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Do you have toes? 🦶

Yoga toes help to spread the toes sideways to lengthen the muscles and improve foot function. also improves circulation.

Especially helpful if you have:
Hammer toes
crossed toes
plantar fasciitis
claw toes

BUT also helpful if you have toes in general and wear shoes with small toe boxes (pretty much everyone) or wear heels.

There is definitely an adjustment period when you first start wearing them. Start with 15 min a day and work up to an hour.

Your foot function is extremely important to your everyday life. By improving your foot function you will have better balance and posture.

Do you already use Yoga Toes? Tell me ⬇️


Multiple failed attempts with this challenge but the worst was getting my mouth on the paper and then dropping my hand to floor. Couldn’t move on with my day until I did it. I am super competitive even when I am not great at something if you couldn’t tell. 🤣

Thanks @thephysiofix for the challenge and thanks @ccftnak7 for reminding me to do it.

Try this challenge! I want to see you do it too!


Took a really fun handstand class yesterday @thephysiofix

Trying to remind my body that I used to be able to do handstands and to not be afraid.

Anyone else have a little more fear as they get older or just me? 🤣

Maybe you feel this way about trying group fitness classes. Afraid to start. I dare you to try a class this week. They are so much fun and you meet new people that have similar goals as you.

I teach muscle at Mountainside Arrowhead at 9:45am on Tuesdays. Come give it a try. I try to keep it fun while getting stronger.


It’s my 3rd week back to teaching a muscle class at @mountainsidefit Arrowhead! 👊🏻

I have been apart of the Mountainside team for going on 6 years, but took the last year and half off from regular classes due to momlife.

I am so happy to be back and you can find me on Tuesdays at 9:45am at Mountainside Arrowhead. I will be there rooting for you and pushing you on your path to getting stronger.

Out of all my classes teaching muscle this is my favorite finisher to date. This push up challenge is the luck of the draw! 🃏 group 2 was feeling lucky 🍀 or was it unlucky? 🤪

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Double tap if you wear leggings!

These leggings from Amazon are seriously the best! They have a higher waist and they are soft af. Also have a side pocket which I know is a must have for you!

You won’t regret checking them out! I put a link in my bio titled buttery leggings.


Bernie and I with not a care in the world!

Photos from Mind, Body, & Health by Misty's post 01/15/2021

Do yourself a favor and the next time you go to Target swing by the freezer section and pick these up! So good, satisfying, and light.

Perfect snack or dessert!!


Because socks suck!

If you wear converse or vans to lift in, you should
check these out.

If you want more info to check them out...drop an emoji in comments. 🙌🏻


The one thing you have been neglating to clean!

The one thing you have been neglecting to clean! YUCK!

The kitchen sponge is a microbe magnet. When was the last time you switched it out or even sanitized the one you are currently using? I am betting it's been a while. You have been so great about disinfecting your house from covid but let's get this hidden germ spot covered.

Every few days you should be putting your sponge in the microwave, dishwasher, or in diluted bleach.

Every few weeks you should be completely replacing it!

Microwave Method:
Wet sponge
place in microwave for 1:00 minute
let it cool before taking it out

Dishwasher Method:
Place sponge on the top rack
run dishwasher with the dry cycle on

Bleach Method:
1 teaspoon of bleach in 1 quart of water
soak the sponge for 5 minutes
rinse the sponge with water after.

Which method will you use?


What’s your favorite candy?


Are you in a workout rut?

You are busy with work and kids that exercise fell on the back burner. I get it! One minute you have a routine and the next minute it’s easier to not worry about it.

All your goals aside, your mental health needs you to move your body!

Start with 15-20 minutes a day. Get consistent and build from there. This isn’t an all or nothing strategy either. Do your best and what you can. Maybe it’s walking your dog everyday right now.

Keep it simple, but start again!


Are you a tired AF mom? Ya me too! 🤣

Turns out it was my thyroid on top of mom life! Please do yourself a favor and make sure you get your yearly check ups. Talk about the hard things like anxiety, depression, anything and everything! Help yourself!❤️

You have to take care of yourself before you can help your kids or other people. Sorry grandma but it’s all about me first! That’s partially a joke, but I think you get it.



When people ask me...

Do I know a quick way to jump-start their weight loss?
Do I know of a cleanse they can do?
Do I know how they can change absolutely nothing in their lifestyle and lose 20lbs?

The answer is...
no no no no no no no no no

It takes just getting started with building better habits and making better choices.
It takes consistency.
It takes making changes when things aren't working.
It takes a not giving up attitude.

No magic shakes, cleanses, or pills


You can’t help people who don’t want to help themselves!

Double tap if you have tried to help someone who wasn’t ready for change?


