The Ghetto

High Crime Area 1. (n.) an impoverished, neglected, or otherwise disadvantaged residential area of a city, usually troubled by a disproportionately large amount of crime

(adj.) urban; of or relating to (inner) city life
3. poor; of or relating to the poor life
4. jury-rigged, improvised, or home-made (usually with extremely cheap or sub-standard components), yet still deserving of an odd sense of respect from ghetto dwellers and non-ghetto dwellers alike

Operating as usual


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Undercover Cops Posing As Drug Buyers Arrested By Undercover Cops Posing As Drug Dealers

That's Detroit to me A huge mistake led to police officers arresting each other.


HelloU Comedy

Tag a mate that is this weird πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ BowserVids


Weird Satanist Guy

Check out more Weird Satanist Guy at


Ozzy Man Reviews

Me commentary and analysis on the QVC home shopping channel and spandex modelling. The lovely ladies are @sammimarsh1 and @DAGaetano on Twitter by the way folks.


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Rich Chigga - Dat $tick (Official Video)

RICH CHIGGA'S TWITTER: @RichChigga Get "Dat $tick" on iTunes: Soundcloud: Produced by Ananta Vin... 10/07/2016

$ave Dat Money Song by Lil Dicky


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Best Answer Ever on Live TV

Let's be real...

Funny video and hilarious news bloopers as Powerball lottery contestant gives the most honest answer ever to a reporter on live TV.


I've been laughing at the face he makes for the past 10 minutes.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.


Fu***ng Todd... Always Fu***ng s**t up.


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[07/19/15]   Royce da 5'9"]
All I see around here is boring flows and rollies
E-Beef boring tweets, these bi***es totally taking thoting to a whole nother level
Like they was born for hoeing, and then she got to turn around and expose the n***a
She was just chilling with the night before without a warning, so she can get accepted socially
So you gotta know, was she colder than ice?
She rolling the dice, or block her on the neck like you born to goalie
Uh, a πŸ’―, a πŸ’―, a πŸ’―, a πŸ’―,a πŸ’―, that's the new corney emoji
Who want it, who want it? That's a new rhetorical question nobody seems to have the answers to
The only question n***as seem to have a answer to is "Who done it, who done it?"
Snitching is the new equivalent to cancer foo'
Stop working and getting your pay and giving it to dancers knowing your children need pampers foo'
You n***as nowadays are probably waiting in line all day
Just to get advanced a shoe cause they was made by Kanye
You put them on, get a glance or two, then you go home and your daughter say
How Sway, but you ain't got the answers foo
The s**t is too pathetic, cause you too busy tryna keep up with the n***a who be tryna keep up with the n***a who be chasing all of these bi***es
With all the artificial body parts looking too synthetic
Look, if Yelawolf tell a n***a that he want you deaded, you be deaded
Rittz and I can finish blowing the Romeo Julieta
After I finish sending a n***a at you who be throwing Tony Romos out of a R***r, ready to risk it all for me


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Family Feud DeezNuts vine

Gotem *Stewie MaMa Deez Nuts* *will your mouth still remember deeznuts?*


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Grandpa's back...


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Mobile Uploads 10/06/2014

Battle rapper Daylyt kicked out of event for trying to take a s**t on stage FACT is the UK's best online music magazine and home to the weekly FACT mix series.


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VHS ghetto style
And on the other side of my block!
Garfield district bum fitness




716 E Portland St
Phoenix, AZ
Other Sport & Recreation in Phoenix (show all)
Phoenix CSC Phoenix CSC
906 E Camelback Rd
Phoenix, 85014

** Live Games at Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Pub ** Phoenix Celtic Supporters Club

Moab Trailers Moab Trailers
1 W Deer Valley Rd, Ste 117
Phoenix, 85027

Bivouac Camping Trailers LLC. manufactures off-road camping trailers for the true outdoorsman. Check out for complete solutions to your outdoor camping needs!

OPEX Central Phoenix OPEX Central Phoenix
4609 N. 14th St.
Phoenix, 85014

Professional coaching to lead YOU on YOUR quest for success on this fitness journey, through INDIVIDUALIZED programs and nutrition counseling.

Bushi Natahn Academy Bushi Natahn Academy

The Bushi Natahn Academy is the founding school of the Bushi Natahn style of martial Arts.

VIPAirsoft Arena - Phoenix VIPAirsoft Arena - Phoenix
10870 N. 32nd St
Phoenix, 85028

VIPAirsoft is Arizona’s premier indoor close combat airsoft field full of fun and excitement for all ages and all skill levels. Our Gilbert field is a 19,000sqft small city model and Phoenix is a 25,000sqft three field layout.

PHX Martial Arts Anthem PHX Martial Arts Anthem
4235 W. Opportunity Way Unit 100
Phoenix, 85086

Martial Arts for families that focus on life skills, self defense, and fitness

Sunnyslope Sunnyslope
Phoenix, 85021

We Run The Desert Podcast We Run The Desert Podcast
Phoenix, 85044

Running Podcast for all levels! Fun, entertaining, & educational running discusions from across the desert. Brought to you by your co-hosts Chris and Jeremy. Find us on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher & Google Play!

Glasses accessory Glasses accessory
23040 N 11th Ave
Phoenix, 85027

This system prevents you from ever loosing / breaking your glasses again
Phoenix, 85004

Party transportation services to and from Salt River Tubing

Cocodona 250 Cocodona 250
2401 S 24th St
Phoenix, 85034

250 mile point-to-point ultra marathon across the heart of Arizona. Black Canyon Trail - Crown King - Prescott - Fain Ranch - Mingus - Jerome - Sedona - Flagstaff

80's BMX shop 80's BMX shop
1312 W. Monroe St.
Phoenix, 85043

Specialize in Authentic 80's bmx bikes & parts,no re-pop stuff sold here,only Real True 80's BMX parts here. I don't get rich by selling off Fake parts!!