. The world needs less judgers and more lovers.

The next time someone doesn’t understand or approve of you, your choices or your journey, simply send them love and light in your mind. They may not understand now, but you do, so stay devoted and obedient to the callings that FEEL right within you. Your path will always remain illuminated when you stay true to yourself.


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Earth School. It’s where we all currently reside. Before we embodied, we intentionally decided on our life “play” that we were to act in, the main characters in that play and the roles that each would take on in this version of the play, this time around.

We’ve been here before. We’ve been here with the same cast before. We’ve chosen a role and specific life events that will allow for us to work out our karma from the last incarnation (or the last few).

EVERYTHING that has happened in your life has been drafted and written by you at a soul level - the good, the bad and the ugly. You wrote your script for this lifetime before you came to learn at “earth school”.

You and your fellow cast mates decided you would be “in contract” with one another to help one another learn the specific lessons that each soul intended to. We agreed on those contracts and then chose to come into physical form on earth. Once we got here, we forgot everything from the other side and that is for purpose. If we knew why we came here, we wouldn’t approach our life the same way.

Earth is so special. It’s unlike any other planet in terms of the soul growth that takes place. This is why so many souls choose to come to earth to LEARN and hopefully, EVOLVE through life experiences.

When we eventually leave this planet and return home, we get to de-brief our life. See it as a movie of sorts. We watch our entire life play out and see how we’ve helped and hurt those we were in contract with. We are lovingly held accountable for our life choices by our elders, master guides/angels and other divine sentient beings to unpack what went well and what we could have done better.

We’re all connected. This earthly experience is like one big tapestry and we’re each a thread in that tapestry. We’re all interconnected, as difficult as that may be to understand now, it’s true. How you treat people matters. How you are in the world, matters. The things you say/do to people and how you say/do them, matters.

After we review our life on the other side, we are taken to a different plane to learn yet again...More about this subject on my blog this week! #soul #higherconsciousness #life

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