Raise your hand if you live in sports bras and leggings! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️


Dancing into Monday!! 💃🏻

I have a lot on my to-do list this week, but no matter what, I am vowing to get 8+ hours of rest each night. Sleep is, in my opinion, one of the most important things everyone should focus on for better health.

How many hours a night do you typically get?


Friendly reminder ✨


“You gotta be able to smile through the bullsh*t.” -Tupac

I don’t know about you, but I find myself saying that a lot lately.

I am so over this election and finding that I need more time unplug from social media.

I like to unplug by...
🏋🏻‍♀️Working out
🛁Taking an epsom salt bath
👟Going for a walk outside
🧘🏻‍♀️Yoga or meditation

How do you unplug?


Like if you need this reminder! 💜


"Listen to silence. It has much to say."- Rumi

Can you hear that? Ya no me either! The sound of silence has really been missed in this house. I can hear myself think, and best of all, I got to do a 40-minute strength workout with zero interruptions today! 💪🏻A few times, I have felt the urge to cry due to how overwhelming it has been since they came home in March. Somedays trying to do it all and other days just trying to survive, and then there's today just trying to soak all the freedom in.

Moms, we are getting back some normalcy! Halle-freakin'-Lujah! 🙌🏻


What a week?! Do you feel me?

I am looking forward to some rest this weekend! The commute to get Lucas to school is long. I spend about 20 hours a week in the car driving him to school and back. Having a plan for eating 100% keeps me out of drive thru and making horrible decisions.

Did you have a plan this week? How did it go? You might not get it right the first time, but listen to your body and make the adjustments.


Am I right?!

What’s your favorite meal?


Small changes leads to big results! Do you agree?


You know you are a mom when...
You are your kids virtual learning assistant or homeschool teacher
A taxi driver
And a snack dealer! 🍎🥨🍭

My kids love eating turkey jerky, protein bars, popcorn, and fruit for snacks! They also love chips and candy. There is room for all in moderation. Restricting leads to binging so shouldn’t we teach better strategies now?


It’s Wednesday!
✨I am breathing
I am healthy
I am truly blessed ✨


Am I right?


"Every time I've failed, people had me out for the count, but I always come back."- Rocky 🥊

Today is an incredibly busy day for me as a mom and entrepreneur, if I don't have a plan for my nutrition I will fail. I know this because I have been down this road before, If I don't plan my meals I will end up in a drive thru somewhere making not so good decisions. Through my trial and error I know I am going to be successful if I plan my meals and I know the same will be true for you too.

Every Monday night I teach dance so Joe makes dinner on Mondays. We keep it simple. We have the same meal every Monday. He knows what he is making without fail and I know what I am eating. He always makes taco meat on Mondays but how I/we eat it varies. It might be salad like tonight, or nachos, or tacos, or on lavash, or in a wrap. So many ways but the base stays the same.

Consistency is the key!🔑

Will you make a plan today?


REST. (It’s a part of the program)

Today you will find me in recovery mode. I am going to do some yoga and walk the dogs.

What does your recovery day look like?


Double tap if you agree! 💪🏻🥦

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Life is hard, eat a carb!

My new motto! It’s catchy isn’t it?

Recently I got asked if I eat carbs and the answer is yes and all of them!

This @skinnytaste lazy veggie lasagna did not dispoint last night!

62g carbs, 14.5g fat, 28g protein, 7.5 fiber


I hope you have had the chance to get outside today and feel the sun on your face! If not there is still time. ☀️

Did you know that getting outside in the morning and exposing your body to the sun will not only wake your brain up, but also help you sleep later on? Yes! The sun helps regulate our sleep patterns. Get outside!🌈

Today I challenge you to lace up your shoes and head out for a 20 minute walk, jog, hike, run, or bike. Bring your kids, dogs, or put on your favorite podcast and go solo, but get it done!👟

Let me know when you have completed today's mission! ✔️

📸 @tammyzelezphotography


Meal planning is your least favorite part of your week as you have told me.

Let's talk about planning dinners for the week but first why should you make a meal plan?
🤩It can be a money saver.
🤩It can help you reach your nutritional goals.
🤩less stress during dinner time because you know what you are making.

If you don't meal plan your dinners or can't get past two days planned then check this tip out...

TIP: It's time for a brainstorm session. Create a list of meals you like or have made previously. Each week you access this list to give you ideas of meals you would like to have for the week.

Don't know where to start with brainstorming?🧠
🧐What meals do you already make and like?
🧐What meals from childhood did you love?
🧐Is there a favorite restaurant meal that you would want to make a healthier version of?
🧐Do you like breakfast for dinner?

Write it all down! This is step one meal planning. This simple step will help make meal planning easier and quicker. More meal plan tips to come.

Tell me below what is one meal you love to make?

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Because socks suck!
The one thing you have been neglating to clean!



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